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Living Room Design Ideas Get Inspired By Photos Of Living Rooms

Living Room Design Ideas Get Inspired By Photos Of Living Rooms Living Room Design Ideas Get Inspired By Photos Of Living Rooms

Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you that the place where you put your sofa is critical in terms of creating a beautiful and functional living room. It does not matter if your living room is big or small, having the right furniture arrangement can make it look perfect and enjoyable. Here are some practical ideas: 

Have a sofa that you love but looking for a way to give it a facelift? Why not choose some great upholstery, just like this couch.   

If you’ve got tall ceilings, you need a statement chandelier. This modern chandelier picks up the gold accents in the room.

Before settling on a wall colour, you should consider whether you want to give the entire living room a new coat of paint or accentuate sections of it through a feature wall. The size of the room should play a crucial role in the decision making process. As a general rule of thumb, pastels and pale colours are better suited to a small living room, whereas bolder and brighter colours can be used much more freely in a larger space. The other pivotal factor is determining how much sunlight enters the space. Think about testing a colour on a small, discreet area and see how it changes throughout the day.

What are some great living room ideas & living room designs?

1. Sofas opposite each other: for a sociable and relaxed aesthetic. Have one nearer the television, so the other can be reserved for chatting or reading! 

Add vibrant color without it overpowering your room by painting bookshelves. It’ll accent the room, but not be the focus of the room.

This rustic great room was built to resemble a converted barn. And those windows, though.

Though the walls and floors in this cottage are neutral, patterned chairs give it a pop. Bright pillows on the sofa add to the tropical feel.

Nothing says nautical more than blue, but it can get way too monochromatic, fast. Use varying shades of blue (and even some touches of green) to keep your space more intriguing.

A pendant lamp adds to the jewel-box effect of this lush living room. Even though they used contrasting colors, the darker tones keep it from feeling too bold.

3. Using the corner of your room: put a corner to good use by popping a super squishy and comfortable sofa in it! A little wall lighting would make for a very cozy spot. You could even add cushioned wall panels to your corner sofa, to create a really snug little nook that makes reading and cuddling even more of a treat! A corner sofa is the perfect choice when you are actually installing a sofa bed as well! 

Clean and subtle, the finish of the house and the decor is bright and simple.

If you’re looking for something a bit unique and quirky, yet still functional—look no further than a classic lounging sofa.    

This floor is covered in 10 different vintage Moroccan rugs for an inviting feel. To recreate the look, make sure you choose all comfy, durable fabrics.

Elegant furniture juxtaposed with exposed brick walls feels cool and lived-in. Add statement art to break them up.

Yellow upholstery will make sure your living room is always sunny, no matter what the weather is outside. Keep the rest of the room white and it’ll feel even brighter.

Shiplap over a fireplace and built-in bookshelves feels cozy and inviting. Beach vibes for days.

Dark beams add contrast to high and light ceilings. Add a gothic-inspired chandelier to ground it even more.

2. Using the wall of your living room: make your sofa span the whole width of a wall to really amplify the size of your space. 

Create a cozy cottage feel with an intimate grouping of furniture. Also, this vintage root table is everything our wood coffee tables aspire to be.

4. Placing it in the center of the room:  in a bid to make the furniture divide the space, without being as oppressive or heavy as a solid wall? What a clever idea that allows the space to remain feeling open! 

The eclectic mix of vintage armchairs, a blue-glass mirror, and a glass-topped rattan side table is total ’70s vibes. With a style like this, the bolder, the better.

The raw and natural feeling of wood are perfect for a cottage house by the countryside. 

Think red, white, and blue feels too patriotic? Not when it’s paired with geometric lamps and a neutral, patterned rug.

Who says backsplashes are just for your kitchen? Try tiling your fireplace — blue and white if it’s a beach house, obvi.

Vintage sofas offer those long-lost quirky, yet minimal designs that are hard to find these days. The color options usually range from olive greens to burnt oranges and plush blues. 

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Known for its cozy and intuitive aesthetics, Scandinavian design features distinct patterns and subtle colors. We see that in the carpet and the yellow chair. 

Which literally looks to totally encompass the whole room! The only issue you’d have is trying to choose which section to actually sit on! 

homify is the place to find a perfect living room. We not only offer the chance for you to get in contact with the perfect professional for your project, we now have an online shop for you to research options from the comfort of your living room.   

An understated palette means you can focus on incredible interior architecture and dramatic statement pieces. Can we talk about those beams, please?

Lavender walls help this otherwise busy living room feel calm. Chinese ancestral paintings hang over the sofa, framed by ginger jars on wall brackets, and the sofa is upholstered in an overscale ikat.

There are a variety of flooring options available for a living room. While floorboards have a warming effect and suit virtually any style, maintenance tends to be higher. To ensure your floorboards always look uniform, it is essential to re-stain and polish them to ensure any major dents or scratches don’t become permanent. Carpet on the other hand can be replaced easily, and is better suited to climates where the winters and long and cold. If you’re the sort of person to walk around without shoes on inside, carpet helps to keep your feet warm and radiates an aura of cosiness. Ultimately, what you choose should depends on the conditions of the room and your lifestyle. As we mentioned earlier, think about the effect you want to achieve. Is your living room your mecca of peace and comfort, or a statement room in your home?

