Tiny house kits for sale a unique roof
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Tiny Home Kits

Tiny Home Kits Tiny Home Kits

The Roving is a rustically inspired dwelling with 154 square feet of living space.The Shonsie is a modern cottage with 160 square feet of interior space and a picturesque front…MORE porch.The Degsy is a single-level contemporary home with less than 200 square feet of livable space.

The Countryside (shown above) is 203 square foot rustic abode covered with reclaimed wood.

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First is the semi-DIY package. 84 Lumber does all of the heavy construction that newbie builders find intimidating like framing the structure. That means you can get crackalackin on the fun DIY stuff, like creating a feature wall. 

Rookie building mistakes happen. The thing is, a costly blunder can sabotage your construction budget or worse, torpedo your tiny house dream. But what if there was a do-it-yourself solution that goof proofed the DIY process?

For the budget minded, 84 Lumber offers two different DIY options.

Pre-cut components including floor plates, ridge beam, roof paneling and fasteners for assembling.Standard R-13 insulation.

A tiny house shell placed on a custom trailer. If you’re not in the know, a “shell” is a home with a finished exterior and an unfinished interior. This one comes equipped with windows, exterior doors, and a shower.

The architectural blueprints including a materials list for finishing touches you can DIY. So that you know, all materials are available at 84 Lumber. 

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If you get stumped during the building process, technical support is available via their toll-free phone line. 

But the reality is, creating one from scratch can be a tall order for first-time builders — unless you know about these seven entirely doable and relatively affordable tiny house kits. Each one is designed to empower do-it-yourselfers with little or no construction experience to build their own homes.

Shelter in a Day is a 144 square foot structure that you can build in a day. The kit costs $4,999.

The kit for the Apple Blossom cabin shared above starts at $14,900. FYI, Jamaica Cottage Shop offers free shipping across the U.S.A. and Canada.

Cabins packages are available in a wide range of sizes. A basic package for a 12-ft-by-32-ft structure that provides 384 square feet of living space costs less than $6,000. 

But what if you’re a semiskilled do-it-yourselfer? Say hello to Arched Cabins. They manufacture affordable kits that you and a friend can assemble in just…MORE one weekend. 

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could buy a tiny house kit at your local hardware store? Well, you can, if you live near 84 Lumber. The national home improvement retailer recently launched a line of tiny houses on wheels that you could either build yourself or buy move-in ready. Currently, four models are available:

Just because you’re downsizing, doesn’t mean you can’t live luxuriously large with a small footprint.

Each basic kit includes everything you need to build a tiny house with an unfinished interior.Insulation, plumbing and electrical packages cost extra.Custom interior options like flooring and built-in storage are also available a la carte.

Every item in the kit from fastening hardware to precut panels are color-coded and labeled clearly for fast assembling.Two adults with beginner-level carpentry skills can put together a basic kit in approximately 40 hours.

Each kit comes with precision cut components crafted from durable MDF that’s not only waterproof but also rust and termite resistant. All of the pieces snap together using a patented tool free interlocking system. Keep in mind; you’ll need to place this tiny house on a solid foundation like a concrete slab.

Either a Cypress, Elm, Linden or Mica tiny house shell placed on a trailer.Fully insulated subfloor.Stick built walls with a vapor barrier.Stick built roof with both rain and ice shield.

A professionally built tiny house on average costs $85,000. While most are tricked out with features that make them worth every penny, most people (myself included) can’t afford them. That’s what makes building it yourself so appealing. If you have expert construction skills, you can create a livable home for a fraction of the cost. 

The Barn Raiser by Tumbleweed Tiny Houses is a handcrafted tiny house shell on a trailer that can save DIYers more than 200 hours of build time. A no-frills package starts at around $16,000.

Building plans. A trailer for towing.Materials list.Technical support.

Additional features are available a la carte. For example, if you don’t have a concrete foundation for your tiny house, you can purchase a block and beam foundation for around $35 per linear foot. 

So that you know, Arched Cabins does not offer electrical and plumbing packages.

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The price for a move-in ready dwelling starts at around $50,000.

Jamaica Cottage Shop created a line of cottage and cabin kits that their founder Domenic Mangano says anyone who can use a hammer can put together. Even better, each DIY package is made to order so you can customize your future dwelling based on your needs and budget.

Recently, Monarch Tiny Homes debuted their tiny house kit called The Half/Half House. We share all the DIY goodness here. 

Additional house features including windows, doors, siding and a shower cost extra. Financing is…MORE available.

Tiny Heirloom is a custom home building company that embraces the minimal lifestyle without forgoing indulgent features like claw foot tubs, or tricked-out kitchens. Their latest offering, is a tiny house kit called The Perfect Startfor DIYers who want to minimize luxuriously without the custom-built price tag. Packages, which include a tiny house shell start at $15,000.

The door and windows have locks.Paintable waterproofing…MORE for the roof costs extra.Shelters can be enlarged using an extension kit sold in 4-foot increments for $950.

Imagine the joy, pride, and heck yeah bragging rights that come with building your very own tiny house. 

The second option is the build your own package. Prices start at $6,884, and kits come with the following:

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