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Small Bathroom Ideas Reviews By Wirecutter A New York Times

Small Bathroom Ideas Reviews By Wirecutter A New York Times Small Bathroom Ideas Reviews By Wirecutter A New York Times

Beyond what we’ve covered in this guide, we’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and testing a variety of other bathroom gear. We kept the recommendations in this guide focused on items to specifically help in a small bathroom. But you may also be interested in our recommendations for other things you might need:

For your bathroom, the 10-liter simplehuman bin can’t be beat.

This rolling cart is sturdier and more affordable than the other cart we considered. Its three deep shelves are great for cleaning supplies and essentials like TP.

The InterDesign Classico dispenses a roll in use and holds four in storage, making it the highest volume, most functional stand we considered.

In addition to being available in two depths, the Godmorgon wall cabinet comes in seven different finishes. Beyond that, IKEA also makes a taller version of this cabinet that is only 5 inches deep and would be a great option if you just want to store toiletries. All of the other cabinets we looked at lack size or finish customization options.

After testing 17 bathroom rugs and mats, we recommend the Lands’ End Supima Non-skid Bath Rug. It absorbs water easily, dries quickly, and has some of the best materials of any mat we found.

Wirecutter’s pick from their small bathroom storage review is this silver two-drawer mesh organizer from The Container Store.

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Hooks Adhesive hooks keep clutter off the floor without damaging walls. Photo: 3M

Some people prefer more substantial hook solutions. If you can’t hang a hook rack on the back of your bathroom door, the Liberty 129848 Hook Rail/Coat Rack we recommend in our Small Apartment collective would be a great option.

We researched 769 small trash cans and rigorously tested dozens of models to find the best ones for bathrooms, offices, and kitchen cabinets.

We also seriously considered but dismissed three other non-mirrored cabinets. The Lillangen from IKEA would be a great alternative if you want something slightly smaller and cheaper than the Godmorgon; however, it’s not deep enough to store towels (only 8 inches) and doesn’t have a warranty. The Sumter from Wayfair and Elegant Home from Amazon appear to be exactly the same in size, style, and finish; we eliminated them because their clear glass doors will show clutter. Most of the mirrored cabinets we looked into were the same stylistically—and not big enough to offer much storage—but if you need a medicine cabinet, the Pegasus and Kohler got the best reviews of those we researched.

InterDesign Kitchen Drawer Organizer 6-piece set The best drawer organizing set

We also considered two fully enclosed options by InterDesign and Zenna Home, but we dismissed these because they lacked the functionality of having a place for the roll in use. This open air option from Spectrum had a similar issue; while it would be possible to use one of the rolls on this rod, it wouldn’t be ideal.

The best small organizer for minimalists, the magnetic MagnaPods stick to a medicine cabinet door and are great for holding makeup, tweezers, or tubes.

The Best Manual Razor for Most Faces Updated November 22, 2017

(And if this puts you in a cleaning kind of mood, here is the Smarter Living guide to cleaning your bathroom — and the rest of your home, natch — by the Smarter Living friend and noted clean person Jolie Kerr.)

For some, even a 7-inch organizer will take up too much space for the medicine cabinet. The MagnaPods have magnetic strips on the back and stick onto the inside of a metal medicine cabinet door, taking advantage of the extra empty space between the cabinet door and interior shelving. They’re ideal for lipsticks, makeup pencils, kid’s toothbrushes, and other items that are difficult to keep vertical on their own. These are the only organizers of this kind that we were able to find. Reviewers love the MagnaPods too, giving them 4.9 stars (over 8 reviews) and writing they use the containers for lip balm, tweezers, or other tubes. A few people even mentioned using these pods for storing pens and pencils on their fridge doors.

From Wirecutter, “powered electric toothbrushes have been shown to provide superior dental care to manual toothbrushing — they remove more plaque and reduce gingivitis at statistically significant rates.”

■ Make use of beautiful late-summer tomatoes while you still can.

These are the best-constructed shelves we’ve found. They don’t tip over (like other sets) and come with the option to screw the frame into your vanity for added stability.

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The only other cart we saw that was well-suited to bathroom use was the Tower Bathroom Storage Cart from Urban Outfitters. Ultimately we weren’t impressed, as this cart is much smaller, costs about $50 more, and one reviewer had issues attaching some of the bolts during assembly.