A pine mantel frames the cozy hearth in this farmhouse living room. Along with apron sinks, Windsor chairs, and tin sconces, an assortment of baskets ups the home’s rural charm.

To up farmhouse vibes, install shiplap. Joanna Gaines would totally approve.

As you would be aware, there are many different ways living rooms can be set up. Since we suggest that it’s best to be an individual, it’s essential to consider what fits your personality and lifestyle best. Once you’ve made decisions about the bigger elements, such as wall colour or flooring, you can begin to question the other features in the space. Do you prefer to splash out with bright colours or play it safe with muted tones? Functionality and long term usage is just as important as appearance, so do consider that your tastes may change. Of course, it is possible to combine different requirements and needs together. However, the more you know in advance, the easier it is to implement these ideas both now and in the future. browse through our images above for some great living room ideas as well as living room designs.

This living room was blessed with original Beaux-Arts plasterwork and parquet, but you can still recreate a French-inspired room at home with a linen-covered bergères and a Louis XVI side table. Vintage curtains and a crystal chandelier complete it.

The living room is used for family get-togethers and for leisure time. Generally, the living room consists of couches, sofas, tables, chairs and a TV. Often the largest room in the house is picked to serve this purpose. The living room is also designed for entertaining guests or friends. (But you knew that already.) So let’s move on to the important stuff, the crucial questions:

You spend a lot of time in your living room, so it not only needs to look great, but it needs to be functional and comfortable. Blending all three things can be tricky, but we’ve got plenty of ideas to inspire you. Need ideas for other areas too? Our bedroom and bathroom galleries will get you ready for a full house reno!

The trompe l’oeil paintings, such as the scrolls that frame the windows in this living room, help break up large walls. You don’t have to worry about hanging art in this space.

The appeal of industrial design comes from unfinished walls and eccentric decorations. Just look at the finish of the wall, floor, and ceiling of this living room. Don’t you think that ‘OK’ light is interesting, too? 

What is the best color for my living room and my accent wall, and do I want textures?

The ultimate bohemian formula: bold wallpaper, patterned pillows, a sheepskin rug, and greenery. Now go and live your best boho life.

This industrial-style eclectic space has a lot of colors, patterns, and mixtures happening. In a living room like this it is important to have one large, bold piece to make the room feel grounded and real. 

Have a great living room full of bold colors? Why not neutralize the effect a little bit with a medium-sized sofa in a lighter color palette.   Fun & funky Add lots of bright colors in your home to cheer up your guests and those around you? Why not consider a sofa in a fun and funky color!   

Raw-poplar walls give the feel of “a fisherman’s shack.” We’re forever on island time.

Here are a few things to consider before designing your living room:

A common reason why most people own one and why you definitely need one is that it saves space by performing dual functions. Particularly for those living in a studio or small city apartments where adjusting regular furniture can be quite a task. A sofa bed offers a stylish place to sit and a practical place to sleep lending extra room for other belongings and furniture pieces.

The mosaic Moroccan tiles are the focal point of this blue-and-white living room. They add an exotic touch to a beach house.

5. Creating a focal point in the living room: place your sofa directly in front of something that you know you won’t get bored of looking at. A media center or a shelving system is the obvious choice.

Similar to the minimal style, the modern approach relies on technology, making your living room function perfectly. 

Here’s how you get paneling when your house has none. Red leather nailhead trimming creates the look of wall paneling in this living room.

A living room forms the best place in a household by providing conditions to relax and entertain as we like. Where do we want to wind down after a long day? Where do we put our feet up and relax? Yes, you guessed it, the living room. This time homify presents the different types and style of living room that there are. So sit down, put your feet up and we will assist you on how to make the best out of your home.

While having a small living room presents more challenges than a bigger space, the design can often turn out to be better resolved and better planned thanks to the size restrictions. But don’t worry as there are plenty of small living room ideas on homify to help you get inspired. Just because you have more room, doesn’t mean your design will automatically turn out better. The number of square metres you have has no influence on how cosy or inviting a the room can feel, but in principle, wild patterns and bold colours should be avoided if you want to visually enlarge the space as much as you can. It’s possible to create clever optical illusions with orientation, light, furniture layout, colour as well as living room storage space; fooling even the most discerning designer into thinking your room is much larger than it actually is.

An L-shaped couch not only looks cool, but it makes a corner living area way more functional. To make it stand out even more, choose a bright color.

Lacking on space? Permission to forgo the traditional coffee table/sofa setup. A fireside table is the coziest spot for reading or a casual dinner.

If you’re looking for comfort, coziness and a family-appropriate classic, look no further than a sectional. Available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and upholstery, sectionals offer everything a normal couch can, except they can be great for larger families and those who like to entertain and provide seating for all! 

Nothing beats the classic. Soft fabrics, neutral colors, timeless furniture, these are all the things that make a living room stylish. 

It’s what happens when you create a jungle inside a bungalow. No, we’re not just trying to make fetch happen here.

This living room is simple, clean-lined, and inviting, with a little bit of glamour and a lot of comfort. To highlight the architectural details, the moldings are painted in high-gloss white.

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