How 3 award winning projects harnessed the beauty and power of concrete
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The Beauty Of Concrete From Interior Design To Architecture

The Beauty Of Concrete From Interior Design To Architecture The Beauty Of Concrete From Interior Design To Architecture

The house has an unusual design which gives it a unique and dramatic look. It’s made of concrete and it offers beautiful views over the surrounding landscape. Besides concrete, the architects used steel and wood along with glass when designing and building the house. This combination of materials results in a balanced décor. The coldness of the concrete is complemented by the warm wood features and the steel elements make the whole design feel modern while also exploiting its industrial charm. It’s modern and it’s cozy in a very different way.

The seaside resort city of Mar Azul from Argentina is a place where architecture takes many interesting forms. The house we’ve just presented in a wonderful example but so is this next one. This is a vacation house known as Casa XS. It was designed and built by architects Maria Victoria Besonias, Guillermo de Almeida and Luciano Kruk of BAK Arquitectos.

Concrete is a material with which it’s both easy and difficult to work with. On one hand, it’s versatile and can be used for so many types of projects. On the other hand, however, using concrete is something that comes with all sorts of elements you have to consider as well. One of them is the style. Concrete is commonly used in industrial buildings but it’s also popular in modern spaces. The following examples should make everything clear.

It might be the Atlantic Ocean and its windy breeze that inspired this home. But it could also be the enthralling creativity of a young  and talented team of Argentinian designers who wanted a break from stereotypes in order to create a home with a distinct character. Were they successful in their goal? We’ll let you be the judge of that…

Dare to be bold with your interior design? Concrete walls may be a good solution. While they may seem like unfinished business for your home decor, concrete walls break up the form and accentuate a room with their sheer elegance and their unique personality. The raw, unfinished look of concrete is inimitable, while the trendy industrial style of having it adorn your walls — though hard to believe — is nothing but inviting.

Concrete can be formed into beautiful shapes such as sinks & bathtubs

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An unconventional structure brought to life by Jonathan Segal FAIA, the luxurious Cresta residence in California pushes the boundaries of creativity to a whole new level. With a touch of industrial style thanks to its exposed concrete walls and the use of high quality materials and furniture, Cresta embraces indoor-outdoor living with ease. And did we mention the recessed lighting that takes over the house after sunset? It looks stellar directly on concrete.

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While concrete is inherently gray, there are many ways to add color to the mixture or to stain the surface to give gorgeous new tones. From colorful flooring to adding flecks of colorful stones and aggregate, concrete can beautify any space.  Consider adding colorful textiles in furniture, pillows, area rugs and drapery to give a high contrast between soft and hard textures. This sitting area by Ehrlich Architects is a perfect showcasing of an orange colored sofa amidst a hard concrete wall and built in display area. The perfect marriage of gorgeous contrasting materials and form.

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Architects from TheConstructionZone have undertaken the renovation of a house built in 1998 in Phoenix, AZ. What do we like most about this new home? The amazing strategy of using concrete as an accent wall, together with quality wood and fancy furniture that will surely catch your eye. I mean, honestly, look at this patio setup with the fireplace and the concrete wall above. Or this modern home office, or the way the concrete reflects in these mirrors.

Usually when you think of a cottage you image a modest wood structure with a cozy interior. Well, this is a different type of cottage. First of all, it’s not made of wood. It’s a concrete structure and it has a minimalist and sculptural design. It’s not exactly the rustic building you would expect to see in the middle of nature. Nevertheless, the cottage integrates perfectly into the surroundings.

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These walls … they look spectacular with uplighting. Definitely a cool lifestyle.

 Concrete has long known to be a building material for pouring columns, foundations, and even used for flooring and walls. With urban warehouse lofts trending with their exposed industrial finishes and designers using the bare material as a design aspect, concrete loves to be shown off. Look at how this open floor plan by RGN Construction showcases bare concrete walls, and columns to give this contemporary space a chic industrial feel.

Concrete is one of those materials that you think of for it’s structural purposes. Whether it’s for your sidewalk, driveway or even as concrete masonry units or commonly referred to as CMU blocks, we don’t think of concrete in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Concrete has put on a new face in recent years and designers and architects are finding a beauty to concrete. Whether it is polished, or colored or just kept natural, concrete has a beauty that your home will love. Here are a few ways to showcase this forgotten material in your modern interiors.

