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Paradise Restored Landscaping Exterior Landscape Design

Paradise Restored Landscaping Exterior Landscape Design Paradise Restored Landscaping Exterior Landscape Design

It’s a shame I didn’t check Yelp for reviews. Somehow the sites I found only had glowing reviews. I wanted a master plan and after talking with Micah I was excited to find someone who could deliver and provide suggestions as well as a planting, lighting, and irrigation plan. What I ended up with was a 3D rendering of a deck structure and a few hardscape suggestions. It’s nice but not worth $4,000. I asked for a bid on the structure and was told after 6 weeks that none of the carpenters had responded and that my husband (who is a contractor) should take a look at it. He did and was not surprised to find that none of the subs responded. They were supposed to bid off a rendering that had zero detail. Pretty sure an architect would also need to be consulted and possibly permits. Quite complex for a deck and covered structure bid. I just feel swindled. We were really impressed at first but so disappointed with what we received. Turns out another friend had the same issue with them just providing a rendering but they were smart enough to pay with a credit card and disputed the charges when Paradise Restored wouldn’t call them back. Do Not Waste Your Time or Money Here!!!!!

I had Pricilla come out and do an estimate to prune back our yard for the winter. The first time we were supposed to meet she was 15 min late. No big deal, I just called the office to get a eta of when she would be arriving. When I call she was at the office and had forgot about our appointment. She said she could be there in 20 min. Again things happen. I let it go. She arrives and I walk through showing what I would like done. She gave an estimate of about $500 because it will take a full day of work, but said she would get back to me later that day. Two days later I hadn’t heard from her so I emailed her and asked if she had a quote. She finally responds after another day and says it will now be $800. I call and ask her why it has jumped from $500 to $800. She doesn’t give me really much of a response but just says “oh well it turns out it’s going to be a full day of work.” I felt really uncomfortable at this point that she couldn’t explain why it was so much more but went against my gut and just said ok. We had just moved and had too many other things going on to find someone else. They come 9:00am in the morning started working. I notice that they are working pretty quickly. 11:30 rolls around and they are pretty much packing up. They knock on the door and I do a walk through. I find a few places I wanted them to trim back further and they say ” we can do that when we come back for your weekly maintenance.” I thought that was weird because why couldn’t they just trim it then? They were already here for the job I really had hired them for. I said ok and thought I would just call Priscilla. So by this point they leave probably around 11:45 or so. I call Priscilla to talk about the price adjustment because they obviously were not working all day. Priscilla tells me she had originally thought she would just send one person out and ended up sending three and that’s why it took a half days of work. I told her 2 and a half hours is not a half days worth of work. I guess by this point just everything felt completely just made up. I have no idea where she came up with any of her pricing. She was more interested in arguing with me. She implied that I was lying about the time the workers left. I just couldn’t believe how juvenile she was handling the situation. I’m not sure how they maintain a yearly clientele they way they conduct their business. At the end my husband told her not to charge us until they came back to finish the job. This was never done and they charged us anyway without making any adjustments or without being authorized by us. Just because they had our credit card details they just used it without approval. This company is not just incompetent but also unscrupulous.

Start to finish project management solutions to launch your new landscape design project, see it through every phase and leave you with a completed landscape paradise for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.

We design and build. We do it all, and therefore oversee your project from consultation through installation and final walk through. We’ll help you navigate through all the decisions to find the solutions that fit your wishes and your budget, whether you are planning to install all the work at once or over time with a phased approach.

You’ve never seen landscape design like this. We’ve got some of the best designers in the Portland landscaping market and our work speaks for itself. We’re incorporating new landscape design elements, modern outdoor features, and maintaining an ever growing portfolio of the best landscape design around.

A long lasting, trusted name. We’ve been doing business in the Portland landscaping market for 23 years now, and many of our staff we’re born and raised right here. You can have piece of mind that we understand the Northwest region and the special care a Portland landscape requires.

Got a question? We’ve got you covered. Paradise Restored has an amazing team of support staff, management, experienced builders, and knowledgeable sales people to take care of your project from start to finish.

I would not recommend anyone else to landscape your yard! I interviewed a couple companies before deciding on Paradise Restored. Their pricing was pretty much in line with the other companies, but what stood out about them was the type of conversation we had. My original vision was WAY outside my budget. They talked with me about different cost saving options and comparable finishes with the same feel for much less expense. I felt as though they were on my side to save money rather then trying to “sell” or “shame” me for a bigger paycheck. John Burngardt, my project manager, was not only friendly, but very responsive. I always got a call back the same day. All my concerns were resolved quickly and questions answered clearly. The end result is better than my original vision. Thank you Paradise restored for a great experience, and wonderful back yard!

