Restaurant Design Psychology Greatness Is In The Details

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8 appetizing restaurant design trends that will be on the menu in 2018
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Restaurant Design Psychology Greatness Is In The Details

If you still don’t know where to start, maybe it would help to look at what some of your favorite companies have done to build their brand experience. In fact, this is a great way to find inspiration. Look at trends and try to stay one-step ahead. Talk to your designer and explain every detail that comes to your mind. Include your staff, friends, family and everyone who wants to be involved in this process .

I think it’s important that a restaurant design doesn’t feel themed but instead picks up on subtle references to the origin of the cuisine, celebrating its heritage and complementing the food. With our recent restaurant Margot in Covent Garden, we picked up on the finessed Italian cuisine by celebrating fine Italian crafts and traditions, such as broken Palladian flooring, and paying homage to some of the more characterful great Italian designers such as Gio Ponti and Carlo Mollino.

Step 1. Start With a Professional Restaurant Designer & Architects

It is very important not to rush into the design and then try to fix mistakes later. You have to spend more time planning, as it is much cheaper to make changes in a software for restaurant design than it is to change a major mistake on a completed building.

There are two crucial initial things for us that go hand in hand when first considering the design of a restaurant. The first of these, as with all of our projects, is the concept and story behind the design. This is important to us to make sure that there is a strong narrative that is carried through the details of the design, ensuring each detail plays its part but without feeling contrived or superfluous to the design.

Island-Style Layout Ergonomic Layout Zone-Style Layout Assembly Line Layout

The Independent picked his brains to find out more about how designers piece together a restaurant’s interiors.

What it’s like to be a chef plagued by one star reviews online

Zone-Style layout has the kitchen set up in working sections such as dishwashing section, storage section, food preparation and serving section. Major equipment is located along the walls that provides good communication and supervision as the center of the kitchen is completely open. Sections follow the proper order of tasks for the best workflow.

– Lights must be safe and work properly with low maintenance

From a psychological point of view, one of the key aspects to a restaurant’s design is the lighting. It has to be soft and flattering to make guests feel comfortable so that they are confident and relaxed and enjoy their stay in the restaurant. We tend to do this through soft ambient lighting to complement the more targeted architectural lighting and also to suit the time of day. In my experience, the worst lighting is when there are just downlights over the tables that can cast shadows over diners faces. This can be very unflattering for guests and make them feel uncomfortable.

If a restaurant doesn’t work properly from a functionality point of view – it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is, it will never be a success. 

Assembly Line layout is a good choice for fast-food restaurants, sandwich restaurants or pizzerias. It is ideal for restaurants with a small number of menu items where the preparation of meals flows in a line.

We also used warm copper accents, reminiscent of the copper pans used by Italian “Nonna’s” cooking pasta in many Italian kitchens. These sorts of details I think give a sense of place and set the stage for the food to shine.

The second, critical element of a restaurant’s design and the most important to any restaurant is the operations of the restaurant. How do guests arrive at the restaurant? What route does the food take from the kitchen to the guests table and how is it delivered? How many different waiters will serving the space? Making sure the operational layout works seamlessly and as effortlessly as possible for the operators of the restaurant is essential in making the restaurant a success and ensuring diners have an excellent experience. Whether a fine-dining restaurant or a more casual, quick service restaurant, each process needs to be considered in great detail so that the restaurant works as a well-oiled machine.

Restaurant design is one of the main factors that create ambiance, and ambiance plays a huge role in getting people in, while food and service are what keeps them coming back, or not. Everything matters and all elements contribute to the operation of a space. From the restaurant’s entrance to circulation spaces, seating areas, to the bar, lighting, cutlery and music – each part of restaurant design affects the business.

Step 2. Create Memorable Brand Experience in Restaurant Space

The biggest challenge for us is to make sure every table is a good table – whether you’ve booked months in advance for a special occasion or a last minute walk-in at a regular favourite restaurant – you should never feel hard done by. It’s interesting for us to see which tables people prefer in restaurants – different people always have different favourites. I think in a great restaurant, I want to keep going back for a different experience in different parts of the restaurant.

Every watt is counted so be sure to use the low-voltage power that also improves overall efficiency and reduces the heat.

Lighting is a highly specialized area of restaurant design. Proper lighting helps create appealing first impressions that set the mood with consistent color and light quality. The first thing you should do is to define your lighting aesthetic that will best suit your target demographic. Then you should follow some basic rules of restaurant lighting:

Before you make a decision about your restaurant kitchen layout be sure to contact your chef as he will know everything about the process of preparation and necessary restaurant equipment that must be included.

Start with a core idea that motivates the business. It is easy to say that, but how do you find that super idea?

Let the form follows the fun! Create with your flexible restaurant design the perfect showcase for your food and customer experience.

