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They also want decks and wood‑burners, roll-top tubs, framed maps, metal lamps and model sailing ships. And, says Bartlett, they can choose from a variety of coastal inspirations: cool Cornish, shaker-style New England, pared-down Scandi, colourful Caribbean, or a combination of them all.

Whether you enjoy collecting sea glass and sand dollars in a shadowbox display or you want to stencil inspirational sayings on your interior walls, why not be creative in bringing sea memories to your interiors? From creative table decorative ideas such as adding nautical rope to a empty vase and filling it with flowers to displaying nautical lanterns in your outdoor home.

A calming, sophisticated coastal look that’s equally at home in the city. You can buy into a coastal lifestyle wherever you live

Items in stock include Royal Navy silverware, brass ships passage lights and pricey one-offs such as an iconic Siebe Gorman diving helmet (from £5,000). Even the set dressers of Star Wars have shopped there. Jameson says this is because “everything is gnarly, timeless, trendless and iconic”. He adds that the pieces he sells are particularly special because they have real provenance, such as teak doors with brass-ringed portholes salvaged from a Burmese ship.

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The ocean’s shimmery hues inspired a kitchen in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, by Urban Grace Interiors.

A composite of boatyard and beach hut, the nautical style interior is more or less the default setting for seaside homes. It’s a look that can be achieved by reaching for a toolkit of off-the-shelf nautical clichés: lighthouse lamps, porthole mirrors, seashells, rope, anchors, wall-hung oars and endless prints of ships. A jaunty palette of whitewash, navy and aquamarine completes the picture. But although it sounds simple enough, it’s easily overdone – and there are other, more subtle ways of decorating a cabin or a cottage on the coast.

A Russell Sharon painting, a Country Swedish Liselund table, and custom chairs covered in Night & Day II by China Seas “pop” off dining room walls in Pratt & Lambert’s Fidelity. The Elizabeth Eakins rug is another bold stroke.

Bead board in the master bath gives a Savannah home the attitude of an old beach house. A Tria Giovan ocean photo hangs above a Savoy Freestanding Oval tub by Waterwork.

Two vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases propped on wood blocks and topped with a tray serve as a night table in a Napa Valley vacation home. Bed and bedding by Ralph Lauren.

The options are limitless and as the summer ends you’re indoor home will remain casual and infused with memories of a beach getaway! Also consider using creativity in children’s rooms with decor. Why not add a boat bed, or playful life preserver, anchor, and nautical themed bedding  like this kids room for an extra playful place they will love? (from PBK)

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“Powder rooms are places where you can gild the lily,” said designer Mona Ross Berman of this colorful half bath. “We used a loud geometric in a bright ocean blue to give it a slightly over-the-top feeling.” Wallpaper is Recessed from Studio Printworks.

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“An easy-going, beach chic theme can bring a carefree, holiday mood to an interior,” writes Bartlett in her book Keep it Simple, in which pictures of their light, lofty cabin in Winchelsea, near Rye, demonstrate her take on seaside decor. The all-white cabin features classic tongue and groove panelling, painted floorboards, galvanised metals and weathered paintwork. It is dressed simply with found objects, such as pebbles and starfish, antique mirrors, worn leather chairs, white china, glass jars and vintage enamelware.

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The summer is almost over and soon we will all be bundled up in our cozy homes and enjoying the crackling fire with hot chocolate in hand. Until this happens lets enjoy the last few days of summer with nautical inspiration. Whether you love boating, living in a coastal home, or want to reminisce from your summer beach vacation, nautical interiors will bring the sea to you everyday. Here are tips for making your home feel like sand is in your toes and the warm beach air is on your face!

The sofa in a Rhode Island home pairs Clarence House blue corduroy with seat covers in Peter Dunham’s Samarkand. A bold-patterned Indian rug echoes azure tiles in the kitchen, framed by faux-bois-painted walls and trim in Benjamin Moore’s Linen White.

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According to author and stylist Atlanta Bartlett, “It’s all about creating a mood rather than using clichéd props to tell the story.” Avoid theme-park pastiches, she warns. “It’s OK to use classic elements like blue and white stripes, but be sparing.”

This California bath designed by Heidi Bonesteel and Michele Trout is as refreshing as a dip in the pool. A ribbon of blue glass tiles wraps around the room and ripples like water.

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Blue and white makes the perfect summery living room in a Hamptons house. The fabric on the sofa is Vizir in Indigo from Old World Weavers. Throw pillows by Ralph Lauren.

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These rooms prove that seaside is chic with bold stripes, weathered wood, and a classic red, white, and blue palette.

The layering of pattern on pattern in this Lake Michigan house starts with the living room fireplace, decorated with kaleidoscopic Moroccan tile from Urban Archaeology. Designer Martin Horner of Soucie Horner upholstered the sofas in not one, but two fabrics — Dedar’s Sottosopra on the frame and Bergamo’s Ucria on the cushions. Throw pillows made out of vintage textiles by Lynda O’Connor add more color. C&C Milano’s Pienza Rafano covers the club chairs. Rug by Oscar Isberian.

