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The way we live is nothing like those tiny house dwellers i had never heard of this show until we began this crazy gypsy lifestyle
Tiny House Show

Tiny House Show Tiny House Show

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There’s a new, huge craze sweeping the United States… and it’s tiny houses. Yes, you read that right, tiny houses.

Attendees will be able to see the latest trends in tiny living. Learning from builders, project experts and lifestyle authors at the educational conferences or panel discussions. Explore options on real estate developments for alternative housing locations around the United States. And enjoy great exhibits with accessories to compliment the “going small” experience.

After a near death experience, Joe and April Marzullo decide it’s time for a change. Friends and former colleagues Bruce Schweich and Bart Ikens step in to create the perfect tiny home for this small family before they leave for North Carolina. Specially designed to accommodate every family member’s needs, this tiny house features a gourmet kitchen for professional Chef Joe, a sleek and clean design to match April’s tastes and plenty of fun space for their young daughter Sophie.

The movement is made up of people who are sick of the ginormous houses that have come to dominate much of America. 

Radical downsizing may be a daydream for most people — but the intrepid folk who live in itty-bitty homes have a thing or two to teach the rest of us about living the good life and making the most of what we’ve got.

Season 2, Episode 13 Young Couple Builds Custom Tiny Birch House

Season 1, Episode 10 Kris and Betty’s Colorado Cottage-on-Wheels

Get inspired by these mobile travelers who have taken living tiny one step further.

24 Hours in a Tiny House With Drew and Jonathan Scott 5 Videos

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The building team ventures into small town Massachusetts for a family’s back woods tiny house project. Incorporating the natural elements of its surroundings, this project features a wall of glass windows, a clear cathedral ceiling and a stream flowing beneath its decks.

Husband-and-wife carpenter team Ana and Jacob White are building a tiny lakefront cabin in Alaska to take advantage of the gorgeous view of Mount Hayes. The vacation home will sleep up to six and offers lots of multi-functionality, such as attached desks that double as a dining table and a bookshelf that hides a ladder to the children’s loft. The Whites are used to building in Alaska’s harsh weather, but the warm winter has sped up their timeline, since they must tow the tiny cabin across the frozen lake before the ice melts.

Matthew and Meghan Tanner are growing their family but downsizing their house. You could say they’re “thinking outside the box” when it comes to cutting their budget to make room for their second child. They’ve contracted a tiny house builder to create the shell of their 220-square-foot home, while they plan to complete most of the unique interior. Key features include double lofts separated by a catwalk, a floating baby carrier, a couch that transforms into a dining room and a custom family-size walk-in closet.

Derek Diedricksen, host of HGTV’s Tiny House Builders offers you a host of how-to projects for kids and kids-at-heart.

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Artist Adam’s tiny house takes cues from the Craftsman style bungalows designed by his favorite architects of the 1920s. Adam is customizing everything he can, including a barrel ceiling, hand-carved cabinets and headboard, even a wooden soaking tub! Final touches include beautiful stained glass windows and a cozy front porch. This perfectionist has to find middle ground as the deadline for a tiny house festival swiftly approaches. Fortunately, Adam’s teenage son and father are on board to try and help him across the finish line!

Kris Anderson and Betty Johnston are on a mission for freedom. They were both working dead-end jobs in Oklahoma, trying to balance work and their passions, when they saw a documentary about tiny houses and made a plan. Kris, an aspiring artist, and Betty, a hair and makeup stylist, are creating a tiny house-on- wheels that will allow them to work from anywhere across the country. Their dream home is based on one of Kris’ original designs!

Short on square footage? Change your space perspective with our space-saving design ideas, storage solutions and organizing tips. 

14 Gorgeous Mobile Spaces That Prove the #VanLife Trend Is Here to Stay Aug 31, 2016

7 Tiny Homes That Will Spark Your Sense of Wanderlust Jun 4, 2016

A Los Angeles woman leaves the city for a slow-paced tiny lifestyle in Greenville, SC. Her interior designer teams up with her family to create a luxurious tiny house on lakefront property complete with a mobile greenhouse and porch swing. Inside, amazing furniture is crafted from the property’s cherry wood, special lighting is added and the walls are decked out with original art. This family affair leads to a truly unique tiny farmhouse for this valley girl!

A two-story tiny house that tilts onto its side? Anything is possible. 

You could win $5,000 and outfit your kitchen like a Food Network Star!

Pack your bags now, because after seeing these tiny homes, you’ll never want to go back.

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The tiny house movement is all about restoring old materials. Charles Kern and Dakota Hills are taking the idea one step further. They purchased an old bus and are transforming it into a tiny house unlike any other! They’re popping the top, adding wood paneling, handcrafted cabinetry and a rooftop deck to convert the space into their own personal cozy cabin. The coolest feature of all? Their Murphy bed/office desk/yoga studio.

