One sqm house worlds smallest house
Located on calle tetuán is la casa estrecha the narrow house it has the reputation of being the smallest house in the world
Smallest House In The World

Smallest House In The World Smallest House In The World

In 2010, a designer made up his mind that he wanted to build his own house. Whilst hiking one day the designer found a perfect place in the woods for a cabin, however knowing that he would not be able to build a normal-size home in the space of 6 months to a year, he decided to build a small home and only took 2 weeks to buy the required materials and build.

The bed is simply the floor beneath you; you just add a blanket and pillow. There’s a charming window box filled with fresh arugula.

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This small portable house, that is similar to a caravan, has been being designed for almost 5 years. The Happier Camper, has designed this for campers that would still like to be able to cook, wash their hands in a sink and use electronics whilst camping.

The upside: It’s a green home, literally. It’s painted a verdant shade, and it comes with a greywater system, for watering the plants, and a tiny wind turbine that fits on top of the roof.

“I would call this a shelter, but I wouldn’t call it a house,” says Tiny House Association co-founder Elaine Walker. “A person should be able to carry out normal living activities in a house, including standing up, which is not possible.”

This small house has been balancing on a rock and surviving through all of the weather changes for 47 years.

For a thesis project, a young architecture graduate student decided that he would rather build something that was real and had a practical impact, than something that was just drawn and imaginary. So he asked friends for help, and converted an old school bus, that he had bought off of craigslist, into a mobile home. The bus now has a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area and the floor of the bus is now covered with wood that was salvaged from a gym.

In Finland, it’s said that you are allowed to build a small dwelling without a permit if it’s less than 96 – 128 square feet (depending on the location).

Brigit Katz is a freelance writer is based in Toronto. Her work has appeared in a number of publications, including, Flavorwire and Tina Brown Media’s Women in the World.

Too Tiny? Boston Artist Builds ‘Smallest House in the World’

The keret house, located in Warsaw, Poland, has been built to sit between 2 old buildings that represent different historical periods in Warsaw history. The houses widest point is just 122cm, with the narrowest point being 72 centimetres.

Some people are realizing now that less is more, and are also being convinced that smaller houses are better as they can be portable and be moved when you want. Some have built their own houses, and have designed them to be very tiny, either just because it’s easier and takes less time to build or because they want to travel and be able to live in a home as well. We’ve put together a list of 20 Of The Smallest Houses In The World, to showcase these tiny yet amazing houses.

Glen Bunsen stands on top of the house, because he can’t stand inside.

The rooms have a double bed, next to the beds are small storage areas that contain more pillows and sheets. They have placed outlets in them for electronics, and there’s a small space under the bed that is used to place customer’s luggage.

But storage? Not so much. And the shower? It’s a clear, body-size container made from thermoplastic sheet material that resembles a futuristic coffin.

A lifestyle artist, photographer, and rogue bureaucrat, Jay Austin, decided to build a “harmonious home” and resulted with a 140-square-foot home, entirely carbon-neutral, off-grid, and is self-sustaining, that he calls “The Matchbox”.

A few years ago, Miller had gone through a divorce and was facing foreclosure on her 2,500-square-foot home. She then put $11,400 into building this small, 196-square-foot house, that she now shares with her partner, their newborn baby and their Great Dane.

Homelessness has been a big thing around the world for many years, and in order to help them an architect came up with the idea to build small houses in billboards. The small homes will be built to have two rooms, a kitchen, an office space, a bed with some storage underneath, and even a bathroom.

In 2012, a couple decided they wanted to build their own home on a trailer, so they researched and found a tiny house building website, went through their designs and used one of them with a few adjustments.

The one’s that are built for sleeping feature two queen-sized beds built into the wall. Whereas, one’s that are built for play come with small dining tables that are integrated into the main feature wall and can be detached.

