Interior designers interior decorators the karighars expert team of best interior designers and top interiors decorators in bangalore which des
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The Karighars Best Interior Designers Bangalore Top 20 Decorators

The Karighars Best Interior Designers Bangalore Top 20 Decorators The Karighars Best Interior Designers Bangalore Top 20 Decorators

We are honored to be awarded this new badges and big Thank you to all of our clients for their support and contribution .

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Catch Kay in conversation with Abhishek Chadha from The KariGhars on air right now!

When it comes to interior designing, we personally have the following expectations1) Quality of work/finishing… 2) Pricing 3) Ideas 4) Post sales supportWe all know there are many interior designers out in the market and most of them do a good job in the first 3 but there are very few who provide post completion customer service.

From our experience, what makes karighars standout from the rest is their customer service.We have dealt with interior designers many times in the past and latest experience was with Karighars. We got our interiors done from them in July 2012.

In the last 2 years, we have called Vinayak 4-5 times either to do some odd jobs or to fix minor issues. He has never disappointed us and has always promptly sent his team to complete the task. And not even once, we had follow up to get the job done.

This is by far the best overall customer experience we have ever had with interior designers.Great job Vinayak and Abhishek.From a very happy and satisfied customer, Malathy and Ram Lihat Selengkapnya

Don’t know about their work but they lack integrity when it comes to dealing with customers. Called Vinayak and shared the floor plans and things which I need in my interior work , I was told that I w.

..ill get a quotation but I didn’t get one even after a couple of follow ups. Stop sharing those excellent service award pictures which nowadays each and every interior firm seems to have. Lihat Selengkapnya

‘Fusion interior design style’ is a choice of creative people who don`t value everyday, ordinary things. Such people do not allow neutrality and in-expressiveness, perceiving life as a platform for continuous creativity.

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5 Useful Tips to Choose Suitable Interior Decorators in Bangalore Interior designing is not just about decorating your home here and there; it is a whole some concept comprising various components like furnishing, revamping of the available space to optimize it

We got interiors of our 3 BHK Apartment done by Karighars. Our Experience is as below:-Karighars under the leadership of Vinayak Chadda is an extremely talented and Professional Organization who has…

delivered a high Quality solution within schedule.The Customer Service from Karighars has been outstanding. They listen to the voice of the customer and invariably come up with Solutions to meet our satisfactionA Number of options with costs are shared upfront with the customer which enables one to make informed choices based on ones own budgetMost importantly, there are no hidden costs which is extremely helpful in planning your cash flowThe Quality of woodwork, Design of interiors based on ones lifestyle /space available makes their design optimum.

When we saw the final product we were left with our mouth wide open and eyes gaping as our home looked great beyond our expectation.Vinayak recommends the right vendors( with good discounts) for all the White goods and furnishing and helps you pick the right stuff.

The result is that you will end up getting all the quality stuff at a competitive priceOnce you have selected the design and the furnishing, Karighars provide an end to end solution which gives you very little headache.

This has been their USP.The skill sets of the carpenters/electrician/plumber is very good and they come up with innovative ideas paying attention to detail.An area of improvement has been the after sales support from Hitachi A/c’s purchased through Croma.

We recommend to buy directly from Hitachi and get an alternate professional agency for installation and commissioning.Wishing Karighars success in their futureThanks & regardsManjula Srikanth and HS Srikanth Lihat Selengkapnya

A good interior design from a user point of view is the one that results into a comfortable, functional, practical and convenient interior that defines or reflects their mood, lif…e style, personality and taste.

Company of The Year Special – December 2017 – Siliconindia Magazine -1…/The-Karighars-Bangalore-review-s…

We bring you the real pictures from few of our latest work done at Adarsh Palm Retreat . Currently work going on in Jacaranda, Lotus, Bougainvillea, Jasmine, Mayflower, Maple and Hibiscus tower.

Note: This offer is valid only for the existing and old clients of ‘The KariGhars’.

Modern design encompasses a lot of different incarnations, which can make it difficult to define. In its simplest terms, modern interior design refers to the reflection of the modern art movement on the interiors of the home. There are several central characteristics and design themes seen throughout modern design, however, that could be described in part as the definition. We bring you the latest pictures of modern interiors done at Vaswani Reserva , Bangalore .

Karighars have really helped me to realise my dream home. Few factors that tempted me to go with Karighars was their early works and their after delivery support. Needless to say that they are one of .

..the best in the market. Best thing I liked about them was that you give your thoughts to them and Abhishek will get it done for you. There were instances where the understanding of specifications between me and them were different but Abhishek with no questions asked replaced the entire sliding door of a dining cabinet from plain glass with mirror.

Flexibility at the core along with excellence in execution defines Karighar’s. Special mention to all his team members who are highly skilled and dependable. Highly recommend this guys. Lihat Selengkapnya

Thank You Vinayak from The KariGhars for designing our dream home. Home interior industry is a chaotic place with too many players. Looking back we feel very lucky to have engaged karighars. They set .

