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Luxury Tiny Homes Luxury Tiny Homes

The Escher can run on or off-the-grid and will set you back $139,900 and up, depending on options chosen.

The Aurora offers a maximum floorspace of 337 sq ft (31 sq m) when in its expanded state, and its electrically-operated slide-out system increases its width from 8.6 ft (2.6 m) when being towed, to 15.1 ft (4.6 m) when stationary. Its interior includes a dining area with seating for up to four people, a kitchenette, a small lounge, and a bathroom with shower and toilet. In addition, the office space has a Murphy-style bed that can be pulled-down to turn it into a bedroom.

The Brown Bear’s large kitchen and dining area (Credit: Alpine Tiny Homes)

The Millennial Tiny House measures 7.2 x 2.4 m (23 x 7.8 ft) (Credit: Build Tiny)

The Covo Mio’s bedroom loft (Credit: Covo Tiny House Company)

A Bay Area couple dreams of the flexibility and financial freedom of downsizing to a 220-square-foot tiny home. The team builds one of their most ambitious tiny homes to date which includes automated staircases and a 160-square-foot rooftop deck. The couple also wants to connect with nature, so Michelle and the design team incorporate wood elements and live plants into the home.

The Millennial Tiny House’s underfloor storage (Credit: Build Tiny)

The Alpha comprises a total floorspace of 240 sq ft (22 sq m) (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The Greenmoxie comprises a total floorspace of 340 sq ft (31.5 sq m) (Credit: Greenmoxie)

Utah’s Alpine Tiny Homes offers a towable tiny house suitable for a family of four with the Brown Bear.

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Sitting atop a double-axle trailer, the home has a total floorspace of 240 sq ft (22 sq m), and can be opened up to the outside both with its sliding glass doors and a large garage-style door which is raised upward. The latter also sports a drop-down wall that creates a large porch space.

Escape’s Vintage XL is based on a 25 ft (7.6 m)-long trailer and comprises 355 sq ft (32 sq m) of floorspace. Thanks to its three bedrooms and sofa bed, the towable tiny house can sleep an impressive eight people under its small roof.

Climbing up the Millennial Tiny House’s ladder (Credit: Build Tiny)

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The Alpha measures 24 x 8.6 ft (7.3 x 2.6 m) (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The Denali’s kitchen includes full-size appliances (Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

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The Greenmoxie’s bathroom includes a composting toilet (Credit: Greenmoxie)

Writer’s Cornelia tiny house is a rustic refuge for big ideas

Mississippi engaged couple, Breck and Kelsey, don’t want to sacrifice their passions while going tiny. They turn to Tiny Heirloom to make their dreams come true with a place to call their own, complete with a rock climbing wall and an office loft. Michelle and the girls work their magic, fusing together both of Breck and Kelsey’s industrial and bohemian-chic styles into the home, while Tyson and the boys do some heavy lifting putting up the exterior rock climbing wall and a garage door wall for the home.

The Covo Mio’s kitchen area (Credit: Covo Tiny House Company)

The Aurora tiny house is still in development but pre-orders are open for roughly $75,000, depending on the options chosen.

Tiny Traveler blurs the line between truck camper and tiny house

The Millennial Tiny House’s retractable staircase and bathroom (Credit: Build Tiny)

The Escher’s garage-style doors open the home up to the outside (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The Aurora features a desk area with drop-down Murphy bed (Credit: Zero Squared)

Measuring 28 x 8 x 13.6 ft (8.5 x 2.4 x 4.14 m), the majority of the tiny home’s ground floor is taken up by a very large kitchen and dining area (by tiny house standards) which includes a breakfast bar that seats four. The lounge is very small and, at the other side of the home, there’s a mid-sized bathroom includes sink, composting toilet and shower.

The Escher is based on a 33 ft (10 m)-long triple-axle trailer (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The Millennial Tiny House’s retractable staircase (Credit: Build Tiny)

The Alpha Tiny House, by New Frontier Tiny Homes, is an attractive dwelling clad in cedar siding, some of which is treated in the Shou Sugi Ban method of charring wood to increase its durability.

