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Low height level floor bed designs 25 pictures

Low Height Level Floor Bed Designs

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Low Height Level Floor Bed Designs.

8 | Visualizer: Michel Leyraud Repetition and clean surfaces have a much greater impact when the view is unobscured. The lights to either side of the bed remain just as simple as the rest of the room and help balance the visual weight of the room.

18 | Visualizer: Stanislav Borozdinskiy Another super-sleek space, this time with a platform that serves as an extended side table.

28 | Architect: Sanuki + Nishizawa This low bed looks even lower thanks to its wooden housing. The distinctive lip around the edge prevents it from looking like just another bed frame.

2 | Visualizer: Alberto Maciel In bedrooms that feature large format artwork, a low bed stays out of the way. But this one still makes a subtle but tasteful impression with the luxurious layering of dark wood and plush fabric.

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32 | Visualizer: Andriy Voskolovich Although the floor plan is actually very spacious, its width would seem more restricted if the large bed were taller. Sometimes a low-profile bed can make a room feel larger in unexpected ways.

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30 | Via: Fine Minimalism Here’s the same bed frame style in white.

While low beds are famously associated with Japanese design, they’re beginning to catch on in modern design circles – and for those whose knees can handle them, low beds have several benefits. First, starting the day with a deep stretch and mild workout can get the blood pumping to fight off grogginess, and the cool temperature near the floor is a major plus for hot sleepers. Some small bedrooms can gain a sense of spaciousness from a low-profile look. And if storage isn’t a concern, removing empty space means one less place for dust to settle. Check out the inspirational beds below for even more reasons to consider going low!

A solid oak Malabar bed and Cube bedside table. Both from Natural Bed Company…See more

3 | Visualizer: Twin Hongtruc This entire raised platform serves as a piece of casual furniture, complete with a coffee table and writing desk. Those who prefer to sit on the floor might find this type of solution more in-line with a specific room’s aesthetic.

Ashley Darryl is a New York interior designer best known for creating livable, unique spaces by.See more

38 | Visualizer: he.D Creative Group Clearly this room prioritizes coziness above anything else. The ultra-plush platform makes the bed look unbelievably soft and dreamy. There’s not a hard line to be found.

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1 | Photographer: Peter A. Sellar Let’s start with something dramatic! Sunken beds require some pretty serious architectural alterations but the end result is so dreamy. The pup would love how easy it is to crawl into bed for morning snuggles.

11 | Visualizer: Iqosa One of the biggest complaints about low beds is that they can leave the overall room looking “unfinished”. This bed approaches this dilemma in two ways: artwork and included side tables are both great ways to complete the circuit of visual continuity.

29 | Source: AmazonIf your home already has plenty of storage, sweeping or vacuuming around a low lip like this would make bedroom cleanup a breeze compared to trying to wrestle a vacuum hose beneath the bed.

33 | Visualizer: KYDE architects The platform portions of this bed are upholstered but not too soft, equally suited for use as a table or a chair.

26 | Visualizer: Zrobym Architects A wooden platform with a brick and chain link headboard make for a very cool industrial bedroom theme. It’s not too rugged, but just perfect for a relaxing space that has a touch of attitude.

25 | Visualizer: Albert Mizuno Low seated beds are also a good option for beds positioned in the center of a room, like this one. It doesn’t obstruct the view and enhances the sense of spaciousness even further.

A restful colour scheme – taupe walls, ivory bedding and solid oak furniture. The Nevada low wooden bed from Natural Bed CompanySee more

Shiny concrete floor Rough concrete ceiling Simple platform bed Small opening without a doorSee more

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27 | Visualizer: Marc Canut Minimalistic but still exceptionally warm – this low bed is the perfect centerpiece to a clean and focused room.

BUY ITAre you loving these sleek low beds and feel ready to explore your options? This bed is available through the “buy” link above, or you could check out one of the many inexpensive low platform beds on Amazon – both are great places to start.

23 | Designer: LMD Studio Photographer: Karel Balas Thick slabs of salvaged lumber offer a bed platform solution that anyone could DIY given enough space and access to properly treated wood. This natural and eco-friendly solution looks like a million dollars.

15 | Visualizer: Linda Yuliana Lighting works its magic on the interesting typographical installation behind this bed as well. This is one of the lower beds highlighted so far, practically fully flush with the floor itself.

Oregon is a low, solid wood, platform bed, with an ultra-modern style. Available in a range of timbers including oak, walnut and maple.See more

17 | Visualizer: Maxim Nizovkin Very modern and chic! This bed platform includes drawers beneath, ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to give up their storage space.

