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“transFORM had an incredibly strong and direct effect on the thoughts in my mind, my ability to spend my time wisely, and my overall capacity to prioritize my tasks and increase my productivity.”     View Project

I had an A-OK experience with transFORM. I read all the reviews beforehand, so I entered the transaction prepared. Our designer Ruth was very professional and on top of things, and we are 95% happy with the work. My biggest complaint is the timing. From our first visit to the showroom until everything was final was three months (and it’s still not perfect). We met with our designer on 8/12, and visited the showroom on 8/15. The soonest they could get us in for installation was 9/12 (which is faster than usual they said). The installation went smoothly and the guys were really nice. However, there were a few mistakes: the bags for our wire baskets were missing, the lights for the vanity didn’t work, they installed the tie hook in silver instead of brass, and the belt hook was missing. I informed our designer immediately, but the next available time they could finish the work was 10/14 — over a month after the first install date. So on 10/14 they came again. They were able to fix almost everything, except they brought the same lights which still did not work. They said they’d come back. And they did, on the next available time, over a month later (11/17). Unfortunately the third pair of lights did not fit the place where the existing lights were. They had to remove the existing lights, leaving holes in the vanity. They put the new, new lights overhead which casts an unflattering shadow because of the position. At this point, I’m just going to fix it myself and buy new lights. They are very nice about it, but just too slow. I’m so exhausted from all the back and forth. PROS: – Definitely the most reasonable option for custom closets – Lots of options, and the show room is fun to see CONS: – Takes a long time for them to fix their mistakes Some advice if you work with transFORM: Make sure you have EVERY little detail in writing before signing and paying the deposit. And be patient and ready for lots of back and forth!

Hmmm, where do I start? Well, the process did indeed start out positive and exciting then went down hill oh so very fast. 1. initial design and picking out product was really good 2. Very pricey BUT I do not care about price if Quality is there along with service!!! 3. that was not the case… installation, not great at all. Seam in shelves, counter, valance BAD 4. damage walls with holes 5. shotty job on cutting out floor molding for installation of a piece. Over a ¼” of space between the floor boards and the cabinet in plain sight. 6. wiring held up under the cabinet above the desk by a “gum like” material that lasted less than a day!!! NOT KIDDING 7. shelves boardering the room above the the doors did not allow for a cabinet door to open fully??? 8. WRONG hardware for the many filing cabinets that took over a month for them to finally replace. Meaning could not use our filing cabinets for that long!!! 9. installation was the week of June 6th 2016, it is now July 27th and they are still not finished with the Huge “PUNCH LIST. 10. communication with this company was POOR at best! We were so very disappointed. We wanted them to do another big job but that will not be happening. Researching another company.

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“transFORM proved that custom cabinetry can be a fascinatingly strategic approach to identifying, refining and expressing your personal style. Beginning to end, the entire process was flawless.”    View Project

“My final design is simple, clean, a masterpiece. It’s more than just a unique and space-saving convertible feature in my home. It’s an opportunity. An opportunity to forgive myself for being late and to start fresh in the mornings.

”    View Project

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Awful. Here’s a lawyer’s letter we sent (to which they have not responded) – Dear [XXX]: We represent [YYY]. I write in follow up to [YYY]’s multiple emails to you concerning the installation of custom closets, most recently on September 27, 2015, to which you have not responded. [YYY] contracted with transFORM for the installation of custom cabinetry in their bedroom, using low-chemical products. They chose transFORM over other companies with lower bids specifically because of transFORM’s stated commitment to using non-toxic materials. The use of non-toxic materials was critical because [YYY] have young children at home. Still, on April 11, 2014, your company incorrectly installed closet materials were not treated with the low-VOC finish that [YYY] had specifically requested. Recognizing the error, [ZZZ] from your company had the closets disassembled, refinished and reinstalled. However, despite assurances that the previous lacquer would be removed entirely prior to reinstallation, a chemical smell persisted in the newly-installed closet. [YYY] have now expended a tremendous amount of effort and money attempting to fix your company’s errors. On May 11, 2014, they bought an air purifier, to no avail. On February 2, 2015, they hired an indoor air quality company to run tests in the closet. The tests revealed that the VOCs in the closet were above normal, thereby demonstrating that [YYY] had not received the low-chemical products for which they had contracted. In April 2015, at your recommendation, [YYY] heated the closet – twice – but still, the smell persists. This is unacceptable. As a result of your errors, more than two years after the initial installation of the closet, [YYY] are still forced to keep their young children away from their bedroom, and to store their clothes outside of the closet they commissioned. On September 27, 2015, [YYY] wrote to you requesting that you remove the installed closet materials and issue a full refund, in accordance with transFORM’s full warranty for faulty materials and installation. Nearly 8 months later, you have yet to respond to [YYY]’s e-mail, or to remove the closet and issue a refund. By this letter, [YYY] demand that you immediately remove the closet materials from their home and refund to them all moneys paid to transFORM. Absent your agreement to do so by June 1, 2016, we will commence an action seeking not only the moneys paid to transFORM, but also the additional sums already expended by [YYY] on their efforts to remediate following your errors, and any additional costs to remove the closet materials following your failure to do so, and to secure a replacement closet. The removal of the closets and the refund can be coordinated through me, or directly with [YYY].

