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Turquoise Vibrant Interior Design From Jill Sorensen

Turquoise Vibrant Interior Design From Jill Sorensen Turquoise Vibrant Interior Design From Jill Sorensen

My son has since he was 2 years old been asking me “Mom, what’s your favorite color?” Knowing I needed a concrete answer, and several colors would not be accepted – I’ve always answered yellow.  Growing up in Sweden my mother  insisted on painting the kitchen yellow, no matter where we lived.  Not a soft pale yellow- a BOLD, LOUD yellow matched with orange and yellow curtains. She said in a dark, often rainy country like Sweden it made her feel like the sun was shining all the time.  To my dismay the rest of the house had a endless mix of yellow,orange and brown(!) in true seventies fashion.  My bedroom had a wide yellow and white horizontal striped wallpaper.  I couldn’t understand my mother’s fascination with yellow, and avoided it for many years. Until- I bought my first home, when I for some unexplainable reason, immediately painted the living room yellow, with matching yellow curtains!

Black, white, gray and brown and lucite – what’s not to love?  Great shiny black door.

Anna found these two lamps for a good deal from Lamps Plus. To go on top of this–

I love when my friends and family visit, and always want to have a fun space for them to stay.  When I moved in this room had white walls and the former owner left heavy, beige floral Ralph Lauren draperies and a mattress, since I moved in with only a few things.  I took me a L-O-N-G time to get around to doing something with it. It has been evolving for a long time and I’ve been layering and layering until satisfied.

How great…gray geometric carpet, bold gray striped wall paper, gray sofa with a daring, bold yellow desk.   It makes me want to run out and by some yellow paint and paint the first thing I see yellow. Such a cool effect in a room.

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Some peppy pillows in turquoise velvet, and turquoise and lime zebra print I designed (Marmalade Interiors).  And one of my favorite lamps you’ll be able to find soon on LiveLikeYou.  Quick easy ways to liven up any room.

Spray painted silver for Anna’s would probably be the right finish.

The room already had a sisal carpet when I moved in.  I used to throw a kilim carpet on top, but  I added the brown zebra printed cowhide last year.  Sorry, I belong to the team that still has not tired of the zebra print. I don’t know for how long but I still love zebra print rugs!!

Framing or outlining anything with black is something I’ve been a bit addicted to for a while.  It can be anything, a border on a carpet, a curtain, a shade,  a black and white geometric fabric, an shiny black entry door.  It just makes everything so instantly elegant and glamorous.  In rooms I would never have thought of adding black before I now want to add black.  I even find black walls elegant, and not only in restaurants and night clubs. It can feel surprisingly cool in your own home.

I hope you’re enjoying the summer as much as I am. Since I have some free time, I’m arranging a series of give away’s of some of my favorite interior items on the blog. I’m excited to finally have the time to do it! Amazing what a little peace and fresh air can do…Stay tuned…

You’ll never feel bored cooking in this kitchen.  Do you have a small kitchen? A bold color can be just what it needs. Love the turquoise knobs.  Sometimes it’s the smallest detail that makes a room.

I am sure you have already noticed that the most flashy colors are used in oriental design. I’m not certain if this is a characteristic of the oriental design and architecture, but if you want to reconstitute an oriental environment in your own house, you should probably try some daring color combinations that you would probably avoid in other situations.

You can see all the way through to the end of the house and can catch the lake view from the entrance. I guess that’s why I wanted everything white so nothing would fight with the exterior.

I want spring to arrive, and winter to END!  I’m tired of being cold, I’m tired of everything looking gray, I’m tired of getting up at 6.30am every morning getting Luke ready for school freezing in the dark, and I’m tired of being tired of it! I’m talking so much about the weather lately, my chiropractor said I could have a job as a meteorologist, as I’m giving other patients weather updates off my new iPhone.  Scary…But I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

Then I saw this on a Matters of Style blog last week,  and think  these IKEA mirrors might be even better.  Looks really nice I think.

Ann Coyle’s beautiful Pagoda entertainment cabinet.  What an elegant way to hide your screen TV!  It would look great in a room with….

We ordered two of these modern sofas from Lee.  They are only 71″ wide and will face each other in front of the fireplace.  The rooms is very long but not very wide so we had to find some that would fit they space right.