Well-known Wisconsin tiny house firm Escape recently announced a new updated version of its 2015 Traveler tiny house, the Traveler XL Limited. It features Escape’s usual contemporary styling and impressive build quality but can sleep up to 10 people.

Access to the Millennial Tiny House’s loft office is gained by ladder integrated into the wall (Credit: Build Tiny)

The Traveler XL Limited measures 344 sq ft (32 sq m), split between a living area, kitchenette, and bathroom with bath/shower, toilet, and sink. It comes with two bedrooms as standard: one master bedroom on the ground floor, plus a loft bedroom accessed by ladder. Another loft bedroom that fits two beds is an option, as is a sofa bed. All-in-all, there’s almost enough room to sleep a football team.

A Washington DC couple dreams of having a modern and toddler-friendly tiny home near their family on Chesapeake Bay. Tyson and Michelle’s build team begins the project with a ground floor nursery, a maxed-out kitchen and spacious dining area. Meanwhile, Michelle and the girls deck out the home in a traditional Scandinavian style and include a built-in living herb garden.

The Denali is based on a 37 ft (11.2 m)-long gooseneck trailer (Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

Our selection aims to highlight the variety in the small living movement and includes a tiny house that can sleep up to eight people, another model that can operate completely off-the-grid, and a home that can expand in size at the push of a button.

The Covo Mio has a total floorspace of roughly 330 sq ft (30 sq m) inside, including lofts (Credit: Covo Tiny House Company)

Inside, the Alpha’s notable features include an impressive eight-person dining table with bench seating, a mini-dishwasher, and a jacuzzi tub and shower. A turnkey model exactly as pictured is available for $105,000.

The Millennial Tiny House costs around $86,700 for a full turnkey version of the home, though cheaper price points are also available for DIYers comfortable taking on a basic shell.

Erik and his wife Amie love to travel and plan to save money by moving in to a tiny home. They turn to Tyson and Michelle to design the modern masterpiece Erik desires with the peaceful, Zen inspired space Amie craves. The team designs them a spa like bathroom, modern kitchen and exterior featuring a roof top deck.

The Denali is clad in board and batten siding and topped by a standing seam metal roof (Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

The Aurora tiny house weighs roughly 14,000 lb (6,350 kg) (Credit: Zero Squared)

HGTV’s new series Tiny Luxury is now seeking families, couples and individuals who are planning to take the plunge and own their own tiny home.

The Escher’s large sliding glass doors and novel garage-like door open the home to the outside. Its interior measures 300 sq ft (27.8 sq m) and includes a living/dining area with stow-away table that seats a dozen people. The kitchen looks high-end and boasts porcelain countertops, a mini-dishwasher, and stainless steel appliances.

The Greenmoxie’s electric drawbridge in the raised position (Credit: Greenmoxie)

The Millennial Tiny House is available in a shell for DIY’ers or can be bought as a turnkey model (Credit: Build Tiny)

The Vintage XL is clad in cedar lap siding and cedar trim with steel detailing (Credit: Escape)

Nashville-based New Frontier Tiny Homes’ Alpha was one of the most notable tiny houses of 2016 and its successor looks similarly impressive. Based on the same basic design as the Alpha, the Escher increases living space and adds a second bedroom to make it suitable for a family of three.

The Aurora tiny house will set you back around $75,000, depending on options chosen (Credit: Zero Squared)

Have a size-challenged bedroom of your own? Look these awesomely small slumber rooms in tiny houses that are anything but lacking in style. 

The price for the Vintage XL comes in at $73,400 (Credit: Escape)

As was the case in our look at the market back in February, we’ve focused on high-end tiny houses that cost over US$70,000 and include outstanding features, interesting design, or notable technology. We’ve also highlighted firms we’re familiar with, but do urge readers to carry out their own research if considering splashing hard-earned cash on one of these. All except one are based in the USA (the other is in New Zealand).

The Denali’s bathroom is also home to a washing machine (Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

Escape has overhauled its off-grid options with the Escape Traveler XL Limited and it can come with multiple solar power configurations (Credit: Escape)

The Escher maintains the luxury materials and high-end design of the Alpha, but with increased living space to make it suitable for a family (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The biggest challenge when downsizing to a tiny house is arguably the lack of storage space and the Millennial Tiny House, by New Zealand’s Build Tiny, has some of the most interesting space-saving ideas we’ve seen in a tiny house so far.