When it comes to the construction business, on any level, people typically have a rough time of it regarding costumer service. However, transFORM is an exception to the rule. They are hands on from the beginning of your project until the very end which also includes follow up. A pleasure to deal with. A+++

From start to finish, transForm provided us with superior service. Starting with the consultation and then to finished product, we couldn’t be happier with our built-in closets. The workmanship is very high quality and the installation was professional. We would recommend them highly for your next project.

joe and jim are the only employees who know what they are doing the rest need to take customer service classes

We decided to purchase our main clothing closet from Transform after looking at several seemingly similar, yet more familiar brands (e.g., California Closets) because we wanted to support a local business. While we are pleased with the overall quality and design of our closet, we were extremely disappointed with the installation process. First, workmen had to return to our apartment to re-install clearly uneven shelves and a clearly scuffed and then repainted hamper pullout. After their second visit, an ironing board that Transform had installed fell from the shelf the first time we opened it; the ironing board had only been supported with two small screws and no washers. With our clothes sitting in boxes for nearly a month, the scheduler called to delay the third visit because of an “emergency” with another project. We emailed the head of operations to ask if he believed the amount paid was commensurate with the service provided. He offered an apology, but never addressed our question. Ultimately, after a full gut renovation of our apartment and working with many different vendors, our experience with Transform clearly stands out as the most negative one. I would urge anyone to think twice before spending the money, time and energy working with Transform.

I would not recommend transform for their office furniture. The closets are probably adequate but if you have to look at and touch the furniture daily their materials are not acceptable, especially for the price. I came to them because I was struggling to figure out how to maximize a 10×12 room to store a huge amount of stuff, and also be an office, and thought a designer would help. I didn’t love the first design but my husband did and I allowed myself to be pressured (totally my fault) into putting a down payment to get 10% off, which was going to expire in 2 days but of course in 30 days the offer was still on their website. I was told I could change the design so I thought we would figure it out. In retrospect this was the wrong fit for me, i have a very different style than melamine, I don’t think it’s in any way appealing. I was sold on getting wood details, but those turned out to be nothing like the samples and it is not wood, it is some fake wood, I don’t actually know what it is. If the designer spent one minute looking around my house she should have walked out the door and declined the sale. I guess the commission is worth more than a happy customer. I wish I had recognized this before I gave them 7000 nonrefundable dollars in a fit of enthusiasm. After the deposit, communication became nearly impossible. I had to call and email numerous times before I got a response. Every single time. It was so painful. I didn’t find any creative solutions to my storage issues, and she didn’t take into account the size of the things I needed to store or the outlets which were blocked by her designs so that I wouldn’t be able to plug anything in, or where something basic like the computer would go. Plus, the cabinets were too small to fit my stuff. She never measured to see if it would all fit. After complaining I wound up with a different designer who was better, but even after more rounds of designs, the cabinets are mostly too narrow so we still have stuff shoved in and inaccessible plus a bunch of empty cabinets because they are too small. Big fail and very upsetting. Now the materials. This is basically plasticky melamine IKEA type of furniture. It is not wood, and it is modular, and the customization turns out to be limited. For example, the file drawers go 18″ deep even though the cabinets are 24″ wasting space behind the drawers. I wanted to get a curved shelf in one area but no. Etc. Boxy modules only. The shelves are held in with little metal pins. Will they holdup? Time will tell. What I really wanted was wood but the cost was double (it turns out it’s not really wood anyways). So I got a few “wood” door fronts. I cannot begin to describe how low quality and hideous they are. It’s a veneer, supposedly, put on very poorly, waxy, bubbly, not finished properly. The worst part was the desktop which was sold to me as the piece de resistance–a “gorgeous” 8′ wood mahogany desktop and since it’s so prominent, would make me forget about all the plastic. But it is disgusting and poo colored. It got unbearably scratched the first day when I put a cardboard box on it. After I complained I was told this material is not suitable for a desktop and I should have known that! Also, they didn’t measure it properly, it was 4.5″ too long for their modular pieces so they chopped it into 2 and there goes my 8′ desk, it’s now in 2 pieces with a seam randomly through it. Timing? Delivery was scheduled 3 months after my deposit but then was delayed another month. Why? Because I didn’t sign something and they didn’t notice until the week before the install date. Again they blamed me for not knowing I was supposed to sign something I was never told to sign. This, after numerous calls and emails over the course of a month asking over and over to confirm my install date, was never told they were missing paperwork. Oh and did I mention it took 4 days to install. Four. The workmen, who did everything nice and clean, never worked for more than 3-4 hours in a day. They arrived around 10 and were gone between 12 and 2. The last day was about 1/2 hour. It absolutely could have been completed in 2 days if they worked full time. Disrespectful of our time. So, bottom line, a carpenter made me a real wood desktop out of actual wood with no random seam and I threw away transFORM’s crap. Also they never sent the fancy door knobs I chose so I had to buy some at Home Depot.