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Designers of this house took the challenge to build this house for a married couple and their new born child, on a small lot in Tokyo. The vision that the architect had for this house, was to exceed the physical narrowness of living in the city. The only major problem to this house is that you have to go up 4 floors, just to go to the bathroom.

A designer had an idea to construct a cabin, coming up with what they call “The Bunkie”. A small one-room adobe. This small home is designed to maximize all available space and can also be customized to its intended use, which can be either for sleep or play.

“You pull the lid down on you and turn it on, and it sprays really fine jets of water all over you,” Smith says, who devised the contraption. “I admit it takes the pleasure out of taking a shower.” You can’t linger, anyway—you have only a quart of water to work with.

SmartNews Keeping you current Scientists Built the World’s Smallest House Even a mite wouldn’t fit inside this itty-bitty structure This house is just 20 micrometers long and features a tiled roof, seven windows, and a chimney.

(FEMTO-ST Institute)

Could you live in the world’s smallest house? Do you think it’s feasible? How low could you go in terms of square footage? Let us know exactly what you think at House Talk.

Going through a divorce is a difficult, heartbreaking experience, most of the time it can bring you down and you feel as if you don’t want to do anything anymore. Other times it pushes you to become a better person. That was the case for architectural designer, Macy Miler.

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“The tiny-house movement kind of captured my imagination,” says its builder, sculptor and filmmaker Jeff Smith of Boston. “Even though I feel like people have been living in tiny houses forever, I wanted to make this one ,because I wanted to make the smallest house.”

In 1968, a group of young swimmers rested on this rock and decided they wanted a more comfortable place to rest. Wanting shelter from the sun they began to build, however it didn’t become a house until the following year, when one of the swimmers turned it into a one-room house.

Next to a National Park in California, is a Wagon Station Encampment. Within this, they have placed small sleeping pods around the camp site, each of them have comfortable mattresses and bedding, they can also be locked at night and contain small doors for ventilation.

The shower doesn’t store easily inside the home, either. It has to be kept, as Smith suggests, “in the van, stashed in some nearby bushes or at someone’s mom’s house.”

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A few years ago, a young couple decided that they were bored of their jobs and wanted to pursue their dreams of becoming travel journalists, so they quit their jobs and thought that it would be a great idea to travel in a house they had built themselves. So they built this small travel house, moved out of their normal-size home and hit the road. They have said that they aren’t sure what they want to do when they have finished their travelling, but have also said that if they don’t lose much money doing this, they would love to continue it forever.

For those that look for something for recreational use, they have also made an “open” design which gives access to open space and can be used for yoga, aerobics, reading, meditation and even Twister.

This small house was built in 1912, the builder of the house had noticed that there was a space between the two larger houses and thought that it would be a nice idea to build a smaller one, after building the house, the builder and his wife lived in it for 20 years.

Not exactly a house, but this small round concrete thing is actually a hotel room at a hotel called “Das Park Hotel” located in both Austria and Germany.

This home definitely has some severe limitations: It measures 7.2 feet by 3.5 feet inside—Smith wanted to keep it small enough to fit inside a “regular-size van” for easy transport.

Although the houses have not yet been built, and we have only seen digital plans for the houses and what they should look like, it is still an amazing idea.

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(Smith likes devising things on wheels such as his earlier collaboration on a mobile kitchen in Sausalito, CA.)


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A company, Tiny Heirloom, has designed a small portable smart home, the home includes hand-free lighting, voice activated door locks, automated thermostats, auto-leveling jacks, tank level indication, propane level readings and bluetooth surround system.

Thousands of massive stone monuments, known as Moai, preside over Easter Island. The way they were carved, using only stone tools, seems unfathomable. How Were Easter Island’s Gigantic Statues Actually Carved? (4:11) The superheros creator, William Moulton Marston, was a Harvard-trained psychologist and inventor and infused his daily life into the comic book.

