Vintage Interior Design Ideas Inspirations Essential Home

May 14, 2018 12:35 am by admin
Vintage interior design ideas vintage interior design vintage interior design ideas 22
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Vintage Interior Design Ideas Inspirations Essential Home

Are you looking for a new interior design for your home? Bedroom? Living-room? Then, this article is for you! Let us help you get inspired, know which styles are in vogue, and choose one that fits with you!

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We have all seen those perfect living rooms in all the best home decor and interior design magazines, right? And each and every one of those times, some of us…

On today’s article, we will be talking about the incredible and inspirational vintage furniture and texture of a colorful and vibrant residence, that belongs to Penelope Cohen – the Creative…

Which of these interiors do you identify with the most? There are no rules and you can always adapt to the one that best fits your personality!

When you think about the best projects that are part of Jean-Louis Deniot world, it’s unavoidable to relate it to elegance, class and refinement, along with an exquisite touch. There’s…

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Contemporary style is current, modern and constantly evolving. Is particularly exciting – what is considered a contemporary interior will now probably change over time. Today, contemporary interiors feature clean, unadorned spaces. Furniture tend to show exposed legs to create a sense of space. The details are minimal.

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This living room is the epitome of the perfect mixture between vintage furniture, luxurious textiles, pastel colours of Essential Home.  Using DelightFULL lamps to achieve the perfect lighting conditions and showcasing cleverly-chosen vintage decorations will really turn this room into a splendid place to spend the time.

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There are so many shapes and sizes of dining tables. Which one is right for you? The look of your table is important, of course, but making sure it fits…

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In fact, there is no era that is more beautiful to recreate in your home, especially since it includes luxurious fabrics, inviting colours and an original blend of elements.

Vintage interior design ideas make people nostalgically remembering sweeter times with 1940’s glamour and homes with gorgeous furniture.

Luckily, there’s no such thing as too elegant or too symmetrical. Four perfectly aligned armchairs, two corresponding floor lights and the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable evening.

Biofireplaces are portable, created with a choice of ornamental rocks providing a special decorative touch and works with alcohol. Easy to install, sized and with the possibility of being changed place,…

In the 1950s and 1960s, a postwar America was looking to break the traditional design conventions and boost its design industries into the modern era. As a result, the modern mid-century style was born. Characterized by simple lines, lots of wood and rusty metals.

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The fact that the sofa is the most important item in the interior of the living room – this is obvious. But not always it is given also the main…

Are you looking for ideas on how to make a statement on your 1950’s living room such as using velvet armchairs? See a few options that we found on Houzz for…

Speaking about  combining seemingly opposite styles, if you’re careful about choosing the right vintage pieces, you can be sure that they’ll fit into a modern home. You can opt for vintage lighting (in the form of chandeliers or table lamps) or reserve a section of the room for a tea-table set. If space is an issue, choose a side table instead.

Danish audio and video brand Bang & Olufsen is demonstrating how a television can become a piece of high-end furniture in a craftsmanship film for the new Beovision 14. Described…

Choosing to place your furniture in original ways can give your room a great edge. Bedside tables can sometimes double as coffee tables and vintage desks can serve as living room tables, provided that they are properly decorated.

Break the rules! Eclectic interiors will come up with ideas from different periods, styles and trends. Have fun decorating for your personality – that’s what eclectic style represents. However, it is important to maintain balance in your decor. The best eclectic interiors are a cohesive blend of old, new, color, texture and pattern.

Industrial style is all about raw material. Lights are a particularly important industrial interior feature that softens an otherwise cold space. Let your color palette be guided by the raw materials used for a truly authentic industrial look.

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Vintage design encompasses melancholy, romance and originality, so dare to play around and see what works best in the room you have to work with.

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There are some vintage design solutions that aren’t suitable for the faint-hearted. This all-white room, for instance, boasts mirrors, chairs and tables with detailing. The white sofa is just as luxurious as the rest of the room, with its floral patterns and luxurious fabrics.

Instead of going for a perfect, “finished” style, vintage home décor has based on its appeal on mixing and matching looks, styles and pieces.

The minimalist trend began in the early twentieth century and has been increasingly adept. Initially influenced by the simplicity of Japanese design, it has the motto “less is more”. Use color in moderation, the idea is not to distract or reduce simplicity. Black, white and primary colors are often considered the best for a minimalist space.

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Here’s the list of vintage interior design ideas to help inspire your next project!

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Are you passioned about the floral patterns and bored from the plain colors on your wall? If yes, we have stunning floral wallpapers solutions to brighten up your living room!…

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Pastel colours are excellent because they work together with most furniture and decoration pieces. Take this hallway, for example: aside from the breath-taking wallpaper and the cleverly chosen art-pieces, there’s only an armchair and a side table. Plants  are enough to give this entryway a certain edge.

There are tons of ways to decorate your living room, but we can’t deny the mid-century style ability of changing your home environment. If you’re a mid-century lover looking for some ideas…

Far from the old-fashioned and increasingly fashionable, vintage style can be incredibly versatile. If you like retro, by adding a few key pieces, you can access an unmistakable style. The best vintage interiors are not overworked. A vintage closet is a fabulous way to upgrade your interior in an elegant yet practical way.

Nowadays, most of us believe that “vintage” is old. Needless to say, that is not true.

Inspired by the cold, snow and fjords of the Nordic countries, Scandinavian interiors are increasingly popular. This timeless style works wonderfully in living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms. Designed for the comfort of hot divisions for cold exteriors!

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