I am a designer and have worked with TransForm on two different projects over several years. Up until this past year, I was happy with their service and products. This past year I ordered a very expensive built-in closet unit with them Once I had made the deposit, they proceeded list a number of ways they could not meet my needs…. essentially, they were incapable of doing any custom filler work- which is the main thing you need in doing a built in cabinet. As a result I had to pay my contractor an additional $1k to do the work they wouldn’t do. In addition, during the installation, my contractor had to stay on top of the workmen to make sure the work was done correctly. They installed closets that were not level… and without my contractor making them fix it would have left it as is. Before the initial job was completed, I had ordered another closet from them for another room in my clients home. When I saw how the installation was going I decided to cancel the second order. Well, this is where things went from bad to worse. They have a policy where you can get a refund three days after the deposit. I called them the morning of day four. I figured with our history and the potential work I could give them in the future they would be amenable to a full refund. Well not only did they not give me a full refund they decided not to call me back and ceased all communication for several weeks. They NEVER called to apologize and never reached out again. I had to call, email and have a fit to get any response. I’ve been in the design business for fifteen years. I am a loyal client who goes back to my vendors time and again. The measure of a good business is not how they behave when everything goes well. Their integrity is measured by when things don’t go right. And in this regard they failed. Not only did I lose a ton of time but I lost quite a bit of money and the trust of my client. This is a business I wouldn’t go to if you expect good customer service and for someone to be responsive when things don’t go right.

We are very happy with our closets. The design team was great–they worked quickly and did a terrific job of listening to what we wanted rather than trying to tell us what they wanted to give us. The installation work was efficient and done very well. Transform offers really good value for the money.

Julia, at Transform, has designed several projects for me over the past few years. The latest one was the most ambitious–a full wall closet/storage unit and a co-ordinating home office. Julia’s a pleasure to work with–a very talented (and patient) designer. She put a lot of time into the project, really listened to my needs and thought through every ergonomic and spatial detail. She was good natured from start to finish, in spite of changes that were made along the way. The installation also went quite smoothly. If there was a glitch or problem, Transform bent over backwards to quickly correct it. Every person connected with the company–from Julia to the closet installers to the factory manager to the showroom personnel was friendly, professional and easy to work with. And Transform apparently guarantees their work forever. I definitely recommend the company. (The only improvement I’d suggest is a better hardware selection.) Although they weren’t inexpensive, I appreciate their work every day–it’s really improved life in a NY apartment.

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Very happy with the work they’ve done in my walk-in closet. Our designer, Kristy, worked with us to maximize efficiency of our space. We were willing to spend a good amount, but she didn’t push expensive products on us. Instead, she suggested products that were more suitable to our needs. She also gave us helpful tips on space saving. Installation was very quick. It took them less than 2.5 hours. And the finished product is something my girlfriend always shows off when she has her friends over.