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An old fishmonger’s sign hangs over the sitting area in a Hamptons cottage.

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Royal and navy blues and crisp whites are usually the first colors to come to mind. Although, there is a softer side to coastal living inspired by nature. Weathered driftwood browns and tans inspired from beach sand and seashells to soft greens, yellows, and pastel blues paint the picture of nautical life.

Two farmhouse sinks, from Rohl on the island and Kallista by the window, have an old-fashioned look in a lake house kitchen. Faucets by Barber Wilsons. Blue mercury-glass pendants from Gallery L7 pick up the color theme.

Combine modern styling with coastal colorsBring in colors inspired by the sea

Persian Pear wallpaper by Joanna Rock envelops the master bedroom in a waterfront home. The Simla sleigh bed from Robert Lighton is accented with throw pillows from Lynda O’Connor and Max & Company on top of embroidered pillow shams by Jed Johnson. Wisteria’s Moorish chest doubles as a night table. Rug by Oscar Isberian.

One of the best places for authentic antiques is Trinity Marine (trinitymarine.co.uk), a Devon-based reclamation warehouse, specialising in all things nautical from shipping salvage. It sources its wares from ocean liners, war ships and the odd supertanker from maritime breakers’ yards all over the world. Owner Mark Jameson and his team strip each ship clean, taking everything of worth, even lamps, coat hooks and mirrors. “We will buy all the doors, port holes and windows, some of which we turn into mirrors and tables, and we will salvage the lighting from first class to the engine room,” he says.

“We call this ‘the sailor room,’ because we went all out with the nautical theme,” designer Ken Fulk says of a bedroom in his Massachusetts vacation house. “The mix-and-match nature of the patterns and faded batik prints make it feel like it’s a collection of old textiles brought back from a journey at sea.” John Robshaw bedding. Antique cage lights hang from an antique metal four-poster bed that belonged to the previous owner.

Walnut Wallpaper’s “Little Whales” is buoyant backdrop for a children’s room inside a California cottage.

Let the summer linger with nautical-inspired interiorsEmbrace a modern & coastal living style

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Her starting points are rooted in practicalities. “I use white because it maximises the light,” she says. “Wood weathers beautifully and makes the houses feel beachy inside.” She also makes sure that the property is functional and robust (seaside houses get a lot of wear and tear), as well as sparsely furnished.

Stripes, none the less, are a classic ingredient of the nautical look. John Lewis’s coastal range is a collection of accessories ranging from Padstow Stripe napkins to a St Ives seven-drawer chest and various anchor print cottons. Navy striped rugs, cushions, duvet covers and white-painted furniture feature in a John Lewis spring-summer coastal-theme photo shoot which was shot, incidentally, at Atlanta Bartlett’s Winchelsea beach house.

A boat model, shells, and coral reflect California seaside life in a West Coast bungalow.

Nailheads add spark to an upholstered headboard in a Hamptons guest room. Blue-and-white embroidered pillows by Dransfield & Ross. Blue cashmere throw by Hermès.

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Bartlett has four wooden beach houses on the Kent-East Sussex coast, and a  business that offers interior design, holiday lets, and Pale and Interesting, an online homewares store (paleandinteresting.com).

Katie Ridder’s Beetlecat wallpaper gives a children’s room a playful but “not overly cute” feel.

A series of grainy photographic portraits of old-school fishermen hang on a wall which is painted off-white and made with tongue and groove wood. In the bedrooms, there are crab-print pillows and woolly cable knit throws, reminiscent of fishermen’s jumpers. Chunky dark-wood furniture recalls the look of sea chests and varnished decks. The vintage look also makes room for shipping antiques like telescopes or old maritime paintings. And the general rule is that it’s fine to do clichés like portholes, oars and lifebelts as long as they’re old, weathered or authentic.

Interior designer Paul Little signs up to the “vintage nautical” look, which was inspired, he says, by visits to the Cape Cod island of Nantucket. While decorating his seaside cottage, Spyglass, at Gorran Haven in Cornwall (offered as a holiday let through uniquehomestays.com) he deliberately avoided the usual maritime motifs and went for painted furniture, monochrome prints, books, brass, vintage finds picked up on eBay, and subtle references to Cornish fishing.

In the guest bedroom of a waterfront home, vintage nautical flags inspired the choice of striped bed linens from Pottery Barn.

In the back hall of a Rhode Island home, a Victorian hat rack stands against wallpaper charting the coast outside. Rug by Beauvais.

Hemisphere maps are suspended from a brass picture rail in the stairway of a New England home.

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“Escaping to the beach is often about shunning the trappings of modern life. And a simple, pared‑down look is what most people want in a seaside house.”

A backsplash takes over an entire wall in a home on Fire Island. Baskets under the island hold large platters and the lobster pot. The Pere Tranquille bistro stools from Annick de Lorme are made in France and can be customized in various colors and patterns. Veneto glass tiles from Stone Source. Heavy-duty marine lights above the island from Architrove. Deschutes sconces from Rejuvenation. All paint in the kitchen is Ralph Lauren Paint’s Pocket Watch White.

