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Super creative electricity transmission line towers
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Super Creative Electricity Transmission Line Towers.

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Every once in a while we awe at something that is so cool that we wish it existed in the real world that we occupy. This is one of those things. One look at the image and you get it. Immediately.

They even managed to bring out gender differences in them! *Huge respect to the minds behind these*

This design transforms mundane electrical pylons into statues on the Icelandic landscape by making only small alterations to existing pylon design. Making only minor alterations to well established steel-framed tower design, we have created a series of towers that are powerful, solemn and variable. These iconic pylon-figures will become monuments in the landscape. Seeing the pylon-figures will become an unforgettable experience, elevating the towers to something more than merely a functional design of necessity.

The structure won the 2010 Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture Award and we bet it wouldn’t be the last accolade that it wins.

The pylon-figures can also be arranged to create a sense of place through deliberate expression. Subtle alterations in the hands and head combined with repositioning of the main body parts in the x, y and z-axis, allow for a rich variety of expressions. The pylon-figures can be placed in pairs, walking in the same direction or opposite directions, glancing at each other as they pass by or kneeling respectively, head bowed at a town.

Visualized by American design firm Choi + Shine Architects, these massive structures look almost reassuring, like some gods that stand united watching over the lands. [Kind of reminds us of the The Gates of Argonath from the Lord of the Rings. 🙂 ]

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