Modern Interior Design Colors

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10 modern rooms with vibrant pops of color
Contemporary home ideas colors
Modern Interior Design Colors

‘Caviar’ is a black that’s on the cusp of charcoal, so it pairs well with dark grays and won’t contrast too starkly with furniture in deeper shaders.

Pantone named Ultra Violet the 2018 Color of the Year, and it’s easy to see why. This rich, thoughtful shade of purple adds energy and depth to any room. Whether you’re adventurous enough to commit to an all-purple color scheme, or prefer to experiment with home accessories first, this complex hue is one to watch.

Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is undeniably bold and beautiful. The company describes its pick as a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade.”

According to Pantone, metallics are no longer a dramatic color choice. In fact, they’re part of the “new neutrals” for 2018, says Eiseman. Whether your choose to inset your ceiling with gold paper, like the room pictured here, or add a few gold accessories throughout your space, apparently gilded is the new white marble.

7. Modern interior decorating color scheme with grayish blue and brown colors Modern blue-brown-gray color combination for interior design, decor and paint colors

Sherwin-Williams’ color story Unity, pictured here, is inspired by the connection of people and places. It beautifully pairs unexpected colors like striking blue, animated fuchsia, and creamy yellow.

An overwhelming trend for decor in 2018 appears to be creating tech-free sanctuaries, where you actually find a little relief in unplugging and actually relaxing. Behr’s first-ever Color Of The Year, appropriately called In The Moment T18-15, is a casual and calm blue that immediately makes you feel more at peace.

If you need some help imagining how they might play out in your own space, look no further than the rooms below.

It’s official: pink is losing it’s gendered connotations. It evokes so many feelings that everyone can relate to, from joy to lust, making for the perfect mood-enhancing paint color.

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Elegant and intimate dark gray color shades will be used as the main color for modern interior design and decor in a contemporary style, offering understated, subtle and mysterious interior decorating that allows stylish, bold accents to take central stage. Nine modern interior design and decorating color schemes with gray color 1. Soft green colors with gray paint

Sunny rooms are trending again. If it’s too bold for your walls, incorporate it into your furniture, instead.

Regardless of what interior design and decorating color schemes are selected, people like to include neutral and light tones. White paint colors, light gray color tones, and pale beige create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere while providing an excellent background for bold and exciting decorative accessories and colorful accent wall design.

Sunny Yellow and Brown Colors Inspired by Delicious and Healthy Holiday Treats

8. Deep blue and green colors combined with white and bluish-gray color tones Dark blue and green colors combined with white and bluish-gray color shades

Deep emerald isn’t going anywhere—it’s a timeless color that also feels modern. Try it on a floor instead of traditional wood.

Modern living room design in bluish gray color shades with bright orange accents

Orange and gray color scheme for modern living room design and decorating

Thanks to social media, everyone seems to be talking about travel. Even if you aren’t a regular jet-setter, you can still draw color inspiration from around the world. If you live in California, it doesn’t mean your palette needs to be nature-inspired or if you’re a New Yorker, you have to embrace industrial-inspired shades. In fact, we predict this year is going to be all about going against the grain in terms of color choices.

3. Blue, green and gray color scheme Modern interior decorating color combination of soft blue, green and gray color tones

4. Wine red, soft light green and gray color scheme Modern interior design and decorating color combination, soft light green color, deep red and gray color shades

This vibrant shade isn’t demure in the slightest, and makes a bold statement on the wall. Try a single accent wall in a bedroom, or fill an entire space with this forward-thinking shade. If you love blue but not this blue, check out our list of designers’ favorite shades.

2. Wild rose, deep purplish pink, dark and light gray color combination

Subtle interior design and decorating color schemes with soft interior paint colors, like yellowish green, light green, bluish-gray, light gray or stone blue and off white tones, will be attractive choices in 2013 for large surfaces of walls and big pieces of room furniture. Bright color design with bright or dark blue colors, reddish pink or soft orange is trendy. Deep purple and red wine or pinkish purple color tones add beautiful, powerful and contemporary decorative accents to neutral colors and create quiet, but bright color schemes for modern interior design and decorating in 2013.

