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Top Designers Share Their Master Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Top Designers Share Their Master Bedroom Interior Design Ideas Top Designers Share Their Master Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Dove-gray paint and glam knobs take this master bedroom’s IKEA nightstand to the next level. Polish up your own bargain dresser with 10 more genius ideas.

Create a spot to sit with two comfy chairs at the foot of the bed. Short on space? Slip in an upholstered bench or pouf.

Skip the pros and DIY your own plank wall like in this bedroom. Paired with bold linens, the rustic wood feels fresh, not quaint.

If you have your heart set on a four-poster bed but don’t want to overwhelm a small master bedroom: Dark, skinny wood offers a nice contrast against bright-white walls without consuming the space.

Gander and White, The Art of Shipping, Interview with Davina Walker 14th May 2018

A bedroom should be a sanctuary, use symmetry where possible to settle the eye and create a feeling of calm. We always recommend going as large as possible with your bedside tables as it makes the space feel generous and of course provides valuable storage. Even if you favour more dramatic colours elsewhere in your home we tend to design schemes in master bedrooms that are a toned down version of other pallet as it highlights this room as a haven of relaxation, do use a mixture of textures, we often use velvet in a bedroom as it adds a feeling of luxury.

Swap in new throws and pillows for a seasonal change. Or switch up the bedside table by adding a new piece of art, no hammering required.

The secret to luxurious bedding is surprisingly simple: Just add lots and lots of layers. Here, muted tones bring a sense of calm to a cozy room under the eaves.

For a designer when it comes to bedrooms, the better we know and understand the client, the more satisfying the result would be.

If you and your husband have opposites tastes, this bedroom may be a good compromise. The walls are light blue, the headboard is textured and the bedding is a simple white. Plus, the floral throw pillows aren’t over the top.

You should feel quite liberated when designing your master bedroom, as the only person you need to keep happy here is you. But as always, it’s good to get some tips from the pro’s, so here’s what some great interior designers want you to know about designing your master bedroom.

Swap out the bedside table for a fresh find, like a trunk or wooden crate. This vintage wicker bar cart boasts two shelves for books, jewelry and trinkets.

Interior design pricing and results from the survey 15th May 2018

A geometric patchwork quilt takes center stage near a ticking-backed desk chair and pillows in various stripes. Blue stripes on the floor temper the red accents as well.

Poppy and aqua bedding punch up a crisp navy-and-white palette. Whimsical extras, like a sculptural rope lamp, can work in any room when it comes time for a change.

Change up the finish on an existing piece for maximum impact with minimal investment. The homeowner stripped this chest of its black paint to get the softer look of distressed raw wood.

Why content marketing is relevant to interior designers 22nd May 2018

Our master bedrooms are our inner sanctuary and very private spaces. It’s not often that you get to see inside someone else’s master bedroom and quite rightly so. I love to think about a master bedroom as an intensely private space that you share with your partner and perhaps children.

To keep the pale tones from fading away, add a singular hit of bold color: a tomato-red ikat pillow that brings the lighter blues into sharp focus.

Interior Style Hunter, the award winning London based interior design and lifestyle blog dedicated to giving you design and lifestyle inspiration.

Even when the day is pure chaos, your bedroom is the one place where you should always be able to go and regroup — no kids, no electronics (although they usually find a way to force themselves in anyway). Still, you can at least give yourself home court advantage by choosing decor you love. These easy, inexpensive ideas should be a good start…

A tiny swatch won’t do white paint justice. Nail your pick by coating a poster board with the potential hue, and see how it looks during the day and at night. Here, a warmer tone keeps the bedroom glam yet cozy.

Here’s the secret to nautical decor that’s not over the top. Use stripes in varying widths and shades to keep the traditional red, white and blue palette feeling modern.

Punchy colors and geometric touches create a playful and lively effect courtesy of this three-step DIY project.

Conjure your personal oasis with cool hues and subtle details. Ocean colors, like blue sea grass wallpaper, create a calming space.

One oversized shelving unit is functional (think your TV, stereo system and family board games), but it’s also the perfect place to display objects you love.

Follow these tips for a thought about and elegant master bedroom space!

We spend one third of our life in bed so it is important that the bedroom design is most carefully considered.  Our senses are most alert in the bedroom, where we have the least disruption from the outside world so what we see and feel there is more enhanced than elsewhere in the house.

Why commit to one piece of art? For a one-of-a-kind look, group several paintings, photographs and prints of various sizes together. Span your collection floor-to-ceiling to give the space a lofty, art gallery feel.

