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Purple Interior Design Ideas

Purple Interior Design Ideas Purple Interior Design Ideas

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Discover various purple living room photo gallery showcasing different ideas. Filter by style, size, and many features.

Purple is like orange when it comes to interior design. A little can look amazing, but too much is too much. But, if you love purple, there are indeed examples of rooms with a lot of purple. Our galleries below have many such examples.

Discover various Purple Kitchen photo gallery showcasing different design ideas. Filter by style, size, and many features.

Using software we extract all colors in rooms with purple so you can get a sense of what colors go well with purple as well as get ideas that you don’t think work too well. Includes purple kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

This is a very helpful “purple” interior design article.

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Purple haze can be used throughout the room, not only on the walls, from the floor to the ceiling, including furniture like chairs, ornaments, tables, and other things that you have in your room, like dolls, flowers, paintings. Purple is also a good color for the place where you sleep, your bedroom to be more exact. The purple haze color of the sheets will help you sleep like a baby, in your own relaxed environment.{picture sources from decorati}.

Welcome to our purple master bedroom photo gallery showcasing lots of purple master bedroom ideas of all types. Filter by style, size and many features.

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The purple is used mainly on the floor, but it gives the same, relaxed feeling, one of entering in a calm, warm space. The round painting, in picaso style, is sending you in a dreamy world in another purple colored dimension. From my point of view, in a house or apartment, you can use purple in the bathroom, thanks the total relaxation feeling of the purple color, but mostly I think it works in the nursery. The child’s state will be very quiet in the first months of life, when the children are very noise.

In the first design the classic style combined with the hot pink color is making the room a very warm one. The furniture along the walls, curtains and even flowers, in a purple haze color, blend to form a truly royal space. The second design is more modern, but this style is using less purple, than the precedent one.

Below is the trend chart for different rooms. Interestingly, “purple bedroom” is the most popular, which makes sense. You may not want your “public” space purple, but you can go color crazy with your bedroom and have some fun with it. Besides, changing colors in a bedroom is a lot easier than in a kitchen or bathroom (especially if cabinetry is purple… not so easy or inexpensive to change that).

Purple, in its pure form, is made up of red and blue. Purple, from what I’ve heard, is a complex color, made from 2 colors, with an energetic part, the rod color, while blue is the color for healing fear. In a purple room we have no chance to explode in anger, even if we came angry, from the outside. For its two based color combination the purple color is made to relax and unstreess you.

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Welcome to our purple dining room photo gallery showcasing multiple dining room ideas of all types. Filter by style, size, and many features.

Also below is a purple color chart which sets out the main shades from light to dark. It doesn’t include every shade of purple, but it gives you an idea of the spectrum.

Below are our extensive galleries showcasing the main rooms of the home that have purple. Some have a lot while others just a touch.

 Silver, white, black. Blah, blah, blah. These colors scream old and outdated! Why, when we live in a world bursting with vibrant colors, do we still use ‘bland’ in our homes? Where did all the fun go?For too long our kitchens have fallen victim to the overrated fad of neutrality.

Beige walls, white cabinets, brown countertops, and white appliances. It all seems so drab. Don’t you want to feel energized and inspired when you step into your culinary art studio? It is time to break free from this vacuum and bring a little creativity back into your kitchen, and we have the perfect solution.

..We are not suggesting that you refinish your cabinet doors. You can keep your granite countertops. Some people may recommend that you add a new backsplash or some printed hand towels, but we like to think outside the box.

We’ve taken a sort of “blast to the past” outlook. We’re thinking: retro with a twist. We’re interested in the quirky styles that sprung up in the 50s. The color! The energy! And what better way to liven up your kitchen than through your appliances? Appliances are a perfect way to incorporate retro pops of color into a neutral room.

They occupy a hefty portion of the kitchen, so why not have a little fun. It is such a simple but overlooked adjustment that any homeowner can make. Conveniently for you, we have found a solution that works and looks good.

Finally! This month, Big Chill have released a retro style fridge in purple! Say no to bland white fridges and join in the celebration of the captivating color this month.Complement your kitchen’s earthy tones with the vibrancy of purple.

Don’t be afraid – it’s as natural as the mesmerizing glimmer of amethyst. Or the graceful royal purple butterflies that float along with the breeze. Imagine all of this – in your kitchen. Remember, the key to successful color use is moderation and placement.

Let the fridge become your showcase. Embrace your individuality. And, who knows, maybe your kitchen will once again become your favorite room.This great design concept will be the key to rediscovering the energy in your home.

Need a little more convincing? Here are 23 purple interiors to leave you with ‘purple dreams’: 1. Luscious Lavender This is a stunning example of the difference just a little color can make. Here we have an all black and white kitchen, however we can see that it has also been spiced up a bit with some lavender touches.

This really brings some softness and almost warmth into the room. 2. Popping Purple Kitchen Here, a much smaller touch of purple has been added, but you can still see the wonderful difference that it makes in the room.

Sometimes you are really attached to your appliances and you don’t want to let them go, so here is an alternative that just requires a little bit of paint. This coat of paint really makes the room pop and even makes the ceilings look taller.

