Interesting the best home decorating tv shows of all time complex with trading spaces host
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The Best Home Decorating Tv Shows Of All Time Complex

The Best Home Decorating Tv Shows Of All Time Complex The Best Home Decorating Tv Shows Of All Time Complex

Until recently, “Grand Designs” was only available to watch in the U.S. via dubious YouTube accounts, which is how I became familiar with it. But — praise the gods of Peak TV — it is now available to stream on Netflix. (But only two seasons, so pace yourself, though you may not want to.)

It’s train wreck TV meets real-estate porn, all wrapped up in a stylish coat. How could you resist?

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“Grand Designs” is there simply to observe, not to meddle or create false moments of conflict. Girded against the weather in layers of fleece and wool, McCloud stops by every few months to furrow his brow over the inevitable inflating budgets and make a few observations. That’s pretty much it.

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Host Kevin McCloud, right, with a pair of homeowners in a recent episode of “Grand Designs,” now available on Netflix. (Paula Beetlestone / Channel 4 / Fremantle Media)

Home decorating TV shows may not be the most exciting type of reality TV out there, but they have the added benefit of teaching you about design, so you don’t feel like you totally wasted half an hour. Okay, you might not be interested in making your own spray painted lampshade or sledge hammering your walls in order to make more space, but there are some valid tips you can learn from these TV shows. It doesn’t hurt that the TV networks cast over-enthusiastic hosts who make the most mundane construction activities appear as though they are changing the world. Reminisce with us and see what you might be missing out on with The 25 Best Home Decorating TV Shows of All Time.

Even though this was only recommended by two of our followers, we had to throw Million Dollar Decorators on the list. First, because we believe it’s one of the best home décor shows ever made, but also because a lot of you complained about how traditional design shows are repetitive and only speak to one type of homeowner/décor fan.

Sarah Richardson is a Canadian designer who seems to have made her way into the hearts of our Instagram community on the international front. Through her years on HGTV, she’s had six television series: Room Service, Design Inc., Sarah’s House, Sarah’s Cottage, Sarah 101, and Real Potential. They are frankly all worth the watch, but a favorite seems to be Sarah’s House, in which the designer purchases an undervalued house and depicts the process of renovating it with her insanely charismatic and TV-friendly sidekick, Tommy Smythe. The show existed from 2007 to 2011, but it’s a classic that’s worth a rewatch.

If the answer to any of these question is yes, then allow me to introduce you to “Grand Designs,” one of the most popular and longest running property shows in the U.K. Hosted by Kevin McCloud, a former theater designer with a truly dazzling collection of outerwear and a taste for sustainable, minimalist architecture, it recently concluded its 17th season on Channel 4. The show has spawned numerous spinoffs, an exhibition and even a magazine.

Do you long for a home show where the outcomes are less canned, the problems more catastrophic, the designs more ambitious and the hosts less, well, Canadian?

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The show has a pleasantly predictable rhythm, with McCloud generally going from skepticism to amazement. And there are certain recurring themes, nicely encapsulated by both this Buzzfeed U.K.listicle or McCloud’s beat poem below (yes, beat poem). Rain is a factor in seemingly every episode, because it is Britain, after all.

He always brings up money, pointedly asking homeowners how much they spent in total (spoiler alert: they all go over budget). But he clearly views houses as places for living, not as investments or pieces of property. You will never hear him talking about “appraisal value” or “comps” or anything that obviously commercial.

Its premise is deceptively simple: Each episode documents a unique home-build or renovation from start to finish — however long that might take, whether a few months or many years. The projects range from a compact one-bedroom house with a turf roof to the renovation of a 1920s movie theater to a seashell-shaped retirement home. The common thread is ambition.

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The British press is full of horror stories about “‘Grand Designs’ gone wrong,” like the houseboat that washed up on a beach, or the church renovation that led to a divorce and two heart attacks.

Of course, not every episode plays like a real-life version of “The Money Pit.” More often, the results look like something suitable for the pages of Dwell, leaving McCloud gushing with eloquent praise.

