Office Design Consulting And Space Planning Steelcase

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Office Design Consulting And Space Planning Steelcase

A Holistic Way Forward Work Experience Model Culture Process Tools Space

When you’re almost a hundred years old, being a little dated is to be expected. The 1920’s vintage headquarters of La-Z-Boy, however, didn’t just look out of date, it was holding the company back.

The highly mobile workforce of Accenture consultants discovers ways to boost engagement, efficiency, effectiveness and environmental responsibility.

Effective teams make more of the knowledge, strengths and perspective each individual brings. But team members face competing priorities: balancing self-interest with the greater good, being present with one another while distributed across locations, managing different work styles and authority levels.

As work gets done through formal (as well as informal) channels, how people learn and share informs the work experience. Explore how work happens deep within an organization.

When it came time to revitalize the JLL Pittsburgh office the company leveraged Steelcase’s proprietary collection of Workplace Tools+Resources, to create an entirely new office environment that has transformed the ways their employees work and captivated clients.

Impact Areas Wellbeing Innovation Team Effectiveness Organizational Fitness Culture Code

Our consulting team will identify ways the dimensions of wellbeing can drive wellbeing and engagement across your organization. Then, we can provide a holistic plan to address what people want and need to perform.

For projects that require greater levels of workspace change, rely on ARC consultants to drive organizational discovery and bring actionable advice on bridging leader priorities and user needs.

Space Analytics — an episodic workplace study — empowers facility managers with easy-to-understand data, giving them the information they need to make the most of real estate.

Global integration can be a force of intercultural exchange and productivity – yet also present tensions that hinder progress.

© 1996 – 2018 Steelcase Inc. is the global leader in office furniture, interior architecture and space solutions for offices, hospitals and classrooms. Our furniture is inspired by innovative research in workspace design.

For more information or inquiries, contact us at [email protected]

Employees of the financial services division of this global energy leader find collaboration easier, energy higher, ideas more abundant in a smaller, smarter workplace.

The best of organizations can fall out of alignment. That is, their culture and practices fail to respond to realities like technology advances, globalization and real estate compression. Our team of consultants can engage your leaders and employees in a process of defining the dynamics at work.

Benefit from Steelcase’s consulting experience like our many clients around the world. Our global team of ARC consultants have been serving clients for nearly two decades.

ARC experiences are tailored to an organization’s specific goals, whether that involves entering new markets, attracting top talent, or tackling unforeseen challenges.

Why Space Analytics? It offers insights into workspace usage patterns over time, enables organizations to make connections between usage and space traits, equips organizations to support different work modes, and helps justify large capital expenditures and improve the overall employee experience.

We determine context, intent and success metrics in leadership workshops and interviews. Our workplan sets tactics, timing and responsibilities.

Client needs vary and we’re able to scale our approach appropriately. Our team leverages Steelcase’s primary research and experienced consultants to provide guiding, advising and consulting services.

We can identify ways to adapt for increased effectiveness and resilience. We also can design and lead a change process that brings new behaviors and best practices to life across your organization.

Consider the work experience in a holistic way. Our Work Experience Model helps clients understand how their organization’s culture, processes and tools impact their workspace (and vice versa) to support their organizational ambitions.

Our global team of consultants can apply Steelcase Culture Code research to help you leverage scale and the local talent of your people everywhere you do business. With understanding of unique local cultures, you can develop workplaces attuned to the needs of your people – for a lasting effect on performance across your enterprise.

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The ARC Experience Flexible Engagements Guiding Advising Consulting

Using our team effectiveness process, our consultants identify opportunities to improve collaboration, decision-making, execution and accountability across the teams critical to your success.

Increasing Engagement + Results by Supporting Employee Wellbeing

Primary Research Insights into how people work and learn are drawn from research conducted by Steelcase WorkSpace Futures teams

We offer direction and support with coaching, training and protocols. We measure results and adjust as needed for success.

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Observations, photo journals, video ethnography, shadowing and other techniques create a detailed picture of organizational behaviors and relationships.

Consider how digital and analog tools support the ways information is generated, communicated and applied across teams and the organization.

Understand the intricate influence that organizational culture has on performance and take meaningful steps to support desired work behaviors, satisfaction and engagement.

The ARC approach is holistic – designed to impact the systems at work within an organization. At the same time, each engagement is highly custom, tailored to suit the issues, opportunities and priorities unique to each client.

Organizations in every industry are seeking ways to drive more disruptive thinking toward everyday progress and exponential growth. But innovation demands creativity and risk, collaboration and trust.

Employees map present situations, envision the future and help develop and evaluate solutions. This process deepens insights and shared perspective. It also speeds validation of concepts and acceptance of new ideas.

How do you bring back the “buzz” in our schools? Dan Behm, superintendent of Forest Hills Public Schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan, wanted to banish boring and reinvigorate students, teachers and staff at all levels. Steelcase’s Applied Research + Consulting team worked with his district to rethink curiosity, collaboration and communication.

To support positive behaviors and best practices. And to advance strategy, brand and culture. We do this by deeply understanding each client organization.

Wellbeing is a bottom line issue. When cognitive, emotional and physical wellbeing are compromised, the results are costly stress, dissatisfaction and disengagement. When wellbeing is optimized, organizations see greater productivity, creativity and problem-solving among their people.

Our clients are leading organizations in business, health and education. These partners share our interest in helping people truly engage at work. Contact us: [email protected]

Client Experience Over 600 engagements globally with leading clients in every industry

The world’s leading international mobile telecommunications group uses a major space transition to nurture a new work culture.

We seek to understand current realities to inform future potential. We ask, probe and listen with surveys, interviews and other methods.

Our human-centered approach engages people at all levels of the organization. We seek to deeply understand their needs and how to better support them – and the organizational purpose. These experiences are positive and meaningful. They lead to results that are authentic, well-supported and sustainable.

We engage employees at all levels in workshops, surveys and photo missions. We observe and study space utilization. Data analysis yields insights and action steps.

If organizational transformation is the goal, ARC consultants can provide a cohesive, measurable strategy and dive deeply into an organization’s work experience. Our tailored consulting process delivers actionable recommendations that help realize desired behaviors.

Steelcase Applied Research Consulting brings maximum value at inflection points. These are opportunities to change an organization’s trajectory.

By applying proprietary knowledge and expertise. And by providing the experiences and tools to move business forward.

Diverse Expertise Multi-disciplinary team with experience in architecture, business, culture, psychology, sociology, engineering and design

Gain insights into the powerful role space has within the work experience. Learn why offering workers choice and control over their work environment can contribute to a vibrant business culture.

Our consulting team studies the factors influencing innovation across your organization, conducts gap analysis and helps you apply our research on innovation culture. Together, we can create the conditions where talented people and great ideas can flourish.

Start by gaining insights into workplace behaviors and preferences. Led by local Steelcase experts, our Workplace Tools+Resources sessions offer activities and methods for guided self-discovery and provide an action plan for the work experience.

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