We’re going to start with this beautiful office. Of course, it wasn’t always an office. In fact, it used to be nothing more than just a concrete basement. However, this concrete basement had great potential and it’s why it got transformed. The project was developed by Oliver Hernaiz Architecture Lab.

Just when you thought concrete was only for sidewalks…Natural concrete beauty:

Luxury is not always about big brands and contemporary Italian furniture. Luxury is in the details! Like the Lima Residence in Los Angeles, by Abramson Teiger Architects. Simple modern clean lines adorned by beautifully crafted concrete accent walls, expansive spaces and lovely colors are the elements that caught our attention this time. Talk about bringing the outdoors inside … right?

If you have been wondering how to bring a new design aesthetic into your home, look no further. Concrete is cheaper than most resilient materials, stands up to wear and tear, but can also be formed into beautiful shapes and geometries. Before you run to look at other materials for your interiors, consider concrete. This non-traditional finish can be just as beautiful as marble, granite and slate. With all the possibilities from your walls and flooring to sinks and bathtubs, concrete is no longer just for your outdoor home or hidden behind sheetrock on your walls. Go ahead, expose concrete and see all the comments that you receive!

The building has a simple and bold design. It’s a modern structure with a massive sliding glass wall. This wall establishes a very strong connection with the outdoors and offers panoramic and unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. It also lets it lots of natural light which is essential for this bright space. The cottage also has a wooden deck that can become an extension of the living area. Inside there’s a cozy fireplace, cowhide and zebra rugs as well as cozy and comfortable furniture.{found on trendir}.

What better place to feature concrete walls than a posh mountain retreat in Aspen’s fanciest?! Despite the popular belief that concrete walls are sterile and cold, this stylish reinvention of the mountain lodge proves how a creek-side Old Snowmass home converts from hippie to contemporary, while being cozy at the same time. Add plenty of glass to the whole recipe and call it “perfection”.

During the renovation, the apartment was practically rebuilt from scratch. All the partitions were removed and the apartment became one huge room.Some of the windows were also removed. The goal was to create a concrete box where the light and the wall and floor coverings would create a three-dimensional effect. All the illumination was created using LEDs and the walls and ceiling were covered with plasterboard and polymer cement. The kitchen became a part of the living room. The décor chosen is inspired by the 70’s and is best seen in the furniture and accessories.

As if you’d need another example of “concrete creativity”, here’s a house that’s extensively using concrete to define its sophisticated interiors. Built by the folks at Oooox, the home features subtle textures mixed with wood and white lacquered furniture, which helps steer it away from the roots of industrial design — the design style from which concrete walls draw their inspiration.

Contrasting textures and colors with concrete walls & built-insPolished concrete can look so dramatic:

Folks in Seattle from Coates Design Architects have a sweet tooth for concrete (so do we, but I guess you got the idea already). The home they built, the Dorsey Residence, was designed as a structure that maximizes footprint by the use of vertical space. From afar it does look like an anonymous, austere, monumental concrete two-story building on the waterfront. Upon entering, a new world opens up in front of you; it’s warm, light, and open.

They’re what gives character to this space. The floor has been repainted while and the office got black lacquered furniture and modern art decorations.The space looks wonderful and it definitely has a unique charm. Despite the concrete, it feels inviting and warm.

While you may think you have to stick with the matte finish of concrete, just like any aggregate or stone, concrete can be buffed and polished to have a reflectance that is modern and very sophisticated. Take a look at this concrete polished floor in this modern loft apartment. The floor combined with the decorative stone below the dining room table is a great organic touch to avoid the look of a “sea of concrete”. For a softer touch, consider adding an area rug to your floor, with a good backing material to avoid the rug slipping! Many designers have found ways to form everyday household items out of concrete as well. Sinks, and bathtubs are given a whole new look with concrete.

Trying to create a rustic house using concrete is not a simple task. Concrete has a undeniable industrial appearance so to make a concrete house feel rustic and cozy you also have to use wood. This house can be found in the forest of Mar Azul in Argentina and has a very interesting design. It’s surrounded by the dense forest and has a sandy dune beach close by but the views and the landscape are not the most interesting elements in this case.