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Head to the gallery to see more images and information on each home or read on for our selection of the best new luxury tiny houses currently on the market.

To be clear, by luxury we mean homes that cost around US$70,000 and up, with a focus on novel features, comfort, quality materials, or additional space. We’re also only covering homes and firms that we’re familiar with and are available to purchase or pre-order at the time of writing.

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The Vintage XL is 30 ft (9 m) long and its total floorspace is 355 sq ft (32 sq m) (Credit: Escape)

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Atlanta newlyweds Jacob and Arielle are ready to downsize from their 1,500-square-foot home to a 200-square-foot tiny home, so they have the freedom and mobility to go wherever their budding music careers may take them. Tyson is tasked with building a rooftop deck and a soundproof music studio, while Michelle brings their vision to life with a midcentury modern design.

There’s one bedroom downstairs in the Escher and another upstairs, plus a home office and a bathroom with shower, sink, composting toilet, and a large walk-in closet.

You could win $5,000 and outfit your kitchen like a Food Network Star!

Top-down view of the Denali’s living room and kitchen (Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

The ground floor bedroom of the Vintage XL has a queen-size bed and storage underneath (Credit: Escape)

View from the Denali’s living room to the kitchen (Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

Tiny Luxury  follows husband and wife tiny home builder duo, Tyson and Michelle Spiess. Together with Michelle’s two brothers and their wives they run the country’s top high-end tiny home-building company.

They make luxurious custom homes that can all hit the highway so their clients can live however they want, wherever they want. In each episode we’ll see a tiny home built from start to finish as this team works to fit every single client wish item into a space suited to travel anywhere.

Married couple Sean and Tara plan to work less and live more by moving in to a 140 square foot tiny home with a rustic, lived-in, cabin look. The build team gets to work on a design that includes a custom bay window and window seat, built in bookshelves under the stairs and a guest bedroom loft. The design team searches for the perfect multi purpose table.

New Atlas highlights the best new luxury tiny houses currently for sale(Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

The Denali’s large deck area (Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

The home measures 7.2 x 2.4 m (23 x 7.8 ft). Inside, its center is taken up by a living area with generous underfloor storage, while a hanging chair offers a place to sit. A sliding staircase can be pulled out from the wall manually to offer access to a sleeping loft above.

Mississippi resident Nancy dreams of living in a 250-square-foot tiny home complete with spacious white walls, an inviting living area and charming Southern touches. Tiny Heirloom gets to work building their largest 75-square-foot bedroom loft to date and a multi-functional kitchen table that converts to a queen size bed at the push of a button.

There’s just one bedroom in the Denali, but it’s generously-proportioned and has plenty of space to stand up straight and walk around.

The Traveler XL Limited starts at $78,500, with optional extras like off-grid solar power and battery kit hiking up the price considerably.

The Greenmoxie tiny house boasts a novel drawbridge (Credit: Greenmoxie)

A Cleveland, Ohio, couple dreams of traveling the country with their two young boys in their own Bohemian tiny home. They turn to Tiny Heirloom to build a beach-inspired home with a dedicated schoolwork area and colorful, fun accents.

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Mini steps into tiny living with flexible micro-apartment concept for LA

The Millennial Tiny House’s home office can be used as a second bedroom if desired (Credit: Build Tiny)

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New Atlas selects the five best luxury tiny houses on the market today (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The Denali’s small storage loft (Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

That completes our look at the best luxury tiny houses for sale right now but a few more that didn’t make our list because they’re not currently for sale include the Moon Dragon, which looks like it belongs in a fairytale, and the Tiny Adventure Home, which has a neat climbing wall exterior. The Vintage Glam boasts a motorized platform that includes a bed, storage space and stairs, and the non-towable Koda, is a prototype prefabricated concrete micro-home that can be disassembled and moved with relative ease.

The Covo Mio is an attractive little towable home based on a 26 ft (7.9 m)-long trailer (Credit: Covo Tiny House Company)

The Alpha’s main living area (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

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See what happens when we send HGTV stars to spend the night in a tiny house in the new digital series ‘Tiny House Arrest.’

