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Modern Japanese Home

Modern Japanese Home Modern Japanese Home

Alyn Griffiths | 30 December 2017 | 3 comments Watch Bêka & Lemoine’s movie Moriyama-San, about the owner of Ryue Nishizawa’s Moriyama House

Yuichi Yoshida & Associates has completed a house in the suburbs of the Japanese city of Kanazawa with pared-back interiors and an irregularly layered structure that challenges the area’s housing typology. More

Japanese studio FujiwaraMuro Architects has completed an exceptionally narrow timber house in Kobe, featuring an atrium that allows daylight to reach each of its levels. More

Amy Frearson | 31 July 2017 | 6 comments Japanese house by Kouichi Kimura includes white-tiled courtyard for yoga

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Alyn Griffiths | 15 May 2017 | 1 comment ISSHO Architects uses timber frames to create typhoon-resistant house on a tropical island

5 | In one of the most interesting pieces of design in this small home, the dining table is actually sunken into the floor and can be tucked completely away when not in use. This gives the house’s occupants the option to use this empty room for any number of other activities including sleep, study, or meditation.

Eleanor Gibson | 30 July 2017 | 6 comments Chop + Archi cuts triangular lightwells into corners of house in Tokyo

Photographer Edmund Sumner has revealed decade-old images of one of Ryue Nishizawa’s most famous buildings, Moriyama House – a full-size model of which was recently installed inside London’s Barbican. More

This house in Japan’s Tokushima prefecture appears as a nondescript industrial unit from the road, but inside architecture practice CAPD has hidden a bright, high-ceilinged family home. More

This family house in Japan’s Shiga prefecture was designed by local studio Hearth Architects around an indoor garden, which is planted with a tree that extends towards a skylight. More

6 | At the front of the home, a towering glass façade overlooks a zen-like courtyard, on the approach to a minimalist entranceway flanked in wood. Slender trees soften the lines of the modernistic architecture and encourage a more naturalistic feel that in turn leads into the pure materials of the interior.

Jun Igarashi Architects found a work-around in Japanese building code to create this house on Hokkaido’s southwest coast, which features a larger than average roof to protect a pair of patios from snowfall. More

17 | The small kitchen has its own accordion divider that can be slid closed and keep the sights and smells of the kitchen completely out of view.

The 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan was the first in a series of grave events that prompted Fukushima-based architect Cohta Asano to develop the complex design for his new home. More

Japanese culture is known to praise efficiency, which comes forth in many different ways. One of the most obvious, that these photos explore, is the way in which a traditional Japanese house is situated. Without much square footage, this largely wood-paneled home manages to make space for every essential part of a house, without wasting any area. From hidden tables to tucked away kitchens, the house is decidedly efficient and overwhelmingly serene.

Japanese studio Tato Architects designed the interior of this house in Osaka as a single room containing angular platforms that perform multiple functions and are connected by a spiralling sequence of wooden steps. More

8 | The outside of the building displays the same dark stained wood that we see on the inside of this home, taking the styling seamlessly from one side to the other without jarring the senses.

4 | The modern sheen of the new style kitchen also houses a state of the art American style fridge freezer along with a host of other mod cons. The adjacent dining suite disappears into the darker walls in its glossy black finish, adding dinnertime drama and intrigue.

Old and new are juxtaposed within this interesting example of Japanese architecture, by interior visualizer Heung-Yeol, Yong. Traditional Japanese paper screens close of a simple, understated bedroom scheme from a highly contemporary metal staircase, and more reveal a modern open plan living area complete with glossy kitchen diner. Clean lines, natural materials and dramatic use of contrasting tones tie this large home together, where earthy dark walls cocoon the dweller, before butting open against a fresh white contradiction.

Japanese architect Takashi Okuno designed this house with a U-shaped plan, to ensure every room has a view of the tree in the central courtyard. More

A chimney-like tower covered in white tiles rises in the courtyard of this house in Shiga, Japan, which architect Kouichi Kimura has designed for the owner to host yoga classes. More

1 | The entry to the home features glass walls and a sunken patio. Light can filter into the house’s main room or be kept out with neutral shades that are much more effective than decorative.

