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The Minimalist Interior Style Explained Dmlights Blog

The Minimalist Interior Style Explained Dmlights Blog The Minimalist Interior Style Explained Dmlights Blog

Unobtrusiveness is a keyword in minimalism. And what could be more discrete than indirect lighting? LED strips are invisible during the day, but they come to life when it gets dark. Indirect lighting also creates a nice accent to the straight lines of a ceiling, kitchen, entertainment centre and the like.

We have boiled minimalism down to its essentials. These elements kept coming back:

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Coming soon: Terzani Shar Pei, Calle, Doodle, Anish and Core

When you look at examples of minimalist interiors, one thing is clear: clutter is out of the question. Old newspapers, slippers, blankets, etc.; they’re nowhere to be seen. Furthermore, there are very few decorative pieces because too many accessories can be a distraction. So try to store as much stuff as possible in cabinets, preferably with the doors closed to hide everything from view.

The minimalist interior style as we know it today only became popular at the end of the 20th century. It has its origins in Japanese interior design. In Japanese homes, “Ma” is a very important element. Ma can be translated as “emptiness” or “silence”. This principle is based on a balance between the available space and the furniture. It is actually believed that clutter-free, clear rooms can have a soothing effect on the body.

The colour palette also stands out. A minimalist interior consists mainly of white tints. Black is a popular contrast colour. Occasionally, colourful furniture and accessories can be used to reduce the sterile appearance.

Light is abundant in minimalism. This not only applies to natural light – curtains are often omitted – but artificial light as well. White walls and ceilings reflect this light throughout the space, making each room feel larger.

There is a style of interior for everyone’s taste. Some people love a rough, industrial look,others a country warmth,while minimalistic and Scandinavian designs also have many fans. Today, we are going to make the fans of vintage interiors happy. We will take a closer look at what makes this style of interior so special, and we will show you several inspiring examples. Of course, a list of our favourite retro lamps must be part of the discussion.

Looking for a floor lamp with sleek lines? Then the Fontana Arte Yumi is definitely for you. It has a very light and airy appearance, which makes the Yumi ideal for a minimalist interior.

Another highlight from Flos is the Spun Light. The flowing lines of this floor lamp just radiate minimalism. It is available in four colours: white, black, mud and aluminium.

Interiors with a minimalist appearance usually have an open layout. You will find open spaces, open kitchens and loads of space. This gives the house more breathing space.

When it comes to lighting, the choice of materials is very important. It creates the lamp’s identity and characterises the item. Just consider the Dark Captain Cork and the Graypants Scraplights. But few materials are as luxurious in appearance as marble. The unique limestone pattern is synonymous with opulence, serenity and wealth. As are these designer lamps that incorporate marble.

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The Louis Poulsen PH3½ – 2½ table lamp is back with a bang. A Limited Edition of the lamp was launched last year, and is now part of the permanent collection. The legendary design by Poul Henningsen was so popular that there was nothing else to do but to relaunch it, and this time the new member of the Louis Poulsen PH 3½-3 series is even more stylish than before.

A kitchen island has become indispensable in a contemporary kitchen. Especially in open plan homes, a kitchen island adds a great deal – it means you can continue to interact with your family or guests while cooking.

If you think less is more, the minimalist interior style is the way to go. Simplicity, openness and light are the important keywords. It’s definitely not for the untidy.

Spring has sprung. That means that a whole lot of people are busy getting their gardens ready for the summer. Garden design is receiving more and more attention. Everyone wants to have a stylish outdoor space with plants, trees and decorative elements instead of having one gigantic field of grass. To gather some inspiration, we contacted landscape architect Erik van Gelder. He shared with us his vision of garden design and also provided several handy tips for your own backyard.

Are you a fan of minimalism? This design style has many advantages:

Wiro is one of the most striking pendant lamps by Weaver & Ducré. This lamp is made from wire and is simultaneously light and robust in appearance. The black model will look very nice in a contrasting white minimalist interior.

This year we have not been resting on our laurels behind the scenes. Instead, we have added a new member to our dmlights family. So it is with great pleasure that we introduce our newest brand: Slamp! An Italian company specializing in design lighting and known for its gorgeous, modern creations.

The IC Lights from Flos are a winner in the making. A simple shape, a slender body topped by a luminous sphere; IC Lights are perfectly balanced. They are definitely a winner in a minimalist interior.

