Shigeru ban completes combined restaurant and residential building in tokyo
Restaurant and bar
Restaurant Interiors Architecture And Design News And Projects

Restaurant Interiors Architecture And Design News And Projects Restaurant Interiors Architecture And Design News And Projects

extending nearly 130-year industrial context, this place has been maintained and updated after the public realization of the reversion of old relics.

architecture in china (622 articles)architecture in shanghai (53 articles)

bringing an authentic japanese tea house to boston, by suzumori architecture#architecture

architecture in italy (139 articles)milan design week 2018 (131 articles)

architecture in turkey (51 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

featured Meet the Minds Meet the Minds – Hospitality Alliance

located in the heart of malasaña district, the gastro space tries to retrieve and update the concept of the old crowded neighborhood.

blue bottle coffee kyoto is housed in a minimalist machiya renovation by schemata#architecture

kitchen L by XU studio is a flexible shanghai restaurant decorated with copper kitchenware#architecture

dim interior of infinity nide’s café in china contrasts with bustling urban scene#architecture

architecture in japan (422 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

OMA’s fondazione prada torre restaurant opens at newly completed campus#architecture

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architecture in austria (55 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

koolhaas defines the space as ‘a collage of themes and pre-existing elements combining works of art and design furniture’.

markings found in the walls’ irregularities have been preserved, while colors were left rough and enriched by partial decorative inserts.

formafatal designs ‘burrito loco’ restaurant as a modern take on the mexican fiesta#architecture

recalling giorgio morandi’s still-life paintings, the concept is a collection of strong-color pieces popping up over a silver-gray background.

dubbed ‘spyce’, the kitchen is kitted out with autonomous woks that can prepare meals in under three minutes.

iridescent diner by infinity nide features colored, electroplated steel and white concrete#architecture

described as a ‘concoction of design theories’, the scheme responds to the complex and contradictory architecture that populates the city of kanpur.

using the classic order, proportions, and symmetry of colonial elements and jazz ages, the studio creates a contemporary space for a young and trendy crowd.

architecture in china (622 articles)infinity nide (5 articles)

this building is one of the major sights in colmar and faces the unterlinden museum that was recently renovated by herzog and de meuron.

the project integrates both japanese and american cultures in a charming cafe space for a blend that is powerful – like the coffee. 

the re-design is the first major overhaul of the site in over two decades, and includes a new kitchen annex for support functions.

0321 studio conceals restaurant behind flower shop in dongguan, china#architecture

this restaurant in india combines pink interiors with bold zebra stripes#architecture

architecture in vietnam (139 articles)NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS (6 articles)

the colorful city outside merges with the interior to bring its rich vividness into the pizzeria.

minggu design’s #24 cathay restaurant is a stone and bamboo forest#architecture

big beetles on the wall: ‘sweetie salad’ restaurant by RAMOPRIMO in beijing#architecture

a glittering silver box for a gastronomic space in madrid by hector fernandez elorza#architecture

architecture in beijing (62 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

playful features include plastic garlands imported directly from mexico and woven textile pillows featuring the ‘burrito loco’ logos. 

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architecture in mexico (188 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

esrawe studio fits out taquería in mexico city with new interiors and brand identity#design

RAMOPRIMO plays with colorful picnic elements to create a salad restaurant full of fun.

restaurant interiors (275 articles)vudafieri-saverino partners (6 articles)

SMU’s hidden scandal bar in beijing references 1920s glamour#architecture

fondazione prada (19 articles)OMA / rem koolhaas (196 articles)

at street level, the scheme contains a long table within a cave-like setting.

having a staircase area covered with a glass box as a centerpiece, the restaurant is decorated with hung copper pans and pots.

architecture in china (622 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

DRY milano by vudafieri-saverino partners: the soul of a bar with the spirit of a restaurant#design

the design references the tortilla and its geometric translation to the circle, as well as in its repetition, partition, and variants.

infinity nide creates a distinct identity for this hot pot snack diner in guangzhou, china, using concrete letter tiles and stainless steel walls.

restaurant interiors surveys culinary schemes from around the globe, looking at contemporary projects and the diverse materials and unconventional forms employed in their completion.

the studio was in charge of the radical intervention to the old house guided by the needs and concept lines that the chefs had in mind for their upcoming restaurant.

rotating robot chefs power this restaurant created by MIT engineers#technology

la maison des têtes, a boutique hotel and michelin restaurant by F+F in colmar, france#architecture

architecture in france (227 articles)hotel architecture and design (201 articles)

the design preserves the original features and neoclassical façade to honor the architectural value of its surroundings

architecture in italy (139 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

paper moon giardino by AB concept is a calming sanctuary within milan’s bustling streets#architecture

architecture in spain (158 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

while the echoing silver covers all the activities — the lively dynamism of cooking –, the blackness is the zen and calm place for everything that remains quiet.

nous combines a flower shop nestled in a colored-glass cube between the street and the interior with an experimental restaurant hidden behind it.

the business model of take-away only and no tables and chairs settled within satisfies the fast-paced coffee experience of modern people and facilitate the open social behavior.

classical aesthetic codes are turned upside down — a non-visible oven, art instead of sports videos, and non-homogeneity between functions and spaces. 

OPA’s meroma restaurant is set in an 80’s modernist building in mexico city#architecture

architecture in the US (561 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

architecture in japan (422 articles)architecture in tokyo (45 articles)’s la colmada retrieves old madrid neighborhood while upgrading it#design

lucas y hernández-gil’s casaplata restaurant takes off in futuristic style#architecture

architecture in mexico (188 articles)esrawe studio (13 articles)

two storey tokyo restaurant by ryoji iedokoro offers contrasting dining experiences#architecture

zemberek’s design for a cafe in istanbul makes you feel like you’re in grandma’s backyard#architecture

architecture in china (622 articles)minggu design (3 articles)

bringing japan to milan: kanpai restaurant by vudafieri saverino partners#architecture

surrounded by black settings, the paintings are spotlighted and bring you to some mysterious tropical forest.

like the tea itself, the interior was carefully crafted by suzumori architects, a firm with japanese roots.

NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS’ pizzeria captures the rich, local color of saigon#architecture

giant hand-painted murals depict tropical birds at this viennese cocktail bar by tzou lubroth architekten#architecture

wutopia lab designs kids’ restaurant as a polycarbonate neverland in china#architecture

tasked with the transformation of a club house into a kids’ restaurant, the studio created a space where everyday life turns into ‘magical reality’.

snøhetta expands the kitchen and courtyard of a michelin star restaurant in california#architecture

architecture in spain (158 articles)lucas y hernández-gil (4 articles)

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