Ali Morris | 2 September 2017 | 2 comments Gap House is a Japanese home that makes the most of every inch

Japanese studio Tomomi Kito Architect & Associates has renovated the interior of an 1970s house in Tokyo to provide a open-planned home for multiple generations of the same family. More

Eleanor Gibson | 25 September 2017 | 6 comments Jun Igarashi Architects uses loophole in Japanese planning to equip Hokkaido house for snowy winters

Alyn Griffiths | 20 April 2017 | 6 comments Edmund Sumner reveals archive photographs of Ryue Nishizawa’s seminal Moriyama House

Alyn Griffiths | 19 June 2017 | 6 comments Galvanised steel panels cover irregularly stacked volumes of Japanese townhouse

This house by Japanese office MUU Store Design Studio has a footprint of just 60 square metres. More

Eleanor Gibson | 4 July 2017 | 1 comment Tomomi Kito remodels Tokyo home to accommodate four generations of the same family

Masato Sekiya’s firm Planet Creations has completed a concrete weekend house, which cantilevers six metres over a rocky ledge in Japan’s Omine mountain range. More

Natasha Levy | 17 February 2018 | Leave a comment Deceptively industrial facade conceals bright contemporary home in Japan

Competition: win a book about tiny “nomadic” homes Germany to trial free public transport in bid to cut pollution

12345…Older page » Japanese houses Platforms function as tables and shelves inside Tato Architects’ House in Miyamoto

Japanese architecture studio Chop + Archi has used a trio of courtyards to make the most of the sharp “dead space” corners of this house, located on an almost triangular plot in Tokyo. More

7 | The dining room-cum-living area also features an overhead bamboo-style light fixture, which provides gentle and diffuse light and is flanked on either side by traditional Japanese paper and wood room dividers.

India Block | 7 November 2017 | Leave a comment Hearth Architects completes family house in Shiga with tree-planted atrium

Rooflights, pale tiles and glossy flooring are among the tweaks that Apollo Architects & Associates made to a family home in Toyko to give it a light-filled living, kitchen and dining room. More

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9 | These dividers, known as shoji, have either paper or, in many modern homes a type of plastic, that is pulled over a wood or bamboo frame. The resulting walls can slide open and closed easily and give a sense of privacy if not the total sound and lightproof walls that many western homes may be used to.

Eleanor Gibson | 12 July 2017 | 8 comments Apollo Architects’ minimal renovation aims to keep the atmosphere of an old family home in Tokyo

India Block | 2 February 2018 | 6 comments Hiiragi’s House is a Japanese home arranged around a courtyard and old tree

Amy Frearson | 23 August 2017 | 1 comment Cohta Asano builds his new Fukushima home as a cluster of nine cuboids

Lucy Wildsmith | 1 July 2017 | 5 comments Skylights and slatted floors bring daylight into 2.5-metre-wide house in Japan

The timber structure of this house in Kyoto by Japanese studio Alphaville pokes through into the interior spaces, which were designed to optimise the dimensions of a narrow site. More

The film made by Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine about the occupant of Ryue Nishizawa’s seminal Moriyama House is now available to watch on Dezeen in full – but only for a limited time! More

A wooden framework extending radially towards the edges of this house in Japan’s Okinawa region ensures views in all directions through external walls made entirely of glass. More

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A magazine paired Schemata Architects with the owners of this house in Miyazaki prefecture for a renovation project in which the Japanese studio has reconfigured the former factory space by creating a series of plywood-lined rooms. More

Amy Frearson | 15 December 2017 | 14 comments House with “margin space” helps relocating city-dwellers adjust to life in rural Japan

Lizzie Crook | 5 June 2017 | 1 comment Timber frame projects into rooms and stairwell of Alphaville’s compact Kyoto home

Alyn Griffiths | 28 February 2018 | Leave a comment Schemata Architects adds sequence of plywood boxes to redefine spaces inside House in Nobeoka

India Block | 22 September 2017 | 10 comments Holiday home by Masato Sekiya cantilevers over a river bank in Nara Prefecture

22 | The living area serves a dual purpose. The mounted television provides area for entertainment while the convertible bed/sofa is a place for entertaining as well as sleep.

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To encourage the occupants of this house to socialise with their neighbours, Japanese architect Takanori Ineyama added a patio deck, a first-floor balcony and a large bay window to the building’s facade. More

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