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Luxury Kitchen Luxury Kitchen

The stove in this kitchen features chrome detailing that draws in the eye, and also helps to balance out the black counters around it. A grey tile backsplash contributes to the dark theme in this kitchen, and the floor gives the space it’s character.

I’ve commented on how some kitchens have too much wood and no doubt this one has plenty of wood, but it’s done in a way that it really works well. I never get tired looking at this stunning example. There’s even wood framing the tray ceiling.

Features of a Luxurious KitchenA. 30 Kitchens that Cost More than $100,000 (Photo Gallery)Other luxury galleries:B. 44 Upscale Kitchen DesignsC. 30 High-End Kitchens by Internationally Recognized Interior DesignersD. 39 Dream Kitchens

Opt for: install an entry-way door to offer you an entrance space in which to dry off and wash down your doggy before they can enter the home. Store pet wipes, dog treats and other essentials in a cupboard at this entrance to keep the area harmoniously tidy.

The soft wood grain in this kitchen helps to set a relaxed tone for the space. The contrast from light golden wood to dark stained wood for the floor creates a balance in the space, suggesting sophistication. A small coffee table is featured next to a high counter. This space is lit by natural light from the adjacent room.

See more of this home here. Designed by DLB Custom Home Design.

Estimated cost: $101,200 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Modern kitchen design with warmth from the natural wood tone used throughout.  The clean lines and smooth surfaces give it a modern look while the natural wood provide the space warmth.

While many of us will never have a $100,000 dream kitchen, they’re sure fun to look at (just like it’s fun to check out mansions and gorgeous homes).

Not a huge kitchen design, but you can see exceptional attention to detail in every square inch. I like the double-sided glass-faced hanging cabinets above the peninsula.

In this East London property, we introduced a glamorous, modern Pedini London kitchen to suit its trendy city location. The rounded island added style and personality to the design; the curves bringing an air of ‘flow’ to the space and creating a relaxed, sociable atmosphere.

This kitchen is extremely long and extremely luxurious. Across from the two large couches sits an eat-in counter that extends to seat four people, with the working area in the kitchen sectioned off by a glossy granite division. Controlled lighting makes this space seem very relaxed.

A glossy countertop covers the large island, which is complete with a stove and a sink. The counter opposite of the island sits against a marble stone wall, also featuring a large sink. This kitchen has plenty of space and is well lit by the natural light spilling in through the floor to ceiling windows.

Here’s our massive luxury high-end kitchens article features amazing kitchens by internationally recognized interior designers.  Check these out.

Covered in rich wood, and featuring intricate detail, this kitchen is refined and comfortable. The large island has an eat-in extension with upholstered stools for seating. Behind the stove and countertop there is a textured tile that accents the space and draws in your eye.

Above is a spectacular l-shape kitchen loaded with top-of-the-line features including granite countertops (a lot of them), elevated ceiling, large stainless steel undermount sink and hardwood floor just to name a few.  Source: Zillow DigsTM

18. Install Decorative Ceiling Tiles for the Ultimate in Ornate Luxury Kitchens

See more of this home here. Designed by Rob Stuart Interiors.

17. Upscale Aged Cabinetry Showcased in Plenty of Natural Light from Large Windows

Not much to say here except it’s an elegant kitchen and dining space that’s very well done and certainly didn’t cost anywhere near $100K.

From a different angle, you can see the full kitchen space, complete with a booth and dining area opposite of the kitchen counter. The entire space is set at a lower level, this helps to create a division factor for separate spaces, as well as creating an illusion that there is more space in the room.

Winner of multiple awards for their stunning luxury kitchen designs, Lida Cucina offer a unique concierge service to their clients, tailoring every design to meet their bespoke needs.

25. Create a Huge Dedicated Breakfast Bar In Addition to a Custom Island

Few people would complain about this simple, but elegant kitchen design. It’s not huge, but large enough for a great kitchen.

The galley layout with island in the center looks cool and gives you plenty of storage and work space, but the island is an obstacle. Nevertheless, this kitchen is so nicely designed, especially the island, that I had to include it in this gallery.

Another example of using the island to add contrast within in the overall design. That island is the star. Notice how it’s a taller island which makes for a comfortable workspace.

