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Beat industrial restaurant designs

Tell Raymond about your project and he will call you personally and discuss your plans and answer your questions.

“After” High-Back tufted leather banquettes created individual VIP seating areas 

Raymond combined his restaurant interior design skill with his years of experience as a restaurant operator and replaced the old wood bar with booth seating and then built a new custom poured LED edge lit glass bar which he positioned the front of the restaurant in the windows for all to see as they walked by.  His objective was to create an additional income stream of late night bar business…it worked!

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman at one of his Restaurant Designs, “Cuzin’s Seafood Bar & Restaurant” in Marlboro, NJ

Knotty Pine was everywhere when the restaurant designer showed up at the Timber Breeze Resort in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.  Raymond Haldeman the restaurant designer gave the Butternut Lakefront resort a professional restaurant designer makeover using local carpenters, craftsmen and millworkers.

“After” The exterior was stripped down to its original form.

Beacon 70, Brick, NJ Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman turned this old fried seafood restaurant into a Magnificent Upscale Restaurant and Sports Bar on The Marina.  The 2 Bars are the focal point of the space, 1 in Leathered Granite and the other in Macaubas Quartz, and the Giant 8′ High Barstools by the see-through fireplace are a hit and were designed by Raymond as was all the furnishings.Professional photos will be posted soon.

Raymond Haldeman at his Palm Beach nightclub “Eden” with Broadway Producer Terry Allen Kramer and Rocker Rod Stewart.   Photo: Palm Beach Post

Restored Bar Wine Barrel Bar with Concrete Bar Top by restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman

Circo Bar, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Mr. Haldeman’s nightclub consulting services were engaged to breath life into a small Video Bar in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In less than 2 years, under his direction using his concept, design and marketing, he used his interior design and business consulting expertise to expanded Circo Bar 3 times to include a Video Bar, Outdoor Smoking Bar, Dance Club, Sports Bar and VIP Lounge. Circo is now the largest vendor of liquor and beer in the Caribbean.  see photos below

Serpentine Banquette by Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman

“Before” The raw warehouse looking space was in obvious need of a cosmetic upgrade & lighting treatment

At Cuzin’s, Restaurant Designer Raymond Added bifold windows to open the interior bar to the outside patio

All photos below are designs by Raymond Haldeman, click here for complete portfolio.

In this space the restaurant interior designer designated the elevated balcony at La Fusion in Philadelphia as the VIP Lounge and was “glammed-up” with LED back-lit mirrors and contemporary crystal chandeliers.

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman often uses this gird box ceiling design to eliminate drop ceilings and add ceiling height

Bar Zepoli @ The Marriott, Stamford CT, a total rebrand for this large empty room adding design, color, and architectural elements and building a free form curved bar made of reclaimed sea glass and tables of buzz-cut reclaimed wood with farmhouse stressing designed by Raymond.  

“After” New custom designed booths, SS tables, infinity portholes and 3D wave design created by restaurant designer Raymond

Plush leather tufted ottomans, and upholstered seating surround the fireplace.

Today Haldeman is one of leading entrepreneurial authorities on Bar, Restaurant & Nightclub design and operation in the country.  His latest restaurant design and rebranding projects pictured below include the total renovation and rebranding of the 15 acre Timber Breeze Lakefront Resort on Butternut Lake in Wisconsin’s Northwoods, the total renovation and rebranding of the Pilot House, now Fins Bar & Grille, owned by the iconic Peter Shields Inn in Cape May, NJ, the design of Cuzin’s Clam Bar in Marlboro, NJ now considered one of the most successful independent restaurants in the country and the soon to open waterfront spectacular Beacon 70 in Brick NJ. 

“After” The restaurant designer added LED back-lit mirrors that cast a Fuchsia glow onto the soft dove-gray walls 

Restaurant INTERIOR designer raymond haldeman RESTAURANT designs & REBRANDS:


“After” A 14′ long aquarium above the carrot tweed banquette designed by Raymond Haldeman, the Restaurant Designer.

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman used the original wine barrels from this 1930’s speakeasy

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman with his family on their way to the Grand Opening of BEACON 70, Brick NJ October 2017, 

“After” The small space did not have a bar, so restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman took space from an unused bus-station and angled the Marble & Onyx Bar.