We also like that these shelves are multifunctional as both a shelf and a towel rack. The other metal shelves we looked at had towel rods, which would make them impractical to mount over a door. At 31½ inches wide, the Grundtal should also be a perfect fit when mounted above a door frame.

Julie Morgenstern, organizer and author of Organizing from the Inside Out, phone interview

Our previous pick for over-the-door hook rack has been discontinued, but our new pick, the Nickel Duchess 5-Hook Over the Door Rack works just as well.

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Want to Have a Good Day? Try Making the Bed First In a time of chaos, tucking your sheets in tightly each morning can give you a sense of control. Here are some best practices for making the bed.

We spent more than 30 hours on research, scrubbed three toilets 48 different times, and compared notes with professional housekeepers to find the $6 Lysol Bowl Brush is the best toilet brush for most bathrooms. The caddy is the simplest to use, clean, and disinfect of any we tested, as well as the only caddy that allowed the brush bristles to dry out completely. Of course, it can also clean a toilet well.

Instead of blindly throwing cleaning products under the sink when you’re done with them (guilty), make better use of that space with a set of small drawers that will turn your unwieldy forest of spray bottles and cans of Comet into a tidy monument to cleanliness.

We didn’t like the stacking drawer sets we tested, like the pictured .Org set, because the top shelf, filled with items, toppled off the frame entirely. Video: Kyle Fitzgerald

Pedestal sinks pose challenges for a small bathroom: the lack of a sink cabinet eliminates potential storage for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other essentials. We found a number of recommendations online for using a sink skirt or large baskets, but we don’t love either solution. Sink skirts can easily get dusty and mildewy, and baskets can attract more clutter. The best space-maximizing storage solutions we found were the Rågrund shelving and the Råskog cart from IKEA.

Keep things behind closed doors: Our experts all recommended over-toilet racks and hanging cabinets with doors that close. This reduces the appearance of clutter, and your toiletries won’t gather dust and gunk—meaning you won’t need to clean quite as often.

Maximize vertical space: Use the height of your bathroom for shelving, over-toilet storage, and wall-mounted cabinets. The same principle applies to hooks, magnets, and hanging racks that take advantage of walls and the backs of doors.

Choose the right size: Often this means getting smaller versions of things or items that collapse, like a folding stool. Use organizing trays instead of baskets: They help keep small items in check and are much less susceptible to becoming “black holes” for your bathroom junk.

The only items we would recommend baskets for are toilet paper or towels.

Wirecutter has a truly incredible array of bathroom product recommendations, so here are five of my favorite items. But really, do yourself a favor and revamp your bathroom life.

I am a fiend for bathroom organization and products, so I constantly pore over top bathroom picks from Wirecutter, the product recommendation site owned by The New York Times. I’ll take any chance I can get to better organize my mess of under-sink cleaning products, or upgrade my shower curtain or buy a new plunger. (Yes, I live an astonishingly exciting life.)

The Umbra Hide ‘n’ Sink Under Sink Caddy slips right over the door of a vanity cabinet, leaving floor space free to store other items. We liked the Umbra as an alternative to below-sink drawers because it has a unique slot designed for storing a hair dryer, something that none of the other bathroom accessories we looked at were explicitly designed to do. The Umbra is also a good solution for storing sponges or other cleaning supplies that you might ordinarily keep below the sink if you don’t have quite enough space to accommodate drawers. While the Umbra receives good user reviews (4.1 stars over 55 reviews), some people did complain that their taller bottles and containers fell out of the caddy.

This is my white whale of bathroom products. For years I’ve been buying, testing, trashing and rebuying an endless line of caddies I end up hating. Suctions cups, wire frames, plastic, weird grippy things around the shower head … they never satisfy.

It’s the one room in the home everybody has to use, so it should be pleasant. But why settle for pleasant when you can have paradise? From bidets to toilet paper to showerheads to bath towels, we’ve researched, reviewed, and tested hundreds of things to find the best appliances, accessories, and toiletries for your bathroom.

