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Top Interior Design Ideas With Masonry Veneers County Materials

Top Interior Design Ideas With Masonry Veneers County Materials Top Interior Design Ideas With Masonry Veneers County Materials

Liebeck Masonry of New Franken, WI, the mason contractor for the home, built a 4’x4’ mockup wall featuring County Stone in White and Smokey Mountain units. This allowed the owners to see and approve the blending of their chosen colors, and pick the right mortar colors to complement the stone. “We thought it was really special they were able to do this for us,” the owners report.

Heritage Collection Concrete Brick was chosen for the exterior cladding for a number of reasons. “It’s readily available compared to clay, economical, and we can get the colors we want,” explains project architect Jeff Musson. Reduced maintenance was also a prime consideration; the durability and longevity of concrete brick were cited as a major reason for choosing the material.

Populus, the project’s architectural firm, designed the ballpark for cost effectiveness and in response to a short timeframe for construction. The simple but elegant design features two straight sections down each baseline and a single change in geometry behind home plate to connect both baselines of the ballpark. Keeping the site flat was a time- and budget-saving design solution.

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UIC wanted a traditional-looking ballpark. Red brick was chosen as one of the cladding materials for its color and traditional appeal. However the majority of the exterior stadium envelope consists of 8,000 units of County Materials’ Premier Ultra® Burnished concrete block in Quiet Beach. The color provides a perfect neutral foil for the warm brick, and the easily washable burnished surface is superior to brick in highly trafficked areas such as near the restrooms and concessions. The ground face concrete block also provided a very cost effective alternative to natural stone without compromising appearance.

Masonry veneers used on exteriors continue to gain market share in the construction industry. However, more recently, their use is trending inside new residential and business construction because they offer stunning visual appeal and many economic benefits. As manufacturers offer a variety of full and thin veneer masonry product options, it’s easier than ever to create stunning features for new home and business construction or remodels, all at an affordable price. In addition, masonry veneer applications can increase home and property values, all while reducing insurance costs due to their high fire and moisture resistance. With County Materials’ large variety of full and thin masonry veneer offerings and color choices, there are many ways to incorporate masonry veneers into your next project. Below are several popular ways our company is seeing customers build and renovate with masonry veneers.

The new Northcentral Technical College Medford campus is a standalone building that serves as a satellite location for the regional community college. It is NTC’s most technologically advanced location and provides 1,400 students annually with classrooms, lounges, state of the art healthcare education facilities, and distance learning technology.

In addition to its appearance, Heritage Collection concrete brick was chosen for its affordability and superior durability. The multi-purpose room constructed during Phase I utilizes single wythe masonry construction. The concrete units provide a highly durable, aesthetically pleasing appearance for both interior and exterior surfaces.

Heritage Brick is available in a multitude of shapes and sizes for ultimate design flexibility. Whether a project requires structural load-bearing or veneer units, our concrete brick are readily available. In addition, Heritage Brick can be ordered in sizes ranging from 35/8” x 21/4” x 75/8” Modular Brick to the hefty 12” x 4” x 16” unit. Many times, in school construction designers look to the larger sized units to break up massing and reduce installation costs—the larger the unit, the more square feet can be laid at a time, which will greatly reduce labor costs.

Heritage Collection™ Concrete Brick Lends Durability, Elegance to Off Campus Housing

Despite these setbacks, the construction team, headed by Cory Pritchard of Poettker Construction of Breese, IL, achieved completion on the new library building by the end of July, 2014. The building has since become a social hub for the community, says Pritchard. “It’s busy. It gives people (in this small town) a place to go.”

WJ Higgins & Associates’ headquarters was a fast track project with a tight time frame. Construction started in early August 2015, and the construction team achieved substantial completion by Dec. 1 of that year. Even though the onset of winter weather forced work on the driveway and parking lot to be delayed until spring, WJ Higgins was able to relocate over the Thanksgiving holiday when their existing lease was up. Their new building is not only comfortable and energy efficient, it also lives up to the company’s standards as a leader in the building envelope industry.