The Origin Story of Wonder Woman (4:36) In 1992, Christopher McCandless set off to test if he could survive alone in the wilds of Alaska. It didn’t go as planned. What Happened to Chris McCandless? (3:38) In 1828, John Jacob Astor built a trading post on the Missouri River.

Business was so profitable that it only took four decades for Astor to become America’s first multimillionaire. America’s First Multimillionaire (2:49)

The house has everything that is needed, a pull out bed, kitchen, laundry, lounge room, etc. Then house even has a small back yard.

The one-of-a-kind creation cost about $80,000, says the artist, who now can’t bear to part with it—and has instead listed it on Airbnb.

This Terrifying Worm Snatches Fish From the Ocean Floor (3:18)

In the short film shot in Northampton, MA, Bunsen takes you through what it’s like living in such a shelter. He jokes that he no longer hangs out with his tall friends, cooks pancakes on the gas stove, and rolls his home up to a restaurant for dinner, and over to his office for work. He also demonstrates how the Rube Goldberg shower works.

Unlike other trailers or portable homes, this one is small enough to be considered a travel trailer and does not need a permit to move it.

Smith agrees. “When people think of the tiny house, they think of freedom, not paying rent, being able to pick up and move at any time.” But with the smallest house we’ve ever seen, you pick it up and move it with you.

Being bored with his own work, the architect for this small a-frame house decided that he wanted to do something different, something that was similar to a holiday cabin. With that idea and the help of a friend, they came up with this small house.

“The interior ceiling height is 38 inches, which is just enough room to sit up,” Smith says.

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Despite having to shed most of his belongings to live in the wheeled home, even for a short time, Bunsen advises, “If you want to have a purely small house, make sure it fits in a van. If you do, the world is your backyard.”

You enter the single “room,” made of recycled materials, through a reclaimed farm door. Light comes through the Pyrex portholes on both sides. The place is set up with a sink and a stovetop. The toilet is a hole leading to a “solid-waste system,” made up of kitty litter.

Sand strikers, also known as bobbit worms, are primitive-looking creatures that lack eyes, or even a brain. Despite this, they are savage predators who shoot out grapple-like hooks to reel in passing fish.

A short walk from the sleeping pods, there is an outdoor communal kitchen, an outdoor shower and composting toilet.

A woman turned a Catskill hunting cabin, into an amazing Victorian cottage that she had always wanted. The tiny cottage may not have a toilet or a kitchen, but it has everything else that is needed in a house. The lady extended the outside, front porch and replaced some tree trunks that were holding up the roofing of the porch with antique columns, she then painted in white and green.

This yolo cabin, is located on a farm in Yolo County, California. The inspiration for this cabin came from the local water towers in Yolo County. The main part of the cabin is elevated off the ground to circulate the air on hot nights and to also enhance the view. The cabin is also supported by glulam beams, so that it can be moved if desired.

Smith adds, “If you’re in the arts, I believe it should be your mission to push the limits of civilization. I wanted to see what the limits are of a tiny house.”

So while the title of “smallest house” might be a point of contention with the tiny-home community, we can all agree on one thing: This place is way, way small.

Smith was even inspired to make a lighthearted documentary about living in it. It stars Glen Bunsen, a 28-year-old web designer, who commissioned Smith to build the teeny wheeled house about two years ago, and then lived in it for a short time.

Building their own house was great, as they have now lived in the house 3 years. However, after all the hard work they have put into the building, they recently announced that they’re starting a family and have had to sell it.

So there’s no standing in this house—unless it’s to pop through the skylight.

There are tiny houses, and then there’s this most minuscule of domiciles. Dubbed “the smallest house in the world,” it’s part art project, part experimental living. And at 25 square feet, this pad on wheels would challenge even the most open-minded small-home dweller. And that’s kind of the point.

A group of three students designed a relocatable dwelling for one person, whilst building, they thought that it would be a good idea for it to be a spirit hut, meaning it would be placed in a secluded, rural setting to give the occupant quiet time in order to contemplate and self-explore.

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