Moroccan Interior Design

April 20, 2019 5:36 am by admin
How to create a moroccan style paradise in your home and outdoor space
Moroccan bedroom decorating ideas
Moroccan Interior Design

This skylight is a more traditional example of the riad design.

Mirrors boost the ambiance of a Moroccan interior by discreetly reflecting light and including adornment to walls. Try to find mirrors with ornamental wrought iron work, deeply sculpted wood, onion dome-shaped frames, and metal or gem embellishments.

Big wall mirrors are positioned opposite to natural sources of light and attractive ornamental products to keep Moroccan interiors light and beautify room decorating with stunning reflections.

The horseshoe arches are extremely typical in Moroccan design and are characterized by a large round arch atop a straighter, narrower doorway (or in this case, indentation). They might also be referred to as Moorish arches (or keyhole arches).

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  • Designer: Kenan Osman
  • Designer: Kenan Osman
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The horseshoe arches are extremely common in Moroccan design and are characterized by a large round arch atop a straighter, narrower doorway (or in this case, indentation). In fact, they may also be referred to as Moorish arches (or keyhole arches).

Tie loose draped fabric back with heavy cables in high traffic areas to keep them out of the way and for additional space and included style.

The water feature room divider and detailed ceiling could easily be Moroccan and even riad-inspired.

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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 76 |
  • Designer: Nabeel Riaz
  • Designer: Kenan Osman
  • 89 |
  • 57 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

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A few of the most common attributes of Moorish architecture including arches, domes, yards, and ornamental tile work, all of which are well represented in the houses consisted of here.

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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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Moroccan furnishings count on sophisticated wrought iron scroll work, mother of pearl inlay, ornately sculpted wood in high relief, highly hued upholstery, and intricate mosaic or terra cotta tile details.

  • Designer: Nabeel Riaz
  • 73 |

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 10 |

This home, from designer Kenan Osman, is a sleek and modern take on the Moroccan style.

For the layman, it may indeed by archways that are most indicative of Moroccan design.

  • Designer: Kenan Osman
  • 86 |

Much of what can be described as Moroccan interior design has its origins in Moorish architecture.

Moroccan interior design concept is incredible and flexible. Nestled between Europe and Africa, the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Morocco is a country of mixing cultures, influenced by the lots of cultures surrounding it.

This decidedly modern bathroom uses the Moroccan style as a jumping off point for contemporary decor. The archway, for instance, is a classic example of the Moroccan look, but instead of using brightly colored tile mosaics, here we see flashy silver.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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  • 71 |
  • Designer: Nabeel Riaz
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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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  • Designer: Kenan Osman
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  • Designer: Amine El Hammoumi
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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

Apart from religious issues, a riad also provides climate control for homes in areas like Morocco that can be punishingly hot. The open air and water features commonly found there can have a pleasant cooling effect on the rest of the home.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 9 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 12 |
  • Designer: Nabeel Riaz
  • 75 |

The ceiling here is a subtle reference to this style while managing to blend into an entirely modern space.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 39 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 15 |
  • Designer: Amine El Hammoumi
  • 77 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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Large wall mirrors are terrific for entryway designs and living space decorating, developing brighter and lighter house interiors and highlighting interior decoration with original and impressive Moroccan accessories.

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The first thing you require to choose is the background color of your living area. This is the one big distinction between including Moroccan elements in a modern-day interior and opting for a devoted Moroccan theme.

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  • Designer: Nabeel Riaz
  • 70 |
  • 58 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • Designer: Amine El Hammoumi
  • 78 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 5 |

Muqarans are another common and intricate element included in many Moroccan designs.

The tilework and archways bring the lush history of Moroccan design into the modern space.

  • Designer: Amine El Hammoumi
  • 79 |
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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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The neutral background in white or cream is merely no longer good enough! Warm yellows and burnt oranges are often the favored choice. For those who desire a ‘Mediterranean vibe’ to their Moroccan living room, aqua, blue-green or teal is an interesting option.

