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‘Smart appliances are developing at a rapid pace and anyone considering installing a new kitchen in 2018 should really not do without a boiling water tap – seen as a necessity in today’s living; wifi ready appliances – allowing us to control our kitchens from afar; and steam ovens and vacuum drawers – this makes cooking quicker, easier and contains the flavour in the food,’ say Kitchens International.

“Unless your home is a classical masterpiece, there are other ways to add striking interests to your kitchen without unnecessary curlicues,” says Czajkowska. Another reason to avoid detailed cabinets: it’ll date your space and make it harder to sell.

For example, MOSSwall, which is available in a range of colours, appears as a wall of natural moss. Papilio says this is a ‘simple concept but delivers a striking visual and in addition the natural moss provides excellent acoustic absorption’.

It doesn’t stop at ovens either. ‘We’ve also had requests for multiple dishwashers, washing machines – just to ensure that there’s always enough room for the various demands of running a family home!,’ they explain.

The shaker door is still a popular choice with kitchen buyers. ‘In recent years we have experienced a 16 per cent increase in shaker style doors sales,’ says Kieran McCracken from kitchen door manufacturer BA Components. ‘Shaker offers distinctive yet practical styling as many consumers opt for a traditional design with unicolour matte finishes being very popular.’

Meanwhile, Papilio note an interest in ‘integrated music and lighting that can all be controlled via one central hub, as well as a call for iPads installed for recipes and work surfaces with integrated mobile phone charging’.

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But hidden storage will be ‘more important than ever for hiding older cookware that you don’t want on display, ambient food and other bits and bobs that find their way into the kitchen,’ says Trainor from LochAnna Kitchens. ‘Internal drawers, pull out storage systems and tall larder storage will also be making their way into kitchens.’

Thanks to products being designed to take on contemporary aesthetics, kitchen appliances are seamlessly blending in with our interiors. Pastel colours are becoming particularly progressive in kitchen appliances, with key shades of pink, green and aqua blue, whilst bold brights continue to expand within home appliances more generally, offering statement pieces and injections of colour.

Innovation research and trends firm, Stylus, comment on a trend of brands employing natural materials to add an element of crafted luxury to appliances. ‘Wood veneers, cork and leather provide a welcome contrast to technological-driven products and synthetic materials, allowing appliances to sit sympathetically alongside furniture and domestic interiors.’

‘Vibrant colour schemes will continue to be popular for 2018 with a focus on both Scandinavian application – pops of bright colour – or complete maximalism –with colour clashes,’ says Matt Prall and Stephen Garland of Papilio. ‘The use of colour in the kitchen is extremely important and should reflect homeowners’ personalities and their needs. For instance, a space for cooking should be light and bright while spaces designed for entertaining could have a darker essence to provide a suitable ambience.’

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With homeowners more mindful about use of materials, we’re likely to see an increase in the use of characterful`veneers such as Pippy Elm & Walnut for 2018, predicts Papilio. ‘These materials add texture and intrigue to the kitchen and when working in a bespoke manner can be used for everything from statement wall veneers to unique cabinetry and shelving. The use of high quality wood to create statement rooms is going to be big.’

Bilotto is over using this rustic statement to hide pantries and laundry spaces in kitchens. “It’ll date your home and adds a time stamp that says it was creative in 2015,” he says. Which is not good news for resale.

‘The latest material we’ve seen a surge in for kitchen worktops is Neolith. A well thought-out range of finishes to suit the modern worktop requirement and also very practical, unlike the recent marble trend,’ says Papilio. ‘NeoLith’s revolutionary manufacturing process uses 100 per cent natural materials, extreme heat, and intense pressure to produce the most durable surface material available in the market today. The range includes finishes in silk, satin, river washed and polished.’

‘An ongoing shift towards individuality in today’s kitchen design, the latest fronts, finishes and solutions become instrumental in creating definition and individuality,’ says Schüller. ‘With heavy metal, even storage is coming out of the cupboard and when features unite with function, you create kitchens with purpose.’

Don’t even get designer Abbe Fenimore (from Studio Ten 25) started on this “organizer.” “Having something in your kitchen that needs to be dusted so it doesn’t create dust bunnies on your island or dinner plate is just disgusting,” she says. She points out that most kitchens have large drawers for bulky items for a reason.

‘Think beautiful, ornate handles against modern cupboards and bright coppers/rose golds on shaker style kitchens,’ explains Trainor. ‘There is also a growing trend towards matching accessories and appliances to the rose golds and copper accents found in handles as more homeowners try to find alternatives to everyday stainless steel and black.’

The team at Kitchens International say floor to ceiling units with no plinths or space above the unit is a key design trend that will provide maximum storage in smaller areas. They add: ‘Open shelving with internal lighting produces a more living room feel and look to the kitchen and is becoming increasingly popular on islands.’

‘Pretty pastels present real design advantages and are a great way to inject a little fun into the kitchen, especially when used as co-ordinating or contrasting finishes,’ say the team at Schüller. ‘For those keen to create some individuality, yet not quite brave enough for the dramatic contrast of bold colours, then pastels are ideal partners for popular grey palettes and wood effect finishes. Used for highlighting and creating features, pastels in blue, yellow, pink and green can create a real wow factor.’