Every bedroom has it’s own character and I take my initial inspiration by the architecture.  Secondly I always insist on a very good cabinet maker. Storage is key and a great deal of thought needs to go into what is required. Equally important is your light source. Reading lights are paramount.  I like a spotlight on an arm that I can direct (John Cullen Cama LED) combined with bedside table lights. Let’s not forget The Bed!  If you are buying a new bed I suggest you go to several bed suppliers to find the one you love, don’t go on suggestions.

To design a great bedroom is one of the biggest challenges in our profession. While other rooms in a house are more public, we tend to give them more attention. Bedrooms are often left last but they truly deserve special treatment.

In a pared-down palette, mixed prints look chic, not chaotic. The key: Stick to a few calm colors (here, beige and cream), and vary the design’s scale.

Update the classic blue-and-white combo with a tangy orange. Dramatic pendant lights also free up storage space on the bedside tables.

Interior Style Hunter interviews Rob Fawcett from the Great Interior Design Challenge

Nestled between twin beds, a dresser offers storage and acts as a nightstand for both of a room’s residents. Add a pair of brass lamps for a unified look — and extra reading light. 

Here’s proof that rustic and traditional details can yield a light, relaxing space. A vintage carpet and a sleek metal base give new life to a thrift-store ottoman, which doubles as an eye-catching coffee table.

Sacha Walckhoff Tor Interiors Oleg Klodt Kelling Designs Bed, make sure this is as big as you can possibly fit into the space but make sure you allow room to walk around it at night in the dark. Make sure the linen you buy is the best you can afford – don’t worry too much about thread count go for feel Make sure you have a chair somewhere in the room to chuck your clothes onto.

Make sure your bedside table is large enough for a lamp, if you have a feature lamp then use a directional bendy light for reading. Cupboards make sure they work for you in their layout not in the design of the person’s before.

Carpet make sure you have something soft and warm when you get out of bed at night. Design Box London

Why interior designers need to use project management software 7th May 2018

Accent the neutral palette of this statement piece with gold touches and slim lamps for instant polish.

Interview with Sarah Mitchenall, winner of the Great Interior Design Challenge 2016

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Take a page from this 362-square-foot bungalow and invest in efficient storage that uses every last inch of space. Built-in shelves house books and and underbed drawers store suitcases for clutter-free living.

Try some bold color on for size. An eclectic rug draped over a rod adds pattern minus the commitment. Ground an exotic pick with plenty of wooden accents and a modern touch, like these metallic lamps.

Bedding does double-duty as art in a bedroom designed by Sarah Richardson. On warmer nights, an old brass door pull showcases an antique quilt.

Steal lifestyle guru Emily Henderson’s tips for a perfectly-balanced zone. Combine hard and soft shapes (think square versus circular) in equal doses.

Highlight your favorite piece with subdued surroundings. Neutral walls, carpeting and bedding make the perfect backdrop for a master bedroom’s focal point: a big, bold seascape.

More really is better when it comes to filling up a boring, blank wall. Upholstered with crisp white linen, a traditional bed frame feels fresh paired with a series of canvases.

We have selected this master bedroom suite as a great example of how a luxury look and feel can be achieved through combining a number of bespoke elements with off the shelf pieces in a medium sized space, where the client is able to sleep, dress and work through carefully zoning the space through a number of key items.  Lighting is the first key design element – combining recessed ceiling lighting with contemporary spotlights and decorative lower level table lamps creates a multi-layered and luxurious base from which the wider scheme can come to life.  Combining elegant floor length silk curtains with plain sheer blinds creates a double layered effect offering both privacy and luxury.  There is no overkill on detail here – less can sometimes be more with fabrics, allowing the furniture to do the talking.  Whilst the four poster bed in this room is the main focal point in the sleep zone, it succeeds in not dominating due to its pale colour tone and minimalist design – which is helpful in a smaller bedroom suite such as this in allowing a sense of flow and space, whilst leaving space for a desk area for work and a relaxing chaise long by the window.  In terms of colour, the brief for this room was to create luxurious but calming sleep space, and so we opted for ‘less is more’ in terms of colour and design detail, combining whites and beiges with pops of green and gold really help achieve this understated but luxury balance.

A grid of framed prints and a graphic basket showcase this room’s leading print. The faux leather headboard adds a surprise element to an otherwise classical room.

It is very important to me to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, a sanctum where you can relax and leave all the stress of the world behind you and dip into your own little kingdom. To create this atmosphere you really need to get to know the person you are designing for. For example:  with this specific client, it was clear we needed clear lines and a colours; no chintz or frills. Green is their favourite colour, so we mixed different shades and then added contrast with elements like orange lamps on the bedside tables. To round off the feeling of sanctuary, we reactivated an old wood fire place and brought the original verdant marble surround to shine again. The clients love the sky and water, so we found beautiful and very abstract cloud pictures: it’s the first thing the clients see when they wake up.

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