Most house owners wish to add a touch of Moroccan beauty to their location while keeping the smooth, gleaming modern appeal of the home undamaged.

Modern interior decoration in Moroccan style feels incomplete without mirror, craft and artwork, Moroccan lantern, a little rug, kilim or Moroccan tiles on the wall.

  • 21 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 6 |

This decidedly contemporary bathroom utilizes the Moroccan style as a jumping off point for contemporary design. The archway, for instance, is a traditional example of the Moroccan look, however instead of utilizing brightly colored tile mosaics, here we see fancy silver.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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Interior areas are hectic in pattern however simple in furniture. Couches and tables are inviting and set low to the ground.

It is not unusual to find these types of arches in mosques. Here, they act as a lovely framing device for interesting art pieces.

If you wish to transform your interior decoration and decoration by add a touch of Moroccan design, here is a gorgeous collection of innovative methods to do it.

Thoughtfully positioned on the wall, Moroccan lanterns, small carpets and mirrors improve colorful, romantic and captivating house decorating concepts and interior decoration in Moroccan style, producing artistic reflections in soft light and including mystical and romantic feel to modern-day Moroccan design.

  • Designer: Kenan Osman
  • 90 |

The term “riad” can refer either to a palatial house, or to the house’s interior garden or courtyard.

  • 80 |
  • Designer: Amine El Hammoumi

The floral patterns in this Moroccan space from designer Amine El Hammoumi give it a feminine bent.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 43 |

In modern Moroccan design, colorful cushions on the floor have been replaced with cozy sofas that sit low to the ground but still offer support.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 22 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 49 |

Moroccan architecture, interior decoration and decor products are an imaginative blend of African, Arab and Mediterranean embellishing style.

  • 11 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

Richly hued large silk swagged over seating or dining locations or mosquito netting over beds adds a strange touch, reminiscent of desert market tents.

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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

Colorful textiles, from upholstery to wall hangings, can indicated Moroccan influence as well.

This can be done using brilliant pops of color that stand out in a living-room that has a cool, neutral backdrop. The brilliant splash of color can be found in the form of throw and floor pillows, ornate drapes, the timeless carpet and relaxing decoration in brilliant reds, yellows and blues.

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  • Designer: Kenan Osman
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 52 |

Indoor plants develop an enjoyable and fresh atmosphere, and include charming green accents to Moroccan interior decoration.

Although not the most common arch found in Moroccan interior design, this equilateral archway, combined with the surrounding interior elements, is certainly notable.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 4 |

Moroccan Interior Design: History, Style & Elements Related Study Materials

  • 64 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

It is interesting to note that the concept of riads was originally due to Muslim influence. Since women were generally not allowed outside of the home alone, they could relax and enjoy an interior garden such as a riad without compromising their faith and modesty.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 20 |

The design comes from the Mimar Interiors, and incorporates the stunning colors and contrast that are so common in Moroccan-inspired designs.

  • 54 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

This particular house is rich with Moroccan details, but also draws inspirations from the simplicity of Scandinavian design, despite the fact that the home is actually situated in Doha, Qatar.

The classic Moroccan living-room seems like an unabated event of life with intense colors and diverse textures galore. We will get to that a little later on down the line.

Moorish architecture was quite common and continues to be seen throughout the Arab regions of North Africa as well as on the Iberian Peninsula.

  • 28 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 34 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

This final home is one of the most elaborate and fuses both classical and Moroccan elements.

  • 46 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 72 |
  • Designer: Nabeel Riaz

Drawing motivation from Morocco’s landscape, look for tones of blue and green from the Atlantic and Mediterranean, glittering gold and silver invoking the Sahara sands, and abundant reds and oranges that conjure pictures of African sundowns.

