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When it comes to designing a minimalistic space, remember to just take it one step at a time. Then sit back and truly enjoy the peaceful, calming, clutter-free space you’ve created. It feels good, doesn’t it?

I used my own collection of standbys and antiques that I’ve been schlepping around for years. Except for the two large paintings above the sofa, I already had all the art. I did buy the nylon-velvet carpeting, which I had cut and bound into area rugs, and that wonderful sofa from CB2. I saw it in the window and it was delivered a day later. Low slung, 11 feet long, super deep: It’s very Halston! I kept the fabric that it came in.

Now that you know all the steps to styling a minimalistic home, we want to take this opportunity to reiterate the underlying philosophy behind it: Keep it simple. Tone everything down, pare everything back, and abide by the “less is more” approach. That said, don’t think your new décor has to be boring. As you can see from our image selection (when done well), minimalist design can be beautiful, warm, rich, and inviting.

So you’ve cleared the clutter, applied the “one in, one out” rule, and chosen quality over quantity, but there are still a few stragglers hanging around. This is where you get sneaky and invest in stylish storage. Attractive storage allows the chaos to live inside while still appearing chic on the outside. This is great news for those who love the minimalistic look but are true maximalists on the inside. You don’t have to completely forgo your collector past, but the hoarder mindset has got to go.

Architecture by Cary Tamarkin; Interior design by and Mark Egerstrom

When creating a classic minimalistic interior, it’s all about the base color. Subdued hues rule here—from biscuit to greige and every ecru-inspired tone in between. Why? It’s clean, fresh-looking, and inspires a sense of calm. But just because classic minimalism tends to be color-averse, it doesn’t have to be bland or boring. In fact, minimalism at its finest is quite the opposite.

If you truly want to embrace the minimalist design look and feel, these need to be cleared, stat. Ask yourself what can be eliminated, what can be stored out of sight, and what items aren’t essential; then organize according to priority. Be consistent with this process and come back to each room every few months with a fresh set of eyes. You’ll find there’s more you can simplify each time. To make sure your surfaces stay clear, give everything a special spot and stick to it.

Usually they are. Containers of takeout do not a dinner party make. And one reason people love coming up here is the view: It’s this incredible panorama, from the swagged necklace of lights on the Queensboro Bridge to the continuous stream of red light that is the traffic moving down Second Avenue. You see all the midtown skyscrapers, including the tallest apartment building in the world; planes coming in for landings at LaGuardia; helicopters circling the city on their way to the 34th Street heliport. This apartment has a festive atmosphere without my doing anything.

It’s Scrooge-like not to acknowledge the season. I hang a wreath over the mirror in the front hall and light a green Rigaud candle with a balsam scent. When guests arrive, I hand them a special cocktail — maybe a negroni, which is red and has notes of orange and bitter herb. For a holiday dinner, I’ll make something a little “gala.” I might start with trout caviar on toast with crème fraîche and minced chives. The main course might be sliced steak, which I cook in advance and then serve on arugula with lemon and olive oil. In my old age, I’ve started buying better wine. And for dessert: rum-raisin ice cream out of the box, but only a thimbleful. Adults don’t really need dessert.

Everything in your home is a work of art, including your lighting

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In my former studio, I almost never had anyone up for a drink. But here I’ve been averaging two or three dinner parties a week. This is the first time I’ve had a New York apartment with an efficient, well-equipped kitchen and a dramatic dining spot. It’s liberated me to focus on what I truly enjoy: cooking and entertaining. With a bit of preplanning, I can shake it out of my sleeve pretty fast. It’s sport to me — to see how quickly, easily, and smoothly I can do it.

I wouldn’t call this decorated — it’s more curated and staged. There are no applied surfaces, no fitted carpets, no special painted details. There are no curtains and, in fact, no window treatments at all. I didn’t even paint the walls — the landlord picked a perfectly nice white.

