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The layout of your office is an important factor that affects how your employees will perform their tasks. Before you decide on your office layout, you want to make sure you have identified your office planning objectives. Once these are in place, you want to think about the types of tasks that your employees perform, their need for interaction with each other and clients, as well as the accessibility of support functions.

10. There must be an adequate space between desks, tables and chairs for free movement of employees.

A traditional office layout is made up of individual offices that are “built-in” meaning that they are permanent or semi-permanent. This style of office layout will include a combination of enclosed offices and meeting spaces with a more open reception area for receiving customers.

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Gone are the days of cubicle-only workplaces. Now, there are many types of office layouts to support different work styles and company needs. Here are some examples of office layout types:

19. Adequate safety of valuable documents and records should be ensured.

An efficient layout of an office can be designed only by the manager. When, the office manager should consider the following matters.

17. Staff doing confidential work should be provided adequate privacy.

No waste of time and energy of office personnel. Promotes efficiency of staff. Proper utilization of floor space. Easy supervision. Speed in inter – communication. Better use of office machines and equipment. Types of Office Layout

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11. Noise and disturbing operations should be segregated within the office.

1. Effective utilization of available floor space and smooth flow of work.

8. There should be a free flow of communication among employees.

2. Group Layout: In group layout, employees are placed in a separate partition  where similar activities are carried on and office machines are fitted with another section. For example, all computers are fitted in separate room i.e, computer room.

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5. The reception room should be very near to the main gate or entrance so that the visitors may feel easy and convenient.

6. A sense of belonging and loyalty should be made in the minds of office employees.

Introduction to Office LayoutMeaning of Office LayoutDefinition of Office LayoutObjectives of Office LayoutHow to design an efficient office layout?Advantages of an Efficient office LayoutTypes of Office Layout

14. The room of the manager should be arranged in such a manner that he can easily observe the activities of staff for exercising control on them.

When a management decides to establish an office, it has to carefully define its plan for systematic and scientific segmentation of various departments and equipment for the office.

The shape of an office is an important consideration. The building or office space may be square, rectangular, long and narrow or L or U shaped. Generally, square or rectangular space is better than long or narrow space. The reason is that the latter requires much floor crossing.

A low partition office is the more modern version of the cubicle office, where the height of the partition walls around the workspaces is lower to allow for more light and interaction between workers. Like a cubicle office layout, it may include built-in meeting rooms and offices if more privacy is required.

A team-based office layout is a newer type of layout where workers are grouped by team. The size and space allocated to each team vary depending on the type of work that needs to get done. A team workspace will often include individual workstations and a collaboration space. This reduces the need for meeting rooms.

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The hybrid office is one of the newest office types. It combines elements of all the above office styles based on the needs of your company. Think of creating your office layout as if you had a menu, from which to pick and choose different “environments” based on the needs of your company. Innovative new office systems are making this more possible and easier than ever.

1. Process Layout: In process layout, both equipment and employees are arranged according to the sequence of operations. For example, the filing section may be located next to the despatch section and so on.

A cubicle office layout is a type of open office plan where the workspaces are created using partition walls on 3 sides to form a box or “cubicle”. This style of workspace is more space and cost efficient compared to built-in offices. It is typically used in combination with built-in meeting rooms and private offices for senior staff.

The following advantages can be derived by having planned layout.

An open-plan office does away with partition walls altogether. Instead, work areas are created and defined using furniture. Desks may be lined up side by side to create “banks” or they may be replaced with multi-person work tables called “benches”. Tables and lounge seating are used to create informal meeting and collaboration areas. The appeal of this type of office is that it is very flexible and can expand, contract and be reconfigured easily.

12. Some sections require privacy. The sections may be interview section and inquiry section. Interview section is dealing with recruitment of staff and inquiry section is dealing with progress and performance of the existing staff.

13. Frequent mutual consultation and interference between clerks should be avoided.

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9. All the sections can not work independently. Hence, the office layout ensues the interlinking of each sections according to their needs.

4. Good working conditions should be provided to each employee

“The problem of layout relates to the arrangement in the space involved so that all the equipment, supplies, procedures and personnel can function at maximum efficiency”.

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16. Changes may be made in the office layout if the volume of work is increased in future and requires facilities.

Home offices are more popular than ever as flex-time and work from home programs have made it possible. The layout of your home office requires careful consideration as well to make it an efficient and productive place for you to get your work done.

2. Both power and telephone service is made available whenever necessary.

Office layout may be classified into two categories, They are

The reason is that the systematic arrangement of office equipment leads to availing of maximum benefit from the space available. The office layout is based on the principle of division of labor. If the principle of division of labor is applied, every job of an office can be divided into many sections. All the sections may not be possible to accommodate in one room or on the same floor. Hence, office layout ensures fully utilization of office space and the efficiency of operation is high.

Office layout means the systematic arrangement of office equipment, machines and furniture and providing adequate space to office personnel for regular performance of work with efficiency.

Co-Working offices are one of the great workplace innovations of this century. They allow you access to all the aspects of a modern office without you having to create it yourself. Instead, you pay a monthly fee to become a member. Just sign in and find a workstation or spot in the lounge. Like a hybrid office, a co-work office layout will offer a range of workspaces from open lounge areas to private offices and meeting rooms.

15. The external noise and disturbance should be avoided by fixing double glazed windows and doors.

Space available. Number of workers. Volume of work. Nature of work. Number of workers in designation wise. Types of machine and equipment used. Flow of work. Physical appearance.

Therefore, the main task of office manager is the proper allocation of space to each section by considering the interlinking of other sections, so that the activities of different sections can be coordinated and controlled easily. Faulty or improper arrangement of furniture, equipment and space for employees leads to unnecessary wastage of time and energy and increase in the cost of office operations.

“Office layout is the arrangement of equipment within the available floor space”.

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7. Employee’s satisfaction should be the outcome of proper office layout.

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