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If you’re prepared to drill into a wall, we also like the KES Solid Metal Swivel hook that we recommend in our small apartment guide, but we don’t think it’s ideal for all bathroom purposes. The KES has a 3-in-1 design, with three hooks that you can swivel 180 degrees. These would be great for hanging dry towels, robes, or underwear, but we worry that wet towels would be unable to dry fully on the KES. If you hang your wet towels elsewhere, these would be a good option for keeping the bathroom floor free of clutter.

The Command large double bath hook is a great option for people who need an attractive temporary hook with multiple hooks in one. They are the bestseller on Amazon for robe and towel hooks and receive 4.3 stars from over 130 reviewers. The other adhesive hooks we saw on Amazon were largely bulk-purchase off-brand options that don’t look particularly durable or attractive. In lieu of the double bath hook, we also liked the Command Designer Bath Hooks, which receive slightly better reviews with 4.7 stars from over 800 reviewers. We like these two styles in particular because they are designed for bath (supposedly making the adhesive more effective in rooms with high heat and humidity). The nickel finish on the double hook also looks nice despite being temporary. 3M makes some other adhesive hooks designed specifically for bathrooms, but they didn’t receive equally good reviews (or weren’t as attractive).

We also looked at three competing folding stools: the Jeronic, which looks identical to the Greenco, is only available in one color; The Handy Laundry, a slightly better rated (4.7 stars) alternative available only in black; and the Acko, which looked a bit too tall and cost twice as much as our pick.

Even though these are kitchen-drawer organizers, we like their height and durability for bathroom drawers. This six-piece set was more durable than other organizers and comes in better sizes.

After researching nearly 100 robes, and testing 23, we’ve chosen nine comfy styles in a variety of fabrics that we think will work for most people.

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We reached out to a handful of home organizers and small-space experts for their thoughts on keeping the smallest but most-used room in our homes in check, including: Erin Boyle of Reading My Tea Leaves and author of Simple Matters: Living with Less and Ending Up with More; Julie Morgenstern, organizer and author of Organizing from the Inside Out; Sharon Lowenheim, home organizer; Debbie Harwin, professional organizer and owner/president of I Need My Space; and Standolyn Robertson, certified professional organizer.

After speaking to experts, we also limited our search to options that came with doors to hide visible clutter. Open shelves also allow items to fall off, often into the toilet. The Rebrilliant has sliding doors, which occupy far less space than swinging doors would, making it not only more functional but also more compact for a small bathroom.

Over-toilet racks get a bad rap, but this one should keep you happy with its attractive appearance, durable construction, and sliding doors that won’t invade your airspace.

Durability was one of the biggest factors we considered when researching above-toilet racks. We saw many negative reviews about over-toilet racks being unstable and falling apart, so it was important to us to find an option that would be both sturdy and built to last. Bamboo is one of the most durable materials we found for bathroom furniture, as it resists swelling with changes in humidity. The Rebrilliant’s bamboo construction should be more durable over time because it withstands humidity and moisture better than manufactured wood or particle board.

The best competing racks we saw with storage baskets and hooks have all either sold out or been discontinued since this guide published. If you definitely need a bit more storage for behind the door, that isn’t just hooks, Container Store has some helpful options.

We also considered the Zena Home Bathroom Saver, the Beyond Value Summit Space Saver, the Rebrilliant with plain doors, the Rebrilliant with slatted doors, the Rebrilliant with toilet-paper dispensers, and the Ambassador with modern doors, but we dismissed these styles because they either had unattractive designs, did not fit our materials criteria, or earned poor user reviews.

After 200 hours of research and testing, we found that the best razor is the Mach3 Sensitive Power. It shaves just as well as the latest razors but for a fraction of the price. It was also the overall favorite of the 10 men in our testing panel and recommended by half of the 30 professional barbers we asked.

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Squatty Potty Is the Best Toilet Stool Published March 30, 2018

Again, hear me out on an item that feels like small potatoes: Who among us hasn’t been using the same bathroom trash can for five years because why waste money on … trash?

After researching more than twenty over-toilet storage racks and considering nine, we found the Rebrilliant Over the Toilet Storage is the best. This cabinet is made from more durable materials than the competition, has sliding doors that hide visual clutter while taking up less space than swinging doors, and has the highest user reviews of any cabinet we looked at. We didn’t actually test racks, but the specs, user reviews, and a recommendation from one of our editors who owns the Rebrilliant make us confident in recommending it.