“In The Moment speaks to our society’s desire to disconnect and be present,” said Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr. “It crosses multiple design styles — global, coastal, modern — and pairs well with other subdued colors to create harmony for interiors or exteriors.”

Purple-pink and gray color combination for modern interior design, decor and interior paints

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Modern living room design and decor in turquoise, rich blue, and light gray colors emphasized by brown wood furniture and light gray paint color

Pantone named “Autumn Maple” as one of its top shades for (surprise, surprise) fall, but the color looks fresh year-round.

Strong, radiant, and full of energy, this shade is the obvious way to make a bold statement. If you don’t want things to feel too dark, keep the rest of the room white for contrast.

5. Bluish gray color shades and orange color Modern color design trends 2013, orange color and bluish gray color shades

The latest spin on classic white: Employing it on every available surface. Paint the entire room, including the walls, ceiling, trim and fireplace.

This jewel-toned blue is the color of wanderlust right in your own home. It’ll make you feel like you’re on vacation, even if the closest you’re getting to an island escape is your laptop’s screensaver (sigh).

Soft light green color, deep red color and gray color combination for modern interior design and decor, green paint for fireplace wall and red living room furniture

Birthday Colors and Modern Hues for Personalizing Your Interior Design

Purplish pink and gray color accents in modern living room, pink and gray accent wall design and furniture in purplish pink and gray color shades

14 fresh color trends in interior paint colors Modern interior color trends 2013

Black, in theory, sounds like it would turn your home into a bat cave, but keep an open mind. It looks super sleek on just one wall when you keep the rest of the room light.

If your style is more traditional, olive green might be the right move. It’s also ideal for millwork and trim

“Sincerity is about mindful living and creating an environment to disconnect and recharge,” says Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams’ director of marketing. Soft, washed neutrals, greens and sanctuary pinks work together to create harmony.”

Purple and gray color combination for interior design with white ceiling and wall paint, modern interior color trends 2013

Gray color and soft green color shades, combined with off white paint colors for modern interior design and decor

We’re obsessed with this mustard yellow color — and Etsy predicts it’ll be huge this year, too. It has a retro ’70s vibe that infuses any space with happiness.

Pinterest’s new “it” color makes a bathroom calm and tranquil. Why is it so popular? The greyish green color is soft and muted, but not boring.

Modern living room design with gray wall, blue and yellow accents

Black-and-white interiors had their time to shine, but 2018 is ready to give way to a new minimalist palette. Soft, washed pastels like mint greens and sandy pinks will totally reimaginesimple modern design in the coming year, according to Sherwin-Williams.

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Modern living room design, decor and interior paint color scheme with greenish and bluish gray color tones

“In Silicon Valley, Austin, Berlin and Beijing, techies are the new hippies, full of breakthrough ideas and utopian ideals,” Wadden of Sherwin-Williams says. “Connectivity is modern and playful, bringing in dark watery tones of blue that are balanced with neutrals, warm yellow and energetic purples.” Get tech-friendly, not just with your smart home devices, but your color choices, too!

This shadowy umber shade is Valspar’s Charcoal Brown, a lush earth tone that feels both sophisticated and natural. Pair it with faded red and green accents for a relaxed room.

There’s no denying we’re in love with all-black rooms, and 2018 is totally onboard with the sleek and sexy trend. According to Trendir, black should be treated as a neutral this year, considering it complements nearly any theme or color palette. From black floors to black chandeliers, it is the perfect way to add some drama to your space.

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Fact: You can never have too much blue. It’ll make you feel like you’re living by the coast, no matter where you are.

Color design forecast emphasizes light gray color shades and suggests matching color schemes with dark gray color tones, off-whites, and modern vibrant colors, that define modern interior design and decorating color trends 2013. Dark and light gray color shades are included in stylish neutral color schemes and blended with relaxing and pleasant green and yellowish green colors or peaceful and calming blue color tones.

Dubbed “millennial pink,” the peach-salmon hybrid refuses to go away. It can even serve as a neutral in your space, since it’s so muted.

Here are nine modern interior design and decorating color schemes that will be popular in 2013. Interior color design experts analyzed changes in contemporary lifestyle, economy, technology, art and design and their influences and social impacts on modern interior design and decor, suggesting the most popular home decorating color schemes and interior paint colors 2013.