One thing I’m noticing when I come here is the huge amount of white everywhere. I guess when I bought the house it was so dark—dark plastic flooring covered old wood floors, some windows were boarded up… So I really went nuts with the white porch paint!! I wanted white floors, white walls…white everything. I wanted to maximize the natural light, and create a bright and airy house that gave me peace. But I amaze myself, being the color addict I am, when I see all this white!

BLUE –  Encourages relaxation and health, suppresses appetite. Calms the mind, gets rid of nervous tension. Ideal for sleep for over active kids.  Who wouldn’t want to sleep in this room?

This room makes me smile. I found it on the sweet blog The little Shop and fell in love. It has all the colors you can think of. Do you think it clashes?

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They are being covered in a gray velvet. I couldn’t get a picture of it — it’s a bit lighter than this fabric sample.

Ahhh…to lounge by a pool in a pretty pool cabana….LOVE the garden stools.  Another product we’ll carry on LiveLikeYou.

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Yellow can be used in so many ways to liven up a space. This room below had only one wall painted in this bold hue.

Sweden is not the only country who uses yellow in many of their interiors and exteriors, old and new. English country houses have been known for their yellow drawing rooms, anything to cheer up the dreary weather.  How many of us haven’t been inspired by Nancy Lancaster’s bold yellow living room?

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We’ve been thinking of inexpensive things to go behind these lamps, and I really like what Danielle did in her house. She bought small mirrors from Ikea for $ 2/each and spray painted them silver. Looks pretty  neat I think.

The other thing I wanted to accomplish with this place was an uncluttered space. I hardly have any accessories here as I want empty spaces as much as I can. I wanted simplicity and have something that would be easy to take care of. Sometimes a lot of “things” Just add stress. Clutter definitely adds stress for me. Does it to you?

These next two items from SHO are really fun. The lamps are my next purchase for my living room!

Can’t get enough of this color combination yellow, gray and white.

So I was thinking of things you can do to your home that would pick you up.   And few colors pack a punch like turquoise, and has the ability to lift your mood in an instant.  Maybe it’s because it’s the color of a delicious ocean, and the sky on a sunny day.  Painting the walls this vibrant hue is a sure fire way to beat the February weather blues!

Below is my favorite design magazine articles of late from Canadian House & Home. Talk about living colorfully! The brighter the better.

I love being greeted by one in the foyer!  (And yes…another zebra there, but this one black.)

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Black and white might be an unexpected  color choice in a sun room/ porch. Looks great with sisal.

Amazing black floor, and how great with a black ceiling. Designed by talented Kelly Proxmire.

Four 60’s  Marmalade Interiors custom vintage chairs  that I painted white, and finished in bold turquoise fabric, make me dream of a beach house.  Why not a cool bold wallpaper from Room Service in a powder room?

Send me pictures of your yellow rooms! Or, do you have an interesting story about yellow? Would love to hear.

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If you walk further in from the foyer there’s a room which connects all the rooms in the house. This image is from a magazine shoot that’s coming out any day now. It’s super pale teal, parts of the wall was roughly textured so I left that white, looks like giant stripes. It’s one a of just a couple of rooms in the house where I let the floor stay as it was because it had not been covered in linoleum. This room is next to the kitchen and has a great view of the lake and has this…

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It’s amazing how nice it is to go on vacation, and how nice it is to come home.  Home sweet home!  Several kind blog writers have written such nice posts on some of my Marmalade Interior designs the last couple of months, and many have included this aqua and pink bed room.  Since it’s the guest room in my house I thought I would share with you how it evolved.

Or in a bathroom with black molding via The Lettered Cottage.

Years ago I avoided bright colors like the plague and everything had to be muted and old looking, and had to go together just so. I will even admit to going in to homes I had designed (Patty you know who I’m talking about…) and complain that the toys had to be removed, because they ruined the color scheme… I know – awful behavior. Amazing what motherhood can do. Now I love a casual, imperfect colorful home. Whether it’s strong colors on the walls, or just a piece of furniture adding a bright pop of color. I want it somewhere! I have to agree with Jonathan Adler, there are no colors that clash! (if used right….had to write that…)

Small side chair, again a flea market find from a couple of years ago. It lives in here, or sometimes the bathroom.