Staycation, Nearcation, Staydate, Holistay, & Faucation are just some of the fun names for Staytrips! …. They became

“…My creative spirit lead me to a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at Portland State University where I learned sculpting, printing, and other visual arts, with a special love for painting…”

“John Burngardt, my project manager, was not only friendly, but very responsive.” in 3 reviews

Stay away!!! They are scam artists!!!! They take your money and tell you that they will give you drawings, details, and estimates to do the work. All we got is a drawing worth about 1/4 of what we paid. Very little detail on the actual drawings. No estimates to do the work! Was told the project does not need permits when in fact it for sure needs building, and electrical permits. The deck is 8′ in the air, all decks above 30″ need permits and moving and adding 240v and 120v new circuits. If you have questions, It takes forever to return your call. I would stay away from Micah and Paradise Restored unless you want to be taken advantage of. ****Run and use a different company****”

Committed to our clients, through and through. From the moment we answer the phone to the sales person showing up to your doorstep, breaking ground, and final walkthrough of your landscape project, we love what we do and we’ll prove it.

Rick C. said “After a bad experience with a previous contractor this past winter when we had our roof, gutters, and fascia boards replaced, we elected not to use them to replace the siding and trim on our house. After…” read more

I ran into an employee of Paradise Restored the other day and they asked me how my yard was doing after working with me over 2 years ago. Not only did he remember my face and name but he asked how my yard was. I told him my family and I enjoy it so much and with summer around the corner we can’t wait to use it again and again with the new outdoor living space we now have thanks for them. We’ll be pulling out the s’mores and using the pizza oven all summer long. Plus, my dog loves the water feature even though it was meant for us and not her. Thanks again Paradise!! I highly recommend them and I’m sorry I don’t remember the name of the employee. I should of wrote this yelp 2 years ago so it was fresh in my head.

“They were able to do the job in 1.5 days and were cool to add on an additional system in our back yard when we saw how well things were going.” in 6 reviews

“…My intention is that it look seamlessly integrated within its natural surroundings, that the project not consume the original elements in nature…”

Sorry I definitely don’t recommend using this company for landscape design. Our entire project took over a year to complete with very poor communication and planning. At the end of the day we were pretty happy with the results, but the management of the project was terribly frustrating. So I originally contacted Paradise Restored to have our backyard redone last July (that’s 2015). They just completed the project 2 days ago. Our backyard is fairly small but we basically had them build a deck, redo the grass and plants, pour concrete steps as well as a concrete pad for a hot tub, and have an electrical company affiliated with them install the electric hook up for the hot tub. The project was poorly managed and we never quite knew when things were going to happen. They use a website called builder trend which is theoretically supposed to provide updates on project dates, but only a few dates were written in. The concrete was not poured correctly and although it wasn’t a huge deal, I think it just spoke to the poor communication. Additionally, now that some plants are growing larger I feel like the landscape designer just haphazardly threw plants in, rather than actually creating a design. Overall I’m pleased that we have a great useable yard now, hence the 3, but the process to get here was frustrating to say the least. From talking to friends it sounds like everyone I know who has hired contractors have faced similar frustrations, so perhaps its just emblematic of contract work. Either way, I’m sad to say I can’t recommend Paradise Restored.

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Paradise Restored has been the premier Portland landscaping company for 23 years now, and we’re just getting started! No matter the size or location of your project, our goal is to always bring an unmatched level of service, quality, and authenticity to the Portland landscaping market.

We love our people. We think you will too. With 20 years of experience in the Portland landscaping market, we’ve got a great feel for our communities and the current trends in landscape design & construction.

Did not have a great experience with Paradise. Poor customer service and follow up. Our project finished less than a year ago, we have had drainage issues from day one (that didn’t exist before their work), irrigation issues, have had to reseed our lawn twice, new paver patio has small cracks and weeds growing through it. We shared we wanted a phased project and paid way too much a plan and project we felt like had to basically manage ourselves. We even paid an extra $400 for a front yard plan in addition to the backyard cost and the plan had no real changes when delivered. We explicitly said we needed irrigation in the backyard as it didn’t exist. The quote we signed included it but apparently did not the actual irrigation. It just included hooking it up to the supposed existing system in the backyard. If I wouldn’t have said anything that one day mid project they would have missed it entirely, however we still had the pay the $6k ‘miss’. We did a small project by their standards, and were treated like a small client. The plan was always to do more but I wanted to see the quality first before paying $$$. Unfortunately we were disappointed. While there are things we enjoy about the backyard, the continued lack of customer service in response to any concern is what prevents me from recommending them and going back for any future projects. Micah is a nice guy, but clearly they are trying to do too much and their customers are suffering.