The Alpha’s kitchen features stainless steel appliances (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The Escher’s main living area includes a slide-out dining table with seating for up to 12 people (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

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The Brown Bear is heated and cooled with a mini-split air-conditioning and heating unit, while power comes a roof-based solar panel array and a backup Humless solar generator. You can purchase one, including the solar setup, for $73,000.

In Medford, Oregon, Karin dreams of building a portable tiny home identical to her current house for her and her granddaughter, Halé, to travel the country in and visit friends and family. Tyson and the guys get to work building a tiny home replica that includes a full-size baker’s kitchen and a custom-built wine rack, while Michelle and her design team bring Karin’s cozy beach cottage to life with coastal vibe materials.

Zyl Vardos’ Damselfly House has the firm’s signature curving style and is currently on the market at a reduced price of $99,500. Finally, Timbercraft Tiny Homes designed another tiny house with similar styling to the Denali that’s called the Ridgewood, but you’ll need to contact the firm for the price of that one.

View towards the Brown Bear’s main bedroom (Credit: Alpine Tiny Homes)

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While there are still cheaper models available, tiny houses seem to have risen in price lately, reaching the kind of money that could buy a full-size home in some areas. For those who can afford it, these higher prices do offer attractive features like off-grid tech, additional space and high quality materials. With this in mind, we’ve chosen our five favorite luxury tiny houses on the market today.

The Escher has a total floorspace of around 300 sq ft (27.8 sq m) (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

Utah’s Alpine Tiny Homes offers a towable tiny house suitable for a family of four with its Brown Bear model (Credit: Alpine Tiny Homes)

The Aurora features a Murphy-style bed (Credit: Zero Squared)

Living large while going small: The best luxury tiny houses on the market right now

The dining area in the Aurora tiny house (Credit: Zero Squared)

The Escher tiny house, by New Frontier Tiny Homes (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The Mio is sold in multiple configurations, so while all the high-end tech and luxury materials fetch around $100,000, those looking to save some money can buy the standard model without all those extras from $59,999.

Elsewhere in the Millennial Tiny House lies a bathroom with shower, sink, laundry area and a composting toilet on wheels, as well as a kitchen with full-size appliances. The kitchen provides access to a loft office above with a ladder and cabinets to climb on.

The Millennial Tiny House’s home office (Credit: Build Tiny)

The Covo Mio’s kitchen sink (Credit: Covo Tiny House Company)

Tiny house firms are always trying to find that sweet spot between size and portability, but Zero Squared may offer the best of both worlds with its Aurora tiny house. The high-tech home borrows a trick from RV’s and is relatively svelte for easy towing, but expands in width at the push of a button to offer more living space when parked.

New Atlas highlights the best new luxury tiny houses currently for sale (Credit: Timbercraft Tiny Homes)

See how ‘Tiny Luxury”s innovative designers pack amenities into compact houses measuring 250 square feet or less.

The Aurora offers a maximum floorspace of 337 sq ft (31 sq m) (Credit: Zero Squared)

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Alabama-based Timbercraft Tiny Homes’ Denali is an attractive tiny house that looks like a cottage on wheels. It measures a huge 37 ft (11.2 m)-long and its exterior includes a small outdoor shower and two decks, which can be folded upward when the owners need to hit the road.

After a devastating wildfire in Cobb Mountain, California, Scott and Tamsen were forced away from their home of 25 years. With the help of Tiny Heirloom, the couple dreams of a sleek and modern tiny home they can make new memories in. Tyson and the guys get to work building a book nook for Tamsen and a guest loft space for their sons while remaining pet-friendly for their little dog. Michelle and the girls bring the couple’s tastes to life with ultra-modern and mountain-inspired design pieces.

The Vintage XL’s layout is centered around an open living space with a couch that pulls out into a double bed. Nearby lies a dining table, kitchenette and bathroom with toilet, bathtub and shower. The primary bedroom is on the ground floor and includes a queen-size bed, while a maximum of two upstairs lofts are accessed by ladder and contain a double bed each.