Not only does the Grundtal pack in a ton of functionality, but reviewers on Amazon awarded the kitchen version of these shelves 4.2 stars (over 80 reviews) and were quick to shout out their sturdiness and functionality. One dissatisfied reviewer did mention that this shelf may not fit on standard spaced studs, so we would recommend using drywall anchors if you can’t drill both ends of the shelf into studs.2

This is the best organizer we’ve found for holding toiletries of all sizes. Its narrower dimensions leave more room for storing other bulky items on a medicine cabinet shelf.

Folding stools are helpful for giving kids a boost at the sink or reaching the towels on a high shelf. Our pick has the best ratings we’ve found and comes in more colors.

Our experts stressed the importance of paring down the items we keep in our bathrooms and managing the items we do keep by organizing. They helped us define the following four guiding principles for small bathrooms:

The biggest issue facing friends and colleagues when we asked about their small bathrooms was not knowing where to store towels. The Godmorgon wall cabinet comes in two depths, 11.75 and 12.6 inches, which is enough space to comfortably fit folded bath towels and everyday toiletries. All of the competing cabinets we looked at were between 7 and 8 inches deep, which is a definite detractor for people who need added room for bulky items. This cabinet also comes with two adjustable tempered glass shelves, so you can customize the placement to suit your needs.

The Silver 2-drawer Mesh Organizer requires no assembly, comes with durable mesh, and fits taller items better than the competition. Our pick features a latching mechanism that keeps the top drawer in place, and since the frame is all one apparatus, there is no chance of the top falling off like we saw with competing shelves. In case you are worried about the stand falling over, the Silver 2-drawer organizer also comes with four holes in the base so it can be screwed into the bottom of a vanity for further stability (a feature none of the other drawers we looked at had). This organizer also has slightly more clearance between its bottom drawer and top drawer, making it easier to store taller bottles either below or above.

The slightly larger 9-inch-wide InterDesign Med+ Makeup and Medicine Cabinet Short Organizer that we tested didn’t fit mascaras and other tubes very well because the small vertical storage cubbies weren’t large enough. We didn’t love either of the 12-inch-wide containers we looked at because they completely filled the entire lower level of my small medicine cabinet without fully fitting some of the bulkier items I have, like a big box of cold medicine.

These triangular shelves are the most creative solution we found for people with open space below their sinks. A pair will hide ugly pipes and take advantage of dead space.

When we brought up the challenge of towel storage with our experts, all of them said that if you must keep towels in the bathroom, shelves above the toilet or door frame are a good solution. As pro organizer Debbie Harwin told us, shelves make “use of all your vertical space all the way up from floor to ceiling.” After considering 25 floating shelves (and looking at hundreds more), the IKEA Grundtal shelving was our favorite because of its more-durable materials than the competition and multifunctional design—it serves as both shelving and a towel hanger.

A cart is another good solution for people who need some extra space, but also want something they can easily move around. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

Floating shelves We like that the Grundtal shelves double as a spot to hang and stack towels. Photo: Ikea

We focused on shelving that would be ideal for storing towels and linens: deep enough to hold a folded towel (about 10 to 12 inches) and durable enough to withstand prolonged exposure to humidity. The Grundtal shelves fit the bill, as they are 11 inches deep—the deepest shelf we could find.1 Unlike shelving made from particleboard, these should not delaminate or deteriorate over time and unlike glass they are less likely to break during shipping, assembly, or use.

Command hooks are a great temporary way to keep clutter off the floor without leaving holes in the wall. They’re also good for tile walls or inside the shower where you can’t drill.

After eight months of testing a dozen shavers on a variety of beard types, we found the Braun Series 7 760cc to be the best electric shaver for most people.

Luckily, Wirecutter spent 15 hours digging into more than 100 caddies (!) and made my decision for me: this one from OXO, for around $30.

After six months of research and testing and hundreds of weigh-ins, we’ve found the EatSmart Precision CalPal is the best digital scale.

We tested five toilet stools, and the stylish Squatty Potty Slim Teak is the one we’d choose for our own bathrooms.