The window seating, wooden breakfast bar and trio of pendant lights above the island add rich country charm to the design, whilst the refined wine cabinet and built in chopping unit offer hints of contemporary styling and luxury.

We are proud to have produced some spectacular luxury kitchen designs and have compiled 10 of our favourites which we hope will inspire you!

This is one of those examples that make you stop and go “wow!”. While it’s not my preferred design and I’m not wild about the island color, overall it works really well except for lack of windows.

Estimated cost: $144,200 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Here is one of the most expensive kitchens in our gallery.  Frankly, I find the estimate of $144K high in relation to the estimated costs of the other luxury kitchens in this gallery.  Nevertheless, it’s a stunning kitchen design, especially of you like darker kitchens.

The ornament attention to detail really takes this design to the next level. While I’ve repeatedly expressed how I like contrasting elements, I’m not so sure I like that dark brown freestanding cabinet on the far side of the room. It results in there being too much going on.

Estimated cost: $106,100 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Comfortable, yet luxurious kitchen design with two-tiered kitchen island with very comfortable seating.  The dark island is offset with white cabinetry throughout the rest of  the kitchen.

A vaulted ceiling is divided by rafters in this kitchen, just above a unique textured island countertop. On one end of the island an eat in counter is featured, while on the other end a stove is very accessible. The whole kitchen wraps around this island and has plenty of space for working, eating, and storage.

This overall space is wonderful with the large sunroom area lighting up the already bright white space. The kitchen embraces the light with white cabinetry offset by dark wood flooring.

This space is set in the back of a room, with the dining area separating the kitchen from the large floor to ceiling windows. The bright lighting in this space creates a contrast of light between the interior of the home and the horizon, which contributes to a luxurious tone set in this kitchen.

Estimated cost: $120,900 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Contemporary kitchen with modern design elements estimated to cost well in excess of $100K.  Extensive marble used throughout – island surface and backsplash.

Estimated cost: $100,200 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Expensive kitchen with elegant round dining table and chairs in  the kitchen.  Kitchen includes wine refrigerator and custom cabinets throughout.

Look closely and you’ll see the massive island is two-tiers, which is a cool design both aesthetically and functionally because it demarcates workspace from eating space.

A modern kitchen with a sleek and futuristic design, this space has a tone that is set by the white glossy surfaces, and accented by the black framing around the windows and on the chairs pushed up to the eat-in counter.

If we can assist you with your luxury kitchen design, please feel free to get in touch.

This kitchen is decorated with pastel colored vases and other kitchen utensils. The space opens up to a dining room with glass walls and allows plenty of natural light to shine through into the kitchen. A large island in the center of the space features an eat-in counter with stained woodgrain stools.

Stunning photo gallery of 30 luxury kitchens that cost more than a whopping $100,000. See some of the best kitchen designs on the planet here. – Advertisement –

This Lida Cucina luxury kitchen design featured a stunning rounded corner breakfast bar drawing the eye softly round and out into the open-plan living area. The black stools contrasted dramatically with the light kitchen unit tones offering a crisp, contemporary style.

Sensitively renovated and rebuilt by Berkeley Homes, this magnificent former London chapel called for a harmonious balance of contemporary decor and elegant echoes of its original architectural splendour.

Let’s get back down to earth for a minute, yet still get inspired by beautiful kitchen designs.  Below you’ll find 44 examples of custom upscale kitchen designs in all styles, sizes and colors.  While these aren’t $100,000, they are spectacular.

Here’s a fancy design, especially with the black (or near black… hard to tell sometimes) island. Great contrast tied together with medium-tone hardwood flooring. I think it’s risky using different tone wood in a kitchen, but it works when the contrast is sufficient enough like in this photo example.

This is an unusual kitchen that I’m not to fond of but included it because it’s high-end in many ways. Definitely a custom build. It appears the entire home’s interior design is unique.

Richly stained wood covers this kitchen, from the drawers and cupboards in the G-shaped counter, to the ceiling above this space. Beyond the sink, large sliding windows open up to a pool area and patio.

This is a massive kitchen verging on rustic style. Perhaps a bit too much wood, but the island offers a great wine storage feature.

Here’s one of those designs that most people love. This is definitely a high-end kitchen, but because we can’t verify it cost $100,000, we put it in this section. My only suggestion with this design would be to add hardwood flooring instead of tile (I have a hardwood flooring bias though).

