Know Your Interior Design Style Industrial Vs Minimalist I’dsense

March 1, 2018 5:39 am by admin
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Know Your Interior Design Style Industrial Vs Minimalist I’dsense

With little tolerance for clutter and ornate decorative trinkets, you’re a modern home design lover. You enjoy your independence and on the spur entertaining- when you feel like having your friends over. Otherwise, to take a breather from your hectic professional work life, you prefer to indulge in some ‘me time’ over the weekend.

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In this article, we drill down the basics of industrial and minimalist interior designs and reveal the personality traits that best matches these homes.

It can certainly be overwhelming to figure out what interior design style suits you (and in most cases, you now need to consider a second opinion from your significant other). Which is why we put together this 3-part guide to help you get familiar with the distinctive characteristics of various interior design styles and identify your own home décor style.

Although you may seem confident to the outside world, you hide your fears of the unknown and subconsciously withdraws to protect yourself. Because of this insecurity weighing you down, you generally prefers to take a back seat and avoid conflicts with others even if you hold opposing views. This mental tug of war often leaves you feeling drained and tired at the end of the day.

Cosy with an air of elegance, vintage interior design style homes exhibit an alluring and distinctive old school chic atmosphere.

Vintage interior designs appeal to a unique lot who may find their penchant for old eclectic pieces unappreciated by others. Well-designed vintage homes have idiosyncratic charms that bring their guests on a walk through history as they embrace (or attempt to embrace) the coarse wrinkled leather and chipped edges of well-worn furniture with minimal refurbishment or touching up.

Common adjectives to describe Modern design home owners are: perfectionist, meticulous, individualistic and boisterous.

A minimalist design home is perfect for the well organised and highly efficient individual who has a careful and systematic approach to life. You may go out of the way to make sure things go according to plan and get bogged down by tiny details that seem to fall out of place.

Common adjectives to describe Minimalist design home owners are: perfectionist, methodical, tenacious and introverted.

Modern interior designs are often confused with contemporary styles. Although they have overlapping characteristics, modern designs refer to an era-specific (1920s-1950s) design style, often termed mid-century modern. On the other hand, contemporary designs are dynamic and constantly change with the current trends.

If vintage is what catches your eye, you are a unique individual with your own personal quirks and preferences. A highly determined and motivated person, you are not afraid of challenges, willing to experiment and take risks.

Modern styles stem from the idea to build for function with sleek and spacious interiors. Clutter is frowned upon with modern furniture focused on clean lines,polished curves and smooth surfaces.

Strong-willed and sometimes unyielding, you are an individual with passion and desire to achieve your goals in life. Though comfortable with small groups of people, you may appear aloof at times and prefer to have your own space.

In this second article of our 3 part guide, we look into the different aspects of vintage and modern interior designs and find out more about the personalities of their homeowners.

Do you spend your weekends scouring flea markets for vintage pieces? Or is functionality your first consideration for every purchase?

Common adjectives to describe Vintage design home owners are: sophisticated, creative, driven and decisive.

Does any of the above relate to you? If so, you may have discovered an interior design style that could become an extension of your unique personality. That said, there are no hard-and-fast rules when decorating your own home! It could be the mix of styles that resonates the most with you. The only point to keep in mind is that it should become an inviting and warm sanctuary for you and your loved ones.

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Common adjectives to describe Industrial design home owners are: complex, mysterious, adventurous and amicable.

An industrial home design owner is a unique individual with a bold attitude and is willing to take risks in life.

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A minimalist design emphasizes on simplicity in form and function. Characterized by spare and streamlined architecture, minimalist homes are an embodiment of clean and open spaces with uncluttered and straightforward layouts. The home should be filled with natural light, reflected from wall, ceiling and floor surfaces to balance ambience and function. Attention to shape, colour and texture is a key element in this design style.

Amidst the glaring contrast with industrial design, one can easily identify the similarity between the two- the expansive open plan living that breathes freedom into the space. Apart from that, what other styles take great pains to hide, industrial design homes put them boldly on display, featuring the interplay of wood and metal surfaces and often extending to brick walls and polished concrete floors to finish the raw edgy look. Exposed pipes, bare beams and visible ducts are signature statements of industrial designs.

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