I’ve never lived in a home since that did not have yellow somewhere. There is no color that instantly cheers up it’s environment like a great yellow hue.  In my home, my kitchen is golden yellow, my living room a pale Tuscan style yellow, and a few months ago, I painted one wall in my foyer a really bold yellow.

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Why are so many of us cautious when it comes to living with colors? Maybe you want to add just one color to begin with, and see what that does. Maybe you’ll get the bug–

The bedding came at a later date from Anthropologie, and then I added  a more streamlined hotel bedding from Pottery Barn. In the far corner is a broken wicker table covered with a yellow fabric.

We’ve placed a bunch of orders for the living room.  I want to colorize everything, but sometimes muted tones are just the best.  Anna says she is the oldest in the family, Type A personality, used to taking care of things— so living in streamlined, peaceful and organized interiors is how she feels the best.  I think all these pieces are sleek and elegant, yet add just enough personality.

YELLOW – Creates awareness and clarity, stimulates appetite. Energizes, improves memory, combats the doldrums.   However too much yellow can make a person feel irritable.

You can start out with just buying a great accent color on a lamp, or chair, to get used to a punch of color.

The mirror and console from the 30’s and a the corner cabinet are in pale hues. Variations of white is a necessity in interiors over here when you go through months of no sun light. I picked some lupines today which were in the car for too long, but they’ve recovered since this photo. They add a punch of color in an otherwise pale room.

I’m convinced kids like living with vivid colors. I think the more the better. I told Luke the other day that we can redesign in his room, to make it a little bit more grown up. And I asked him for his ideas. He got all excited and said I want FLAMES all over the walls!!! Hmmm….

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ORANGE –  A natural mood lifter, gives joy, happiness, sociability, has a gentle warming effect and increases appetite. However too much orange can make a nervous person agitated.

This naive chow painting my friend Sheila has been wanting forever. Maybe one of these days I will give it to her. It reminds her of the dog she had as a kid. It used to hang in Luke’s room.

A black wall in a bedroom via Elements of Style feels very modern. It looks surprisingly great paired with an antique bed. How cool.

And no room is complete without something old. So we’re keeping Anna’s grand father’s chair. Having it done in black lacquer.

Some paintings I bought in the weekly Weschler’s wednesday auction a few years ago. Weekdays they have the regular stuff and and you can literally steal stuff.  You just need the time to go, which I haven’t had lately…

The next vibrant interior was done by a Swedish interior designer Jill Sorensen. I don’t really know if she wanted to create an oriental inspired living space, but that is the impression that her home gives to me. Actually she says that the house must express your personality and considering she is a happy person she opted for these joyful colors. However, inside her house there are some oriental statutes who strengthens my first impression.

PINK – Soothing and comforting.  Mistakenly seen as a feminine color. My son completely repels at anything pink as it has been overused for little girls rooms.  But great old European interiors used a lot of pink.

My number one addiction might be a simple white curtain framed by black ribbon. So instantly elegant and crisp.  Remove the black accents in this room and it would be a whole different feeling.

Even a slightly yellow/tan wall brings warmth to this living room designed by Amanda Nisbet.

INDIGO –  Intuition /Imagination. Increases dream activity. But beware of too much as it can make a person depressed.

I had two Bergere chairs from before that were really nice, but felt old fashioned so I threw them in this room thinking they would be out of the way.  They were pretty, but looked subdued in a pale yellow material.   I bought two geometric pillows from Ballard Design to make them bolder.  But I thought the room needed just the right punch of color, so in came — PINK!

What think I really need to do is bring  something from my house, out into the yard….

I am still amazed about how the designer managed to merge all these different colored accessories and furniture without failing with a kitschy look. The details are also very interesting. A special effect is given also by the animal print chairs, rugs and pillows. The furniture is a combination of classical design and modern unconventional assortment.{pics by Tanya Malott and found on houseofturquoise}.

GREEN – Creates balance, contemplation, mentally and physically relaxing, balances emotion, creates openness between you and others. Spring green gives you a sense of renewal. Green can make a person in a bad mood worse.