Polished floors can look just as good as marble or slate flooring

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Designers at E. Cobb Architects have outdone themselves with this luxurious Graham Residence. A consistent grey pattern — rather stylish I must say — broken with warm shades of wood and bold colors beautifully complements the amazing ocean views that are only enhanced by the huge floor-to-ceiling windows. Windows which actually define it as a … .glass house. Funny how a strong, powerful material like concrete can mix ever so nicely with glass, don’t you think?

A beautiful house that manages to capture your attention with its architecture will most like catch your eye with its interior design as well. This is true for the Whistler Residence in a growing neighborhood of posh homes in Whistler, British Columbia. What gets our attention are these cool exposed concrete walls, and their love affair with the quality wood that adorns the playful open space of the villa.

There must be something about sandy beaches and the use of concrete, I hear you saying. You’re right. It’s something that we’ve been saying for awhile now. It’s a trend to bring the outdoors in; and it seems to be a trend to opt for exposed concrete walls that are good insulators (keeps you colder in summer, and warmer in winter) and amazing eye-catchers. As with other properties before, this Beach House on Long Island is majestic, warm and inviting, all at once. Not to mention, the house has a little bit of zaniness that makes it even more appealing.

There’s a reason why they call it the Box House — it’s really as small as a box. But there’s also a reason why we’re left drooling — its design makes the most of the space while remaining uncluttered and elegant at all times. To balance the textures of concrete, the house incorporates plenty of glass, which also serves to create a visually spacious and well-ventilated interior. Concrete and glass, a winner, again!

A young family with a young vision–these are the people who live in the Echo Beach house in Vancouver. Seen as a sustainable building, the house allows for a green wall install if the owners will ever fancy it, and is solar ready. But the feature that strikes us most is the expansive use of concrete, not only to strengthen the whole structure of the house, but also for its ease of maintenance and the overall wow factor it gives the whole interior.

Exterior – photos by Andrew WaitsInterior – photos by Roger Turk – Northlight Photography

If you were thinking of a more conventional, rectilinear contemporary home, who are we to say no?! But wait till you see what Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects came up with in Santa Barbara — an atypical home with curvilinear forms and exposed concrete that defines it in the most astounding manner. Words just won’t do justice to the Kurth Residence …

The transformation was very interesting. The basement was converted into an office. What once used to be a part of a former electrical shop is now a minimalist and modern office for a client in Mallorca. Several changes have been made for the project but one thing remained intact: the concrete walls and ceiling.

The house has a modern and simple design but it also features a nice balance between contemporary and rustic. This eye-catching concrete cottage is surrounded by the beautiful forest and the sandy beach and dunes. The location is definitely beautiful but so is the design. The main idea behind this design was to use materials that require minimal maintenance but that have maximum visual effect. Another concern was to create a structure with minimal impact on the environment. The result was this lovely vacation house with large windows and a bright interior.

The designer trend: leaving concrete columns exposedBringing color and concrete together:

But cottages and vacation homes aren’t the only ones that can express this kind of beauty. This is an apartment that is located in the West side of São Paulo and that has been renovated, now featuring a very interesting design. What used to be a typical apartment from the 80’s is now a modern home.

A great example of modern minimalism and Japanese design, the T-House in Kyoto has been put together by the creative minds from Atelier Boronski. The house favors an interior based mostly on black and white, with concrete walls that are beautifully finished, turning this vast space into a real spectacle.

What makes this house stand out is its design. It’s simple, modern and unique. Because of the sloped lot, the architects had to find a way to incorporate that feature into the design of the house. The response was this unique form with clean and straight lines and geometric beauty. In a way, the house resembles a jagged rock. This form and the color of the concrete allow the house to easily blend in and to become a natural part of the landscape.

A concrete structure would definitely feel more natural in an urban area. The contrast is not as striking as in the case of a concrete cottage in the forest even if the house is surrounded by vegetation and trees. A perfect example for that is this beautiful house. It was designed by Architects Brauning and it’s situated in an urban centre.

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