The windows and stainless steel counters make this fabulous. I love stainless steel counters because they’re so perfect for working on. The downside is they don’t often look as nice as granite or engineered quartz. However, this photo shows that with the right cabinets, stainless steel counters can look amazing.

Estimated cost: $119,400 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  I liken this to a diner-style kitchen.  The kitchen is situated in a large open concept living area.  The entire outer counter is an L-shaped diner counter with modern stools wrapping around the space.  The countertops use one of the nicest looking granite patterns I’ve ever seen.

11. Glass-Faced Cabinets, Pot Rack, Walk-In Pantry and a Touch of Country

See more of this home here. Designed by Spagnuolo Architecture.

26.Flush Mount Your Cabinets for a Seamless Look Topped by Tray Ceiling

This kitchen is saturated with golden stained wood, with a long island running the length of the kitchen and creating a division factor for the kitchen and dining room. The dining table is silver and sleek, contrasting the natural wood tones and balancing out the space.

This kitchen features contrasting colors due to the white marble countertops above the dark stained wood floors and cabinetry. The chairs pushed in to the eat-in counter are made up of twisted bamboo-like sticks. Their gloss and design draw in the eye and help to accent the space.

30. Full-On Chic and Fabulous with Silver Backsplash, Light Gray Custom Cabinets and a Ceiling Peppered with Recessed Lights

The kitchen pictured above was designed by FAP Ceramiche. What separates kitchens like this from the rest and makes them true works of art, is that they are crafted to feel like you are a part of the space, and like the space has a part of your own character in the design itself.

They come in all colors too – luxury white kitchens, wood-tone, green and black.  There’s even a modern red kitchen.  And then of course, below you’ll see some spectacular luxury kitchens with islands.

Check out the tall coffered ceiling capping this great room. The kitchen island is stunning with some glass-faced cabinets which always add a nice ornate touch.

This classic kitchen by Lida Cucina was designed for entertaining. The large kitchen island was the focal point of the design with its dark oak table and sensational granite worktops, the wooden table’s slanted edge creating a dramatic, statement effect.

Estimated cost: $101,200 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Ornate white kitchen with wood flooring.  The attention to detail throughout is second-to-none.  I especially like the double stove/oven and how it’s placed in a cove-like area with white textured backsplash and custom hood.

The standout here are the cabinet hardware. With many drawers (probably too drawer-heavy), the hardware jumps out and looks great.

At what price does a kitchen falls into the “luxury” category is up for debate, but without question, $100,000 spent on a kitchen definitely qualifies.  But that’s not to say that all the kitchens in that 14% cost $100,000.

In this kitchen space, rich stained wood flooring meets white cabinetry and creates a strong contrast in the space. This counter features a framed opening connecting to the eat-in counter and dining room.

Estimated cost: $113,900 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Contemporary cabinetry with stainless fixtures against dark wood make up the design of this luxury kitchen.  The layout includes two islands – one as a work station and the other as a breakfast bar.

See more of this home here. Designed by Ippolito Fleitz Group.

This kitchen picture showcases a luxury great room with kitchen, dining area and living room. But as you can see, that’s one very nice corner kitchen with curved island. I love how the white ties the room together.

Here’s an expensive modern kitchen example that combines white with natural wood tone. One design concept I like is using a different color or material for islands… it’s a great way to juxtapose the main materials and colors used for the main cabinets.

30 Custom Luxury Kitchen Designs that Cost More than $100,000

With a hidden walk-in larder, impressive Gaggenau appliances and large island with breakfast bar overlooking the indoor pool this Lida Cucina luxury kitchen design was stylishly modern.

Estimated cost: $118,500 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Large modern kitchen design with white and grey color scheme.  The huge center space includes a massive island that provides the lion’s share of the counter space.  The cool grey tone is offset by the warm natural wood flooring.

I love the rich wood used here, but have to wonder if the tone of the floor is too close to the cabinets making it a little clumsy.

Other luxury galleries: 34 Luxury Bathrooms 15 Luxury Living Rooms

22. Brighten the Space with Massive Skylight Above the Kitchen

Renowned for their exquisite kitchen manufacturing, Charles Yorke combine state of the art technology with traditional cabinet making techniques using the finest hand selected materials.

