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Unusual modern room divider ideas
Unusual Interior Separator

Unusual Interior Separator Unusual Interior Separator

Creating walls to separate different sections within a house is necessary to maintain privacy between them. But with shrinking size of housing spaces around the world it has become imperative for interior designers to create rooms with invisible barriers that do not impinge on the limited floor space available for construction.  

For some, a demurely decorated room just isn’t enough. From hotels in space to 21st century beach huts and underwater hotels, Stephanie Phillips profiles some of the weirdest interior design concepts known to man.

There is an inherent beauty about lattice work whether it is done in architecture or elsewhere that is hard to ignore. When a bedroom is large and has a work space or entertainment zone then it is tough if one of the partners wants to sleep. This latticework barrier made out of steel with covered blocks in between is a great way to create a barrier between the bed and other furniture and accessories of the stylish bedroom.

From Edward Cella Art+Architecture (ECAA), this interior separator made out of cardboard surpasses the limits of …paper. Fashionable and slick, it would certainly fit in a reception office for a firm that deals with recycling or paper. This item is “hand-made” and you can probably guess how. An impressive numbers of layers of cardboard were placed on top of each other in order to create this truly mind blowing design. A wooden top was added with a system of shelving, which we consider to be very practical. Perfect for books and registers, it also compensates the fact that the rest of the item has no storage space. The overall effect is that of a “waving” separator, which gives it a fresh, homy and inviting look. -via Bem Legaus!

Now that the walls are in place let share these Salon style wall decor to beautify them.

Which wall separator did you like the best ? Tell us in the comments!

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The walls of our house can be part of its architectural and decorative style by using both plaster and other materials to give it the desired finish. In this example reliable concrete has been used to give personality and style to room by creating spaced out columns with as separator that gives a decorative twist to the region. The design brings natural light and fills the empty spaces with a smooth and harmonious design bringing both sections of the house together.

Solid walls in the living room ensure privacy to the rest of the house but they are usually left plain or decorated with art and wallpaper to make the environment colorful. But you can give it character and personality by installing colorful lights or stained glass within its niches. This kind of separator is unique in style and design that adds beauty to the trendy living room without disturbing its interior decor.

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With growing popularity of vertical sized homes, the humble staircase connecting all floors to the base has become an important aspect of interior architecture. Here the staircase has been subtly separated from public view by a string of metallic columns that blend into the environment. Depending on the color palette of the local area the metal columns have been given a soft grey hue.

Most people regard brick walls as the only viable solution to separate rooms within the house but creative architects here have used this concept in a unique manner to divide spaces while maintaining unity within an open space hall. As the hall is pretty wide the designers have created a stylish stone and concrete divider that holds fireplace at the bottom and chimney on the topside and without curbing freedom of movement in the space. As the separator maintains amplitude in the environment with same roof and floor design, it acts more like a stylish fireplace in between both rooms with elegant art pieces on both sides.

This is a technique that is more common in offices wherein slim slats of varnished or painted wood is kept as a visible barrier between two sections of a large room. This separator idea is economical as it only requires long pieces of wood with width and spacing depended on required aperture. The narrow wall here that covers half of the long window allows easy flow of natural light while protecting plants and furniture from direct sunlight.

Creation of dividers between rooms offers many possibilities and requires ingenuity and skill to stop oneself from growing overboard. The need for a separator wall and doorway has been collaborated in a neat design here by making an arch that elegantly divides both the sections while maintaining visual contact.

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Do not limit your creativity to the house interiors and carry it forward to other areas like the terrace or garden. Spectacular walls like the visible here help to create different areas in the same garden, enhancing the feeling of greater space. The garden here is elegantly divided into two sections consisting of a deck and sofas for sitting around and a soothing fountain gurgling away behind the wall.

We conclude this list we show you another stylish wall that is divides the environment with an indoor garden created out of elegant flower pots. In this foyer we have elegant lighting and appropriate details to achieve the right effect in the region.

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Generally rooms meant for entertaining like the living and dining areas are separated with artificial barriers that increase visual depth of the house.  These dividers could be made of simple brick and cement or wood and stone depending on the general layout and ambience of the rooms. In this ideabook we shall show you 10 interesting and creative room dividers that integrate physical separation into the house layout without affecting internal aesthetics.

If you are the kind that love greenery around the house then creating a nice vertical garden is an innovative idea to create a wall between rooms in an open floor region like this. The slim wooden slat separator between the kitchen and living region is smartly created to provide both privacy and visibility between both regions which can be used as a climber for vines and small climbers to create a vertical vegetable garden. 

Weird and wonderful: world’s most unusual interior design concepts

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Colorful sliding glass divider like this creates an elegant barrier between home and natural environment. The elegant Mediterranean style living room here allows guests to enjoy spectacular vistas of the shimmering blue sea from the comfort of sofas even when the colored glass door is closed. 

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