Colors inspired by the sea and casual interiors are beautiful / Michael Ryan

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In the master bedroom of a California home, the small-scale pattern of C&C Milano’s Gentleman Pied de Poule on a pair of Wisteria X-base stools plays against the bold blue-and-white stripe on Restoration Hardware’s Directoire bed. Carpet by Stark.

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A simple, pared‑down look is what most people want in a seaside house

Furniture store Neptune’s latest summer collection is inspired by the Cornish seaside and in particular by a washy seascape painting by the company founder’s daughter Daisy Sims-Hilditch. Their brand of “grown-up beach chic” offers screen-printed nautical stripes, woven-willow rugs, a relaxed Long Island sofa in a “windswept textile”, and a model Windrose rigged cutter to set atop the painted Chichester chest. Paint colours include Navy, Blakeney Blue, Shingle, Salt, Mist and a shell-like Pink Peppercorn.

“The idea was to create a calming, sophisticated coastal look that reflects the landscapes of real Cornwall,” says Rebecca Malyon, Neptune’s head of design. “But the point is, it’s equally at home in the city. You can buy into a coastal lifestyle wherever you live.”

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As the summer grows closer to the autumn season we all try to hold on to the warmer weather and memories of the beach. Use these simple ideas to infuse your home with welcoming nautical decor and creative color ideas.  Distressed wood and furniture is trending now in interiors. You will be surprised how much you can find around your home, at vintage stores, and online stores to create the nautical-inspired look, without a lot of effort and money. You never know, you may want to keep your coastal inspired interiors all year around!

Fresh colors, furniture that is comfortable yet understated with fabrics that beg to be laid and relaxed on. Try adding comfy ottomans, weathering wood furniture and combining the look with clean lined details. You will be surprised how the term “nautical” can inspire different aesthetics among different homeowners. This green sitting chair coupled with coastal blue walls and white beadboard create the look perfectly from Homedit.

In a Bartlett beach house (there is another on Camber Sands) a few pocks of rust are perfectly acceptable, as are casual white throws chucked over shabby sofas and salvaged timbers that look like they’ve been washed up on the shore after months at sea. “It’s partly about lack of money,” she says. “And partly down to a passion for recycling, reusing and the beauty of imperfections.”

Whimsical coastal sayings add to the decorCreative decor to remember the ocean

Whether you choose to decorate your bathroom, bedroom or living space with these colors, ensure the calm and relaxed nature of coastal living goes along with it. Bedding, area rugs, textiles in your throw pillows, window coverings and even wall decor can take cues from the beach itself.

The master bedroom in a Southern home is a sea of blue and green calm. Walls are painted Benjamin Moore’s Mountain Mist. Seahorse pillows and throw from Number Four Eleven.

While you may only think of classic nautical decor such as boat paddles, life preservers, and sea-inspired decoration around your home, there is a modern style to nautical design.

This beach house’s mantle was inspired by the work of sculptor Louise Nevelson. It’s composed of scraps of wood from the project and various woodworkers’ shops and was made by Alethea Patton. Metal surround by Brian Kennedy. Sconce from Erin Martin Design.

An antique crystal ship chandelier from Jonathan Burden sails over a glass-top dining table in a Brooklyn townhouse. Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint in Bird’s Egg.

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A stunning wall of Azul Cielo and Thassos marbles, cut with a water jet into a delicate Art Nouveau-like motif, is the focal point of the master bathroom in a Lake Michigan home. The pattern is Danse Azul by Artistic Tile. Etoile faucet and undermount tub by Waterworks encased in Calacatta marble.

She has covered the once-fishy cobbled floors with rough wood boards. The walls are a mix of treated exterior timbers and whitewashed granite. And she has added a dark grey and black industrial kitchen and lots of those wall-mounted, cast aluminium and glass ships’ lights. Thus, the cellar has a below-deck feel about it – and not a seashell nor a blue and white stripe to be seen.

The guest bath in designer Ken Fulk’s vacation home “feels authentic to the period of the house, but also clean and modern,” he says. Pedestal tub and fixtures from Sunrise Specialty.

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Putting some of these antiques to good use is Camilla Banks, the interior designer behind the Old Fish Cellar, a harbourside holiday home in Mousehole, Cornwall. Trinity Marine’s original bulkhead lights and nautical pulleys have helped her achieve an urban-industrial take on the seaside style – and a reminder that not all coastal properties are beach cabins or cute cottages. As the name suggests, this was a cellar in which local fishermen once processed their catch. A single, open-plan space, empty for some 40 years, it was, says Banks, a challenge to convert.

John Knott and John Fondas transformed a onetime hotel into their Maine summer house. The living room’s vivid fabrics, all by Knott’s firm, Quadrille, pack a playful punch, while Syrian inlaid chairs and Chinese ceramic stools evoke the cosmopolitan taste of New England seafarers.

Because she needed so much curtain fabric — 80 yards — in a North Carolina sitting room, designer Lindsey Coral Harper used three inexpensive linens and them sewn together with bold horizontal bands of navy. Sofa in Cowtan & Tout’s Crispin. Club chairs in Ferrick Mason’s Lucas Check. Asilah Mosaic rug, Niba.

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