..a high benchmark in home interiors.What stood out the most for us is their passion and dedication. Once you give them the contract, you can just relax and enjoy their work. For us it started around 6 months back, when one of our friends referred karighars.

They showed us a couple of their completed projects and it took us no time to decide that they will be the ones designing our home. Design phase was long and grueling. We were pleasantly surprised with Vinayak’s attentions to details and his patience in those longs hours of design discussions.

It took a month just to design the interior of the wardrobes. However, after moving into our home we realized that it was time well spent. It just took few meetings for Vinayak to understand our taste, and within no time we reached the stage, where we left most of the design decisions on him We felt that he designed our home as his own, never compromising on quality.

Best part is that they completed our home interior on the promised date.Karighars have a highly skilled team, who can render a 3D design into reality with absolute perfection. Actually, the real work looks better than the 3D design.

Again a big thank you to Vinayak and his team.A compliment from our friend sum up the entire project – “if this is what he has delivered then your interior guy is a genius” Lihat Selengkapnya

We add that extra bit of soul to every project we take . Our goal is to create sophisticated, modern and efficient interiors with layers of warmth, comfort and character. Designing projects for those who appreciate beauty, comfort and attention to detail

The KariGhars, SST Brindavan – No.65, EPIP, Opposite ITPL back gate No. 3, Whitefield (4.285,53 km) Bengaluru 560066

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Mirrored closet doors – We at ‘The KariGhars’ are always known to make an impact with mirrors . We never overlook the importance of mirrors in making an open-plan bedroom feel larger and brighter. Use of large striped mirrors as sliding closet doors to bounce light around the room gives you the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for…In fact, not only do mirrors add the illusion of space, they reflect the sunlight and create a sense of depth in a room, which can be ideal for more compact interiors. Not to mention, they can celebrate the grandeur of a large space, channeling a decadent vibe that adds a sense of fun and majesty to your bedroom – Photography by Dark Studio

When you start searching for top interior designers in Bangalore, you will get a lot of companies listed over the web. But how do you select the most appropriate amongst them? At The KariGhars, our years of experience tell us that a good interior decorator can save you money as well as time. Now, we

Customer service is the experience we deliver to our customer and It’s how we make them feel when they do business with us.

And you thought we were ‘God of Contemporary Designs only’ . ‘The KariGhars’ goes a blended traditional way this time….

As the name of the practice implies, we choose to pour our heart and soul into every project we undertake; the meaning of the Greek word ‘Meraki’, which reveals the passion and dedication of a job well done.

While decorating the interior of the home many face this dilemma- whether they should hire a professional interior designer or not. Well, you cannot do everything on your own even if you have the time, and hiring an interior designer in Bangalore indeed has a lot

Dedication to work and craftsmanship that can be trusted forever.

Color techniques, furniture arranging ,mirrors , smart lighting , drapes and beautiful accessories are just some of design elements we have played around with !

Thanks Navneet (from DSR Sunrise) for writing such an inspiring review . It means a lot to us .

Right from Modern , Contemporary , Traditional and eclectic style we have not left any stone unturned .

As passionate designers, we are dedicated to creating and crafting meaningful spaces and forms.

Karighars is a special brand for us cos they helped us create our dream home. Abhishek focuses only one aspect- “wow factor”. He will suggest the best of designs, materials even at the strict budget w.

..e requested. Sometimes the temptation does land us in stretching the budget but it is totally worth it. The implementation of a design, that we would have either drawn on paper or pointed out from Pinterest, is commendable.

The workmanship of his team is a notable point. The carpentry work has a perfect finish to a dot. Special mention to the food stalls near his office with their hot snacks and piping hot tea/coffee that helped us savour our loooong design conceptualization discussions.

Thanks team! Lihat Selengkapnya

I would use below adjectives to describe “The Karighars” –Innovative…-Professional-Creative-Passionate-Hard working-Friendly-Flexible-Patient-Reliable-Versatile-TrustworthyOur villa is designed by Vinayak Chadha and our experience with him has been awesome.

We started our journey with him 9 months ago and before the possession of our house, we had all the designs ready. The designs shared by him were so clear and so simple yet so detailed which helped us visualize how the final product would be.

He got us connected to the right people, gave us some great suggestions and brutally:) yet subtly rejected our not so good;) ideas. He gave us confidence where we were nervous and were not able to make a decision and we are happy that we trusted him and went by his guts and experience.

The day we entered our house after Vinayak handed over the keys to us, we were like YES! Dreams do come true; The Karighars made our dream come true. We are extremely happy with their work and honestly became their brand ambassador, I strongly recommend them for their work.

We think they appropriately call themselves “Expert Craftsmen” when it comes to designing homes. Lihat Selengkapnya

Abhishek, Vinayak Aashita You and Your team stand for 3 Ins . *** 3 Ins Ingenuity, Integrity Intensity *** We started our journey with The K

Based on few of the above parameters and many more, we are proud to be awarded the ‘Company of The Year – 2017’ by Silicon India Magazine for showing immaculate excellence in offering cutting-edge products/services.