Jarrod and Ali Boyle have always loved living tiny. Both remember a time when life was simpler with few material possessions, and, at a moment’s notice they could take off in their small camper to go exploring on our great nation’s highways. Having a family, left that life behind…..until now! As owners of a Washington family winery, Jarrod and Ali wish to re-visit their tiny, carefree past with not one tiny house but TWO! Each tiny home will possess its own unique style. And here’s the twist… the Boyles challenge two teams of builders to create the most amazing tiny guest abode ever! Bragging rights are at stake when these two teams go neck-and-neck to build the best ‘tiny’ in only ten days!

Season 3, Episode 14 Young Couple Builds Dream Tiny Island Home

Shaun and Ally’s busy work schedules are perfectly suited for the low maintenance lifestyle of tiny living. Their family and their Virgin Island community step up to help the young couple complete their dream home perfectly situated on a hillside overlooking Coral Bay. In order to enjoy the island scenery and tropical ocean breezes, Shaun and Ally incorporate a wrap-around porch and open living room walls. At 350-square-feet with no height restrictions, Shaun Brian and Ally can have a spacious master bedroom loft, a fancy gourmet kitchen, an outdoor shower under the stars and a deck with spectacular views.

Derek Diedricksen doesn’t just make Tiny Houses, he creates micro masterpieces out of salvaged materials. Located in some of the world’s most beautiful and at times treacherous locations, he prides himself on building the tiniest of structures that make the most of their surroundings.

Viewers will follow along as this master miniature craftsman constructs paradise living in just a few hundred square feet.

A Colorado Springs, CO, fishing guide tired of the rising cost of rent gives tiny living a try. The outdoorsman wants to make his tiny house the ultimate fisherman’s crash pad, and his family will pitch in to give the interior an artistic touch. His living room will double as the entertainment room and the prep room where he and his friends can tie flies before hitting the water. On the exterior, the fishing features include special racks for rods and waders. The final step will be moving the tiny house into the hills.

Living comfortably in a small space requires ingenuity and careful planning. Get expert tips to optimize storage and utilize multifunctional features. 

2 ‘Your Big Family Renovation’ Hosts + 1 Adorable Tiny House 5 Videos

Couples learn what it really means to downsize when they take the plunge into the tiny house real estate market. At an average size of only 180 square feet, watch as clients meet with their builders, or decide to build these tiny homes all by themselves, and follow along through the construction process until the house is complete.

Texans Cody and Alexia St. John hire a builder who specializes in tiny houses that promise resale value. Bo Bezdek creates an adjustable loft floor that works great for the couple’s nursery, and even better for reselling the house after the baby grows. The beautiful 28-foot home also boasts other sellable features including a custom armoire with combined stairs and a full-size kitchen. But the couple faces a few speed bumps when skeptical family comes to visit for the first time.

From containers to cabins, see how adventuresome homeowners live comfortably in 200-square-feet or less.

On display will be Tiny Homes, Container Homes, Modular Homes and Portable Structures. Additional exhibits will include building equipment, tools, supplies, real estate brokers, accessories, travel destinations and recreational products shown to a projected attendance of over 15,000 local and regional consumers.

Nature lovers Justin and Emily Gerde want to get away from the constant upkeep a large home requires. They hire expert tiny house builder Jim Wilkins to build their very own outdoor-themed tiny birch house that will accommodate them, their toddler and their five pets. Jim’s design includes all the necessities of home packed into a cozy 325-square-feet. Key features include in-floor “smugglers” storage, a medicine cabinet that doubles as a window, a toddler play loft and raw birch accents throughout.

Chrissy is all about saving the planet. She’d like to incorporate as many reclaimed or reused materials as she can in her own tiny house build in Burlington, Vermont. Her builder Seth isn’t too keen on the idea due to the wear and tear of recycled items. Can Chrissy and Seth work together in order to meet her deadline to move in…. or will Chrissy have to give in on some of her “green” dreams?

Think you know what it means to downsize? Get an eyeful of these miniature houses on the leading edge of a new approach to living with less.

TINY HOUSE TIPS 15 Best-Life Secrets Tiny House Dwellers Know 15 Photos

Season 2, Episode 6 Joe and April’s Tiny, Traveling Dream Home

See what happens when we send HGTV stars to spend the night in a tiny house in the new digital series ‘Tiny House Arrest.’

It’s not just one demographic group either. The tiny house movement, as it’s known, is made up of equal parts millennials, newlyweds, and even retirees.

9 Things You Never Thought You’d See in a Tiny House Jun 13, 2016

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