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New House Designs Perth Affordable House Designs New Choice

New House Designs Perth Affordable House Designs New Choice New House Designs Perth Affordable House Designs New Choice

WA, however, is one of the only states in the country, in fact one of the only places in the world, where double brick construction dominates over alternative construction methods such as timber frame or brick veneer.

Driving this thinking is the desire to make building a home more affordable and speed up construction time frame for two storey homes, in particular. As WA’s population has grown, block sizes have shrunk and two-storey dwellings have become increasingly popular. In order to remain competitive, it has become necessary for residential builders to evolve and offer their clients creative new solutions.

New Level Homes, as part of WA’s third largest builder, is proud to have been the leader in the push towards building double storey homes better, faster and more affordably.

The environmental impact of lightweight construction is also playing a key part in people’s decision-making process. Reducing the amount of concrete required can improve the carbon footprint of a new home. When you couple this with the ability to “super insulate” a lightweight home, the homeowner can easily reduce the amount of energy consumed for heating and cooling. And the drawbacks?

Our homes are built in 29 weeks, a time frame that is traditionally associated with single-storey construction.

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Offering a range of sizes and all with a two-storey design, making the decision to build two-storey has never been easier or more affordable.

Brad McDonald Manager of design, research and development at New Level Homes makes a strong case for lightweight construction

Are you looking to build a two-storey home but aren’t sure how you’ll afford the price tag? Don’t fear, with New Level Homes you can build your brand new home in Perth for under $300,000.

Chances are anyone who’s bought or built a home in WA has heard or asked the question “is it double brick?” Historically, our housing market has been dominated by traditional double brick and tile construction and for generations this has provided a reliable method of residential design and construction.

Some might say things such as sound transfer and the lack of thermal mass may be an issue. We say these minor points have largely been negated with our construction techniques. Technological advances in both acoustic and thermal insulation help put paid to any fears of hearing what’s going on next door. Likewise, the thermal properties of our insulation and cladding products are such that a framed wall can now achieve two, three or even more times the performance of a brick wall.

With a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the building industry, we are able to build our homes in just 29 weeks. Using a new lightweight upper floor construction method we are able to save time and money on your homes construction, so you can be in your new home before you know it.

Our market research and consultation with customers indicated that while homeowners were looking for speed and affordability, they also wanted a home that had flexibility in design, was assembled onsite and provided insulation from sound and weather that was as good as, or better than, traditional double brick.

Lightweight construction simplifies the engineering requirements for the foundations of the home, which makes building on some blocks with reactive soil types more affordable. It also reduces the amount of steel and concrete required in the foundations to support the dwelling, representing a direct material cost-saving.

As the market in Perth continues to change and smaller more narrow lots become the norm, many homeowners have to find new and inventive ways to maximise space. Enter – two-storey homes. Our experienced team of designers at New Level Homes have developed unique two-storey home designs to suit all lifestyles and family sizes and the best part, they are all affordably priced under $300K!

Dedicated to providing quality and affordable designs, you can rest assured that when you choose New Level Homes you are choosing a quality and stylish home design that suits you, your family and lifestyle, all while keeping control of your budget.

Choosing to build with New Level, doesn’t just mean you will have the home you’ve always dreamed of you can have the location as well. If you are a city slicker or someone who wants to live in an area close to the coast, you may be more willing to build on a smaller block of land to keep your costs down. That’s why building with us is the smart move. Maximise every square inch of space with a two-storey design and ensure you have all the space and features you need for your dream lifestyle.

WA’s building industry is combining traditional and innovative construction techniques in order to meet the demands of today’s buyers for affordable two-storey homes.

Offering home designs to suit blocks with 9 to 16 metre frontages, our team has developed designs to make the most of your space no matter how large or small your land is. For example, if you purchased a lot with a 9 metre frontage you can choose from designs with the garage at the rear of your home, meaning you can maximise space at the front while maintaining your homes street appeal.

Don’t be fooled by the low price tag, when you build with us you can have your pick of designs to suit you, your family and your lifestyle. Boasting three and four bedroom designs with two bathrooms and with designs offering ample outdoor space, theatres and master suites, you can enjoy all the features you want and need for everyday life. For those looking to maximise views, you can have your choice of home designs with a balcony so no sunset or sunrise is missed.

Don’t blow the budget, with New Level you can be in your brand new two-storey home in Perth for under $300K! Contact us on 9202 9300 to find out more.

The obvious question I get asked is “What are the advantages of building a lightweight versus a completely double brick two-storey home?” The simple answer is that it is more affordable and much quicker.

New Level Homes went to market in 2014 with a methodology that combines double brick construction on the ground floor with a lightweight upper storey that’s assembled on site.

New Level designs start from $228,499, a price that is comparable to many single storey homes on the market. Better still, our lightweight construction method is flexible, allowing us to develop a suite of 46 home designs to suit blocks from 7.5m up to 17m. Many include balconies and interesting design features such as cantilevers, stunning cladding materials and complex shapes.

Our team began looking at innovations in two-storey construction in 2012. It became clear there was a surging demand for affordable double-storey homes that can be built at a speed to rival single-storey designs.

My career in residential home design and construction has spanned 23 years, yet it’s only been in the past few years that our local mindset has started embracing more innovative and efficient construction methodologies.

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