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Tiny Home Trailer

Tiny Home Trailer Tiny Home Trailer

Electric brakes on both axles ensure that you’ll be able to stop your house when needed.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailers are the perfect foundation for your Tiny House.

We make your tiny house trailers purchasing decision as simple as possible. Customize your trailer with a three part process. Choose between trailer length, porch type and if you want to pick up your trailer or have it delivered.

Total Width(outside edge of fenders) 102″ (8′ 6″)> Frame Width(between fenders) 82″ (6′ 10″)* Standard Deck Width(to edges of flanges) 90″ (7′ 6″) Deck Height 24″ (2′)* Tongue Length Minimum 4′    

No dovetail or side walls means a flat foundation for your house. No welding required.

“ If you are considering a Tiny House, you should definitely look into this company for a trailer. The customer service has been excellent and upon receiving the trailer, I am very pleased with the craftsmanship that went into it.

All around pleasure to deal with. Now it’s time to build a structure to match the quality of the foundation. Thank you for the great trailer and experience. Jeff K – Facebook Comment

This trailer is issued a trailer VIN and is ready to be licensed.

Get a free lifetime subscription to our eWorkshop, where you will learn the ins and outs of building your house.

Bring a friend to any of our hands-on workshops with a free companion ticket.

Trailer Production Lead Time: 6-8 weeks FREE Trailer Pick Up in Colorado Springs, CO 80915 Tumbleweed Trailer Delivery Charges

Our trailers come ready to build on, requiring none of the prep that normally needs to be done on a standard equipment trailer. Best of all, they don’t cost any more than an equipment trailer.


The Low-Wider combines maximum head room with maximum width – ideal for a shed style roof. Key Feature Maximized height and width by building around the wheel wells. Sizes 20’, 26’ Porch Full, Left or Right Corner, No Porch Axles 7,000 lbs load rating each. 2 Axles for all trailer lengths Safety Dual chains rated for 15,000 lbs each Framing 5”x2”x.188 tubing fully welded Flashing 18 gauge galvanized steel sheet Threaded Rods 5/8” 60,000 PSI tensile strength (8) Connection 7 blade trailer connector Tires ST235/80R16 8 lug special trailer tire Hitch 2-5/16” standard ball hitch rated for 14,000 lbs Deck Height 26″ above ground Build Space

Get a free copy of our Simple Living 20′ house plans, or upgrade to a different design.

Save time and money by buying a trailer specifically designed for your tiny house. Tiny Home Builders trailers are designed by people that build tiny houses, and we have taken every step to make that job as fast, safe, and as easy as possible.

When you’re towing a tiny house down the road during the day, getting attention isn’t usually that hard. For night though, we’ve included running lights.

Tumbleweed ensures your quality-built trailer comes standard with brakes, lights, underside flashing and special tiny house trailers radial tires. These tires are a significant upgrade from tires normally found on trailers and extremely important for your safety. These radials differ from traditional bias-ply tires in their construction, minimizing tread wear and improving flexibility for better handling with heavier loads. The tires we use are designed specifically for trailers with heavier loads and carry a manufacturer’s warranty of four years. We use ST235/80R16 8 lug special trailer tires, 7,000 lbs per axle* that should provide you with 30,000 miles of service with proper care and maintenance. Our suspension package, with multiple 5,200 lb axles*, comfortably carries the weight of your tiny home. Standard 3,500 lb axles found on standard trailers may not meet your needs.

Check out our Tiny House Trailers Frequently Asked Questions for additional details.

A steel flange welded to the sides provides the perfect place to attach your tiny house to the trailer. It also reduces the amount that the house overhangs the sides of the trailer.

Two steel beams replace the wood decking. This provides another secure surface to attach your house to while reducing the total weight of the trailer.

Time: ending soonestTime: newly listedPrice + Shipping: lowest firstPrice + Shipping: highest firstDistance: nearest first

Our step-by-step guide shows you how to securely attach your house to our trailer.

Over 1000 Tiny House Trailers Built and Sold Since 2012! Trusted by professional home builders including…

Learn how to safely tow your trailer, including a printable safety checklist.

*Optional drop axles, available for an additional $100 per axle, reduce the deck height approximately 3-4 inches and the distance between the fenders approximately 4 inches. Deck height can also be reduced approximately 2-3 inches under the load of a completed house. 7000# axles add 2-3 inches to the deck height.

Ohio: $1,800 Oklahoma: $1,300 Oregon: $1,600 Pennsylvania: $2,000 Rhode Island: $3,000 South Carolina: $2,000 South Dakota: $1,300 Tennessee: $1,800 Texas: $1,500 Utah: $1,000 Vermont: $3,000 Virginia: $2,000 Washington: $2,000 West Virginia: $2,000 Wisconsin: $1,700 Wyoming: $1,000

These tires are designed to carry a heavy load, so they hold up well under the strain of moving a tiny house.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Trailers are designed specifically to carry your most prized possession —your Tiny House RV. Made in the USA Brakes, lights, underside flashing included Special tiny house trailers radial tires included Coated so it won’t rust Scissor Jacks on all 4 corners for easy leveling Walls go directly on the trailer frame Axles are offset to properly balance a tiny house Gain 3 ½” headroom with our embedded floor design Lightest trailer with detachable/replaceable jacks Tongue plate is standard

Are you part of a nonprofit organization like a school? We have a special program just for you. You can save on your trailer purchase as well as other perks. Find out more.

Get a free copy of the best selling Tiny House Design & Construction Guide eBook

Fenders that aren’t curved are much easier to cut and trim around, which saves you time.

Our tiny house trailers are designed with safety in mind. The last thing you want to do is build your house on a trailer that is either undersized or that does not allow for the house to be securely attached to it. Our trailers are built to the heavy-duty standards that tiny houses require and allow for the maximum number of connection points between the house and the trailer, ensuring that the two stay safely bonded together for the life of your home.

“ Your guys knowledge and support has been priceless! Before I went with you I spoke to a couple different trailer companies, one of which couldn’t even give me a clear answer as to how to attach my house to the trailer.

In hindsight, I’m so thankful I found you. Becky C – Ogden, UT

Each trailer comes with the following bonuses valued at over $800, free of charge!

Length Low-Wider 20′ $5,300 26′ $6,200 Low-Wider Options & Purchase Add $499 D&H charges to all trailer pricing

Alabama: $1800 Arizona: $1,300 Arkansas: $1,600 California: $1,500 Colorado: $600 Connecticut: $3,000 Delaware: $2,000 Florida: $2,500 Georgia: $2,000 Idaho: $1,300 Illinois: $1,700 Indiana: $1,800 Iowa: $1,500 Kansas: $1,000 Kentucky: $1,800 Louisiana: $1,800 Maine: $3,000

Maryland: $2,000 Massachusetts: $3,000 Michigan: $1,800 Minnesota: $1,600 Mississippi: $1,800 Missouri: $1,500 Montana: $1,400 Nebraska: $1,000 Nevada: $1,300 New Hampshire: $3,000 New Jersey: $2,000 New Mexico: $1,000 New York: $2,500 North Carolina: $2,000 North Dakota: $1,500

Tandem 5200 lbs. (10,000 GVW) on our 12′-20′ trailers, tandem 7000 lbs. (14,000 GVW) on our 24′ trailers, and triple 7000 lbs. (21,000 GVW) on our longer trailers are more than enough for most tiny houses.

Tiny House Country Cottage 9 x 24 Professionally built on trailer w/ loft

Need to get your Tumbleweed Trailer financed? Rock Solid Funding, LLC may be able to help out. Find the trailer and delivery option which works for you and then apply.

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