3. Purple Burst Here is the inspiration for the liveliest home décor expert. This room is just bursting with vibrant and beautiful colors! The reason this concept works so well and doesn’t look like a child’s bedroom, is that contrasting colors were utilized (i.

e. purple/orange and pink/blue) every color has another color to help balance it out; give it some sense in the room. Then, you have the neutral floor and ceiling to bring it all together. 4. Bedroom Dreaming The lightest shade of purple is best to create an aura of tranquillity all around your place.

Team subtle textures with color for a deep sleeping experience. 5. Majestic Purple and Grey KitchenAdd a dash of elegance in your kitchen with purple cabinets accompanied with bare brick wall and steel appliances.

A great move from boring and drab to a lively kitchen. 6. Rustic Purple Kitchen This rustic purple kitchen is so inspirational and appetizing that it surely sets a perfect tone for preparing or enjoying a great meal or tasty desserts.

The oak beams, white kitchen cabinets compliment the deep purple island, making a spectacular statement in a rustic cottage kitchen. 7. Chill-out in Purple Add Purple in your lounge for the ultimate coffee chill out space with rustic purple velvet design sofas.

White wood work combination with a white hanging lamp gives this evening lounge an altogether refreshing look. 8. Contemporary Purple and Blue Apartment Mesmerize your heart to the core by choosing a combination of blue and violet in your living room.

The funky retro rug, cream sofa and the purple walls will set a perfect room for elegance and serenity in your living area. 9. The Royal Purple Bedroom Introduce purple with white in your bedroom and enjoy a royal feeling packed with cosy comfort and gleaming white chandelier and white painted furniture.

Relaxed nights are assured as you make your way into this scintillating purple bedroom. 10. Purple Drawing Room When the mood is fervor, how can we possibly forget the drawing rooms? A golden comfy couch lying against a dark purple wall covered with some fine artistic paintings will give a contemporary look to your drawing room.

11. Purple ‘Hollywood’ Dressing-cum-Bedroom Beauty is personified in this purple dressing room where a mirrored wall and long violet drapes combine against a beautifully lit mirror. Everything in this purple hollywood regency dressing room is simply to fall in love with.

12. The Purple Apartment Paint all the walls purple and ceilings white. Mix and match cushions , sofas, paintings and curtains and you are good to go for a lovely purple house. 13. Purple Office It is time to give your workplace a new look.

This season, paint it all purple whether it’s the book rack or the furniture and add a vibrant and refreshing look. 14. Purple Hallway Although hallways are often bland spaces, designers Alexandra Loew and Lauren Soloff from The Desk of Lola made this corridor a main attraction by adding plain and patterned purple.

The effect is a little bit retro, a little bit modern, transforming a rather oppressive hall/storage area into the centerpiece of the home. 15. The Royal Living Room Darkest of purple gives the finest finishing on the walls here.

A light grey sofa paired with grey and purple cushions plus a white lamp and small purple table, what more can one ask for creating that rich look in the living room. 16. Purple Kids Bedroom Gift your children an enthusiastic atmosphere for study and play with this purple and brown combination.

Simplicity of design is what will matter the most in giving this room a complete look. 17. Lazy Purple Mornings A lovely chandelier, purple texture walls and the wooden flooring – all of these are perfect for creating a mood for some lazy newspaper reading while sitting across the white window peeping out for the greenery of your lawns.

18. Stylish Victorian Powder Room Create a dramatic backdrop with Farrow and Ball wallpaper. Their luxury Lotus Pattern 2062 provides a dramatic backdrop for the Palmer Industries console sink in the powder room of Belmont Project House.

A mixture of whites, grays, blues, and lavenders establish the color palette for this small and dramatic room.   19. Futuristic Purple TV room This purple and white setting will enhance your TV watching experience as you combine white sofas with purple cushions.

The corner lamp completes the evening look with white light brightening the purple wall in a unique way. 20. Modular Kitchen with Purple Furnishing Simply beautiful is what the admirers will say for this lovely purple wood furnished modular kitchen accompanied with white furniture and white flooring.

The white flower vase will add to its beauty for sure. 21. Purple, Black and Grey Living Room For those loving it sober, a touch of grey or black will add a soothing touch to the vibrant feel of purple.

Pair it up with white carpet or flooring with black wooden work and the room is set for a sober yet perfect look. 22. Modern Purple Kitchen With Blue Island Lighting Want to make a statement? Try neon-purple walls with gray stripes for a brave, edgy dining space.

The blue kitchen island with LED strip lighting combines to give this kitchen a jaw-dropping contemporary look. 23. Retro Bathroom It’s time for reflection. Team rich purples with soft down-lights and reflective surfaces for a feeling of luxury.

 Conclusion:This is the kind of inspiration that your kitchen is starving for. It won’t seem nearly as “out there” as it may appear. Remember, the key to successfully using color to your advantage is to moderate it and put it in the exact right place.

Don’t overdo it, but showcase it at the same time.Don’t be afraid of color. Embrace your energetic side and take a chance on it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference that it will make.

Not only have you created something that is completely outside of the box, but also something that will be completely unique to your kitchen.This great design concept will be the key to rediscovering the energy in your kitchen.

Maybe your kitchen will become your new favorite room. We’ve always said that a kitchen is the cook’s art studio, and should be treated as such. So give your kitchen a little retro makeover have fun again!Image sources:  

Welcome to our purple master bathrooms photo gallery showcasing multiple purple master bathroom design ideas of all types.

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