Restaurant Designer, Raymond Haldeman has been profiled in many reputable publications including The NY Times, Hospitality Design Magazine, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Robb Report, Gourmet Magazine, Bon Appetit, Town & Country, The Hollywood Reporter,  The Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Magazine, The Courier Post, Ocean Drive Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Main Line Times, The Palm Beach Post, Clematis Magazine, and Parade Magazine to name more than a few!

FINS, Cape May, NJ, Raymond’s Restaurant Design & ReBranding Services were engaged by the owners of “Peter Shields Inn”, one of the TOP 10 restaurants on the Eastern seaboard.  They purchased and wanted to ReBrand the old Pilot House in Cape May on Washington Street Mall.  The Restaurant Interior Design & Rebrand included a total gut of the interior, demolition of one of the existing structures and the combining and integration of 2 buildings into one visually stunning and efficiently operating space.  The restaurant has since become the #1 tourist attraction in Cape May.

This experience, working hand in hand with some of the country’s best caterers gave him the knowledge and confidence to start his own catering business in Philadelphia.  His first year, working out of his apartment, he grossed $1 million dollars and was featured on the cover of Money Magazine.  In just a few years Haldeman was one of the leading Corporate & Society Caterers in the country. He parlayed his success and popularity into several well publicized restaurants & nightclubs that he launched in Philadelphia, South Beach, Palm Beach & San Juan, Puerto Rico, all of which he conceptually conceived, designed and operated.Demand for his expertise increased and he found himself in a unique position with a lifetime of experience under his belt.  He more formally committed to helping other operators fine tune their businesses, add “wow-factor” to their atmosphere and propel them to increased profitability.  New operators who wanted to open their businesses on the solid ground with the added marketing bonus of creating a “buzz” about the visual experience began to seek him out. 

“After” The natural wood grain in the ash wood tables is highlighted by the translucent dove gray stain.

This dining room and bar received a total makeover by restaurant interior designer Raymond Haldeman, new floors, mirror treatment above plush turquoise suede banquettes, res colors and natural ash wood tables.

Transparent dove gray stain on ash wood tables with high-back dove gray leather banquettes.

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman took this weathered deck at the Timber Breeze Resort in Wisconsin’s Northwoods and replaced 3 picnic tables with an income generating Pavilion Bar that exploits the view of Butternut Lake.

“After” Restaurant Designer make-overPavilion Structure and New Deck

Kixx Sports Bar, Princeton, NJ.  Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman was hired to launch a local upscale Sports Bar in Kingston.  He successful created and cosmetically update the space using the existing furniture, designed a bar menu, drink menu, and dinner menu together with developing a marketing strategy for the promotion of the new Bar.  Haldeman also created a successful weeknight Happy Hour promotion with sub-themed Happy Hour Promos for each weeknight.  In addition to a roster of dining promotions covering 7 nights a week, Haldeman then launched a late night party format targeting a younger audience to create an additional income stream.  see photos below


Serpentine eating counter and Rooster Weather Vane by Restaurant Design Raymond Haldeman

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman designed this end cap storefront, now the unbelievably successful  Cuzin’s Clam Bar in Marlboro NJ

Raymond Haldeman Restaurant,  Philadelphia, PA – This elegant high style dinning Restaurant with many private party rooms boasting a clientele of movers & shakers, garnered glowing reviews in some of the most prestigious magazines on the planet.  Bon Appetit’s word for it, “faultless”, describing Haldeman as “Wunderkind.”  As an restaurant owner/operator this was Haldeman’s first foray into the world of restaurant interior design.  See the results below. 

Today Haldeman is one of leading entrepreneurial authorities on Bar, Restaurant & Nightclub design and operation in the country.  His latest restaurant design and rebranding projects include the total renovation and rebranding of the Pilot House, now Fins Bar & Grille,  in Cape May, NJ, the design and subsequent expansion of Cuzin’s Seafood Clam Bar in Marlboro, NJ , Beacon 70 on the marina in Brick, NJ. (see Raymonds Designs)

As a teenager, Haldeman began his career as a busboy at The Garden Restaurant in Philadelphia.  Before the age of 19 he worked his way up to a chef’s position pumping out 300-400 covers daily by day and worked as Maitre D’ at night.  Soon thereafter, at the age of 21, he landed a gig as Chef and Catering Director aboard international conglomerate ITW’s Corporate Entertaining yacht, The Arara III, and coordinated shipboard events with high-end caterers from across the country where he cooked for some of the most notable CEO’s in the world.  