As an interior designer, you’re known for nuanced and layered interiors that can take up to a couple of years to finish. How did you decorate this place in just two weeks?

In this case, it truly pays to buy quality over quantity and invest in classics that will stand the test of time (and spark your interest). Impulse buys on trendy items that you’ll tire of quickly doesn’t work with minimalist design. Choose well-made pieces that are built to last, will withstand daily use, and look better as a result. Patina is everything. Besides, it’s much better for the environment. (Landfills are pretty full these days.)

PinterestPhoto: Alyssa Rosenheck; DESIGN: Jennifer Robin Interiors for Rue Magazine

I imagine busy New Yorkers are completely charmed by a home-cooked meal.

Mimi Read: Last we heard, you were living in a prewar studio in downtown Manhattan. How did you wind up on the 40th floor of this sleek Upper East Side spread?

If you want to introduce some color, be sure to choose solid pigments that are easy on the eyes and fuse well with the neutrals, such as earth-tone browns, blues, tans, and greens.

Naturally, we’re big fans of a white room, but not all bleached-out paints are created equal. Just ask interior design and author Will Taylor. “Yellow undertones give a white paint a warmer and creamier appearance, while blue undertones give a crisper look,” he tells MyDomaine. “A space with lots of natural light is likely to look warmer, so you can use a cooler shade of white to balance the room. Rooms that are artificially lit with LED or fluorescent lighting can look cool, so go warmer,” says Taylor.

You often find flowers too fussy, so you cultivate succulents and cactus instead

Some call it cold, desolate, and boring—you call it home. Your decorating mantra is “less is more.”

Tom Scheerer: After eight years, I lost my lease and decided to look for something modern and crisp. I’d always admired this building — a black glass tower built in the 1970s by Sheldon Solow, a developer with good taste. It has high modernist values, dazzling views and is quite Miesian — like the Seagram Building but with rounded corners. The leasing agent showed me this one-bedroom apartment; two weeks later, I moved in.

We asked Stockholm-based freelance art director and photographer Sara Medina for her tips on getting minimalistic texture right. “If you mix too many textures, materials, and surfaces of all different colors, the result will surely be headache-inducing,” she told MyDomaine. “If you have a white base, then opt for similar beige, dove-gray, and tan tones or any colors you would see together in nature. Generally, the colors that blend well are the ones Mother Nature intended,” says Medina.

This post was originally published on March 15, 2015, and has since been updated.

Your mattress is barely off the ground and you’re not big on headboards

It feels very New York romantic: I’m picturing martinis and a Diana Krall soundtrack.

It’s a bit of a manifesto on how you can live well in a rental apartment. I’ve distilled my aesthetic and whittled down my possessions. The fact is, I own houses all over the place — Paris, the Bahamas, Maine — and didn’t want the trouble of filling another home with custom stuff I can’t take with me when I go.

For his new Manhattan pad, designer Tom Scheerer pared back the decor to focus on his true passion, playing chef and host — proving that style is not in what you have, but how you live.

You stick to a color palette of black and white, and natural and metal hues

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a freshly spruced space. While science suggests messy people are smarter, studies have shown that women who live in cluttered environments are likely to have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. (Sound familiar?) For those of us who lead busy lifestyles, keeping our homes clean requires daily diligence, but we have a better idea: Become a minimalist.

Paring things down to the basics and ditching the superfluous can do wonders for your sanity—not to mention it looks super sophisticated and sleek. From monochromatic minimalism to laid-back luxury, this simple approach to interior design is one of our favorites. But just like the no-makeup makeup trend, it’s not as simple as it looks. If you’ve been a longtime fan of the look but are unsure about how to get started, our step-by-step approach to minimalist design will help you kick things off.

The challenge of working within the pared-back aesthetic is how little you actually have to work with. This makes the decision process even trickier than usual. You really have to consider each piece carefully before it enters the room, but this also means the end result is more thoughtful and considered. Your goal is to create a space that anyone would want to spend time in.