I love my transFORMED closets. My apartment has a harmony and calmness that are directly linked to my immaculately constructed closets. Jude Nicastro from transFORM was professional, very smart, kind and attentive to detail.I truly felt like he created a work of art, a space I enjoy seeing and showing to friends (all of whom immediately ask for Jude/transFORM’s contact info.) If you want that closet of your dreams, call transFORM (and ask for Jude.)

So pleased with our wonderful closets. We had two reach-in and one walk-in closet designed and are thrilled with the results. Our space easily increased by 3-4x from the thoughtful design. The closets are also beautiful. We really appreciate the incredible work done by Jude to design fantastic closets for our new home.

Not a good company. I did 7 other closets with California Closets and they went perfectly. I was trying a local company for a simple job. NEVER AGAIN. My closet and desk were designed by a designer who left the company to get married 1 week before install ..so we had no one to blame when the desk was covering the important electrical outlet to plug a computer in. After 10 emails and multiple phone calls ..nobody ever finished or fixed the job. I ended up moving my computer to a different desk because I couldn’t plug it in and they also never drilled grommets to drop wires etc. They then sued me for the final $1000 (I paid 5000 of the 6000). A CUSTOM job should be measured properly…I spent good time with designer and drawings looked right but weren’t measured properly. No designer or manager ever looked into the problem. If an installer is admitting that the measurement is not right….HE SHOULD STOP AND CALL THE DESIGNER OR SOMEONE AT THAT POINT AND NOT KEEP GOING. They take no responsibility for their work.

In reply to Andreas’ comment : I wish that it was true that TransForm offered to rebuild our unit with a new design at your cost, but I am afraid you have been misinformed by your employees that this option was offered to us. We waited two months before posting our review to give TransForm the opportunity to fix their mistake. The solutions offered to us were (1) to put a shelf on top of the unit so that our items would not fall behind into the dead space, which did not maximize what little storage space we had in this closet (measurements were off by 6 inches — there was only 18 inches of usable space and unit built was 12 inches) or (2) pay for a new unit at a discounted price. Our biggest grievance with your company was that at no time did they “accept, learn from or correct” their mistake. When it was clear that TransForm was not going to do right by their mistake, we asked to have the unit removed and to refund our money. We were told that was not possible since we signed off on the drawings. It was certainly our mistake not to double check the measurements, but we trusted the skill of your employees. I would be happy to discuss this further with you and share our email exchanges with your employees so you have all of the facts. You have our contact information.

The unique thing about transFORM is that we design, engineer and manufacture in one central location. Our 30,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility is perfect for crafting high-end custom cabinetry. This type of business model allows us to keep a very close eye on each and every project we produce. It encourages exclusivity, flexibility and efficiency, as well as the art of taking one’s vision and crafting it into a captivating, one-of-a-kind design. While our products are crafted locally, transFORM sources some of the most luxurious materials from throughout the world.  

I am on the fence with transFORM, and I highly suggest you read The Sliding Door Company reviews as well, if you are going to work with both of them. Here’s the ultimate problem: you’re dealing with three individual companies if you work with the Manhattan transFORM location. You have transFORM, who does the interior of the closet; you have The Sliding Door Company, who provides the doors; and you have Highline Design, who is the contracting company that works with The Sliding Door Company, but is a separate entity to them. Ultimately, the only company I worked with was transFORM. They did an okay job on my closet, but it was disrupted because the original designer quit prior to finishing my design. She’d spend several hours with me & many emails, getting it just perfect. Her boss (Rozallia) took over, and the end result is a nice looking closet that is close to what I wanted, but not perfect (and not what the original designer had come up with). The thing that upset me is she had mentioned if anything was off, to let her know, and she’d swing by. I did let her know, but she canceled last minute, and never replied to my request that she reschedule. I am not completely disappointed, but after living with the closet for a while (since last September), I would have changed a lot of things to make it far more functional than it is now. Related to these issues is the fact that I still don’t have closet doors. I freaked out because not only were the doors expensive, but Highline wanted to do a lot of extra things like point the wall, etc. and there were many extra fees added. I panicked because there are lots of disclaimers about the doors being the wrong size. Also, I mentioned I wanted to match the bathroom door, but the contractors didn’t take measurements with the new floor saddle. They told me to remeasure it myself! So instead of risking expensive custom doors coming in the wrong size, I opted to hire a general contractor to put in doors next week, which will cost significantly less. The bad part is, once Highline measures your apartment, you are out the $100 deposit/measurement fee. To sum up, I would rate transForm about a 2.5, so I am rounding down since it’s a decent looking closet. Just make sure if you do work with them, that you either a) hire a contractor & don’t work with The Sliding Door Company; or b) Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into & that you could end up out $100.