Papilio notes a shift ‘towards treating metals to achieve interesting patinas is becoming more popular’. While we can’t get enough of metals in our home – whether that’s copper or brass – there are various ways to achieve a more popular patina finish by oxidation, chemicals and heat, all of which give dramatic and different finishes for a personalised kitchen.

‘Multi-user kitchens for those abled-bodied and less abled is an increasing wish for many homeowners with huge advances in moveable worksurfaces, appliances and tables,’ reveals Kitchens International.

Lighting under cabinetry and counters is an easy way to change the atmosphere of a room, something which Papilio has seen a lot of their clients requesting. ‘Concealed LEDs can be placed under the worktops to transform a kitchen into an entertaining space… it’s an easy way to illuminate a room and add a little bit of contrast to the existing lighting features,’ they say.

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“At this point if I look at another chevron it’s going to hurt,” says Fire. Though she notes that when this pattern is created using a surprising technique, like watercolor, it doesn’t hurt quite as badly.

‘You can create striking focal points with brass doors, door handles, ovens, sinks – it’s all about thinking outside the box,’ Papilio adds. ‘Mixed metals are still a key trend too and mixing with metal appliances can work well. SMEG have a range of coloured metal appliances in black, white, red, blue, mint and more which look great mixed with other metals like brass, silver and bronze.’

Nancy Fire, design director of HGTV HOME, doesn’t want to see anymore industrial decor — period. “Industrial is a hard look and has a hard edge and I’m tired of that,” she says. Instead she’s leaning into softer color palettes and materials.

‘Living walls are going to be a hit in the kitchen this year,’ reveals Papilio. ‘With botanicals being on trend for the past few years, consumers are on to the next thing – feature walls made from moss.’

‘Layouts are usually dictated by the space available, but islands continue to dominate with many larger kitchens now opting for two islands,’ say the experts at Kitchens International. ‘Most will have breakfast bar seating or banqueting seating attached to the island so that dining is incorporated into the kitchen area.’

A must have is the Zip Tap – now the world’s most advanced drinking water appliance. ‘The Zip HydroTap transforms ordinary water into a form of the clients choice, all via one tap,’ says Papilio. ‘This essential and smart addition to any kitchen provides pure tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the push of a button.’

Look out for industrial style features such as concrete effect finishes – Kitchens International says the trend for concrete-sprayed doors or concrete effect doors will continue to grow – as well as black grip ledge handles and open style metal frame racks for storage and eye-catching features.

Bilotto warns that using different light fixtures over your island, kitchen table, stove, and more can be too much. “This look tends to be overwhelming, like you got a sale on hanging lights or just couldn’t decide,” he says. His advice: keep it simple.

Pictured: The Shaker Layon range, priced from £17,500 inc. vat, John Lewis of Hungerford

Bigger isn’t always better, according to Bilotto. “There’s a misconception that you can update your kitchen by simply adding new hardware, which is true, but you have to stick to the existing footprint of your pulls,” he says. That means those long silver handles that are so popular right now don’t work in every space.

‘Kitchen design in 2018 is all about timber veneers, colour contrast, texture, metallics and the ongoing industrial look,’ says bespoke furniture manufacturers Schmidt.

Designer Francesco Bilotto doesn’t know why this tile ever became a trend. “Why add more grout lines and visual confusion, plus cleaning maintenance, to your kitchen?” He prefers using one large piece of metal or marble for a simple, easy-to-clean backsplash.

Whether your current layout needs renovating or you simply want to refresh a tired colour scheme, now is the perfect time to plan your dream kitchen. But what’s hot in the world of kitchen design?

‘Golds have been on trend for a while now but the move to combining them with browns and organic materials is going to be big for 2018,’ predicts Papilio. ‘Combining the use of neutrals, golds and organic textures makes for a warm environment with a slight seventies feel, hitting the mark in terms of both style and substance. The boho look is not only easily adaptable with other colours but also comes hand in hand with good quality and timeless design – something which a kitchen needs to present.’

‘An inclusively designed kitchen is intended to offer independence to less able or wheelchair users, whilst at the same time being suitable for all other users in the household,’ explains home specialist association KBSA.

‘Brass has been hot for the latter part of 2017 but this will continue into 2018 with the material being paired with warm colourways and acting as statement features within the kitchen,’ says Papilio.

It’s not just taps either, although feature taps and statement sinks are becoming increasingly popular too.

Not only does Fenimore say this style is often misinterpreted, but it usually ends up looking like a gaudy mismatched mess. “A true French country kitchen incorporates simple textures like brick and wood elements, not heavily patterned granite and chunky vent hoods,” she says.

Decor trends come and go — even in the kitchen. And according to some of our go-to designers, these are the styles that are so out of date, they hope to never witness them again.