The rooms were inspired by two of my 1970s design heroes: fashion designer Halston and furniture designer Ward Bennett. Their version of modernism wasn’t ascetic or academic: It was about luxurious, poppy glamour and comfort, and it was quite dominant in the ’70s and ’80s, when I was a young designer.

To prevent this dilemma from happening at all, we recommend putting Colleen Madsen’s “one in, one out” rule into practice. It goes a little something like this: For every item that comes into your home, something else should go out in turn. The 365 Less Things editor swears by this simple philosophy. “The one-in item does not need to match the one-out item, although to make a difference it would need to be of a least equal size or—better still—bigger,” she says. “It generally works out that they are similar items because it is usually that you are replacing one item with another,” says Madsen.

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This story originally appeared in the December/January 2017 issue of House Beautiful.

A minimalistic room with neutral tones can tend to feel cold or bland, but there’s one foolproof trick that remedies this every time: texture. Turn up the temperature with knitted throws, beaded pillows, sheepskin rugs, and velvet décor for that much-needed comfort factor. While restraint is usually advised, feel free to go wild with these sensory touch points (so long as they’re in the same tonal family).

It’s astonishing how much one person can acquire in a short span of time. The empty kitchen drawers, bedroom closet, and bathroom cupboards from when you first moved in are suddenly full of nonessentials and unused products that are now collecting dust. Even when you can’t see it, this “stuff” is cluttering your headspace and taking up valuable room in your home. It’s time to clear out that junk drawer.

Look around: What do you see? If it’s anything like our surroundings, there are piles of paper (mostly bills and junk mail), car keys, shoes around the front door, empty cups, sunglasses, and random objects that somehow made their way from our bag to the kitchen counter. And that’s just the beginning. The dining table is another surface that tends to be a clutter magnet.

DécorMar 9, 2018These Gorgeous Interiors Prove Minimalist Design Is Here to Stay

Coloring or wallpaper your bookcases. This instant pop involving color will brighten in addition to re-energize any room! It can amazing how something thus simple as a cover of colorful paint can easily instantly energize and enhance your space. This pre-installed bookcase would be easy and ordinary minus the vivid blue interior. Probably the most basic and most inexpensive method to transform a boring area is always to apply a cover of paint somewhere sudden . Bookcases are an best place to start as you don`t need to coloring a large area. Some other fun places to incorporate the pop of color consist of painting fireplace mantels, the particular insides of closets, hallways and ceilings.

Change your workout. Mix upwards patterns and textures. Combine up old and fresh , expensive and cheap. There`s nothing wrong with putting family heirlooms alongside your current modern couch. Great rooms decorators will tell an individual that one of the particular most important aspect in order to decorating your house is that this reflects who you are usually , your personality and your own style. The vintage Chippendale workplace that was your grandfather`s tells a story. That tells the story regarding your past. The contemporary couch you became adoringly obsessed with and just had to purchase likewise tells a story, your current story, and there is definitely no good reason that the found and past can`t co-exist beautifully together. The identical may be said for fine art. You now might not desire to place an art work by Salvador Dali about the same wall next to the Monet, but there`s simply no reason why they cannot get in the same space together. With fabrics regardless of whether it be furniture, mats or pillows, varied hues and patterns brings friendliness and texture into the being space.

Add a clinging pot holder to the kitchen. Kitchens are designed to be warm in addition to inviting. We spend substantially of our time throughout them whether it become for preparing meals, offering meals or entertaining. A new hanging pot rack pays to elegance. Kitchens are designed to feel as although they are in frequent use and a clinging pot rack certainly helps make one feel this method . In addition to seeking so wonderful, (there a wide range of sizes and styles available) additional cupboard space under has become freed up to be able to store other items. Rarely has anyone complained regarding having too much safe-keeping.