C. 30 High-End Kitchens by Internationally Recognized Interior Designers

Based on analysis of 415,000 kitchen designs, we determined that approximately 14% of kitchens fall into the luxury category.

Estimated cost: $109,000 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  A richly decorated custom kitchen with large island that includes an extending breakfast bar providing extensive in-kitchen dining.  The floor-to-ceiling cabinets offer plenty of storage throughout.

Glossy floors and countertops help to reflect light in this kitchen and create a modern look. The island features a stove top and the opposite counter features a large sink, making it an efficient work space. Natural wood accents help to balance the sleek and modern atmosphere.

See more of this home here. Designed by Webb & Brown Neaves.

In this kitchen, there is a mini bar featured with an eat-in counter standing before a chalkboard wall. The natural wood shelving compliments the chalkboard and works well with the dark colors. Mirrors are featured on the wall to the side, which can help to give the room more depth.

A modern kitchen equipped with a large shelving unit featuring staggered shelves and boxes for storage. Soft wood grain is an ongoing theme in this space, and it is complimented by soft lighting above the dining table.

Designed by one of our top designers, and made by Charles Yorke, we introduced the “Kensington’ luxury kitchen design to our Berkshire showroom, offering that timelessly classic, country style look with beautiful timber and hand painted finishes.

This kitchen sits at a lower level than the surrounding room and features a unique green floor. The light pouring in from the windows reflects off the glossy hardwood floors around the kitchen. Within the lower level, there are rich wooden cabinets, and small kitchen appliances.

A. 30 Kitchens that Cost More than $100,000 (Photo Gallery) 1. Go All White with Custom Ornate Woodwork (Dream White kitchen)

See more of this home here. Designed by Pepe Calderin Design.

See more of this home here. Designed by Wick Designs. Photography by Lisa Romerein.

What percent of kitchens do you think fall into the “luxury” category?

So take a look through these 42 refined spaces, and get a taste of what living in a high end luxury kitchen can be like!

I’m not a huge fan of this design, but included it in our upscale kitchens because it’s an expensive design and is a good example of a curved kitchen layout.

Estimated cost: $100,500 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Elegant country kitchen design with nice contrast of light and dark materials.  Massive island with dining area is a focal point of this spacious kitchen.  Of course, the beautifully beamed ceiling is hard to ignore and not appreciate as well.

Large u-shape kitchen with center island.  White custom cabinetry throughout.  Island cabinetry in matching style.  The attention to detail throughout is amazing including the crown molding, woodwork, richly finished wood flooring, island stool selection (the wood matches the wood floor0, appliance location… everything.  The only negative is lack of natural light.  Source: Zillow DigsTM

I absolutely love how something as simple as 3 bright red stools can take a kitchen design to the next level. Imagine this with brown stools. It just wouldn’t be as nice. The take-away with kitchen design is to consider how you can add an “access” design element, whether wall, lights or stools.

A unique design across the ceiling gives this kitchen space its own character. Beyond that, the space is full of rich stained wood, with the floor made up of small sectional pieces, the dining table featuring a rich wood grain, as well as the counter and cabinetry.

The chocolate brown custom cabinetry is the standout here. The u-shape offers plenty of storage and the large center island creates plenty of counter space. In fact, you’ll notice the only real counter space is that offered by the island.

This white kitchen features gold detailing that suggests refined living. The creamy walls and ceiling offset the stark white cabinetry just enough to amplify the gold detailing and compliment the entire space.

Notice how the long row of windows makes a kitchen such a nice space compared to other kitchens in this photo gallery without windows or not enough windows.

This is a perfect example of a modern kitchen that’s not sterile or cold. The lines and materials are modern in every way, yet the liberal use of a medium tone wood gives the space a nice warmth.

Famous for its flowing curves, this Pedini London luxury kitchen showcased a large curved peninsula, a sparkly white quartz worktop and a clean handle-less design in white matt lacquer with an anthracite carcass. The textured dark oak panels created a stunning contrast effect with the white units, accessorised beautifully, whilst the simple oversized tiles completed the look.