Lighting is a an important element of Moroccan decoration. Moroccan lighting concentrates on dim lighting created by lamps and pendants made from colored glass, cut metal and carved wood.

A Moroccan riad is usually characterized by an elaborately carved skylights that were open to the air.

The following images are also from the designers at Mimar Interiors, but represent more modern and varied takes on Moroccan styles.

  • 26 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 16 |

Some of the most common characteristics of Moorish architecture including arches, domes, courtyards, and decorative tile work, all of which are well represented in the homes included here.

  • 66 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

Big wall mirrors in carved wood or created metal frames provide a sense of high-end to the atmosphere. Special and really ornamental wall mirror frames can be made from wrought iron, wood, steel, ceramic mosaic tiles, leather or colored glass tiles.

In traditional Moroccan interiors the flooring is almost completely covered with vibrant Moroccan carpets, made from cotton, wool, silk or blends.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 50 |

The elaborate archways in this room defy categorization, but are clearly Moroccan-inspired with splashes of lovely turquoise.

  • Designer: Amine El Hammoumi
  • 82 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 38 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 61 |
  • 63 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 23 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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  • 85 |
  • Designer: Kenan Osman
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 59 |

Also from Amine El Hammoumi, this loft uses intricate carvings and rich textiles to evoke the Moroccan spirit.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 24 |

This types of decorations can be made from brick, stone, stucco, or wood and common in palaces and mosques as well as luxury homes.

Fabrics in abundant colors with elaborate textures and styles are common of Moroccan decoration. Include throw pillows and cushions in abundance, and curtain luxurious materials from furnishings, window frames, as well as the ceiling.

Using candle lights in standard lights will include the romantic element of moving light to your decoration and exotic fragrances.

  • 7 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 51 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

Are you in the mood to move away from the more modern technique to design and embrace the classic Moroccan-style interior in a full-blown style?

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 29 |
  • 14 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

Situated in Northern Africa, as one of the only three countries to have a coastline along both the Atlantic and Mediterranean, Morocco has often been the subject of lush and romantic fantasy. The country is extremely diverse, with residents that are Arab, Berber, and many European and sub-Saharan African immigrants. The interior design that originates in Morocco reflects this diverse area, rich in cultural traditions and history. Characterized by intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics, it should come as no surprise that Moroccan interior design has become quite popular around the world. The images in this post are representative of some of the most stunning and vibrant modern examples of Moroccan interiors, both in and outside of the country itself.

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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 56 |

Original or stylized modern Moroccan furnishings and home design accessories, made from natural house embellishing materials and products, are essential components of Moroccan interior design style.

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Floorings of dark hardwood are covered with plush Boucherouite or Beni Ourain carpets and stacked floor cushions to develop the best base for a Moroccan style room. Ceramic tile is often on used for floor covering and offers a coolness much invited in the hot weather.

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  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 69 |
  • Designer: Nabeel Riaz

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  • 18. Traditional Moroccan Interior Design
  • 13. Moroccan Mirror and Wall Decoration
  • 5. Lighting for an Exotic Interior
  • 17. Modern Moroccan Interior Design
  • 3 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

Riads are an extremely notable and gorgeous aspect of Moroccan design and architecture.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 42 |

Moroccan rugs organize interior decorating concepts, defining different locations, emphasize unique Moroccan decorations, create attractive contrasts with made from embellishing materials or leather Moroccan poufs, and harmonize furnishings and flooring decoration accessories arrangements.

Any room or home with a peaked doorway can immediately be categorized as having at least some influence from Moroccan design.

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Here, the use of interior plantings in the center of the room is clearly a reference to the riad design.

  • 67 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors

Moroccans love their metal too. From mirrors to lanterns, vases to kettles, metal can be seen in kindness. And once again, don’t anticipate them to be pale and boring. Great carvings and embellishment always occupy area, making them rich and regal looking.

  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
  • 32 |
  • 25 |
  • Designer: Mimar Interiors
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