Linus Medicine Cabinet Organizer Best medicine cabinet organizer

Finally, Wirecutter writer Gregory Han, who has lived with small bathrooms for many years, recommended the Home So Bathroom Hook with Suction Cup Holder to us, citing that they were the first attractive suction cup hooks he had been able to find. When we ordered these to try our ourselves, we only received one hook despite the listing being for a two-pack, and the finish was pretty plastic feeling. These would be great for hanging a swimsuit or any other wet gear to dry in the shower.

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If you do happen to want to purchase individual containers to perfectly fit your drawers, we recommend the Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers. These are made of thicker, more heavy-duty plastic than the InterDesign containers, but they come in the same 2-inch depth (ideal for fitting into shallow drawers). Although we did not bring these in for testing, I checked them out at The Container Store and feel confident recommending them. They’re the same style as the 3-inch-deep Linus organizers we tested and liked (but thought were too deep for most bathroom drawers). With 4.8 stars over 150 reviews, we are confident they will be an excellent choice.

After over 30 hours of research and tests of 12 hair dryers, we’ve found that many perform similarly, but the Rusk W8less is the best for most people.

Wirecutter writer and former contractor Doug Mahoney told us that studs are typically spaced 16 inches apart, meaning this rack would miss mounting into two studs. He recommends that you try and find at least one stud to mount either end of the rack into, if possible, and use anchors anywhere that there aren’t studs.

Where should you live to escape the harshest effects of climate change? Bets for avoiding the worst droughts, wildfires and floods include Portland, Me., San Francisco, Detroit and — surprise — New York City.

This rack comes with five hooks and is a great way to take advantage of lost space on the back of a door.

The InterDesign kitchen cubbies are made of a thick plastic that won’t bend or break easily, unlike the Rubbermaid Interlocking Drawer organizers, which folded easily in half when squeezed. At 2 inches deep, these compartments are also shallow enough to fit in most drawers, something we didn’t think the 3-inch Linus Deep Drawer organizers would be capable of. Not only is the InterDesign more durable and sized better, but these organizers also come in a six-pack, making it the perfect starter kit. (The other organizers we tested were only sold as singles.)

We spent 20 hours researching how to make the most of small bathroom space, speaking with five organizing experts and closely considering over 130 items. Whether you’re looking for clever solutions for towel storage, good ways to keep medicine cabinets tidy, or cabinets and shelves to stow lotions and potions, the 13 items we recommend should help clear clutter and make your tiny bathroom feel more luxurious.

Medicine cabinet organizers The 7-inch Linus Medicine Cabinet Organizer has well-sized cubbies to fit long tubes but doesn’t occupy too much space. Photo: Alex Arpaia

Standolyn Robertson, certified professional organizer, phone interview

Wayfair Rebrilliant Over the Toilet Storage The best over-toilet rack

After taking nearly 100 showers, we think the Kohl’s Chaps Home Richmond Turkish Cotton Luxury Towel is best for most people.

If you have a larger medicine cabinet, though, and can accommodate the space, we liked the 12-inch-wide InterDesign Med+ Makeup and Medicine Cabinet Multi-Level Organizer, because it had plenty of vertical storage, easily fit dental floss and Band-aids, and had some room to spare in the large central cubby for cotton balls or pads. If you want to keep your cotton balls in a small drawer, consider the Linus Cabinet Organizer with Drawer.

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With triple the number of reviews of the competition (over 1,300), this toilet paper tower averages a 4.6-star rating and is a top-seller on Amazon. The Classico holds up to three rolls of toilet paper in storage (we discovered during testing you can actually squeeze four rolls in if you want), and has a horizontal roll holder to dispense the roll currently in use. If you can’t wall-mount a toilet-paper dispenser, this is a great alternative that takes up little floor space. This stand is also available in eight different colors/finishes, making it easily customizable for any style bathroom.

The Rågrund shelves are the only kind we found that are the ideal size and shape to fit around pipes or a sink pedestal. At around 20 inches high, they are short enough to fit below a variety of pedestal sinks without bumping into the bowl, and their triangular shape is ideal for presenting a clean look on the front while still fitting to hide ugly pipes in the center. Durability in moist environments is a crucial factor in all of the items we recommend, and this shelving is not different, as it is made from bamboo—a strong material that will not swell or shrink with moisture. Finally, each shelf is 13⅜ inches deep with 8½ inches of clearance—enough space to comfortably store bulky linens. Since they are triangular, these shelves would also work in a corner too.

