Spanish House Reveals Multiple Meanings

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9 architectural elements of spanish revival style
Rural areas of spain are beginning to repopulate with various ecovillage projects appearing and more and more people looking for a cheaper and simpler way
Spanish House Reveals Multiple Meanings

to express the roughness of a time estimate (where it can mean around or about) Te llamo hacia las tres. – I’ll call you about three. or in the following phrases:

But con has several other uses as well. You can also use “con” to express surprise at a known statement or simply to emphasize the importance of something or someone. Por ejemplo:

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First of all, don’t make the mistake of confusing hacía with hacia! Hacia is one of those words that will change its meaning completely depending on whether it has an accent mark or not.hacia is a preposition that means “towards” or “to” hacía is the third person singular form of the verb hacer in the imperfect.The preposition hacia is used: to express the direction of movement (in which it means towards or to)

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9 | Use of the intrim pool blends dimensionalism and contrasts light.

This vacation home came about as a result of a competition between three offices. Its official designer was Pedro Reis. This subtle two-story centers around the kitchen, in concurrence with the trend all over the West. Its program is divided into two, intersecting spaces: half is reserved for service and private areas; the other is for more social areas. The bottom form seems to reflect the natural context. Its prefab construction is lain within the earth, juxtaposed with the first story which was designed to appear to levitate above the ground.

5 | E-glazed windows would help conserve heat in this room during winter and thwart heat gain during summer.

If you want more lessons on Spanish Prepositions then I recommend that you check out the following:

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The preposition de is also widely used in Spanish for a variety of purposes. In general, it means “of” or “from,” although it can be used to indicate possession, origin, type, composition, and more. Let’s look at some uses.Possession Los padres de Sara – Sarah’s parents El negocio del Señor Goodwin – Mr. Goodwin’s businessOrigin Él es de argentina. – He is from Argentina. El queso es de Gales. – The cheese is from Wales.Subject Un libro de español – a Spanish book Una compañía de computadoras – a computer company Ella sabe todo de las matemáticas. – She knows everything about math.Position Phrases encima de – on top of al lado de – besideFrom Here to There de aquí a Miami – from here to Miami de una cosa a otra – from one thing to anotherParts un pedazo de manzana – a piece of apple un poco de crema – a little creamTime de día – by day de sábado a domingo – from Saturday to SundayCause morir de risas – to die of laughter gritar de frustración – to shout from frustrationComposition Está hecho de lana. – It’s made of wool. una camisa de seda – a silk shirt carne de res – beef

Most of the time, con will mean “with.” As a result, you’ll find it quite easy to use. Por ejemplo:

Note that the tests below are listed from easiest to hardest.

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Spanish Prepositions – DESDE, ENTRE, SIN and HASTA Spanish Prepositions – POR and PARA Spanish Prepositional Pronouns

3 | The landscape design makes a small footprint to the outdoors.

In the section on Prepositional Pronouns, you learned that prepositions are connecting words that indicate location as well as placement in time. They include words like “about, above, across, after, against, along, around, at, before, behind, below, beneath, beside, between, beyond…” and so on. You have already become used to using many prepositions in Spanish. The direction words that you learned in the section on The Spanish Verb ESTAR (such as en, entre, detrás, adelante) were prepositions. Other Spanish prepositions that you have been using without realizing it are a and de.It is useful to go back to these prepositions and take a second look, as they can have multiple meanings depending on the context. In this lesson, we’ll look at a, de, en, hacia, and con. You will hear these words all the time in a variety of contexts. Unfortunately, there is no single meaning in English for any of them.

4 | It either eschews a warren of dark, interior rooms, or it’s a long, cold aberration in the design.

Don’t forget that when con is followed by either mí or ti, the words merge together to form a contraction. con + mí = conmigo con + ti = contigo

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6 | The kitchen area shatters the line between the interior and exterior.

8 | This pool, reminiscent of the work of architect Louis Barragan, creates an interior method of enjoying the outdoors.

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En is another useful, all-purpose word that can be used to express “in,” “on,” “by.”Time en el verano – in the summer en un minuto – in a minute en la mañana – in the morningPlace Estamos en casa. – We are at home. Entramos en la casa. – We enter the house. Hablamos en el bus. – We talk on the bus. Caminamos en el bosque. – We walk in the forest.Method of Travel Voy en tren. – I go by train. Viajo en avión. – I travel by plane. Cruzo el océano en barco. – I cross the ocean by boat.Mode Hablas en español. – You speak in Spanish. Estás en serio. – You are serious.Subject Eres bueno en las lenguas. – You are good at languages. Eres experto en los negocios. – You are expert in business.

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7 | It takes skill to enable architecture to encapsulate exterior art.

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The following usages of con are a bit more specialized. You’ll recognize them from their context.

hacia abajodown, downwardshacia adelante forwardshacia arriba up, upwardshacia atrás back, backwards

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