Raymond Haldeman at Fins, a rebrand he designed in Cape May, NJ (Photo: Restaurant News)

Maccabba Quartz Bar Top by Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman

Raymond above, on left with Philadelphia Phillies Baseball Team owner Bill Giles,  and the 600LB French Chocolate Cake with Strawberries he made for the Philadelphia Phillies at Bills’ private reception for the team and 1200 guests.(photo, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Cuzin’s Clam Bar in Marlboro NJ started out like any other raw storefront space in a Shopping Center

This curved bar top was designed by well known restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman being congratulated for the spectacular design of FINS by Cape May Mayor Edward J. Mahoney Jr.

-Have Questions About Designing and Building a Bar, Restaurant or Nightclub?

As a prospective client, Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman will personally give yout a Free 1 on 1 Phone Consultation about your plans to open a New Venture or Rebrand / Renovate an existing one.  Take a moment and give him a call, you’ll be surprised how many of your questions will be answered in just 1  telephone call. 

Talk about a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION, restaurant designer Haldeman took the musty old “Ships Inn” in Northport and was able to create a space, mood, and experience TOTALLY unrelated to its previous incarnation and reintroduce it to the community of Northport, Long Island as “7T8” European Fusion.

Raymond deals directly with all his clients, call him, he will be happy to hear from you.

La Fusion baron storefront before the restaurant interior design treatment

“BEFROE” The Ships Inn resemble every other restaurant on Main St in Northport, LI, NY with shellacked wood paneling installed half a century ago.

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman’s “Beacon 70” in Brick NJ

Raymond Haldeman @ The Marketplace, Philadelphia, PA – Haldeman opened this restaurant in Philadelphia’s exclusive interior designer showroom building, The Market Place, and used it as a spring board to build his catering business and launch his restaurant in Society Hill.

Custom Designed Barstools by Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman at Beacon 70 in Brick NJ

Mr. Haldeman was twice awarded both YEO’s and ACE’s Award as one of the, “Top 100 Entrepreneurs in America.”

Raymond Haldeman is a nationally recognized Bar & Restaurant Designer & Business Consultant who specializes exclusively inthe RESTAURANT DESIGN & RE-BRANDING Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubs.

A glistening Patina Copper Bar Top replaced the existing laminate top/

“After” The upper row of windows was removed during construction and an open ceiling with a floating infrastructure for lighting was created by restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman.

Raymond has been profiled in The NY Times, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Robb Report, Gourmet Magazine, Bon Appetit, Town & Country, The Hollywood Reporter,  The Houston Chronicle, Philadelphia Magazine, The Courier Post, Ocean Drive Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, the Main Line Times, The Palm Beach Post, Clematis Magazine, and Parade Magazine to mention more than a few!

“Before”, the sun room had the typical dated “seafood house” look

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman design of DKalabash, NYC

For a Free 1 on 1 Instant Consultation with Raymond, “The Restaurant Designer” call now and get your questions answered! 1-866-735-3582

Orignal mahogany paneling, rustic orignal wood tables all restored during this restaurant design of an abandoned speakeasy built in the 1930’s.

As an on air personality he has hosted TV shows and TV segments on entertaining and created events with icons of the food industry including Martha Stewart & Jacques Pepin.  He recently hosted  “Restaurant Reviews with Raymond Haldeman” on ROKU’s Travel Channel, TV America.

Call NOW for a Free 1 on 1 Instant Consultation with Restaurant Designer Raymond and get your questions answered!1-866-735-3582

“AFTER” This LED wave wall was the centerpiece of the space noe, “7T8” and provided the wow-factor for this restaurant design by Raymond Haldeman.

“7T8” Northport, Long Island, NY, Raymond totally rebranded the former Ships Inn providing a contemporary restaurant design concept.  Now the waterfront hamlet is setting the restaurant design trend with this new contemporary dining establishment and bar, 

Raymond Haldeman used his restaurant designers expertise to design and restore this 90 year old speakeasy just outside NYC

Raymond Haldeman (left) with Glorious Foods Author Christopher Idone at his Restaurant on at Front & Walnut Streets in Philadelphia’s Society Hill(photo, The New York Times)

The Restaurant Designer gutted the former Pilot House in Cape May, NJ, and created an underwater arbor ceiling treatment that wows customers during their dining experience at the new FINS Bar & Grille.

