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The Art Of Wall Art Modern Wall Decor Ideas And How To Hang

The Art Of Wall Art Modern Wall Decor Ideas And How To Hang The Art Of Wall Art Modern Wall Decor Ideas And How To Hang

Metallic branch sculptures are laid out over a platform bed for a monochromatic and textural effect. Image: Our Style Stories

This bold, graphic canvas is hung at a good sight line height, even though the cabinet beneath it is low. Image: Works Photography

The selection of prints were thoughtfully chosen to work with the room’s color, while adding an additional green color for depth. Image: Orbit Homes

A narrow wall with two framed images mirrors the greenery outside the window. Image: Just Perfect Staging

Once you have an idea of a general spot, frame out the area with painter’s tape to visualize the spot. Stand back a few feet and see if you like where it sits on the wall. Get artsy with this; maybe you want to hang your wall art slightly off center because there’s a plant in the corner or a chair that will block some of it. Create a vignette, or setting, like the image above, where the art is part of the grouping and slightly off center.

To choose a perfectly sized piece of art, measure the blank wall and deduct 12-24 inches. Image: Niche Interiors

Pick wall decor that’s the same length or smaller than the furniture piece it sits over. Image: 2LG Studio

What if you’re hanging living room wall art over furniture like a sofa or sofa table? Hang the artwork so the bottom edge is 6-8 inches from where the table or sofa back ends.

19 | Of course there is still something to be said for a print or painting which, if absent, renders a space soulless and unfinished. The right piece has the ability to animate a room, command the attention of its inhabitant or indeed, draw it away.

Pieces such as these, serve to create depth, texture and cohesion. On closer examination, the composition of interior space is an extension of art itself, and in the words of Thomas Merton, “enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.


A good rule of thumb is to choose wall art that takes up the width of the wall, minus 6-12 inches on each side, so it looks like it’s centered, like the image above. For example, you have a 36 inch wall. Leave about 6 inches on each side of the piece of art, which means you should choose something around 24 inches wide.

3 | When hanging disparate or unusually shaped pieces in multiples, think in terms of a grid. Start in the middle and work your way out.

Small wall art boxes or mini square canvases are a great and flexible option for filling a big or oddly shaped wall. Image: Sean Gallagher

Shop a similar look: Art | Throw Pillow | Candle Holder | Star Sculptures  | Floor Lamp

There are also large format canvases or removable wallpaper murals you can use to create a big, dramatic focal point.

Although the art is monochromatic like the rest of the room, it adds a finished look to the wall. Image: Horrigan Architects

Contemporary wall art mirrors the contemporary furnishings of this loft. Image: More Design and Build

17 | Regardless of weight, use two hooks for each piece of artwork. It will allow art to stay level and gives added stability to it.

Hang wall art in a diptych or triptych pattern, which is basically two, three or more panels of art that flow. Be sure to leave at least 2 inches between the pieces. You can do bigger spacing if you have a huge wall, just keep it consistent.

Last thing, choose art that is vibrant or graphic or powerful. Otherwise, what’s the point?

What if you have a gigantic wall? Large canvas wall art can be very expensive or hard to get into your apartment. Instead, choose smaller pieces that can be laid like a collage or gallery wall like the contemporary living room above.

8 | Don’t go it alone. Hang art when you have a helper to hold art against the wall so you can visualize what it will look like before hanging. Also, another pair of hands comes in handy when hanging big pieces.

A diptych (two panels of art) flows from one canvas to the other to add a sophisticated touch to this living room. Image: Purdy Designs

4 | Source: Ashley Ann PhotographyImages such as the former, demonstrate just how highly personal pieces can be displayed in an inexpensive and quirky fashion. The majority of interiors featured here are more modern than any other design persuasion.

Modern styling lends itself to that which is alternative, offbeat or whimsical. Modern styling, like art, can be almost anything the individual envisages and unlike classical or formed design philosophies, has not the demand for certainty in styling (that is to say the use of those pieces born out of a particular era or period, which are by their antique nature, expensive).

25 | Source: Roman ShepetaAlways use the right hangers and hooks to accommodate your artwork’s weight. Hooks are available in three basic weight allowances: 30 pounds or less; 50 to 75 pounds; and 75 to 100 pounds.

A successful wall featuring fun, vibrant art is hung at the right height and just smaller than the sofa table for the perfect scale. Image: IBB Designs

An expansive wall got a treatment of metal butterflies hung in an airy, flowy pattern that looks like they’re flying right out the window. Image: West Chin Architects

10 | If a desire to cultivate a highly personal look is overwhelming, a modern look can be created via a very traditional approach. This framed photographic cluster conjures images of a matriarch’s grand piano top or mantelpiece but can, and has here, been adapted to suit variations on modern styles.

The second of these images, also showcases a novel way in which to display such a collection and the images to follow will provide further inspiration of the same kind.

You don’t always have to center your wall art. Create a vignette instead. Image: Works Photography

Wall decor comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s traditional framed art, lightweight and unframed canvases, object collages, metal wall sculptures and more. Check out these great examples of wall decor ideas for inspiration:

39 | Source: The ScheAlways use a ruler and level when hanging art, this ensures hooks are always aligned.