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The SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® competitions are a series of events that test the skill, speed, and quality of masons across the country. The regional and national events bring bricklayers together to compete for prizes and the honor of being the “Best Bricklayer in the World.” Every year these events are dependent on sponsors in the industry. This year County Materials Corporation was a Silver Level sponsor for the 13th annual Wisconsin SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500®, one of the 22 regional championships in the U.S. The event was held on September 22, 2016 at the IMI Training Center in New Berlin, WI.

Finished Basements: If you’re looking to upgrade a basement into a more inviting living area, masonry veneers are a simple solution that meet the many challenges of remodeling. A masonry veneer can be directly applied to most wall surfaces, reducing preparation and construction time. Masonry veneers also help with sound insulation and temperature extremes which is beneficial in most basement applications. Many basements are damp spaces, with little air flow, that causes many materials to mold or become food sources for pests. Concrete masonry, on the other hand, does not rot, and is resistant to insects and other pests that can plague basements.

The design team looked for superior quality in the exterior materials as well. It was also necessary for the structure to fit in visually with the character of the university and the surrounding architecture of The Village. Because a traditional brick look was desired, Heritage Collection Designer Concrete Brick provided the perfect solution.

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Granderson Stadium opened in April 2014 to highly successful acclaim by UIC, the general public and the baseball community. In November of 2014, the ballpark was awarded Ballpark Digest’s prestigious Editor’s Choice Award. The facility has been well received by all who have attended games there, and is universally appreciated as an asset to the Chicago community.

WJ Higgins & Associates is a nationally recognized consulting firm specializing in commercial exterior building envelopes. After the company experienced maintenance issues with their leased location, the decision was made to build a new headquarters for the firm in the Weston, WI industrial park. WJ Higgins & Associates specified Heritage CollectionTM Designer Concrete Brick, manufactured by County Materials Corporation, for their new building’s exterior envelope.

Granderson Stadium at Les Miller Field is a new ballpark on the campus of the University of Illinois Chicago, funded in large part by a donation from MLB player and former UIC baseball standout Curtis Granderson. A large portion of the $12.5M stadium’s exterior façade consists of Premier Ultra® Burnished Masonry Units manufactured by County Materials.

Many factors presented challenges for the project: the massive size of the buildings, the need for tight coordination between city and private teams, and severe winter weather. However, the Village Promenade project went from breaking ground to completion in just 12 months to be ready for students to move in at the beginning of the 2015 fall term. In the end, all the planning and investment paid off: In 2015 and 2016, students voted Village Promenade the Best of Ball State housing.

The Village Promenade apartment complex in Muncie, IN represents an innovative approach to student housing that also meets parking needs in the local community. Part of the owner’s strategy was to maintain a high level of quality throughout the project. Specifying County Materials’ Heritage Collection™ Concrete Brick helped ensure that the exterior of the building met the owner’s exacting standards.

The Village Promenade project consists of two buildings located in The Village, a business district adjacent to the Ball State University campus. The east building features a courtyard with a pool and student amenities on the lower level, including a game room, kitchen, movie theater, gym, and private and group study rooms. The west building wraps around a multi-level, city-owned public parking garage. It also includes tenant parking on the lower level. Both buildings feature rooftop green space. The buildings have a combined total of nearly 334,000 usable square feet, including 275,102 sq.ft. of residential space and 23,483 sq. ft. of first-floor commercial space. There is a 9’ elevation change from north to south, resulting in an extra 5th level on the south end of the 4 story buildings. The upper floors consist of 226 one- to three-bedroom residential units.

County Materials’ Heritage CollectionTM concrete brick proved to be a very economical choice for this project because it is manufactured in Wisconsin and readily available. There is no clay brick producer in the state, so clay brick would have required a substantial increase in freight costs.

More than 6,120 total units of concrete brick were used on the building, complemented by Western W385 colored mortar. The same custom color blend was used in a thin veneer for the building’s signage. Masonry covers about 3/5 of the building’s surface, complimenting a small section of buff-colored EIFS under the eaves.