The old stone fireplace was raised 42″ from the floor, giving all diners the prospect of a view of a flaming hearth.  Experienced restaurant interior designer Haldeman used stack stone and patina copper to face the front of the fireplace.

restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman restored these live edge wood tables during the restoration of this 1930’s Speakeasy 

Inside New Pavilion with Hand Crafted Wood Bar & Floating Soffit after Raymonds Restaurant Designer magic.

photos of raymond rhaldeman’s latest restaurant design projects

Giant infinity portholes by restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman

The magnificent bar-top and Stainless Steel Liquor Soffit proved to be an efficient use of space, providing 60 linear feet of bar-top and good storage.


Cuzin’s Clam Bar, Marlboro, NJ Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman created an industrial melange of high quality finishes for this total concept design and build-out.  The centerpiece of the restaurant design is the Pinwheel Banquette ®™ that Raymond custom designed for the client.  For an entire high resolution photo portfolio of this job click here.

“Before” A complete gutting of the space was needed to upgrade the integrity of the building that was operating as a bar & restaurant since 1942.

                                                                                                              Today, Haldeman is more active than ever as demand for his hospitality design and consulting services are at an all-time high.He has carved-out a niche for himself by providing independent owner/operators with timely concepts designed to “excite” and leave an indelible impression on their dinner guests.  Haldeman supplies operators with an added layer of expertise and guidance that  elevates their operation’s functionality and profitability.If you are planning to build a new venture or rebranding an existing one and need direction or if you are looking for an interior designer and have questions about any of these topics, give Raymond a call now and receive a personal 1 on 1 Phone Consultation free of charge.

“After”, the restaurant designer added encased mirrors and LED artwork above banquette

Distressed Poplar table from restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman

Restaurant Designer, Raymond Haldeman, removed the fake appliqués and stripped the building down to its original straight forward design.  His selection of a vibrant blue exterior color and blue & white stripped awnings was the perfect combo and alternative look for the new seafood restaurant in Cape May, NJ.



“After” Custom LED edge-lit poured glass bar top by restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman

Raymond Haldeman used this 12′ high mural from the Venice Italy Festival as a design focal point of the dining room at The Marriott in Stamford CT

RESTAURANT INTERIOR DESIGNRestaurant Design & Rebranding1-866-735-3582

Raymond, “The Restaurant Designer” updated this sunny dining room with the addition of a see-thru fireplace to the main dining room and open-sky ceiling treatment.


“After” Clean & vibrance turned out to be a visual hit but restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman!

“After” The finishing touch was a GIANT see-thru fireplace clad in Stainless Steel and Reclaimed Barn wood, an excellent example of extraordinary restaurant design by Raymond Haldeman.

If you are about to launch a new venture, or re-brand an existing business, please call Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman before you spend your hard earned money.  A successful former owner/operator himself of Bars, Restaurants & Nightclubs, his credible and valuable guidance has helped many operators successfully Open or ReBrand their businesses and compete in todays ever evolving market.

Here is a Sneak Peek of the almost completed EXPANSION of Cuzin’s Seafood & Clam Bar, Marlboro, NJ which Raymond originally designed 2 years ago.  Additional photos will be posted upon completion of the finishing touches!

In addition to creating new concepts and the developing of functional designs with wow-factor, Raymond’s business consulting expertise in the areas of management, marketing & promotion and operational procedures are an added bonus to anyone who engages his Design & ReBranding Services.

the restaurant designerinterior design services1-866-735-3582

Transformed by restaurant interior designer Raymond Haldeman, this drab storefront made a comeback as the Soothing and Stylish “La Fusion” Sushi Lounge on  Philadelphia’s Booming Washington Ave in South Philadelphia, PA

As a Society Caterer & Restaurateur, prior to his career as a Restaurant Designer, Haldeman catered parties and major events for an impressive list of the world’s most prominent people including 2 American Presidents, The Royal Family and a roster of Fortune 500 Companies.