We integrate high end project management solutions that allow our clients to monitor their project throughout it’s entirety.

We love landscape design, and it shows. Take a look around at some of our most recent designs and project portfolios and get to know the team that makes it happen. From the first consultation to a beautifully crafted landscape design, incorporating all the hand picked landscape elements to both compliment your existing property and create a rich new experience right in your own backyard… your very own personal paradise.

With these solutions, we offer our clients 24 hour access to open communication at their finger tips for fully monitoring the progress of the their project, interacting with our staff, viewing design changes and budget items, and monitoring an itemized construction schedule on a monthly, weekly, and daily calendar.

Our landscape design philosophy is a simple one – we strive to interpret and provide the effects that are most important to our client. As an extension of one’s home, personality and lifestyle, an intelligent design and cohesive plan are essential. Ready for your landscape design plan?

To say we’re obsessed with landscape design would be an understatement. Paradise Restored is proud to have a team of design professionals that produce the highest quality landscapes designs, incorporating function and beauty into every new artwork. Here are just a few of our recent awards!

“…I love design in all of it’s forms, and at Paradise Restored I can pursue my passion for nature and horticulture while designing functional spaces and make people happy!…”

I still have to say 3 months later and I’m still happy with my results. Thank you Paradise! I’m looking forward to summer and having you work on our new yard come September.

Paradise Restored has been maintaining our low maintenance yard for several years. They keep the beds weeded, the trees and shrubs pruned, and the walks and driveway clear of debris. They do it all with minimal oversight needed by me. When I need something additional done, like barkdusting, or somethig done sooner (like the ornamental grass pruned back a bit earlier than normal, they are very accomodating. Very reasonable prices.

“…Spaces to enjoy views, enjoy socializing, taking in the sun, relaxing in the shade, to grow and eat good food are all important. This is a philosophy I bring to all the spaces I design…”

I hired them to lay sod in my back yard, since they did not even till the soil or add any new soil before saying the sod, the grass has died quickly, even with my watering and feeding it.

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design is not your typical Portland landscaping company. We take a special pride in our work, creating and implementing award winning exterior design and construction services that outclass the competition every step of the way.

Stunning Landscape Designs complimented by scaled 3d visualizations to give our homeowners a better perspective and vision of the final outcome of their project.

Welcome to your last stop for Portland landscaping.Your Personal Paradise starts here

After many phone calls, emails, and time spent explaining what was needed for our tiny backyard I finally called up the office and asked if Micah has even been receiving our emails since we haven’t heard anything. Finally Micah responded with a simple email stating sorry we can’t do your job, we’re too busy during the season right now. Shouldn’t your first response and front desk be able to screen those so you don’t waste our time. Iheart radio advertising brought us to you and you don’t even want business. So our money will go elsewhere….

Just a few of the reasons we are the leader in Portland Landscaping

Ready or Not… Here they come! Landscape Reveal – 2018 – First of the Season We are so excited to reveal our

Consistently performing tasks required. Continually blows neighboring tree leafs into neighbors yard, and has done that for years. Never picks up trash found in the gutter, which I get to do after they leave. Marginal at best.

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John and his crew are the most professional and timely contractor I’ve every worked with. Everyone was very friendly and did whatever needed to be done to make the project successful

“…Growing up in the Mojave Desert, my identity was connected to the landscape around me and I think that in the Pacific Northwest, the heart of the people is similarly impacted by this place…”

Kelliann A. said “Top notch company and customer service. We needed to have our chimney rebuilt from the roofline up on our mid-century ranch. The trick was in finding matching brick. After Portland Chimney sourced…” read more

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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design specializes in customer exterior design solutions, seamless execution of construction projects, and five star customer service through highly trained support staff and management teams that guide and assist our clients from start to finish and beyond. We have been the Portland landscaping firm to turn to for over 23 years.

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“…Pierson’s proficiency in multiple software applications and his strong aptitude towards architectural design. He has great intuition and ability to conceptualize the client’s vision…”

From consultation to final cleanup, we handle each step of the process with care and precision, offering clarity and open communication to our customers, a seamless construction process, and a professional support staff that will go above and beyond to make sure your experience with us is everything you would expect from a 5 star service.