I really had a bad experience with transFORM and am writing to warn others who may be duped by a salesperson who makes the company seem like it runs well and efficiently. It does not. Our job (5 closets) was not complicated. But the issues that arose were varied and shockingly many. To begin with, our salesperson said that the job would be completed before we moved in to our apartment, but it was not completed until approximately six weeks later (and that was after hocking them to come what seemed like every day over the phone and email). On move-in day, the job was only partially done, and not correctly at that. (The problems ranged from a dangerously-installed laundry hamper to sheer laziness in measuring the size of the space under my sink incorrectly–and twice.) Some of the more minor issues could, clearly, have been finished on the day they came to install but were not for reasons I still cannot figure out. Perhaps they were just trying to make the job appeared done so we wouldn’t complain too much and then move on to someone else’s home. In any case…It took WAY too many visits to fix and/or finish our job. And, when they did finally come to fix the issues, they came completely unannounced. I am generally very patient but when it got to the point that I wanted to reach the owner of the company (meaning, the New Rochelle location), the staff repeatedly told me he was elsewhere so he didn’t have to get on the phone. Their excuses included that they got so much business that they couldn’t handle the volume, that there were malfunctions in their machinery, and human error — we paid a lot of money to avoid such troubles, or so we thought. The staff even complained about one another to us, which was extremely unprofessional and obviously not helpful. They demanded payment when the job was not complete. So if you do use them, do NOT pay any amount upfront. Last, some of the add-ons that we bought were stupidly expensive and offensively overpriced (for instance, a laundry valet at least 5 times marked up from Amazon’s equivalent). I guess that one was my fault, though. I recommend going with another company, to say the least!

Had 3 closets and one built-in desk done by transFORM. Only thing keeping them from 5-stars is that they didn’t account for the walls in our 80s-era condo being a little off-square. This resulted in a gap being visible on the side of a built-in. Thankfully they were able to add a “filler” piece (cut to size) but it was a bit annoying and could have been avoided. Overall not a big deal. The price was on the high side but was reasonable; the quality was good; and the timeliness was acceptable. We worked with Joe E who was great to work with. I would recommend transFORM to friends and would use them again for future closet & built-in installs. I wish we could afford the built-in wall-bed for the living-room nook..maybe one day..but until then I’m really enjoying the closets.

TransFORM provides free design consultation, custom cut-to-order closets, and bundled installation, all at a reasonable price. Having had two of my closets recently updated with TransFORM solutions, I would highly recommend them to others looking for the same. I was at the Sliding Door Co. office next door, as my initial plan was to only replace my bi-fold doors with sliding alternatives (I was going to do the closet interiors myself). I stopped into the TransFORM office and, impressed with their samples on the floor, I asked for a free design consultation. Enter Grazyna, an extremely talented designer for TransFORM, with over 20 years of experience. She visited my apartment three separate times, providing updated sketches based on my feedback. She insisted on the repeat visits until I was COMPLETELY satisfied with the closets. Grazyna had some great ideas for storing my oversize skis and my Dyson vacuum without sacrificing valuable storage space. After signing off on her sketches, I arranged for a reasonably-priced “teat-out” where they remove all the existing shelving and doors. If you can, I suggest you spackle and paint yourself, as TransFORM wanted over $500 for my two closets for that leg of the project. I scheduled the aforementioned tear-out and the new shelving installation a week apart to allow time to do the spackle/paint, which itself is easy to do, but there’s a lot of down-time, waiting for the coats to dry. A week later, they came in to install the new closets. Two installers came and worked perfectly in tandem, finishing the job to perfection within three hours. I’d be remiss to not compliment the office staff – Greg, who called prior to both tear-out and installation to confirm, and Angel, supervisor to the installation crews. Angel was quick to send his guys back to my apartment twice when I noticed some uneven areas that needed to be better concealed. Since I have plaster walls and my floor was off-level by almost 1/2 inch, this was no fault of the installers, but again, Angel was insistent on getting me the right additional parts to better conceal some small gaps where the closet system met my existing bamboo flooring. Rosalia was extremely helpful in the 5th avenue showroom and was happy to review the initial design sketches Grazyna provided me, offering some other ideas/opinions. Overall, from start to finish, I feel the staff were very professional, and above all, the product speaks for itself. My system was pretty simple in the whole scheme of things (pictures: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/lAE7DgS2UE1dWpD9x5sIpg?select=OF39QHQHTo1JtCvhLPFGGA#IXhdGRJ0VgUXqS2u-v-PeQ and http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/lAE7DgS2UE1dWpD9x5sIpg?select=OF39QHQHTo1JtCvhLPFGGA#CRa48aBk37Me7fEefNNa7A) but it came out just the way I wanted, at a reasonable price. I would recommend to others looking for a better-quality step up from an Elfa, ClosetMaid, or FreedomRail system.