In basic space planning, the general rule for determining the area allotted is that the dining area should comprise 60% of the total area. This means that the restaurant kitchen, storage area and restrooms should take up 40 % of the restaurant. The design of the seating plan will depend on what type of restaurant you plan to open. If you are opening a fine dining restaurant it may require 20 square feet per person, while the fast food restaurant will require only 10 square feet per person. The general rule is that for every seat in the restaurant it is necessary to provide at least 5 square feet.

Remember that everything your guest sees inside your restaurant is an indication of your brand. Interior design, name, logo, menu and uniforms should all be in step with the experience you’ve conceptualized.

There are essentially three varieties of restaurant lighting: ambient, accents, and featured lights. Ambient illumination sets the baseline, accent lighting decor provides the contrast, and featured lighting has less to do with lighting the space, and more with adding interest to focal points. Determine areas that should be emphasized, and those that need to be minimized.

The first thing you must do is to define what you do, who you are, and why you’re doing it. This would be the best start for creating a consistent guest experience. Consistency is very important for a brand that makes promises. And of course, it is much easier to be consistent if your brand design shows who you actually are and represents your real work.

Commercial kitchen design layout must provide a particular pattern to optimize performance and efficiency of specific commercial kitchen components for food preparation, cooking, storage, cleaning, and service. All of these components have equal importance for successful restaurant kitchen workflow.

What can you do to satisfy their needs and at the same time offer them something new?

What is the most challenging aspect of designing a restaurant?

Island-Style layout is the best choice for large square shape kitchens but it can be modified to fit other shapes and sizes. Central section that we call an “island” is set in the middle of the kitchen and it is usually used for cooking, while the food preparation tables are set along the walls of the kitchen. It allows perfect communication and supervision but also leaves plenty of open floor space for easier cleaning.

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From the shape and squashiness of the dining chairs to the exact shade and texture of the wallpaper, a designer has revealed the lengths that go into creating the interiors of a restaurant.

Tom Strother, co-founder and creative director of interior design firm Fabled Studio, has helped top restaurants including Margot, which serves upmarket Italian food, Indian street food establishment Jamavar and Parisian-style wine bar nook Noble Rot style their insides. 

Colour certainly plays a large part in how people feel and behave in any space and it, paired with the lighting set the mood almost entirely in a restaurant and so should be fitting for the desired ambiance and the cuisine – although I’m sure we’ve broken every rule over the years when it comes to colour!

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– It must be easy to control the lighting throughout the day

It’s the small details that make a restaurant great and whilst they’re details that guests may not necessarily notice at first, they reveal themselves once you start to look in more detail and absorb your surroundings. It’s this approach that makes both the design and the process exciting for us and hopefully for the diners in our restaurant designs too!

Even when you create the perfect design solution for your restaurant don’t forget that your restaurant must follow trends. Making changes to your restaurant design in the future is something that can be realistically expected. In other words, your design must be flexible.

Defining the space with perfect contrast of brighter and dim areas will bring magic to every restaurant.

While designing a restaurant there are hundreds of interdependent decisions and steps, so the time needed for this project can range from several very intense weeks to potentially a year or more for large-scale development projects.

How can you convey the sort of food that is being served in the restaurant design?

Be aware of your restaurant design budget . It is amazing how often restaurant owners think that they will build the next Starbucks with a small investment. As with any investment, it is important to consider a ten- or twenty-year business plan when deciding where and how to spend money during the design process.

What is the first thing you consider when you are given a brief for designing a restaurant?

Ergonomic layout applies ergonomic principles to make your staff more productive and efficient regardless of the energy efficiency. The time is the only thing that matters.

In this millennium successful restaurant concept must provide promising brand personality. It is much more than just good food, good service, and good atmosphere.

Creating an amazing restaurant experience with a perfect restaurant design is anything but simple.To achieve this goal, you have to think about all the details that will affect the restaurant workflow and customer experience. “The basics of restaurant design psychology” will teach you how to design a personality of the restaurant with maximum seating capacity, and no “bad table” in the house. So where to start?

The comfort level of furniture is also often used to encourage different dwell times in restaurants. With more formal dining we design furniture to support and hold the guests comfortably for long dining experiences. This obviously isn’t the case with faster turnover, more casual dining establishments.

Once you have decided who you are and what you can offer in your restaurant think about the location and your customer demographics . Who are they? What do they want?

For example, even small changes in a restaurant menu will require different equipment which means changes in the restaurant kitchen design. Flexibility is the new watchword in restaurant furniture. Seating and furnishings have to satisfy your young and older customers. Pair counter-height and traditional seating and add spice to your restaurant design. Be sure that your restaurant design could respond to market demands in the future.

While fast-food joints – with their almost-cosy, utilitarian seating and fast background music – are geared towards equally fast eating; fine-dining restaurants are adorned with luxurious materials to helps customers settle in and keep ordering off the menu. 

What are some clever psychological tricks that designers use when creating a restaurant?

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