9 | Visualizer: Houzaifa Al Jandali While this bedroom could definitely accommodate even the tallest and most regal bed, this one sits low on a sleek platform and utilizes the extra space for a decorative accent wall and rows of stylish shelves.

19 | Visualizer: Đình Dũng Hoàng Low side furniture is incredibly important in rooms with low beds. Maintaining attractive proportions is one of the hardest parts of lowering your sleeping space.

34 | Visualizer: ON Design Who would want to obscure such dramatic and detailed plasterwork? The soft headboard portion of this bed doubles as a backrest without covering up too much of the impressive artwork.

Vail Ski Hause by Reed Design Group – for double queen roomSee more

14 | Visualizer: Olga Kondratiuk Then there are walls that simply look too beautiful to cover with a big headboard or tall bed. These slanted panels catch the light, play with it, and evolve as the sun traces through the sky.

35 | Visualizer: Anna Marinenko Here, a high headboard offers a little privacy from outside while the residents are in bed but doesn’t block the view of the landscape for anybody walking through the bedroom.

7 | Visualizer: Twin Hongtruc One thing you might notice about these low beds is all the room they leave for visual decoration that reaches toward the ceiling. A grand tall bed might overwhelm beautiful details like these.

20 | Visualizer: Yuriy Bobak Low ceilings and lofted bedrooms are an exceptionally good reason to invest in a low bed. A traditional bedframe just wouldn’t be feasible here.

37 | Visualizer: Penint Design Studio This low bed allows the incredible geometric backdrop to take center stage.

5 | Visualizer: Twin Hongtruc Low beds are especially perfect for young children. It’s a little less scary to transition to a “big kid bed” when it’s comfortable and low to the floor, and falling off during sleep or while playing becomes far less of a threat.

22 | Visualizer: Solonge Scherazad Check out this comfortable bohemian bedroom! Low furniture is a huge part of this aesthetic, often accompanied by layered rugs and plush ottomans. This is a space where every angle and every surface looks equally appropriate for lounging.

12 | Architect: Bernard Khoury Visualizer: Cleer Design Studio Here’s another low bed, this time in an even taller room, using a large form print instead of a headboard to draw the eye toward a central point.

The oversized pendant light fills in even more of the negative space above.

39 | Visualizer: Lada Kamyshanska Finally, perhaps the most popular reason anybody opts for a low bed, these simple frames boast the perfect balance of functionality and minimalist appeal.

spring is in the air with By Mölle linens – April and mayApril and may – Home Decor Ideas – Interior design tips

10 | Visualizer: Architype 3D More than just a bed platform, this unique piece of furniture actually wraps up the wall and serves as a sort of faux canopy of sorts. It makes the low bed feel more like it’s part of the room rather than a standalone feature.

4 | Visualizer: Twin Hongtruc Here’s another visualization of the same room, this time demonstrating an updated take on traditional Asian home design.

24 | Visualizer: Albert Mizuno Can you imagine rolling out of bed and straight into a warm bath? Low-profile furniture doesn’t have to look casual, as this ultra-luxury bedroom demonstrates.

21 | Visualizer: TuisuzCamouflage rug, exposed beams, and an earthy bedding color scheme come together to create a style that feels close to the earth – a popular motivation for seeking out low bedding.

A bed made out of a pallet. a great idea for the spare room, if I don’t want a queen size bed set up permanently.See more

6 | Visualizer: Twin Hongtruc You may recognize this bedroom as another interpretation of the previous one, this time with a decor theme more suitable for a playful adult or a teenager. We can’t get enough of these attached writing desks!

loving this macrame wall hanging idea for the bedroom // Chaplin Townhouse – Bliss

Design and style inspiration regarding Low beds; their low to the ground designs work in small spaces, particularly lofts or attic rooms and create distinctive airy and often minimal looks

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Find white bedroom decorating ideas for bedrooms with beautifully whitewashed walls on Domino. Domino shares images of traditional, bohemian, and modern bedrooms with white walls.

13 | Visualizer: Curly Studio This bedroom definitely does a great job managing visual weight. The blue wall and wrap-around beams help the low bed feel perfectly proportioned to the room. The beautiful modern wall sconces add warmth to the room.

36 | Via: Wall321Let’s wind the article down by reviewing a few of the design techniques a low bed can facilitate. This one beautifully adapts to the low and wide balance of the room.

16 | Visualizer: Sergey Baskakov Plush padding surrounds this low bed and doubles up as comfortable seating for long evenings with a book and perhaps a glass of wine or pot of tea. Spreading out to watch a movie becomes an experience.

31 | Designer: Roche Bobois When it comes to frames and platforms, low beds seem to have a more diverse range of untraditional styles. Technically one could add a typical box frame but the sleek effect would definitely feel a tiny bit diminished.

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