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman, created some architectural wow-factor in what once was a barren open space at the Marriott in Stamford, CT

Eden in Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL,  Haldeman conceived, designed and built this club from the ground up. The upscale Club featured a Cigar Lounge, Dance Bar, and a Spectacular Outdoor Veranda Bar overlooking a Tropical Pool LED edge-lit pool surrounded by individual Private VIP Cabanas and catered to an A-List crowd of Palm Beach Society & celebrities.  Awarded, “Best Designed Nightclub The Palm Beaches” Palm Beach Post.   see photos below

This concrete bar top trimmed in steel with oversized rivets was designed by Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman

Raymond Haldeman at the Grand Opening of his design “Cuzin’s Clam Bar” in Marlboro, NJ in September 2016

His career as a Bar & Restaurant Designer grew organically and with each completed rebrand or new concept that he put his stamp on, his reputation grew.

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman restored and supplemented the design of this 90 year old speakeasy

Here, the restaurant designer replaced old wood paneling with recessed mirrors encased in boxed woodwork and added high-back banquettes to replace the old diner-like booths.

He served as a Board of Director of The Philadelphia Convention & Visitor’s Bureau and as a Board of Director of The Mayor’s Small Business Advisory Council.

Country Donuts, Staten Island, NYC – Although Raymond’s expertise is designing Bars & Restaurants, Dennis Scalzo of Country Donuts on Staten Island, NYC saw Raymond’s design of Cuzin’s Clam Bar in Marlboro NJ and wanted some of “that” for his Donut & Smoothie Store.

Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman custom designed this pinwheel banquette as a centerpiece of Cuzin’s Dinging Room seating.

“After” A recessed lighting treatment give the new space an ambient illumination.

Suite 304, University Ave, Newark, NJ – Raymond took this 85 year old authentic Speakeasy and was able to restore and salvage numerous original details including the Oak Wine Barrel Bar-Front, the original Walnut Floors, Wide Plank Wall Panels, natural edged original tables and Exposed Brick.  A poured concrete Bar-Top wrapped with riveted steel plating and barn door accents with steel grid pattern added contrast. 

He was the 1st recipient of the “Business Leadership Award” from The Center City Association of Proprietors in Philadelphia.

Status of Current 2018 ProjectsCuzin’s Clam Bar Expansion, Marlboro, NJ (expansion, under construction)  / Urban CoalHouse, Red Bank, NJ (cosmetic refresh, design phase) /  Tonino’s Restaurant, Malvern, PA (expansion, under construction) /  Havana Cafe & Ballroom Philadelphia PA  (design and development) /  Villa Maria, Hamilton, NJ (design & development) / ViaSposito, Old Bridge, NJ (design & development)

The old musty booths were removed and replaced with a spectacular LED edge-lit glass bar top facing the windows in the front of the building.  As an experienced restaurant designer and former owner/operator Raymond knew that tourists would not be able to resist the appeal of the high style bar and assured his clients it would serve as an invitational billboard for the restaurant.  Indeed it does!

DKalabash, Fulton St,  Brooklyn NYC – Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman is wrapping up this job, here are a few sneak peek preview photos.  New photos will be posted upon completion. 

SCORE on Lincoln Road , Miami Beach, FL,  Mr. Haldeman conceived, designed and built one of the most successful South Beach nightclub ever launched.  The facility featured an outdoor Lincoln Road Terrace, Video bar, Dance club and second floor Martini Bar.   see photos below

Industrial lighting design by Restaurant Designer Raymond Haldeman

              Celebrity French Chef Jacques Pepin as guest chef with Raymond              at the Raymond Haldeman Restaurant in Philadelphia  to promote                            his cook book.   Photo: New York Times

“Before” the Fins concept bar was conceived and designed, the old Pilot House Bar was a throw-back

The well known restaurant designer used reclaimed sea glass for this natural fluidly curved bar top

Coco Bar, Miami, FL Haldeman’s Nightclub & Restaurant Interior Design Consulting Services developed a Nightclub west of Miami’s Airport in the high density Latin area.  Haldeman, created, designed, and launched the concept which included a restaurant that serviced a hotel on the property.  The space featured a large dance floor, stage, multiple VIP areas and specialized in VIP bottle service.  see photos below

“AFTER” The Underwater Arbor lit with black light created by the restaurant designer

This architectural restaurant design was conceived by restaurant designer Raymond Haldeman

The Palace of Asia Restaurant, Princeton, NJ.  Haldeman’s restaurant interior design services where hired to develop a concept and launch an 18,000 SF facility to include an upscale Restaurant, a Lounge, a State of the Art Sports Bar, 2 Ballrooms, and several Private Party Rooms, all with a combined seating capacity for over 600.  see photos below

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