29. Authentic Country Design with Copper Stove Hood, Ceiling Tiles in Tray Ceiling and Distressed Cabinets

This kitchen is set against a plain brick wall, with high ceilings and an open design. An L-shaped counter forms one end of the kitchen and is complete with plenty of cabinetry. An island is centered in the kitchen space, featuring an eat-in counter. The other side of the kitchen features large appliances and more cupboard space.

This is definitely high-end, but it’s a shame the cabinets don’t extend to the ceiling. For me the standout touches are the pendant lights above the island.

In fact, carefully examining truly luxury kitchens can give you good ideas for your kitchen design. Of course unless you win the lotto, you can’t replicate these kitchens, but you can certainly get great design ideas.

This bright kitchen features a light hardwood floor with matching chairs and white cabinetry that compliments the other colors. The exterior of the island is painted a soft purple color, which off-sets the light woodgrain and helps to accent the space.

Sleek and minimalist in style, the linear edges within this kitchen design created the intended dramatic effect, whilst the varied levels of the units added depth to the space.

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I love the layout of this kitchen with how it sits in the middle of the living and dining rooms. The flow is good too with wide aisles between the island and main counters.

Estimated cost: $114,100 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Spacious white kitchen with huge skylight flooding the space with plenty of natural light.  Kitchen includes peninsular, double oven, extensive storage and large island with sink.

Estimated cost: $114,300 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  White kitchen with the distressed look made even more interesting with a large zebra-patterned floor.

See more of this home here. Designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design.

This is a masculine modern design with flat-panel dark cabinets and straight lines. It’s actually a pretty simple design, but the silver hardware on the dark brown cabinets look great.

Estimated cost: $118,000 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Luxurious white kitchen with wood floor with a splash of color provided by a bright blue portable butcher block.  Notable features include the cabinet fixtures, glass-faced cabinets and the pot rack.

At Alexander James Interiors, we model and plan luxury kitchen designs to match our client’s vision, enhancing their desired kitchen lifestyle experience and reinforcing the property’s overall interior design. We only ever use the finest kitchen manufacturers, true masters of their craft, creating bespoke designs to best fulfil our client’s aspirations.

This is gorgeous and I like how one of the peninsulas doubles as a breakfast bar but the only trouble here is the lack of cabinets for storage.

This kitchen shares a space with a dining room, and the bold red rug covering the hardwood floor in the dining room helps to create a division of the two spaces. An island with an eat-in counter also helps to divide the space. Wooden rafters on the ceiling and the amount of wood grain contributes to a theme for the kitchen.

Another long galley kitchen with long island. This is an example of where the island doesn’t contrast the the rest of the kitchen. It works, but I think it lacks an accent element.

Estimated cost: $100,900 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Spacious white kitchen with large central island.  Brightness achieved with large window and light wood flooring.  Plants on top of upper cabinets provide greenery, which is not a common decoration element in kitchens.

Stark white cabinetry is complimented by a light grey tile backsplash and rich textured granite countertops in this kitchen. The unique design in the tile behind the stove helps to break up the pattern and accent the space subtly.

In this contemporary home, we utilised a striking monochrome styling in this Lida Cucina kitchen to offer a crisp, clean look. We contrasted the black breakfast bar and cabinetry with the sleek high gloss white units and accessorised with vibrant, green plants to add a pop of colour. 

The vaulted ceiling and hanging chandelier give this kitchen a regal atmosphere, with detail on the cabinetry and a unique texture on the dining table as contributing factors. The space is well lit by artificial light, but also features large windows to let in the natural light.

10. Contemporary Custom Flat Panel Cabinets with Matching Ceiling Beams

I’m of two minds about this design. I like the glass-faced island cabinets, but would worry about putting my foot through the glass. It’s interesting and not something you see too often.

Instead of an island, this kitchen opted to put a large square dining table in the center of the l-shape layout. I think it’s brilliant because it’s so convenient to eat in the kitchen like that. In this case the space is large enough to accommodate the large table without feeling cramped.

This large and open l-shape kitchen is pretty good; what makes it beautiful is the stunning dark wood island.

Estimated cost: $101,700 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Luxurious rustic U-shaped kitchen with natural wood throughout.  The cabinetry, ceiling beams and flooring give the kitchen an authentic rustic decor.  Yet the kitchen includes every modern convenience and top-of-the-line appliances.