The projects often go off course — sometimes spectacularly so. In one unforgettable episode, an engaged couple began renovating a crumbling mill cottage in Northumberland not long before the mortgage crisis; by the time it was finished, they were married with two toddlers, roughly a million pounds of debt and a house that still didn’t have carpets or curtains.

There’s an element of voyeurism inherent to every show about real estate, and with episodes running nearly an hour, “Grand Designs” offers unusual insight into the lives of other people. McCloud is part host, part design consultant, part counselor.

Even still, the show has much more genuine tension than you’d find in a comparable American series, maybe because the British aren’t so cursed with relentless optimism.

CultureAug 11, 2017Hands Down, These Are the Best Home Décor Shows to Rewatch

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We’re not surprised that MyDomaine darlings Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent made the list. With only one season together under their belt, we’re already awaiting the next episodes. This show may not be different from Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but it’s worth the watch for the Nate and Jeremiah’s banter alone. These two are not only insanely charismatic on television, but they’re also extremely knowledgeable about décor and design—and they’re great at breaking it down for their viewers and the families they’re helping. Bonus: You get a healthy dose of their daughter, Poppy, on the show—who is the most adorable toddler we’ve ever seen. It’s feel-good design TV at its best.

But do you ever find yourself four or five hours into a marathon of “Fixer Upper,” feeling a little unsatisfied? Do you get bored by all those vintage mirrors and wall quotes?

When construction is complete — or close enough to it — McCloud comes back for a tour and issues a critical assessment. The only prize to be won is his approval. Passionate and endearingly pretentious, McCloud has a gift for delivering blunt criticism with a gentle touch; he is to architecture what Tim Gunn is to fashion.

Hands down, our Instagram followers’ favorite home décor show is HGTV’s Fixer Upper, which gathered more than twice as many votes as all the other shows—so if you haven’t watched it yet, you probably should. In the show, Chip and Joanna Gaines go through the process of helping clients turn their dilapidated but potential-rich houses into true showpieces—helping them reach their full potential. The combined construction and design aspect of the show means that you get to see insane before and after transformations—and gather a ton of ideas to improve your own home.

The more bonkers episodes tend to be the most memorable, like the one that followed an eccentric Irishman’s doomed quest to renovate a 16th century castle, complete with hot tubs in the battlements. Or the one with the couple who converted a derelict nine-story water tower in Central London into a private home with the largest sliding glass doors in the U.K.

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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably a sucker for a good home décor show. From Mary McDonald’s antics on Million Dollar Decorators to Nate and Jeremiah’s charismatic banter, nothing is better than watching people transform undecorated—or sometimes entirely dilapidated—homes into design masterpieces. But what do you do when you’ve watched every episode of your favorite show and you have nothing left in your Netflix queue?

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Candice Olson is another Canadian designer who evolved into an HGTV star. Her first show, Divine Design, premiered in 2001, while her second one, Candice Tells All, aired in 2011. In typical design show fashion, the charismatic designer helps homeowners maximize the potential of their homes episode after episode. If you like seeing quick transformations from start to finish and enjoy a good before and after, this is the show for you.

This show is the opposite of that. If you’re into reality TV, you need to rewatch both seasons of this Bravo show, which follows four eccentric interior designers in Los Angeles and their multimillion-dollar-budget clients and projects. It’s inspirational and hysterical all at once.

Do you wish the “Property Brothers” used words like “overweening”?

Next up: I watched Netflix’s Minimalism, and I wanted to overhaul my home an hour later.

We turned to our faithful community of Instagram followers to ask one question: What’s the best home décor show ever made? We received a ton of answers and compiled the most popular ones to bring you the ultimate list of design shows you should definitely watch (or rewatch). Today, we’re sharing the top four with you (along with a much-loved bonus), but you can also find the full list on our Instagram. Don’t tackle another decorating project before watching the best home décor shows listed here—consider it your own personal design school.

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