Pictured: Carnegie kitchen in Scotts Grey and Terracotta Sunset, Masterclass Kitchens

Trainor from LochAnna Kitchens, adds: ‘An island or breakfast bar can also work as both a storage area and a place for dining. But less often they are used for actual food preparation. Utilise your island further by installing an appliance – the addition of a small sink or hob in your island will mean everyone can get involved with food prep!’

Layers of lighting is key to any good design. The traditional line of three pendant lights continues to be popular and always looks stunning in a rectangular kitchen or hung over an island. ‘Pendants can work really well as task lighting,’ says Simon Wallis-Smith, director of lighting specialists Fritz Fryer. ‘We recommend that you complement them with LED strips on the underside of eye level cupboards, illuminating the work surface. Depending on the size of the kitchen, you can also supplement this scheme with some carefully positioned recessed down lights.’

From colour to materials and appliances to aesthetics, take a look at the best kitchen trends of 2018.

Pictured: LED Eyelid under-cupboard light, Contour LED strip, Polespring LED downlight, all John Cullen Lighting

‘Personalisation will be big in 2018,’ adds Sinead Trainor, kitchen category manager at LochAnna Kitchens. ‘The tail end of 2017 has seen the emergence of more bold colours and textures in kitchen doors and this will follow into the new year. The mix of striking solid colours and woodgrains will continue to prove popular, whilst more industrial finishes like concrete will sit alongside these to really create interest in the kitchen. Consumers are increasingly looking for more variety and being braver in their style and colour choices.’

‘Why have one use for a sink when you can have a multifunctional trough which can be used for anything from chilling oysters, champagne or growing herbs, and of course as a traditional sink to prepare food at too,’ says Papilio. ‘For the avid entertainer the multi-purpose integrated trough sink is the perfect addition to any kitchen and with more homeowners looking to add that “wow-factor” to their home, this has been a favourite amongst suggestions to clients.’

11 The rise of the smart kitchen (all at the push of a button)

Read more on the biggest home appliance design trends for 2018 here.

With multigenerational living on the rise, the growing need to accommodate for different users, whether that’s ensuring enough space has been allocated to create a turning circle for a wheelchair, heights of work surfaces and workflow, has been noted as a key design requirement.

‘People are engaging in much busier lifestyles these days and it makes sense to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, particularly people who are big on entertaining,’ explains Papilio. ‘Multiple ovens can even create a statement look as shown here, where three eye level Gaggenau ovens have been placed in tall wall cabinets to contrast with the original stonewall.’

Angus Mackintosh, senior sales designer from Kitchens International, adds: ‘Disguised light channels built into the plasterboard are very on trend in modern architecture buildings and I expect this to merge over to the kitchen world and become more common place in most designs.’

14 The industrial look develops with heavy metal and concrete effects

Nothing drives designer Edyta Czajkowska of Edyta & Co. crazy like upper cabinets in varying heights. “This busy look is not appealing to the eye and there seems to be no real design principles or real thought behind the design and arrangement,” she says.

Or posters with feel-good sayings. Or big letters related to, you guessed it, cooking. “Time to scrap the framed quote posters and opt for actual canvas art or photography,” says Bilotto. “And let’s keep the cute sayings to your greeting cards.”

Pictured: Schüller.C collection – crystal white high gloss and pastel rose, Schüller via InHouse

As a TV personality and designer on Trading Spaces, Sabrina Soto knows firsthand that this trend looks great in photos, but it’s not made for real life. “I don’t have that kind of space [in my home] to just have décor items stacked on top of each other,” she points out.

“Industrial-looking or burnished metals have had their day,” says designer Warren Sheets. Instead, opt for shiny, warm metals, like bronze, brass, and gold (which are having a serious moment right now, by the way).

In particular, the Amazon Dash button and Google Home have become ‘essentials’ in the kitchen, enabling homeowners to order products, play music, set reminders or find out recipes at the touch of a button or the sound of a voice.

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Especially when the pattern features green spots in it, which looks busy, heavy, and, quite frankly, cheap. “There are so many other durable classic and timeless options that can make a statement and make a kitchen look amazing,” says Czajkowska.

The overall linear look with handleless doors proved very popular in 2017’s kitchen, but according to LochAnna Kitchens, ‘handles are coming back’.

Dark red-toned cabinets make a kitchen feel heavy and dated. “I prefer a subtle wood tone that creates a more elegant and sleek look, which is more timeless and fresh in nature,” says Czajkowska.

From cobalt blue to powder blue and teal, blue is the colour of the moment when it comes to kitchens. Darker shades of this versatile hue will prove to be the most popular. ‘Undoubtedly the biggest colour trend the industry has seen this year is the desire to have blue in the kitchen,’ reveals BA Components. ‘This bold and dramatic move is for those who are brave and want to make a statement within the home.’

Pictured: Matt Denim, Matt Dove Grey Aldridge Kitchen, Bella collection, BA Components

Open shelving is becoming increasingly popular with homeowners able to make a statement in their kitchen by adding their own personality with small accessories and even deluxe food items placed on shelves. ‘It’s the perfect chance to add lots of greenery in a physical format with bright, airy kitchens providing the perfect setting for succulents and hanging Ivy, incorporating yet another important interior style trend,’ says Papilio.

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