February is upon us. And that means that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This special day for couples in love is often celebrated with Valentine’s cards, chocolates and other little gifts. And a tête-à-tête is usually the highlight of the day. Dining together quietly, just the two of you, with flickering candlelight – it doesn’t get any cosier. Although, you could switch the candlelight for an elegant and stylish table lamp. But then this table lamp would have to 1) have a stylish design and 2) radiate a warm, diffuse light. We have already chosen just these lamps:

Are you a fan of a cosy retro style? Or do you prefer a sleek, modern look? Or maybe you’re a creative soul who loves to mix and match different styles? One thing is certain: whatever your style, it is guaranteed to evolve constantly. The Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt highlighted four new style trends for 2016/2017. Let’s have a closer look at them, and who knows, you might even be totally inspired!

We would not be a lighting expert if we didn’t give you any lighting tips. These are our suggestions for a minimalist interior:

Do you remember our articles about industrial and Scandinavian interior styles? Well, this time, it’s minimalism’s turn. Simplicity is the strength of this design style. Under the motto “less is more”, anything not required is removed. Discover what makes a minimalist interior so special and how you can apply it yourself.

The Louis Poulsen PH 3½ – 2½ table lamp makes a spectacular comeback

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You read about it in our report on Light+Building 2016: brass is hip. This metal, also known as yellow copper, is an alloy of copper and zinc. The golden colour exudes a luxurious look and feel. The same goes for our lighting with a brass finish. Read on to find out more and allow yourself to be inspired!

Clean vegetables, cut meat, make sauces, breakfast … a kitchen island can fulfil many different functions. And that’s why the lighting is so important. Spotlights are a good choice, but many people are choosing to hang a pendant light above their kitchen island. Why? Because there are many different types of fixtures available – from subtle downlighters to those that really catch the eye. It’s an excellent way to put your personal touch into your kitchen lighting.

Verner Panton was born ninety years ago in the Danish town of Gentofte. No one would have thought he would become the enfant terrible of Danish design. Today we can safely say he’s had a major impact. Almost two decades after his death, his most popular pieces are still being manufactured.

A new year has begun again. January is the perfect time to take a closer look at the latest trends in interior design. There are many new trends in 2016, such as the use of natural materials, wire lights and geometric pattern decorations. Whoever wants a trendy interior should therefore keep a close eye on the best interior trends for 2016.

It is surprising how beautiful simple shapes can be. This Luceplan Ascent consists of a circular lamp shade, a slender guide and a square base, nothing more. The result is a stylish table lamp that stands out due to its unique operating mechanism; you can increase the intensity of the light by sliding the cap towards the top.

Minimalism is synonymous with a modern interior. In contrast to the rural look, there are no distinctive decorations to brighten up the whole. Clean lines and simple forms characterise this interior style, which is what makes minimalism a very pure design philosophy.

You could probably use some inspiration before you start decorating or refreshing an interior. You can search for examples of stylish living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices etc. to get ideas. It’s better to steal something good than to come up with something bad, don’t you think? You can find a few ways to collect lighting and interior inspiration below.

Because of its simplicity, luminosity and the absence of clutter, you can find your zen. Because few things are required, a minimalist interior is relatively budget-friendly (unless you opt for a designer chair that costs several thousand euros, of course).

The rooms are easy to clean. The furniture comes into its own. The bright colours and openness create a greater sense of space. Our lighting suggestions

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Would you like to hang pendant lights above your kitchen island? Then you should first take a look at our tips and suggestions.

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With the Flos String Light, you add emphasis to the straight lines of your minimalist interior. The cable of this pendant lamp is, in fact, 12 meters long, which makes the String Light a real eye-catcher.

11 Hip pendant lights that fit perfectly above the kitchen island

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In terms of materials, we often see poured floors and cabinets with a shiny white/black finish. Wooden accents are occasionally added to provide a little extra warmth. The result looks pure, sometimes a little futuristic, but always soothing.

90 years of Verner Panton: alive and kicking through his designs

Designer Erik van Gelder guides you to the perfect garden design

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At Light+Building 2016, Graypants introduced two beautiful new collections. The white version of the well-known Scraplights and another completely new collection, the Murmurations. We are already great fans of both collections.

At the Light+Building trade show in Frankfurt, we simply had to make a stop at the Italian luxury brand Terzani. Naturally, the brand, known for its unique and labour-intensive creations, was exhibiting a great many of its gorgeous lighting fixtures. Here, at any rate, are the latest arrivals. You will find the majority of these added to our webshop throughout the course of this year.

Another good way to illuminate a room is to use recessed spotlights. These spotlights are also common for a minimalist design style. Round or square, single or double, adjustable or fixed, big or small, there is a lot of choice when it comes to recessed spotlights.

A sideboard is a low cabinet that we primarily find in dining rooms. It has two functions: to offer space for storage, and as a decorative piece of furniture. Not only does the cabinet add to the décor, but the top can also be used. There is space for all types of accessories. Here are a few inspiring options for the decoration of your sideboard.

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