White marble makes up the flooring, countertops, and backsplash in this chic kitchen. The low, artificial lighting helps to keep the space calm and prevents too much light from reflecting off the marble and contradicting the atmosphere of the rest of the room.

This contemporary kitchen features a white marble countertop on the island, with an eat-in extension set for three people. The white walls and cabinetry help to keep the space looking clean and crisp, while black counter tops and chrome appliances help to contrast and balance the space.

This is a little cavernous for my liking, but sometimes you have to work with the space you have and in this case the actual kitchen is beautiful.

I simply love that island with how the side glass-faced cabinets are lit. It creates a really great lighting effect that outshines much of the rest of the kitchen.

We brought a warm sense of ‘home’ to the design with this Pedini Arke model luxury kitchen in soft matt pietra and limited edition pewter metallic lacquer finish, the light worktop tones perfectly contrasting with the dark oak cabinets. The circular breakfast bar in bronze glass added softness to the kitchen design, as well as another layer of luxury with the ice bucket insert and bespoke lid at its centre.

See more of this home here. Designed by ACM Design Architects.

Estimated cost: $128,300 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Luxury modern red kitchen with an astonishing amount of storage and working surface area.

Below is our over-the-top luxury kitchen gallery featuring 30 kitchens with an estimated cost of $100,000 plus.

The epitome of understated luxury, this handleless white matt lacquer and sawn oak effect kitchen by Lida Cucina beautifully mirrored the angled walls of this large family home kitchen space. Offering a stylish, inclusive ambience, this statement feature kitchen island had a polished composite and a split height worktop in a beautiful combination of taupe and white.

What’s interesting is the incredible variety in design. We feature some terrific luxury modern kitchens, country, contemporary, Mediterranean, rustic, traditional, transitional and every thing in between.

This white saturated kitchen is boldly contrasted by a pitch black wall and floor. Pendant lights hang throughout the space, and light the space well. The large island table provides plenty of space to eat and work, complete with a large sink.

The ultra expensive kitchen above is designed by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, which is one of my favorite interior design companies.  I don’t think I have to tell you why I like their style so much.  The above kitchen is the penultimate white kitchen in traditional style.  No detailed was spared from the wide-plank hardwood floor to the custom white cabinetry to the spectacular custom coffered ceilings.

See more of this home here. Designed by Gregory Phillips Architects.

See more of this home here. Designed by CEILTRIM Inc. and Tilton Coffered Ceilings.

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Estimated cost: $118,000 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Luxury country kitchen.  Multiple tones are used throughout the custom cabinetry – green, cream and dark wood.  The honey-toned wood flooring adds to the multi-tone color motif.  The ceiling includes decorative ceiling tiles which gives it more character and historical country look.

I’m not wild about this at all, but it’s upscale in every respect. Overall I don’t care for curved kitchens; I prefer straight lines, but this gargantuan kitchen is an interesting concept and for that reason it’s included.

Modern and functional describes this kitchen. It’s large with work-friendly surfaces. Unique in many ways.

Please note that the costs attributed to the kitchens in this gallery are estimates only. However, simply looking at them, it’s not difficult to see they are extremely expensive and $100,000 is not out of line.

Estimated cost: $108,700 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Two tones of wood used throughout this custom kitchen.  The cabinets and islands are built with stunning craftsmanship.  The tile flooring provides a lightness to the otherwise dark wood tones.

A stark white color scheme is prevalent in this kitchen, with a light marble island top and countertop backsplash running from the countertop to the ceiling. A woodgrain paneling covers the walls around the kitchen and offers a contrast of color to the monochromatic design.

14. Design the Biggest Island You Can, Then Add Another One for Good Measure – Can Anyone Say “Kitchen Party”?

In today’s glorious modern world, life revolves around the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking a lazy Sunday brunch for the family, enjoying a romantic candlelit dinner, or putting your Masterchef skills to the test, a luxury kitchen design should be tailored to suit your particular lifestyle.

With large bi fold doors leading out to the beautiful gardens, this spacious kitchen was flooded with light, allowing us to enhance this bright space with a breathtaking minimalist style.

The interesting design concept here is how the tile floor matches the cabinetry creating a unified color scheme, yet the slightly different shades of the tiles create sufficient contrast to avoid a boring aesthetic.