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This is a chest of drawer I picked up at the flea market, and painted it a fun turquoise.

My brother and I did several trips to the flea market for some quick inexpensive fixes. Found this chest of drawers for maybe $ 150. Been meaning to upgrade it or paint it forever.  Probably will end up white I think. But it has not been bothering me too much, so I end up leaving it as is.

This chair sits just as you step in. It’s a typical chair from the part of Sweden I’m from live. Notice the space heaters to the left and in the reflection of the mirror…Desperately needed in this part of the world…you think you know cold…

I LOVE the Madeline Weinrib carpet with the velvet chair.  How can you not love every single Madeline Weinrib carpet?  I’m definitely a Weinrib addict I think.  For you who didn’t read the earlier post, the chairs and carpet looked like this—

Anna’s dining chairs and carpet have arrived, so I had to head over and check them out. They look awesome!   Anna and I are both thrilled, but agree they would look even more awesome with even lighter legs, and without the antiqued finish, which is the only finish in white Lee offered.   So we’re going to have them painted in a brighter shinier white for a more modern look.  The room is not done yet, but here’s a quick snapshot of a dining chair.

We love this table but the price tag is too much.   Do you have any ideas on where to find a similar “budget” version of this?  No more than 36″diameter?

Margharete, my boyfriend’s mother wisely said her favorite interiors are rooms with “touches of red”.  I thought it would be a perfect post for Valentine’s day.

I did add a carpet that has a little more color in the foyer. This is a basic woven Swedish carpet that I know you might have seen versions of at Ikea. But the “real” kind you pick up for a dollar or two at a local thrift store. Not too long ago a lot of people used to weave these at home. Because everything is white I really enjoy the colors in this.

I’m always game for fun ideas but I have to admit I’m hesitating. I think I’ll give him some time to hopefully change his mind. Flames will be a bit to intense even for me!! But maybe we can paint his bunk bed orange.

Would I ever have liked a room with cobalt blue, baby blue, black, brown and beige with texture?? NO!!! I would have hated it. Now I think it’s perfect casual imperfection. Perfectly matched colors are boring.

Love this Jonathan Adler designed room. A turquoise curtain and a vase cheers you up.

Palm Beach credenza from Room Service on a gray blue wall with yellow accents-supercool.

Four the kids corner in the living room some serious budget purchases had to come in.  For the game table Anna purchased the “Karlstad” chair(named after my home town in Sweden!) from IKEA in natural linen $ 229/each.  Not big on this much IKEA but the shape is nice and clean and the legs have been painted  espresso brown. That made them look way more expensive.

Another picture from the House and Home article. I wish more people wouldn’t be afraid of living with color.

With one of Madeline Weinrib’s unbelievable carpets on the floor you will be jolted.

A black and white striped carpet is very dramatic and works great with any color. Here it’s chic with gray and white and wood.

…stove in it, which makes it a really popular room in the house. We made a fire here even yesterday, today is warmer but we needed one yesterday. You can even cook on it with a fire going.

The wall color was the first thing I wanted to do something about.  Life’s to short for white walls.  I wanted a strong, fun Mediterranean color since this was a Mediterranean style house.  I chose Appalachian Trail 633 by Benjamin Moore a really beautiful aqua color.  My old place was done with more muted European colors and I wanted this house to feel more modern.  I think I looked through a book by John Stefanidis and found an aqua and yellow room that seemed so different from what I had used to like, so I decided after my divorce  to go different, and try something vibrant. Now of course I’m hooked on bold hues.

RED – Excitement.  Encourages vitality, energy, courage and self confidence. Stimulates brain activity. Increases heart rate and blood pressure, improves circulation. Not a great color for a bedroom.

But you can’t tell if I don’t tell….I think cheating is totally okay.  Don’t you?

The stair case I painted….yes you guessed it white. I even left the eighties chair rail, and the wall paper and just made it all go just white!! I really was on a mission when I moved in… I rarely write about, or promote white on this blog, but it really is a great “color” and makes for a great backdrop and a peaceful space. And I don’t know about you…but it gives me peace of mind.

Anna is still thinking of this grass cloth covered coffee table from Bungalow 5. It has a lacquered finish on top for easy cleaning.