Visited the Transform display at the NYDesign Center and was quite impressed with what I saw. It prompted us to choose this company after evaluating other competing designs and price points. There were a few hiccups…but the owner personally intervened to solve my concerns. I think it says a lot about a company when “post the sale” they continue to ensure you are satisfied. Transform is one of those companies. We are quite happy with the finished product!

Recently took a tour of their showroom and factory in New Rochelle. Very impressed with their organization and focus on quality. They also do a lot of give back to the local community. Looking forward to working with them on our next project.

Hi guys, my name is Lee and transform finished four of my closets today and it looks amazing. All the extra space and the quality of the materials and craftsmanship cannot be beaten. Much better than California closets. My designer’s name is Tomer, and anyone that lives in the NYC area and wants to do their closets call transform and ask for Tomer. He knows his stuff. Everything form start to finish was pleasant. I have no complaints about this company and their workers. I will recommend them to family and friends.

We had the worst experience with TransForm. We have had many closets constructed in our homes with other companies and always had a great outcome. This was a very upsetting experience. We had major communication issues with our designer. When the installers came to put in our closet it was totally different then what we expected and what we discussed with him originally. We spoke to the management on the day of installation to try and explain our confusion and after a terrible conversation we were basically threatened and told that this is what we agreed to and we must pay or they will take us to court. We were told and I quote “we never lose a case”. I called to speak to one of the owners (not the one who answers these reviews). He was the most condescending, rude man I have ever dealt with in business. He did not care at all when we tried to explain our confusion or how we felt, he only cared about his money and he made that crystal clear. I was visibly upset on the phone with him and he could care less. I have never seen such a lack of customer service or caring for your customers, in any retail experience I have ever had. The only saving grace were the installers who all did a great job and were very nice. The finished product is very nice as well. I certainly will continue to use California Closets going forward and I never should have tried any other company.

We used transFORM to redo three bedroom closets. They are not cheap but they are true pros – the work that they do and the quality of their product is excellent. We get many compliments on our closets and we are very happy. Again, not cheap, but it’s worth every penny.

Really wished that we had gone with California Closets. We had our closets installed over 2 months ago and we are still waiting for them to come back another time to fix all their mistakes caused by sloppy work (mismeasuring the closets, sloppy tear out job, damage to our new floors, etc.). All in all, this process has been a huge headache and I fully regret not going with California Closets who provides a consistent experience and know closets through and through.

I had an incredibly disappointing experience from start to finish. When I arrived for my initial consultation which had been booked weeks in advance, the designer was not in. She had taken the day for a religious holiday and they failed to inform me, nor were they particularly apologetic. Cedric, a manager, stepped in and promised to take over the job. He was pleasant and appeared competent. However, when the installers came they didn’t have all the parts they needed to install the closets. In addition, the “extras” which we discussed (belt and tie racks) were different than discussed. Cedric did send people to correct it and they left a hole in my wall which they didn’t mention. Cedric told me to get it fixed myself and he took a small portion off the bill. The belt racks and tie racks were placed in locations which just didn’t make sense. Cedric promised to send another person to fix this. This was a month ago and still haven’t heard a word. Frankly, I don’t want them back in my apartment because i don’t trust that they will fix the job correctly without further damage. I should have stuck with california closets who did a beautiful job in a previous home. Jill F.