Kitchen and Bathroom Backsplashes: Utilizing masonry veneers for kitchen or bathroom backsplashes will take these rooms to the next level. An attractive backsplash made of a masonry veneer requires little maintenance; any cleaning can be accomplished by wiping the backsplash with water and soap similar to other porous surfaces. The impact and high fire-resistance of masonry veneers is also an important factor when installed near cooking appliances.

Color selection was important to the project owner, who had a specific look in mind. To help with the decision, County Materials provided the design team with a list of area buildings that featured various color blends. Musson also computer modeled several blends for consideration. The final selection, a 50/50 blend of Coffee Blend and Tuscany Blend smooth utility brick, was based on a similar color schedule used on the Abbyland Distribution Center in Curtiss, WI.

Granderson Stadium replaces a very dated facility that offered minimal seating capacity or fan and player facilities. In addition to being the home of the UIC Flames baseball team, it serves as the venue for local high school games, and services over 38 youth baseball teams annually.

When the owners of this 2,900 sq. ft. lake home near Sturgeon Bay, WI decided to build, they knew it would be the last house they ever owned. Naturally, they wanted it to be the home of their dreams. One of the factors that was most important to them was to have a home with a unique appearance and character, different from everything else on the block. They also were determined to select the lasting beauty and value of a maintenance-free masonry exterior. Working closely with County Materials, the homeowners chose County Stone® Old World Masonry Units, a tumbled concrete masonry veneer that meets their long term objectives.

The owners were delighted with the end result, as well as with the service they received from County Materials. “I can’t find any flaws at all. To me it’s absolutely perfect.” Apparently the neighbors think so, too, because ever since moving into their home in July 2015, the owners report that the complements have been non-stop.

Find your nearest County Materials Showroom or Authorized Dealer by visiting our location page or call our customer service line at 800-242-7733.

The project presented a few challenges to the construction crew that delayed completion by about 8 weeks. One was the limited space available on the site. Construction started on the new building before the existing one was torn down, which only left approximately 15 feet of space for the crew to work on one side of the building. Extra labor was required to install the large pieces of cast stone on this section because the fork lift could only access the scaffolding at one end; pieces then had to be walked down the scaffolding by hand.

Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick is at the Top of its Class

Installation time was also an important factor. The entire ballpark had to be constructed in one offseason. Although the design team began work in April, 2013, construction did not begin until September 1 to allow the ballpark to be open during the summer months for youth baseball. The project had to be completed for the college season the following spring. The winter of 2013-14 was extremely severe, which made timely completion of the project challenging. The larger unit size of the Premier Ultra® Burnished block, as opposed to traditional brick sizes, helped speed the project by reducing the amount of labor required.

The structure represents innovative cooperation between the project’s owners and the City of Muncie because it helped solve a parking shortage in The Village. “The City was motivated to increase the availability of public parking,” says project owner Chase Sorrick. “A lot of times a city will want a parking garage in the heart of an area, but it can be a challenge to make the garage aesthetically pleasing without increasing the cost of the garage too much. We used a land assemblage of nine parcels and created a separate parcel in the center of that block. We deeded that land to the city of Muncie and wrapped our building all the way around it. This is best of both worlds.”

In addition to durability, economy and energy efficiency were high priorities for this project. With the exception of the tower, the building has a basic rectangular shape that is easy to air seal and insulate. The structure utilizes 2’ on center, 2”x6” framing to minimize thermal bridging in the walls, and a roof insulated to R-60. LED lighting, high efficiency HVAC systems, and in-floor hydronic heat also contribute to an energy efficient structure that will keep future utility costs to a minimum.

Due to the site’s poor soil conditions, additional excavation was needed to find suitable soil for the building’s foundation. Given the urban site location in Chicago, it was more cost effective to reuse the excavation spoils as additional spectator seating berms around the perimeter of the ballpark. As a result, the seating berms around the perimeter made the ballpark feel more enclosed and intimate than originally planned.

Many historic buildings in Kaukauna have exterior walls constructed with limestone harvested from local historic limestone quarries. When designing a new municipal building for the city of Kaukauna, the architect Short Elliot Hendrickson Inc. wanted to reflect this history and match surrounding buildings. 