Although this rack is the most expensive we considered, it had the best reviews of the competition, with 4.5 stars over 214 reviews. (The only other bamboo rack we found had a 3.8-star rating over 55 reviews.) People who like it cite that it’s easy to assemble and looks great in their bathrooms. One reviewer mentioned that the top shelf is tall enough for mouthwash and hairspray and that the cabinet can easily fit washcloths and large towels. (At only 8 inches deep, though, we think it’d be a stretch to store bath towels). Among the cons, reviewers were mainly concerned with stability, and some had issues getting the rack to fit behind their toilets. Measure your toilet (and the placement of any hoses or valves) before ordering this rack; the part that fits over the toilet measures 22¾ inches wide, 9¼ inches deep, and 36¼ inches high. (The total height of the cabinet is 67 inches.)

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Toilet paper stand and holder Toilet-paper stands are a small-footprint solution if you don’t have a wall-mounted toilet-paper dispenser. Our pick both stores and dispenses rolls. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

This door-mounted caddy is the best solution we’ve found for storing a hair dryer. It also offers a little extra space for toiletries or cleaning supplies.

The Grundtal shelves are the only ones we found that are multi-functional for stacking or hanging towels that can also be mounted above a door frame.

Drawer organizers Drawer organizers are a great way to reduce clutter and keep things tidy in bathroom drawers. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

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We tested four top-rated mats in the shower and washing machine, finding that the Gorilla Grip Bath and Shower Mat is the best for most slippery surfaces.

But this year, I took the plunge and invested in the Tweezerman Slant Tip, and my life (and eyebrows) hasn’t been the same since. For those who are still where I was, debating whether $16 is too much to spend on a pair of tweezers, I’m here to tell you: It’s worth it.

Any item in IKEA’s Godmorgon line comes with a 10-year warranty. Of the 13 options we considered, only two others came with warranties—a limited lifetime for this Glacier Bay model, and 5 years for this Sauder model. And for only $70 at the time of writing, a cabinet like this is a very reasonable storage option for anyone willing to drill holes in the wall.

Most reviewers think that the magnets on the MagnaPods are pretty secure. One even says that they “stick great and don’t come off if I close the door a little too hard.” But if you store a lot of items in your medicine cabinet, these pods might not fit. Another reviewer cited some trial and error in figuring out how to close their cabinet door without the pods bumping into anything.

We looked at nearly 200 items on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, and a few other sites to find items we wanted to test. We looked closely at user reviews, in some cases making our picks based on those reviews. In a few cases, we took personal recommendations from Wirecutter staffers who’ve had a lot of experience organizing their small bathrooms.

Whether you have kids that need help reaching the sink or you just need a little bit of assistance reaching high places, we recommend the Greenco Folding Step Stool. Most of the folding stools we looked at had identical designs. The Greenco stool, while a few dollars more than some of its competitors, stood out for having 4.6 stars over more than 1,000 reviews, earning a higher rating than much of the competition over nearly double the reviews. Greenco’s stool also comes in five colors, while most others only came in one or two. Although it costs a bit more, we felt it was important to give people color choices for a stool that would suit their decor best. This stool also comes with a handle so you can carry it around the house easily, a feature that some of the others did not have, and it can support weight up to 300 pounds.

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Medicine cabinet organizers are especially useful for keeping things like mascara, thermometers, and other tubes upright, minimizing the amount of space they would be taking up if you left them lying horizontally on the shelf. After considering seven and testing four, we liked the Linus Medicine Cabinet Organizer from The Container Store. It has the most small cubbies for vertical storage, and at only 7 inches wide, it didn’t take up the entirety of my 12-inch-wide medicine cabinet. The four vertical storage cubbies in the Linus easily fit items like mascara and tubes of anti-itch cream, but its wider cubbies could fit a handful of Q-tips or a box of floss. All of the organizers we looked at were made of hard clear plastic, making it easy to see what you’ve stored and easy to clean.

The Best Bathroom Rugs and Bath Mats Updated November 10, 2017

Erin Boyle, blogger at Reading My Tea Leaves, phone interview

After 20 hours researching dozens of organizing solutions, we recommend these 14 things to maximize storage and keep small bathrooms clutter-free.