I came through here for the annual party at 200 Lex and really wasn’t disappointed in how well put together everything was. I really liked the dress in the front window and the various art pieces and sculptures were great to look at. The sheaths for the televisions behind the mini moving walls were very nicely polished and well put together and the pieces all seemed as though they would go very well for general homes. I did see that there were a bunch of empty pizza boxes, so I must have missed all the foodie fun for the guests :0 Man, I guess I’ll have to catch it next time! =P

WOW! TransFORM is AWESOME! If you are looking for expertly designed custom closets and/or cabinets with quality and style in mind, this is the place for you. Their showroom is amazing and will inspire you. When I move to NYC, I’m calling TransFORM to customize my personal spaces. I spent two hours in their showroom and was impressed and dazzled…can’t wait to work with them on my next project.

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Janie was fantastic at both planning our closets but also at asking us the right questions so together we figured out how to best solve our storage situation. Pricing was good and quality was way higher then California closet. Go to each showroom and you can see the difference. Installation was on time and perfect. I highly recommend. They did a master closet and a hall closet for us. Thank you Janie for your excellent service!!

transFORM did a wonderful job with our custom closet. Rozalia is great to work with and very flexible and willing to create whatever vision you have. I plan on hiring them again for more projects in the future. I would definitely recommend them.

I don’t usually write this kind of post but feel that I have to put this information out there. We recently used TRANSFORM to build closets and built ins in our bedroom. The experience was TERRIBLE. It started out great. They actually came to our house the same day we requested. Then… They did not return phone calls in what anyone would consider a reasonable amount of time and scheduling the build was a nightmare. They measured incorrectly in multiple places, installed the unit poorly (drawers didn’t open, panels were upside down), they scratched our new tile floor, and the final product doesn’t match the original design. A friend of ours came over and without our prompting, pointed out the unprofessional looking aspects of the built ins and could not believe this was done by a design firm. We tried to work with them to fix the product. It took weeks of stress, upset, and frustration to get a meeting to plan the fixes, and we felt completely dismissed by the owner with whom we finally spoke. He was disrespectful and condescending to us on the phone. He blamed us for problems with their measurements (!) and told me that I have to understand that they couldn’t return my multiple calls for weeks because their business is growing so rapidly, making things like returning phone calls difficult. In my opinion, I don’t have to understand. We paid for a certain level of service and did not receive it. They had to come back multiple times to correct problems, and it still does not look the way it was designed. While they agreed to some fixes, which they have reminded us over and over again are generous on their part, the product is still not built to what we would consider a professional standard and what we were led to expect. And in the end, they insisted that we pay the full price. The length of this post is a testament to how upsetting this experience has been for us. Please beware when choosing to use TRANSFORM and consider looking at other companies. We wish we had.

“When you work from home, it’s extremely important to stay focused and inspired. To keep the motivation meter high, my designer created a multi-purpose space in hopes of separating my personal life from my professional one.”    View Project

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they had difficulty measuring, sales person tried using lingo with me as if I were stupid instead of just admitting the mistake….end product looks good and I ended up happy, but keep in mind you are paying a lot for essentially custom Ikea

I am about to use Transform for my 3rd project. Love them! The first project was a master walk-in closet which Nancy from Transform helped design. She figured out the perfect way to fit it in to my already existing room and helped me find a contractor to build it out. She was very scientific about the layout and looked at how much hanging space we already had and I showed her all the stuff that wouldn’t fit so she worked her closet math and figured out how much hanging and shelf space we would need and then figured out how to fit it all in the space we had. Although it looked like a small walk in closet, the layout allowed us to maximize the space. Also, it looked like it had been there forever (in my 1923 home). We moved this year into a home that had converted a small bedroom in to the master closet and to our surprise, although it looked three times as big as our old closet, the layout was so poor it wouldn’t hold half our stuff! I had Nancy help me modify it and once again she worked her magic and everything fits! After we fixed the closet I had her design a mudroom area. The mudroom is in an awkward space in the house with an angled wall but Nancy’s design has made it work and she has added customized drawer fronts and other custom features. It will not just look like any other mud room! I can’t wait for it to be installed!

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