County Materials continued its tradition of supporting the construction industry and community efforts with their sponsorship of the 2016 Wisconsin Regional Competition. This year, County Materials is also celebrating its 70th anniversary, and is helping to shine a spotlight on the masonry trade and the construction industry.

National Consulting Firm Specifies Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick for its Headquarters

The project’s budget met their expectations too. County Stone Old World Masonry Units are a concrete masonry veneer product engineered to closely resemble the beauty of natural stone. By going with County Stone they achieved the look of natural stone at a price that allowed them to stay within their budget while still cladding the entire 3,500 sq.ft. exterior of their home in masonry. In addition to the beauty of the material, County Stone’s maintenance-free durability is ideal for the exposed lakefront site, offering the ultimate protection from elemental forces such as wind, driving rain and hail – especially welcomed as the couple heads into retirement.

In addition to the concrete brick units, more than 7,000 units of Heritage Cast Stone in 4”x8”x16” and 4”x8”x24” sizes were installed as trim accents. “The cast stone gave us that traditional look we were after,” says Sorrick.

Heritage Collection Concrete Brick Helps Congregation Feel At Home in New Church Building

Exceptional Design Freedom: County Materials offers several collections of decorative masonry veneers, each with their own distinct features, aesthetics, and benefits. Reflection Stone™ Masonry Units Masonry Units and County Stone® Masonry Units offer a natural look with the benefits of concrete manufacturing. Their modular sizes and shapes make installation easy. Additionally, they are offered in full (nominal 4”) and thin (nominal (1”) thicknesses for increased versatility. Align International Natural Stone are natural stone panels that come precut and assembled in ready to use panels. Measuring only 3/8” – 1-1/4” wide, the thin veneer panels are lightweight and suitable for use on most interior applications. Premier Ultra® Burnished Masonry Units are manufactured by grinding the surfaces down to reveal a natural mix of aggregates. Premier Ultra is a popular choice for schools, government, and professional office settings because their high strength easily resists abuse. Lastly, Heritage Collection Designer Concrete Brick™ offers the classic look of traditional brick, but are more readily available and significantly more affordable than alternative options. Heralding back to the warehouses and factories of the gilded age, revealing brick veneers inside is an increasingly popular choice for many office spaces and even homes seeking a rugged look.

Liebeck Masonry also took care to set the materials off to their best advantage. Each stone in the corners of the single story ranch home was carefully cut to create organic curves where the contrasting colors meet. The decorative panels below each window also required a lot of cutting, and many of the stones in the walls were pulled out slightly to relieve the flatness of the walls. A slightly curving leads down to the lake and echoes the curves of the home.

Beyond having a lower upfront cost than alternative materials, Heritage Bricks offer a multitude of cost savings that will continue throughout the life of a building. Concrete masonry buildings offer higher R-values and thermal massing that contributes to reduced energy costs. Masonry’s high fire ratings and durability can help save thousands of dollars in insurance premiums; and if you ask any school district’s buildings and grounds supervisor, they will tell you thousands can be saved per year by not having to patch, repair, replace and paint non-masonry interior partitions. Lastly, Heritage Brick prevents mold from taking root, which improves indoor air quality and health.

Jake Brock, a mason with Brock Construction in Fort Atkinson, WI, and his mason tender, Eric Wiesman took first place. Brock had a net count of 436 brick qualifying him for the 2017 Spec Mix Top Craftsman award in Las Vegas. Along with the qualification Brock won an $800 cash prize, a Marshalltown tool bag and trowel, and a King Cutter for stone. The Spec Mix top craftsman award and second place went to Mike Schlund of Kowalksi Masonry of Wausau WI.

Withstanding extreme weather conditions, vandalism, the daily wear from students, and regular maintenance is a must for building products used in school construction. Our manufacturing process produces concrete brick that meets ASTM standards and is specified by construction professionals with confidence.

Dream Retirement Home Showcases Maintenance Free Exterior using Tumbled Concrete Masonry Units

The new church was built in phases both for budgetary reasons and to ease the transition to the new location. Phase I included approximately 18,200 sq. ft. of space. It was completed in 2004 and consisted largely of a gymnasium/multi-purpose room. This was used for worship services after the old church building was sold and before the rest of the church was built. A 16,200 sq. ft. extension was added in 2012. This space includes a new sanctuary, along with a library and classrooms.