The world of Portland landscaping & construction has grown exponentially the past years, and with that new tools are needed to keep up with increasingly complex projects. We maintain a highly transparent project management system for our clients, start to finish.

Had a personal experience with these people by paying for their blueprint/design which took longer then expected to receive by at least a week and didn’t include the designs I asked for or anything that I was told would be included. It basically ended with “sorry but that would cost a lot more then we thought.” Upon looking into their work I went to a past job they said they did and was told that this company only did the grass next to the concrete work not the entire job they described. Probably good for someone with money to waste but Micah promised more then he could deliver and it cost me about 2000 to learn that lesson and watch him show me pictures of his house and what he’s doing there. Now I have an over priced blueprint of a design I never asked for and the 3d rendering was some bad PowerPoint show in my kitchen as he let down everyone explaining why it can’t be done. Thanks for the drawing of my imaginary backyard. This was my personal experience I paid $2k for and I had to repost this because it appears paradise restored requested it removed from yelp. This is why people yelp, so that others know what to expect when they are told that they can build your studio for the budget but they need to make a blueprint first. Those nice new landscaping trucks they use cost money to buy, your welcome.

Text a link to your phone so you can quickly get directions, see photos, and read reviews on the go!

That’s too bad this company has gotten two poor reviews. My husband and I have had a good experience with them for the most part. Micah, the owner, has been relatively quick to return calls/emails (and quick by contractor standards meaning could be same day, could be the next, could be the following week). But every time I’ve interacted with him he’s been courteous and friendly and very accommodating to our needs. We used Micah and his crew to help us build a rain garden by connecting two gutter downspouts underground, feeding the water into an in-ground 50 gallon well that would overflow into a river rock bed in our front yard during high rains. They were able to do the job in 1.5 days and were cool to add on an additional system in our back yard when we saw how well things were going. Both projects took two days total to complete. Pros: Micah was friendly. The staff at his office also seemed friendly when I interacted with them via phone or email. We had this installed in early October and so far it seems to have done the job we all assumed it would do. No more flooding in our lawn! Micah introduced us to his crew and the point person for the project was very approachable and seemed to understand our needs. They also started earlier than anticipated Cons: Although they started earlier than anticipated, I was called at 7:15am of the new start date that they wanted to start sooner and they were already headed over. Luckily I obsessively check my emails when I wake up! Also, I was hoping they’d finish up in a day (for the first rain garden), as we were initially told but it ended up being two. Furthermore, apparently they take Fridays off so with our project starting on Thursday, it wasn’t actually completed until Monday. Lastly, they dug up lots of clay dirt to lay down the piping and place a 2nd well. Instead of hauling away the dirt like they did with the front yard, they just redistributed it in our back yard. We wrote them an email to ask them to please remove the dirt as it is completely useless soil, if you can call it that, since it was primarily made up of rock and clay and also it seemed lazy for them to just leave it behind when they didn’t do that with the front. This business responded right away to take care of it and within a couple days they crew was there to remove it. And they did a fine job of removing it. Somehow managed to keep everything neat and tidy. We really appreciated them following though with this. We look forward to working with them next spring to move on to the next stage in our landscape redesign, which will likely be a paver patio.

We hired Paradise Restored and met the owner Micah. We just wanted a simple fire pit and walking path in our back yard. He listened to what we wanted and a week later we had our design plans back to us. Micah’s vision transformed our difficult backyard into a peaceful retreat. The Paradise crew was very friendly. They also installed an irrigation system in our yard. When I call I always get a call back within 24 hrs. I highly recommend Paradise Restored.

Fantastic landscaping company! From design to finish product you won’t be let down. As an arborist and lover of trees this company cares for plant life. I have worked them on tree preservation during construction of various landscaping project. There care for detail is what sets them apart.

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I contacted Paradise Restored to do a landscape / Hardscape for my back yard for my new construction home. I paid the $900 design fee (applied to cost if selected). The initial design on paper was amazing so I went with it. while the Hardscape turned out great, other items fell short. The off/on switch for the water feature, which started leaking within months, consisted of a USED extension cord, complete with duct tape that has to be manually plugged in for operation. Roughly 25% of the various plants died within the first year, and the bark dust breeds weeds, a sign they use cheap bark dust from a yard debris facility. The gas fire pit is marginal at best. When I inquired why my yard did not look nearly as good as the drawing, I was promised it would in a year or two after the plants matured. Almost four years later and it is not even close. Between the dead plants, the monthly fee by a third party to keep the weeds down, and the iffy sprinkler system I wished I would have shopped around.