Graphic yet tonal in black and white, the oversized wall panel is the focal point of the dining room. Image: D&D Interiors

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Six wood panels mounted on a black wall add dimension to the series. Image: Artistic Environments

The Art of Wall Art: Modern Wall Decor Ideas and How to Hang Pictures Like a Pro

11 | Source: ReinaldoWhile set on a grid pattern, gallery walls don’t have to be consistently squared. You may have an odd sized or uneven amount of pieces to hang so it’s fine to go off the grid.

You’re officially ready to choose and hang wall art like a pro. Turn those boring white or beige walls into a thing of beauty by choosing large, colorful or textural pieces that add life to your space.

Use multiple panels of wall art to fill a larger wall. Image: GNE Architecture

Is your space all set up with the perfect furniture, but still feels kind of vanilla? Do you live in a modern tract home with big, impossible walls to fill? Are you having trouble deciding what size or type of wall decor to choose or how to hang pictures? These wall decor ideas and tips are going to help you conquer those problems.

Four perfectly hung art pieces add vibrant color to this modern dining room. Image: Marc Michaels Interior Design

Instead of hanging a very large work of art, hang several images symmetrically for a clean, crisp look. Image: City Desk Studio

A neutral room gets a striking piece of wall art that mirrors the soft colors but adds shades of complementary blue. Image: Christopher Magidson

Pull together the colors of the room and the accessories with the right wall art panels. Image: Mandeville Canyon Designs

13 | Source: VolframA general rule of thumb, when hanging multiple works on the same wall hang them 2 inches apart.

By Rebecca Macaulay The subject of this post is highly subjective. Art. Art today is many things. Art today is anything. Its merit is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, the hanger. Like selecting art, hanging art is a skill that requires a level of creativity befitting each individual piece. Not everyone however, is artistic. These images though inspirational in their intention, offer practical solutions to art enthusiasts on any budget.  Below we give guidelines, tips and tricks for hanging and displaying your art in the most advantageous way.

31 | When hanging oversized art, especially heavy pieces, it is best to have several helpers and make sure art is secured with appropriate hardware and affixed to a wall stud.

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14 | Source: Kaiman 3DA general guideline used by many museums and galleries is to hang single pieces of art 60 inches from the ground. This centers the art at eye level.

A contemporary living room gets organically shaped wood rings in a free flowing pattern to warm up and soften the room. Image: Marc Michaels Interior Design

Hang artwork in your dining room that ties in the nearby furniture pieces, like this dining room featuring both orange wall art and black and white photography. Image: Diego Alejandro Design

21 | Source: Deign CafeThe case may also be that the purpose of the chosen piece or pieces of art serve to add depth to the room, either through a textural or illusory effect. Clashing geometric patterns do this very effectively, if not sometimes overwhelmingly but if a softer visual is required then prints inspired by the natural world, such as trees and cloud formations, that compliment the building materials within the space are the optimal choice.

First of all, take a look at the wall you’re going to fill to decide what size art you should pick. There are many ways to determine this and you’ll see different ideas throughout this post.

What if you are hanging wall art over a sofa, bed or table? Choose a piece of art (or a series) that is the same length as the furniture piece or smaller. Avoid wall decor that is wider than the furniture piece; it looks totally weird.

The homeowners hung a triptych made of small, dimensional objects to add some visual interest and texture to their beige walls. Image: Sean Michael Design

37 | Popular in the current creative climate is a segmented approach to display. Due to its popularity and versatility, it is easily accessed and can be found at many an interior design generalist, such as IKEA.

If however, what is desired is inexpensive but more personal than that which a large supplier has to offer, a segmented display can be designed at home (using a family portrait, memorable holiday snaps or children’s art work for example) and produced on canvas by most small-scale print shops.

Always leave at least 2 inches between your wall decor, or more if you have lots of wall area to fill. Image: Studio Kardum

There are many ways you can hang wall art and, depending on the weight of the art, you may be able to avoid putting holes in the walls by using adhesive removable mounting tabs.

Next, decide how high to hang your wall art. Wall art height is the concept that goes wrong the most. The general rule of thumb is to hang wall art at your sight line, so you don’t have to look up too high or too low at it. That means the center of your wall art area is about 60 inches from the ground.

This piece of art is perfectly centered and highlighted with a spotlight. Image: Zephyr Interiors

A painting nearly the length of the sofa is the right scale for this living room. Image: Daniel Paya Design

12 | Source: RMTA gallery art wall is a terrific way to show off multiple photographs or disparate size artwork you want to enjoy on a daily basis.

Hang wall decor 6-8 inches above your furniture. Image: Taylor Smyth

A bamboo wall sculpture breaks up all the tailored lines in this master bedroom. Image: EDS Interiors

5 | Source: Apartment TherapyThe epitome of high impact/ low cost, this cute concept requires not a handyman or a critic. All that is required is a selection of coat hangers in a choice of blonde or dark wood (or metal if the theme of the room dictates) and a rough idea of what types of images might be displayed.

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