Pumpkin Color Palette, Warm Hues and Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Home

It’s no secret that changing your paint colorcan change the entire look and feel of a room (Sherwin Williams found it’s the first thing people notice when they walk inside, according to its 2018 survey). But choosing just the right shade can be tricky. Let these experts’ recommendations inspire your next project.

Moodier tones are a thing for living rooms and bedrooms this year. Add patterned pillows, a colorful rug, and greenery for a Moroccan-inspired lounge.

Filling your home with vibrant colors shouldn’t be considered a design risk, and in 2018, Pantone predicts that it won’t be. In their Playful color scheme, you’ll find shades like vibrant yellow and lime popsicle that will bring you a childlike joy.”People need to stop and smile,” said Eiseman. Design doesn’t always have to be so serious!

Modern living room design and decor in deep blue, green and gray color shades

9. Turquoise, blue, and light gray color combination Modern interior design, decor and paint colors, turquoise, deep blue, light green and gray color scheme for home decorating

This year, turn to sunny goldenrod shades to make a cheerful, cozy statement. Warm, rich yellows feel organic and all-natural, and pair best with cream and blue accents, according to Valspar, which selected Golden Ochre as one of their colors of the year.

Pink, Purple and Green Color Schemes, 20 Modern Interior Design Ideas

Neutral color tones, like gray color and off-white paint colors, look fantastic in all home interiors and can be attractively combined with bright room decorating ideas or classic black-n-white color schemes. Dark blue color, purple colors, red and orange paint will be attractive choices for creating accent wall design and adding colorful and very decorative accessories to home decor in a neutral color.

If crisp white feels too stark and hospital-esque, we hear you. Stone white has a little more warmth to it, so it feels more inviting.

Neutral color palette and understated elegance of dining room decorating in gray color

Top Design Trends 2019 Adding Sophistication and Optimism to Modern Interiors

Modern interior design, decor and paint color trends 2013 are influenced by current social and economic factors. The next year trends in decorating will be affected by the global economy and important events changing people and their views, tastes, and preferences. Popular interior design, decor ideas, modern wallpaper patterns, paint colors, and decorative accessories will look brighter and more optimistic at the time of positive changes in the world, and be more intimate and comforting during dramatic events and slow economies.

Fun Ideas to Reuse Christmas Decorations for New Years Eve Party Decor

Simple Fall Decorating Idea Transforms Glass Jars into Charming Candles Centerpieces

While 2017 was all about tropical green, warm neutrals, and sophisticated camel accents, color palettes took an edgier turn this year. Think fiery reds, metallics, and, of course, a lot of Ultra Violet — the Pantone color of the year. These home decor trends will continue to define the months to come and seep into 2019’s design visual boards.

Benjamin Moore picked the vivid Caliente as their color of the year. This lively shade of red is designed to stand out, but an accent wall in this fiery color can help energize and harmonize a space.

Pantone predicts that 2018 will the year millennial pink shape-shifts into a stronger, more complex version of itself. “Pink has developed more power than ever before,” said Leatrice Eiseman, the Pantone Color Institute’s executive director.

Modern interior paint colors bring a contemporary feel into homes adding freshness and style to traditional and eclectic living spaces. Many people will prefer quick and efficient decorating ideas. Trendy interior paint is an excellent solution for bringing novelty into home interiors in 2013.

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Eight charming room decorating ideas, winter holiday decor in silver gray color

Room color trends 2013, home decorating materials, interior paint

6. Medium gray color with grayish blue and green colors Modern interior design, decor, and interior paint color combination

Modern Interior Design, 9 Decor and Paint Color Schemes that Include Gray Color

Modern interior design, decor and paint colors, blue-brown and gray color combination

Soft and diluted interior paint colors and modern wallpaper patterns, combined with a few elements of interior design and decor in vibrant color shades, define the modern interior design color trends 2013. Interior paint is the most popular way of adding color to wall decoration. Selecting the modern interior paint colors is a simple, quick and easy idea to create dramatic changes in interior decorating and add a contemporary flair to your home interiors.

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Graham & Brown’s 2018 pick is Penelope, a shade of dusty rose that reimagines neutral home styling. This barely-there color combines the simple chic of ecru and the vivacity of a classic pink.

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