Guided Landscape Tour #6 – Views on a ‘Landscape with a View’

UNFORTUNATELY I was not able to give a no star or minus star review. Please read this if you are considering hiring this company. This is not just a “sour grapes” review from a difficult customer. I first met with the owner Micah to discuss my landscaping projects Jan 12th. Within days I had given them a deposit. I was specifically told “It’s a good thing you contacted us now because we will be very busy in Spring.” Well now its July 14 and I’m still several weeks from completion with a different contractor. Paradise Restored let me down at every turn. I asked at the initial meeting if the work was performed by their workers, or subbed out. I would not hire a company that did not use their own workers. The carpentry and chain link work involved went as follows. The dog proof gate I had installed does not keep my dogs safe as they can squeeze through the balusters. Now I will have to put chicken wire on the gate which isn’t the look I was going for. They offered to fix it but never followed through. The chain link which was approximately 300 ft with 4 gates turned out that PD Restored’s carpenter (Doug) called Lowe’s to install the fence. After the damage was done and Lowes was committed, I found out that this was what they had done, against my expressed wishes their own people preform the work. I repeated would ask questions of the Company like “what is the time line?” “What can I expect next?” and “Why did you have Lowe’s do the materials and work with the chain link?” I asked this at least 3 times. Finally when I had a face-to-face with Micah I asked yet again “Why did I need YOU to call LOWE”S for me?” the response was “I didn’t know the carpenter was going to do that” — great. Isn’t it your company? How much more did it cost me to have Lowe’s do the work with your mark up? I am a 65 year old retired business professional who was totally capable of making a phone call to Lowe’s if that was the route I wanted to go. Total BS — From the beginning I stated I wanted a Koi Pond — always a Koi Pond and not a water feature. Ultimately I spoke to a professional only to find out the design and filtration system they were going to install was not adequate for a true Koi Pond. I didn’t realize there was a difference between the two types of structures (Koi Pond vs. Water Feature) That was why I hired a “professional” company to do the work. It’s a 15,000 gal pond – and it requires two heavy duty pumps and filters, a UV filtration tube, etc. This was a $8K error on their part that was explained by “I am SO SORRY! We build beautiful ponds but would not and have designed any exclusively for Koi. (I was never told this) The one that we proposed could handle fish life but for a true Koi pond we would have our clients supply what they felt would be needed. It looks like you have been researching what you would like as far as filtration and such.” Why wasn’t this mentioned with the original proposal? Them being sorry didn’t pay for the extra equipment I had to buy. The final straw came when the excavator they were using had a mechanical issue which resulted in no work being done for at least 2 weeks! It was never repaired — Why this ever became my problem is beyond me. When I was supervising a project at work and a piece of equipment broke, it was either fixed immediately or replaced. I didn’t go to the customer and say “Our equipment broke and so we are stopping all work on the project.” It comes under the heading of take a hit on your profit margin and get the job done. Don’t make things that are not my issue my problem. ULTIMATELY I MET WITH MICAH WHOSE SOLUTION WAS TO THROW HIS HANDS UP IN THE AIR AND ALLOW ME TO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO FINISH THE INCOMPLETE JOB. I had many companies refuse the job unless they could start over. They (PD) did me no favors and I regret the day I ever began researching this company and hired them. Ultimately they are “sorry” because they let me down. I’m sorry they are in business.

Tom S. said “I caught a skunk on accident (knew about the possum, didn’t know about a skunk). I called two other places, one didn’t return my call and the other had a tech go home sick. So I called critter control and…” read more

Clean Air Lawn Care West Side is the area’s leading sustainable and organic lawn care company. We provide full-service and environmentally-friendly lawn maintenance for both residential and commercial properties in… read more

“Micah’s vision transformed our difficult backyard into a peaceful retreat.” in 10 reviews

Ever wonder “How to start a Backyard Remodel?” We get it . . . now that it’s summertime, you’re seeing

We are so happy with our fire pit patio. There is a little more grading work to complete but I was pleasantly surprised today when I came home to see a completed patio and fire pit with seatwall. The job was done ahead of schedule. Bring on the Smores! Can’t wait to use it with friends and family.

Hi Guys! Ready for Guided Landscape Tour #6 – Views on a Landscape with a View? I am optimistic you all love this Tour

Put our professional & creative landscape design team to work for you, to create and implement an amazing design that fully integrates with and compliments your existing home or property.

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