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Nate Berkus Interiors How To Decorate A Bedroom Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus Interiors How To Decorate A Bedroom Nate Berkus Nate Berkus Interiors How To Decorate A Bedroom Nate Berkus

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We’re also breaking down some of the key themes and products that helped turn this room – seen at left as a before/after – into a relaxing oasis that’s sure to bring better sleep than even the cushiest luxury hotel. After all, personal touches go a long way. Here’s how to bring the look and feel to your home.

Interiors photography: The Huffington Post. And don’t miss the video!

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We’ve talked about decorating a bedroom to get your best night’s sleep before – with help from one of sleep’s biggest champions, Arianna Huffington! So when The Huffington Post called upon Nate to put some of his stylish yet sleep-enhancing moves on a plain-jane bedroom, it felt like the perfect opportunity to encourage everyone to do a little redecorating in the name of quality sleep. You can watch the video reveal HERE!

If you’re expecting to come away from this article with a shopping list of items to update your home, put down the pen. “I think it’s much more rewarding to rearrange what you already have,” says Nate Berkus. “This brings new energy into your space and lets you see things in a new way.” Here, the interior designer and author—who also has home collections sold at Target and Jo-Ann Fabrics, boasts a store on 1stdibs, and serves as artistic adviser for LG Studio—shares his best tips for giving your house a fresh look. Read on for Berkus’s advice on shopping your own home, why you might be better off without certain pieces, and which room is most likely in need of some updates.

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When it comes to textiles: “Cable knit pillows and throws, as well as anything in a tweed or boucle fabric, are going to add a cushy, sophisticated feel. And don’t forget leather – it’s a classic for a reason.”

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When it comes to adding character: “I like spaces to feel lived in and collected over time. Antique and vintage furniture have a patina and time-worn feeling that can’t be replicated. And you can never go wrong with books!”

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Layer in vintage and handmade pieces. They’ll add a patina and personality that will make a bedroom feel truly welcoming and perfectly tailored for you. The proof is in the Antique French Gilt & Gesso Mirror from Chairish, one of Nate’s favorite resources for vintage finds. Or just look at these handmade pieces from artisans around the world, like the Pom Pom Garland (and Black Wool Super Pom Pom Blanket above the bed!) from Accompany, and the Palermo Chair from The Citizenry – two sites Nate loves for unique and always-special accents.

“When you lay out a room, it needs to be practical, first, then beautiful. So see if you can make a room function with things you already own. Is there a new energy and juxtaposition that can come from using a side table as a nightstand? Or is there a console that can be used to set up a bar? The best designed rooms are the ones that feel layered, assembled over time, and beautifully edited. To get there, you have to be prepared to experiment.”

When it comes to accessories: “Natural materials like wood, agate, and minerals add a rich, textured feel that makes the whole room feel more welcoming. Also: anything with fringe. The Fringe Woven Stool from my latest Target collection is a great example!”

“I don’t recommend making big, rash changes at the beginning of the year—this is when everyone’s still stressed about losing weight and other resolutions. With Jeremiah [Brant, his husband] and I, we’re constantly moving things around our home throughout the year. It doesn’t have to be about a season or event, it should happen when inspiration strikes. Also, I don’t focus on trends because I don’t think you ever achieve what you’re looking to do—it always feels like a version of something you saw in a photograph.”

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“Look at every piece in your home and ask yourself, ‘Is this contributing to the story I want to tell in this space? Does it have sentimental value? Does it remind me of something that makes me smile?’ Or is the item just crammed onto a bookshelf or side table because you’ve been too lazy to take a hard look at things with a discerning eye? It’s important to donate or sell these items because you have to give the pieces you do love room to breathe.”

No matter what winter looks like outside your front door, there’s something about this time of year that makes you want to make the inside of your home as warm and inviting as possible. So we grilled Nate for his best get-cozy-quick decorating tips. Think of these pieces as the design equivalent of hot cocoa, warm slippers, and a great book.

“In 20 years of working with clients, I’ve found that when we get to the guest room, they tend to feel exhausted from making decisions and don’t really care about the space. But the truth is, if you care about somebody enough to invite them to stay in your home, you should have a beautifully appointed room for them. Think beautiful linens, flattering light, a great chest of drawers so people have somewhere to put their things away. And don’t stop there: Pull accessories from elsewhere in the house so that the room feels like an extension of your home.”

Clear the clutter! Don’t let your nightstands and dressers turn into catch-alls – keep them curated to the essentials! Notice how the pretty, relaxing beach photo from Photos.com above the wood dresser helps drive home that relaxed feel.

“Sometimes the smallest things can make a huge impact. Take the lamps off the nightstands in your bedroom and try them on the console in the living room. Or move your mirrors around the house—if one’s been hanging above your fireplace, try it in the entry and see how it affects the light. Moving artworks, pillows, and rugs is also an extremely effective way to change the feel of a room.”

Amp up the softness. Nate added depth to the space by layering fabrics in soft, neutral tones. Specifically with the Embroidered Duvet, and Longhair Throw from his summer collection available at Target – and yes, you’ll also notice other Target treasures throughout, like those Brass Lamps, Equestrian Side Tables, and more!

“Texture is a bullet train to a sophisticated neutral palette. Woven pieces, hand-knotted rugs, fringed accents—these invigorate and add dimension to any space. They pair nicely with crisp contemporary pieces, as well as with antique furniture and vintage items. And then plants and flowers make a space feel alive. They just make you breathe a little different. We keep fresh flowers in our home constantly—always similar species, white roses or hydrangea, packed tightly in a short vase.”

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