Since 2003, SPEC MIX BRICKLAYER 500® competitions have offered a platform for demonstrating the craftsmanship and stamina of masons across the country. Each bricklayer team includes a mason and his assistant, known as the mason tender. The competition lasts 60 minutes during which the mason has to construct a 26 foot 8 inch long, doublewide brick wall. The competition has four awards; 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place which are based on the highest net brick count meeting the quality standards. The 4th award, the SPEC MIX TOP CRAFTSMAN is judged the most sellable wall. The walls are closely evaluated by carefully selected masonry officials carrying several years of bricklaying experience.

The congregation wanted to retain some of the character of the old historic German-influenced church building that had been their spiritual home since the early 1900’s. Some of the existing altar furnishings were reused in the new structure. While unmistakably modern, the outside of the building retains a Gothic flavor with its pointed steeple and buttress-like roof treatment.

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County Materials Corporation was recognized as the ready mix supplier for five award-winning projects in the Wisconsin Ready Mix Concrete Association’s 35th Annual Concrete Design Awards . The awards recognize exceptional commercial and residential ready-mix concrete construction projects in the State of Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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Fireplaces, Chimneys, and Mantels: A fireplace, chimney, or mantel clad with masonry veneers becomes a stand-out feature for any room or gathering space. Concrete veneers are crafted to resemble natural stone, and veneers also come in natural stone panels for an earthy, natural aesthetic that enhances the timeless appeal fireplaces add to a room. Masonry veneers are the ideal building material for fire features because of their high fire-resistance and insulating characteristics.

Heritage Cast Stone Helps Library Achieve Historic Look in Modern Setting

When it comes to quality school construction, Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick is at the top of its class. Designers must fulfill many requirements when planning a new school, and many times on a tight budget. Heritage Brick offers an affordable product with maximum quality and lasting durability, which is why millions of Heritage Brick units have been successfully installed across the nation. Below are several of the reasons why designers are specifying Heritage Brick as a preferred choice in school construction.

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Kids will be kids, which means schools can get noisy. When one classroom is taking a big test, the room next door could be doing a loud hands-on activity. Masonry’s dense composition helps keep sound at a minimum. Heritage Brick meets the challenges of loud classrooms and passes government guidelines and codes for interior and exterior walls.

Moving a church is no easy matter. In the case of Fond du Lac, WI’s Immanuel-Trinity Lutheran congregation, the decision to move from their historic church building to a new location on the outskirts of town was an emotional one. The historic old church was a much-loved structure that had been home to generations of churchgoers since 1917. However, a parking shortage and traffic congestion at the downtown location had become increasingly problematic for many members of the congregation. The new building also promised improved handicapped accessibility and easier maintenance. To ease the transition, one of the primary objectives in designing the new church was to create an aesthetically pleasing place of worship that would make the congregation feel at home. County Materials’ concrete masonry products were instrumental in achieving this goal.

The final phase of the project commenced in April of 2013, and was completed in late December of 2013. Most members of the congregation agree that the new church building is beautiful and better suits the needs of churchgoers.

The 9,340 sq. ft. single story building houses eight individual consultants’ offices and a large work area with 16 workstations for engineers and consultants. A two story tall office tower in the northwest corner houses the president’s office. The tower is visible from the highway and lit up at night, making the building a local landmark.

One of the oldest buildings in the state, Carlyle, IL’s library was a cramped and outdated converted farmhouse that was becoming structurally unsound. In 2012, the community made the decision to invest in a new public library facility. After observing another local public institution experience quality control issues following a construction project, the library board committed to quality construction for their new building. Primary considerations included optimizing the new building for durability and energy efficiency.

The building was designed to evoke the neoclassical architecture of historic buildings while tying into the context of Carlyle’s existing architecture, according to architectural project manager Chrissy Hill Rogers. The design called for cast stone accents, including a cornice, banding and window ledges. After significant consideration and material sampling on the part of the design team, Heritage Cast Stone was selected as an elegant and cost effective exterior cladding solution to achieve the aesthetic goal. The material also fulfilled the library board’s desire for durability and ease of maintenance.