The Alpha tiny house measures 24 x 8.6 ft (7.3 x 2.6 m) (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

New Atlas selects the five best luxury tiny houses on the market today(Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The Mio’s layout is simple and comprises a living room, office/TV area, kitchen and breakfast bar on the ground floor. Its small bathroom has a toilet and shower, while there’s a single bedroom and storage loft upstairs. Electricity can come from a standard hookup or an off-grid solar setup.

The Alpha’s ladder and eight-person dining table is stored beneath the floor (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

A Washington nature enthusiast dreams of a simpler life in the great outdoors and decides to downsize to a 240-square-foot tiny home. Tyson and the team work to maximize floor space while Michelle brings the outdoors inside by adding natural accents.

The Covo Mio has a neat awning window, the first we’ve seen on a tiny house (Credit: Covo Tiny House Company)

See how the ‘Tiny Luxury’ crew squeezes luxury home features into itsty-bitsy spaces.

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The lounge area in the Aurora tiny house (Credit: Zero Squared)

The Traveler XL Limited sleeps up to 10 people (Credit: Escape)

The Greenmoxie runs totally off-the-grid and is heated with a wood burner and propane heater. A roof-mounted solar array provides electricity, and a rainwater collection system reduces water requirements. If you’d like to purchase the Greenmoxie, it’s currently up for sale at around $65,000.

The Escher has a neat garage-style door that raises to open the home to the outside (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The Greenmoxie tiny house, by the green living firm of the same name, is the first towable home we’ve seen that has an electric drawbridge. While the idea may seem a little frivolous, it actually serves a useful purpose. The idea is, the drawbridge provides additional outdoor living space when parked up, while still keeping the home a reasonable length for towing.

The Brown Bear is available for $73,000 (Credit: Alpine Tiny Homes)

A footwell in the Millennial Tiny House’s loft office makes sitting more comfortable (Credit: Build Tiny)

The Alpha’s wall folds-down to create a small porch (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

The small living movement tends to be all about sacrifices and compromises – there’s only so much that can be done with such limited space, after all. That said, those with the means to spend some extra money can look forward to improved amenities, high-end materials, and gadgets a-plenty in their tiny house. Join us as we take a look at the best new luxury tiny houses on the market.

The Traveler XL Limited has a total floorspace of 344 sq ft (32 sq m) (Credit: Escape)

Optional extras include the second sleeping loft and off-grid tech like solar panels and composting toilet. Pricing starts at $73,400.

The Millennial Tiny House shown is Build Tiny’s prototype model (Credit: Build Tiny)

If you’re the kind of person who likes the idea of a totally connected home but wants to downsize, the Covo Mio, by Portland’s Covo Tiny Homes, may be of interest. The compact tiny house measures roughly 330 sq ft (30 sq m) and is jam-packed with smart home technology.

The Brown Bear measures 28 x 8 x 13.6 ft (8.5 x 2.4 x 4.14 m) (Credit: Alpine Tiny Homes)

Access to the interior is gained by a Schlage Z-Wave door lock, while a Bluetooth sound system and LED lighting are integrated with a Wink Hub to offer smartphone control. An Amazon Echo, Nest thermostat, USB charging ports, 50-inch TV, and a sit/stand desk are also installed.

Head to the gallery for more images and information on each tiny house.

The Escher can run on or off-the-grid (Credit: New Frontier Tiny Homes)

Access to the 340 sq ft (31.5 sq m) home is gained by combination lock door and inside lies a colorful living area, kitchen, and a bathroom with shower, sink, and composting toilet. Access to the upstairs sleeping loft is gained by storage staircase.

Inside, the home looks finished to a high standard and is very spacious, boasting an 11 ft (3.3 m)-high ceiling and large kitchen with full-size appliances. Inside the bathroom is a toilet, bath/shower, sink, and washing machine, while a pipe ladder provides access to a small storage loft.

Zero Squared offers off-grid options for the Aurora tiny house at cost, including a solar power package and a composting toilet (Credit: Zero Squared)

Tyson and Michelle are tasked with building a tiny home for newly engaged Indianapolis couple Chris and Sarah with a Victorian design, inspired by Sarah’s childhood home. The build crew gets to work, maximizing floor space for the couple and their three pets. Tyson and Michelle track down an antique claw foot tub and repurpose an antique trunk.

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