One of the finest kitchen manufacturers in Italy, Pedini is a trendsetter in the world of luxury kitchen design, committed to creating new innovative design concepts and avante-garde finishes.

Here’s a fairly simple design. Notice the lack or ornament on the island and cabinetry. It’s not plain, but many examples we’ve featured here are very ornate. This design goes in another direction.

Estimated cost: $123,700 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  White kitchen with very tall cabinets (floor-to-ceiling).  The amount of storage in the space is incredible.  Kitchen includes wine storage.

Kitchen islands (often large and sometimes more than one) Granite or marble counter tops Custom kitchen cabinets that extend to the ceiling Hardwood or tile flooring Custom lighting Tile back-splashes Stainless steel appliances Eat-in section at the island or large peninsula Glass-faced cupboards In a few cases, you’ll see examples of full double-sided refrigerators and two ovens.

No lack of storage and space for every conceivable kitchen appliance and gadgets such as fancy blenders, panini makers, coffee machines (or high end espresso machines), juicers, food processors and more.

This bright and lively kitchen is clean and refreshing, from the light golden stained floor to the baby blue walls. Green designer stools help to accent the space, along with the stylish pendant lanterns above the island.

Multiple shelving units provide plenty of storage space for this kitchen. The large countertop features a bookshelf below it, and offers plenty of space for working or eating. The shelving unit mounted to the wall is made up of a stained wood and provides a perfect place to store kitchen supplies.

Estimated cost: $119,300 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Lavish kitchen with Mediterranean design details throughout.  Spacious work aisles and extensive island surface area make this a great functional kitchen with plenty of space and storage.

There is no one style to qualify a kitchen as a luxury kitchen, but you will notice that most of our featured kitchens are large. Additional common features of luxury kitchens include:

If you like open, this is a good example. I think there’s too much empty space, but the kitchen is nicely designed on its own.

Estimated cost: $117,000 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Intricate country kitchen with brick and stone work throughout.  Cabinetry is a textured green.  Kitchen layout is sprawling with several work areas.

We designed this fashionable luxury kitchen design to create the ‘dream’ kitchen for our client. This featured a beautiful bespoke island arranged perfectly around the dining area, ideal for entertaining, and LED colour changing wall panels. We included a backlit “waterfall” and large built-in marine aquarium to add a cool, trendy ambience to this very sumptuous design. 

Estimated cost: $118,000 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Contemporary kitchen design in light grey and dark brown and plenty of stainless steel (countertops and appliances).  Stylish open shelving with built-in lighting is a great design element taking up much of one wall of this spacious kitchen.

This modern white kitchen features a hard contrast of colors, from the stark white cabinetry and walls to the deep stained wood at the end of the kitchen. The black floor also helps to make the white stand out, with green accents that mimic the green plant life just outside the large windows.

Estimated cost:  $102,400 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Spacious white kitchen with dark flooring and countertops.  Custom cabinetry throughout providing a great deal of storage.

It’s amazing how the wood tone can dictate one’s reaction to a kitchen. This is a muted wood tone which works well although I like a little more pop.

Which styles are most common among the more expensive kitchens?

Estimated cost: $110,600 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Huge white kitchen with dark wood flooring.  The wall of windows provides plenty of natural light.  This kitchen includes and exceptional amount of working surface area as a result of two massive kitchen islands (each with a sink).

Delicate orb pendant lights hang above the island in this rich kitchen. The stained wood floor helps to contrast the bright white cabinetry and gives the room depth.

12. Mix Natural Wood with White… But Go Custom Design All the Way

Large square tiles make up the flooring, with large white cupboards featured on the counters in this kitchen. A large glossy top island is centered in the space with modern bar stools pushed up to the eat-in counter.

Estimated cost: $101,700 (source: Zillow DigsTM).  Here’s an eclectic kitchen design with various tones throughout including light blue island, green-seated stools and shiny light wood island surface.  Brick-patterned backsplash creates a stylish element to the entire space.

In a regular height room, this kitchen would be gorgeous. In the room with tall vaulted ceilings it’s spectacular. I love that stove hood how it rises up really high drawing the eye up to the incredible cathedral ceiling.

28. Bright White with Lots of Windows (and some of the coolest pendant lights I’ve seen)

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