The research Expand all Why you should trust us Guiding principles for small bathrooms Organizing containers Cabinets and shelving Helpful tools Great gear for all bathrooms Footnotes Sources

Likewise, for those of us who have been putting off taking the plunge and getting an electric toothbrush, yet again this is a product more than worth the investment.

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The InterDesign Kitchen Drawer Organizer (left) held up the best in our squeeze stress tests, unlike the Rubbermaid (right), which felt flimsy and easily folded in half. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

Over-the-toilet rack We like the Rebrilliant bamboo rack because it has sliding doors that hide clutter and take up less space than swinging doors. The bamboo should also hold up well in a moist bathroom. Photo: Wayfair

The Godmorgon is one of the most attractive cabinets we found, and it comes with the best warranty. It’s a good option if you’re comfortable mounting a cabinet to a wall.

We looked at both mirrored and non-mirrored “medicine” cabinets when we were searching for a good wall-mounted storage option for this guide. After researching 50 options and considering 13, the Godmorgon wall cabinet from IKEA is the best because it fits bathroom essentials better than the competition, has the best warranty we found for any bath furniture, and comes in more sizes and finishes than any other option we looked at. (And the entire Godmorgon line gets great reviews from DIY home enthusiasts across the internet.)

We also tried the Deco Bros and .Org Under the Sink Mesh Slide-Out Cabinet Drawer, but both had a crucial design flaw: the mesh baskets are two-piece stacking units, and the top section of each toppled repeatedly during testing. We liked the looks of the Madesmart 2-tier White Pull-Out Cabinet Organizer, but its frame felt unsteady when we put any weight in the top drawer, and we faced the same issues of the top drawer toppling over. Finally, we also tested the Design Ideas Cabinet Baskets, which were functionally the same as our main pick from The Container Store, but they felt less sturdy.

But! These simplehuman trash cans are the ones all of your cleanest and most-organized friends use for a reason. They’re attractive, resilient, compact and fit every space.

Wirecutter Senior Editor Harry Sawyers told us that door frames are commonly 30 inches wide, but in newer construction that is ADA compliant, door frames may be up to 36 inches wide.

■ It’s not your income that is standing in the way of your financial goals.

All of the experts we spoke to strongly recommended using hooks in lieu of a towel rod in a small bathroom. They allow you to hang more towels and other essentials in a smaller space, and as Robertson said, “maybe you don’t have the place to have towels spread out on these thick rods.” For people who live in rentals, have tiled bathroom walls, or just prefer something a bit more temporary, we love Command hooks for bathrooms. In general, Command hooks receive excellent reviews from buyers on Amazon, came recommended from expert Sharon Lowenheim, and far outperform any competing adhesive hooks available. We also tested Command hooks for our small apartment guide and found them to be excellent around other parts of the house, too.

If you’d prefer storage you can roll from under your pedestal sink, the IKEA Råskog cart is an affordable storage option with sturdy steel construction and three shelves to keep your additional bathroom items. This cart’s epoxy-coated steel frame should stand up well to repeated moisture, and its 13-by-17-inch trays have plenty of space to store bulky linens or cleaning supplies. Another bonus is how simple it is to assemble; when we put this cart together ourselves, it only took about 15 minutes. While most IKEA items seldom receive user reviews online, this cart received 4.9 stars from 44 reviewers. Depending on what time of year you order, IKEA seems to cycle in and out a variety of fun color options.

Below-sink organizers Below-sink drawers are a great way to take advantage of otherwise-dead space and keep cleaning supplies and toiletries in order. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Review: Who Needs a Smart Toothbrush? Updated February 14, 2018

Bathroom drawers tend to collect small items make a mess when loose, such as hair elastics, toothbrush heads, and makeup tubes. Drawer-organizing cubbies can help keep these things in order so you don’t waste time looking for what you need. After researching six and testing three types of drawer organizers, we found the InterDesign Kitchen Drawer Organizer 6-piece set was the best, as it was more durable and came in more versatile sizes than the competition.

After six months of research and testing and hundreds of weigh-ins, we’ve found the Eufy BodySense Smart Scale is the best for most people.