Review on The Karighars Bangalore by dharmendrakr726

Unbelievably Amazing Futuristic Entertainment Room Design – A distinctively brilliant design, this one-of-a-kind sliding mechanism offers the ultimate in look, functionality and ‘WOW’ factor. Introducing first time in India, through ‘The Karighars’ , an ultimate bookshelf cum complete automated entertainment center . TV mounted on a sliding door which can slide horizontally with an integrated projector screen for a movie watch which slides down . Lots of attention to detail and effort was given to make sure that we hide the Projector screen, all the HDMI’s and cables for aesthetics . This completed automated system has all the features you can desire for including start of art – ‘Atmos’ Home Theater system . You Have to See It to Believe It !

We bring our clients an exclusive pricing for the products from Urban Ladder. Please email us at [email protected] to avail special discounts and also to seek our help to buy the right products.

They certainly make interior decor a class apart. KariGhars created our dream home.You’re not going to find an interior designer with better creativity and problem solving skills than KariGhars.Needle. to say that they are one of the best in the market. There were instances where the understanding of specifications between me and them were different but Vinayak with no questions replaced the entire section of a TV and cutlery cabinet.

Commitment and excellence is their USP. Special mention to all his team members who are highly skilled and dependable. Highly recommend KariGhars. If we were to design another home at Bangalore, would be with them � Lihat Selengkapnya

Thanks Dharmendra (from DSR Sunrise) for the encouraging words . At ‘The KariGhars’ , Customer service isn’t a department, it’s a philosophy!

Got our house done and it’s amazing… The complete team is at their best and would do anything to make sure that their clients are always satisfied….

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Review on The Karighars Bangalore by navneetd45

The cute little princess room should always be designed with a theme that doesn’t feel cheesy or over the top. While this design is simple, it’s still playful and bright enough to cheer up a child’s playroom. Two tones of pink make a lively contrast in

At ‘The KariGhars’ , we attach a great deal of importance to humility and honesty; With respect for human values, we promise to serve our customers with integrity.

Fusion is the style of “crazy” things, the ideas of which arise in extravagant dreams of design masters called “The KariGhars’.

This is a long pending review for The Karighars. The details would follow after this but the short summary is If you are looking for a personalized interior

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Houzz, the premier online community for home and interior design inspiration, has awarded ‘The KariGhars’ with the “Recommended on Houzz” badge . Recommended badge goes only to the top-rated pros on Houzz .

All questions and queries with regards to your home and interiors is answere…d right here on #SquareFeet !

Let Amazing Interior Decorators In Bangalore Help Create Stunning Living Spaces

The interior decoration of your living space reflects your life. Every aspect of the home is about the family residing there. This is also the creative space for every homeowner. This is because interior décor entails aesthetic

Interior design is far way different from home decoration. It includes establishing a useful and fine-looking interior space in distinct places like bedrooms , living room , dining space and kitchen . When designing the interior of a house, take into consideration the totality of

-150+ Projects in Prestige Shantiniketan . -125+ Projects in Adarsh Palm retreat and still counting . -3000+ Premium projects delivered all over Bangalore . -All Projects delivered on time till date . -0.2% Attrition in 10 years …. -30% growth YoY. – Multiple Awards Year after Year for our Amazing Designs . – Unmatched customer satisfaction records .

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Let’s Create – A two-word philosophy, a thousand new ideas came up when we collaborated with the team of Urban Ladder.

Home ,The spot of Earth, supremely blest.A dearer sweeter spot that all the rest. Buying a house may make sense but shaping a house makes much more sense.So to shape the house..we need good people. …

Our 4bhk flat,in PFR Bangalore ,is designed and shaped by ‘The Karighars’.We selected them very cautiously after perusing and analyzing so many vendors. Our main dealing was with Abishek Chadha and his team.

Before the interior had been inagurated , Abhishek shared so many beautiful designs and guided us with various prospects.With in few meetings,we shortlisted the best design for our house , according to our requirements and flavour.

Abhishek understands his customers’ life and serves them according to their needs and requirements.He,as an architect and interior designer,owns so many good traits.He is very gentle,very creative, innovative, hardworking, passionate, versatile, reliable, responsible, friendly, cooperative, helpful and most importan.

WELL- TIMED.Even his wife Aashita,whom we met only once,has very beautiful ,strong and positive aura around her.They are family oriented and God-fairing People. There is cohesiveness within Abhishek and his team.

They have made our house so admirable …that it looks like a small cute palace.,where our feet may leave but not our heart.Abhishek’s designs do not only look like or feel like but also work.The colour combination and lightning effects are so dazzling that it brings charm in the house.

The karighars have done their job so promptly and profoundly that we would strongly recommend their name for interior designing and work..We will pray to God for Karighars.. They touch the sky and bring shinning stars, radiant light and happiness to their house,who so ever join them.

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