It gives a piece of furniture character and makes it less “formal”. It’s also a quiet, surprising way to add some color to a room.

…Parsons console fromWest Elm. Great style for a great price.

I find any piece of furniture in an unexpected bold yellow color completely irresistible right now.   I can’t stop thinking about wanting one, or painting one.    Like this Hollywood regency style cabinet….

The second purchase was a yellow headboard made by Calico Corner. The chest is a Gustavian style chest I have from Sweden since..forever.

Here’s an inexpensive way to fix up your room – great velvet headboard from JC Penny. How cheerful!

Turquoise velvet and chrome nail head angular sofa from Room Service. Funky and cool.

PURPLE – Encourages creativity and inspiration and promotes artistic endeavors.

BLACK – Promotes self confidence, power and strength. You have to be pretty bold to paint a wall black but with white accents it can be very cool.

This image is from a store I’ve been to in Nolita in Manhattan.  This image is from Lonny Magazine.  SO chic! The floor is even painted in a nice zig zag pattern.  And that curtain would look great anywhere!

Starting in the New Year I’m going to do a color a day and post some great paint color choices for each colorway. But in case you feel inspired to paint right now- this is good to keep in mind.

The curtains in the guest room are a from a friend/client. Since she didn’t want to use them, I use them in here for now.  They are a little too long and don’t close all the way, but I don’t care.  Hopefully your eyes are drawn to something else, so you don’t notice.  I love how things get a second life somewhere else.

Another smashing carpet from Madeline Weinrib. It’s like a geometric ocean!

How can Kirsten Bell ever be depressed coming home to her house LA?

Love  the black velvet couch with white legs.   Another great black and white curtain.

Two identical sized brown bordered wool sisals were ordered.  This one has a nice dark brown border and was without a yellow tone in the sisal.

I picked a fun pink velvet from Robert Allen and had them recovered. When the chairs were done I was so thrilled I wanted them everywhere in the house!  So they actually do move around quite a bit.


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I love these garden stools.  Garden stools in general are fun and useful.  Anna was unsure at first as she has never used garden stools,  but somehow they stuck in her mind and is on the list for the near future.

…something gray like this Hollywood sofa in charcoal velvet.

And a bold pair of yellow lamps with gray shades from Pieces.

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The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica has a yellow and black library designed by Kelly Wearstler.

Another addiction-black dramatic hotel bedding!!  Love this one by Hilary Thomas.

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Two yellow chairs make this room an unusual and unforgettable room.

Yellow can have a calming feeling as well with more muted classical tones. Designer Kelly Wearstler used a tan yellow in this elegant dining room.

Why not start out the New Year by painting a room in your home?  While you can never go wrong with white ( it goes with everything)  it’s simply too boring to live with egg shell colored walls in an entire house.  There is no quicker, cheaper or easier way to give your home a make over than to repaint.  An instant mood enhancer as well.  While I believe you should always live with the colors you like, I think it’s wise to know how different colors affect you before choosing one.  Need some cheering up?  Choose orange.  Need help sleeping? Choose a cool blue or violet for your bedroom.  The way color affects us can also be from cultural influences. But it’s been proven that different colors really do affect the brain and our mood.

This mirror from Global Views already came in and makes the entire living room. I think it can be used in so many different styles. Just great simple design.

The bedside lamps are one of my favorite finds. Sweet daisy lamps from a second hand store.

The foyer is all white and cream. This piece was a thrift store find and one of the first things I got for the house. The chandelier was another thrift store find and thankfully adds a pop of color. I can open a cabinet door when it gets too white for me…I love how a lot of white cabinets in Sweden are painted a bold color on the inside.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that this house interior is truly joyful. This effect is given by the combination of some strong contrasting colors which normally you will be afraid to mix. Green, blue, yellow, red, violet and turquoise, all the colors are gathered in the same room.

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VIOLET – Brings feelings of peacefulness and understanding, promotes sleep, suppresses appetite.

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I like even just adding a sisal with  black border in spaces.  It defines the area, gives it some elegance.  Great in a kitchen.  It works in traditional as well as modern interiors I think.

If you don’t want to paint, you can add some sunshine with an amazing wool rug like this one from Madeline Weinrib.

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