Wicker baskets. Straw-plaited baskets are an cost-effective and elegant approach to include storage to any space . Baskets can be applied to store and screen books, architectural and interior decoration magazines, toys, towels in addition to blankets to name the few. Place a handful of smaller wicker baskets around the counter-tops in your kitchen to be able to beautifully display and shop your fruit and veggies.

No matter if you`ve just moved and looking for a fast , little home pick-me-up, or perhaps perhaps something better, presently there are some well-known interior design tricks that designers make use of which you too can effortlessly do with minimal hard work and cost. Sometimes the particular smallest things make finest impact. It could get digging in a looking glass , a painting, a lamp fixture or even a herb. You want to make softer your walls, brighten a new room, or then add warmness to your living place. Have a look at these clever style as well as notice how they can encourage you!

Make use of what you already possess to decorate. All of us possess items in our control , probably packed up within boxes somewhere and have not given them a 2nd glance. Your property needs many accessories. As opposed to running in order to the store, take the good look at everything you already have. Trays, wood , acrylic, metal or metallic can be on best of luggage racks, teas carts, trunks, bedside desks and coffee tables regarding extra texture and sizing . Arrange candles on these people , frames or pile textbooks on top of these people . Plates can be strung to create wonderful wall structure art. Art from kids books can be frame and hung in nurseries, children`s rooms or their own bathrooms. You will get amazed at your talent with what you previously have!

Paint smaller areas in softer, lighter hues which will make the room think larger. The living area above is an excellent sort of how in order to maximize a small living area . A room of this specific size provides the tendency in order to seem cramped, nevertheless the huge windows, light colored wall space and ample usage of wall mirrors not only reflect typically the natural light pouring throughout from your doors and typically the windows nevertheless the use associated with mirrors also provides the optic illusion of space, producing the room seem larger than it actually will be . Conversely, darker colors can make a room think smaller. Even with the particular abundance of natural lighting and the strategic holding of the mirrors, this kind of room in a dark shade could have an even more boxed-in feel with it.

Work with decorative mirrors to incorporate immediate light to your liveable space . As seen above, wall mirrors may also be used to make the small space feel bigger . For larger rooms, or perhaps any room with some sort of more limited amount regarding natural light, mirrors positioned directly across from your glass windows , will add instant light source . Decorative mirrors could also be used inside lieu of art in order to fill empty wall room . Large or small, mirror add light and dimensions to your livable space.

Slip into some thing more comfortable!. Slip protects frequently get a negative rap but they will be truly wonderful things. These people can function as a methods of changing your furniture`s look to reflect the particular seasons. These easily taken away coverings improve a complex look without constantly having to worry about people dirtying or even spilling on your pieces of furniture . Slip covers are best for rooms used often by children. Over a new white slip-covered couches provides air of an informal , comfortable, easy yet complex elegance.

Live green . Add plants to be able to your living area . Add these people to every room, smaller or large, few or perhaps many. Plants is surely a low-cost means to accessorizing the space and adding shade and texture. Not just are plants beautiful yet many can clean home air and balance humidness . They can absorb contaminants and remove harmful gas from the air. Simply no home should be with no these wonderful greens!

Employ area rugs to make softer hardwood floors. Throw carpets give warmth and can easily add great texture, colour and personality to your current living space. Hardwood flooring are beautiful and simple to keep up but they be short of the comfort that carpeted floors offer, particularly within the cooler months. Location rugs can also put fun and functionality in order to your liveable space . Use various of varying patterns and even fabrics together to show off your character. Or include several rugs of typically the identical pattern and cloth , or different textures yet the same color. Typically the possibilities are endless. An individual can change your region rugs to reflect the particular seasons using warmer colors and fabrics for chillier months and lighter kinds for the warmer occasions of the year. Presently there are many lovely 100 % cotton , washable area rugs which usually are perfect for those houses with children. There genuinely is no reason the reason why a property with young youngsters cannot end up being an elegant one.

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