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Wireless network link together computers and others devices so you can share fits, access the internet and use centralized applications.

Building a server room requires detailing attention for the location, air conditioning, the current, fire protection, redundancy and future expansion

This system makes it possible to pre-wire a building without knowing the needs of each user. All telecommunication service can co-exist in the same infrastructure.

As the electrical the data and the AC needs to have redundancy by redundancy we mean a backup for equipment it means having everything in double for power and Data it have a second source using a different path.

Building a server room requires detailing attention : Location:

The demand in the server room is constantly changing.  Means as the organization evolve and grow, and the technology changes.  The choice of racks in a server room is usually the prime factor when determining space.  Today with mounting systems you can heaven mount equipment’s sideways on the rack reducing the amount of vertical U used.

Our recommendation is that a server room should be equipped with water sprinklers. We used to use halon gas but due to the unsafe for environmental & human this gaz is ban. The trend is now to use nitrogen, argon or CO2. In all case the room needs to be well sealed. That why AJS Groupe we use 3M or Hilty devices fire stop systems.

The cooling system in the computer room is a major consideration. Due to the sensitivity of computer equipment’s to heat, humidity and dust. In small computer room, close air conditioning system are installs. These systems control temperature, humidity and can be remotely monitored. For server room, we see different systems.  The two most popular ones are:

This is not just an Insurance Policy. It’s an active functioning system that provides protection for personnel and Equipment.

Typically install in newer buildings, this system distribute the cold air trough the floor in the cold aisles and recovering it in the hot aisles. In big server room, we recuperate that heat and re-use it in the building.

Fiber optic is a very thin plastic or glass wire used for data transmission and light. It offers a higher rate of information than coaxial cables.

Another major consideration is the power that room cannot be down. We recommend redundancy power through 2 different sources.

DCIM tools provide data center operators with the ability to identity, locate, visualize and manage all physical data center assets.

Never built a server room where one of his wall would be an exterior wall of the building.  Those walls can be damp a contain water pipes.  Avoid windows in common areas for security purpose.  You also have to evaluate any potential source of interference (High voltage, motor, ….)

This type draws air into the front and underneath the air handling unit.  Cools the air and distribute IT.  This configuration is well suited when raise floors are either inadequate or inexistent.

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