We researched a variety of behind-door storage options, ranging from large racks that fit the entire height of a door to smaller racks that slip over the door. We like the Nickel Duchess 5-Hook Over the Door Rack from The Container Store. This rack is solidly built, with large oval nubs at the end of each hook that should keep your towels firmly in place and won’t damage delicate fabrics. We tested this rack for our guide to gear for small apartments, and we found that it hung easily over small doors (1½ inches thick) but had a bit of wiggle room in the bracket. Some commenters complained that the bracket made it hard to shut the door, but this is something that could happen with any over-the-door rack, depending on the clearance between the door and the frame. We’ve also been long-term testing this rack for more than three years, and it has held up well.

The Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 electric toothbrush tracks how well you brush, but its price and features are overkill for most people.

After taking more than 240 showers over the course of four months to test nearly a dozen showerheads, we think the Delta In2ition 58480 is the best showerhead for most people.

Wall-mounted cabinets The Godmorgon cabinet looks nicer, has more space, and comes with a better warranty than any other wall-mounted cabinet we considered. Photo: IKEA

Showerheads Shower curtains Shower caddies Bidet toilet seat Wall-mounted drying rack Bath mats Scales Bidets Small trash cans Toilet brushes

O.K., yes, I know this sounds like a small potatoes, but hear me out: I’ve spent most of my adult life buying the same pair of cheap tweezers from Duane Reade every few years when I inevitably lose my pair in a move.

If you don’t have space for a drawer set, the door-mounted Umbra is a non-invasive option with space for a hair dryer. Photo: Kyle Fitzgerald

Nickel Duchess 5-Hook Over the Door Rack Good over-the-door hooks

Some drawer organizers lock onto each other, some have grips on the bottom, and nearly all are made from plastic. We like the InterDesign organizers because they fit more snugly in the drawers we tested them in. A snug fit ensures that they won’t go sliding around everywhere and eliminates the need for interlocking cubbies, which we didn’t find very helpful anyway. Non-skid rubber feet also help the cubbies stay put.

Do note: Any over-toilet rack may be unstable if it’s not properly anchored to a wall. We recommending doing so, especially if you have small children.

Storage options for pedestal sinks The Ragrund shelves are only 20 inches tall, the perfect height to fit under a pedestal sink, plus they’re deep enough to double as extra towel storage. Photo: Michael Hession

We considered tons of other shelves from retailers including Amazon, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wayfair, CB2, and The Container Store. The primary issue with all of the shelves we looked at was that they weren’t deep enough to hold bulkier items. The Organize It All shelf with towel rack in either chrome or bamboo would be a good alternative to the Grundtal, but didn’t receive quite as positive reviews, isn’t as deep, and a lower towel bar makes it difficult to mount above a door frame. If you’re okay with spending a bit more and want a bigger unit that is still deep enough for towels, this wire rack from West Elm or this heftier cabinet from Pottery Barn were nice. For those of you who just need something unobtrusive to store toiletries, we also like the acrylic shelves from The Container Store and CB2, which take up little visual space and come in a variety of sizes but will not fit towels comfortably at only 8 inches deep.

I inherited one of these stools with my first apartment in New York City, and now that I have one, I can’t imagine what I did without it. This thing is great for hitting those hard to reach places, but it also folds down about as thick as hardcover coffee table book so you can easily tuck it away in any corner of the house.

If you lack a place to store extra toilet paper, we liked the InterDesign Classico toilet paper stand. This rack is the best because it receives excellent reviews, is the only stand we found with dual functionality for both storage and roll dispensing, and has a small footprint.

An organizer made from thicker plastic but still shallow enough to fit in most drawers. These are a better choice if you want to hand-select your containers for a perfect fit.

One of the best ways to work with the space you have in a small bathroom is to take full advantage of the storage cabinet below your sink. Below-sink organizers make good use of the vertical space otherwise occupied by your pipes. The stacking drawers double storage space while keeping everything easily accessible. Of the six drawer sets we considered and tested, the Silver 2-drawer Mesh Organizer from The Container Store is best suited to fit below a small bathroom vanity because of its narrow-but-tall size and all-around superior durability.

Umbra Hide ‘n’ Sink Under Sink Caddy Good hair-dryer storage

What are the bathroom items you can’t live without? Let me know at [email protected] and put “Bathroom” in the subject line, or tweet me @timherrera.

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