The architect, Arcturis, designed a steel stud/masonry veneer structure insulated with spray foam for energy efficiency. The 11,000 sq. ft. structure includes space for community meetings and performances, children’s and teens’ areas, and an outdoor reading garden.

Kaiser Pool is the first of three neighborhood community pools in the City of Wausau, Wis., that are being renovated after 30 years of use. One of the biggest upgrades to the Kaiser Pool facility was the removal of the old pool house and its replacement with an updated structure that is better suited to visitors and staff, as well as meeting the mechanical needs of the pool. The new building includes restrooms, men’s and women’s shower facilities, a concession area, an updated mechanical room, and an improved life guard station. County Materials manufactured splitface concrete masonry units (CMUs) and Premier Ultra® Burnished block, which were used as the major structural components and cladding elements of the building.

The ballpark footprint encompasses 125,000 sq. ft., excluding the existing synthetic playing field that the stadium was designed around. It now includes seating for 5,000 within an aluminum seating bowl structure. Fan amenities, including restrooms and concessions, are located below and underneath the seating bowl. New player dugouts and a home team meeting room have been added. A center concession stand and large, 30-seat hospitality suite with small press facilities are integrated into a two-story structure behind home plate. Outdoor berm seating around the playing field and beyond the ballpark footprint encircles the ballpark.

Accent Walls: An accent wall can transform the whole look and feel of a home or commercial building by adding a timeless and natural aesthetic at an affordable price. Accent walls create a focal point or appealing backdrop for other unique design elements that are being showcased. Additionally, accent walls withstand bumps and scrapes in heavily trafficked areas. With many color and texture options available, you’ll be sure to find the perfect statement making accent you are looking for.

Heritage Collection Designer Concrete Brick is available in dozens of color choices and three textures. For this project, 109,520 units of 4”x4”x16” score and closure smooth bricks were used. The color selection process called for intense coordination between the owner, architect, material supplier, and a representative from Ball State. Two color blends were selected. The first is a three color blend featuring Cinnabar, Harvard Blend, and Coffee blend. The second is a 66/34 blend of Harvard Blend and Coffee Blend. The two different blends were used to break the building up visually and give it the appearance of multiple buildings, for a more residential-looking structure.

Throughout the project, top quality material selections were priority. “Our concept is that if you build something that looks very nice – like a 4 star hotel – it’s going to be treated that way.” For example, all the windowsills and countertops in the residential units are granite, and each unit features a high quality washer and dryer and private bathrooms for each bedroom.

The concrete units were chosen over clay brick for a number of reasons. In addition to being more economical per unit, concrete bricks’ precise modular sizing lays faster. On a project this size, this translates to significant savings in labor costs. Heritage Collection brick is also extremely durable. “We want to have that kind of durability at pedestrian contact areas,” Sorrick says. He also notes that County Materials’ concrete brick is able to bear more weight than clay brick. This was important, as the full brick units were used over Type 5 wood frame construction, and the concrete masonry units offered greater structural integrity to the project.

County Materials’ Heritage Collection™ Designer Concrete Brick afforded a traditional appearance to the exterior cladding of the new church. The primary color option selected was Cardinal blend, a deep red brick which gives the church a warm and welcoming feel. For the trim, a warm, brown-gray Shalestone blend of Heritage Collection concrete brick provides a contrasting yet complementary accent. All together, 40,000 concrete brick units were used between both phases of construction.

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County Materials and our Authorized Dealers will be introducing new display racks that prominently showcase colors and patterns offered in our concrete and stone masonry product lines. The display racks make it easy to see, touch and feel the variety of unique textures and sizes offered by County Materials and visualize how these products can meet your next project’s needs.

Premier Ultra® Burnished Concrete Block Featured on UIC’s Granderson Stadium

Administrative issues postponed the beginning of construction from April to September. Then weather caused further delays. The spray foam insulation could not be installed below 55˚F, and by the time it was ready to install, the severe winter of 2013-14 was already well under way.

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