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Kitchen Layout Planner

Kitchen Layout Planner Kitchen Layout Planner

Your kitchen dream already starts with the wide variety of kitchen furniture available: The floor unis are available in two cabinet heights, while there are four different cabinet heights available for tall cupboards and wall units. In addition to that there are equipment cabinets, e.g. tall cupboards for a refrigerator or a baking oven, cabinets for sinks or a cooking area, and also stainless steel stand-alone refrigerators.

With an L-shaped layout, you’ll eliminate traffic: The kitchen will not become a thoroughfare because it’s just not logistically possible. Plus, you can easily add a dining space and multiple work zones to this layout. However, avoid this layout if your kitchen is large and can support other configurations, such as adding an island, or if multiple cooks will be using the space. Download a sample floorplan.

Important info: Remember to bring your username and password with you to the store. You can’t access your saved kitchen drawings without it. As a security measure, we don’t accept kitchen drawings on floppy disk, USB memory sticks, etc.

in the IKEA store.

L-Shape. An L-shaped kitchen solves the problem of maximizing corner space, and it’s a smart design for small and medium sized kitchens. The versatile L-shaped kitchen consists of countertops on two adjoining walls that are perpendicular, forming an L. The “legs” of the L can be as long as you want, though keeping them less than 12 to 15 feet will allow you to efficiently use the space.

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The kitchen planner Plan now free of charge and without any downloads

You can have a 3D view of your kitchen when you get to menu item 5. Here you can choose the position of the camera and have a contemplative look at your kitchen, which you can also print out. A top-view is also possible, as the 3D kitchen planner provides you with a bird’s eye view.

One-wall. Originally called the “Pullman kitchen,” the one-wall kitchen layout is generally found in studio or loft spaces because it’s the ultimate space saver. Cabinets and appliances are fixed on a single wall. Most modern designs also include an island, which evolves the space into a sort of Galley style with a walk-through corridor. Download a sample floorplan.

Create a detailed floor plan Switch easily between 3D and floor plan view. As soon as you start to draw your new kitchen – adding the right measurements of your walls and placing windows, doors, cabinets, appliances etc.

your 3D drawing will update accordingly.

Galley. This efficient, “lean” layout is ideal for smaller spaces and one-cook kitchens. The galley kitchen, also called a walk-through kitchen, is characterized by two walls opposite of each other—or two parallel countertops with a walkway in between them. Galleys make the best use of every square inch of space, and there are no troublesome corner cabinets to configure, which can add to a cabinetry budget. Download a sample floorplan.

Horseshoe. The horseshoe, or U-shape, kitchen layout has three walls of cabinets/appliances. Today, this design has evolved from three walls to an L-shaped kitchen with an island forming the third “wall.” “This design works well because it allows for traffic flow and workflow around the island,” says Mary Jo Peterson, principal, Mary Jo Peterson Inc. “You can get more cooks into the kitchen.” Download a sample floorplan.

Become your own kitchen designer with the help of the IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner. Thanks to our easy-to-use software, you can choose cabinets, doors, and appliances to fit the exact measurements of your kitchen.

Get started today. When you’re ready, either print out your drawings and product list at home, or save your plan to the IKEA server. At the IKEA store or over the phone through IKEA Home Shopping you can discuss your drawing with one of our kitchen experts.

They’ll go over the final details with you, so you can take your kitchen from drawing to reality.

Peninsula. A peninsula kitchen is basically a connected island, converting an L-shaped layout into a horseshoe, or turning a horseshoe kitchen into a G-shaped design. Peninsulas function much like islands but offer more clearance in kitchens that do not allow appropriate square footage for a true island. Download a sample floorplan.

Reading the introductory text and notes will lead you smoothly through our virtual kitchen planner. You are provided with many planning options to make the dream of the perfect kitchen come true: the layout can be chosen freely. Whether you are planning a kitchenette, an L-shaped, U-shaped or a G-shaped kitchen with a counter, it’s up to you. The kitchen door and the kitchen windows can be placed anywhere.

Learn about different layouts, like L-shaped, one-wall and galley kitchens, and download templates for your renovation.

After choosing the furniture, you can get creative with your kitchen’s design. There is a vast variety of designs, colors and kitchen materials: Design a wooden kitchen, country house kitchen, contemporary designer kitchen, high-luster kitchen or classic kitchen – the fitting fronts are available in various colors.

Kitchen Styles Kitchen Color Trends Kitchen Layout Options and Ideas Kitchen Island Countertop Considerations Kitchen Island Design Ideas Kitchen Island Styles Kitchen Islands: Options for Your Kitchen Space Kitchen Island Components and Accessories Kitchen Island Color Options Kitchen Island Furniture

Beyond that, you can contact a nearby dealer by clicking a button: Ask a nearby kitchen expert questions about your kitchen planning, make a consultation appointment with a nearby expert or ask for a proposal regarding your kitchen planning.

The free kitchenplanner.net – online planner is a 3D online kitchen planner that can help you plan your kitchen. It is an easy to use software that runs problem-free and without any downloads on your computer.

Here’s a guide to the pros and cons of the most popular kitchen layouts.

We’re for service that enhances your experience with IKEA. We are committed to making the IKEA 3D Kitchen Planner compatible with the latest Windows browsers. For optimal performance, we recommend using the following browsers, widely available for free download: Internet Explorer 8 and 9 / Firefox 15 – 17 / Chrome 20 and higher.

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Island. A working kitchen island may include appliances and cabinetry for storage—and it always adds additional work surface to a kitchen. It can provide a place to eat (with stools), to prepare food (with a sink) and to store beverages (with a wine cooler). The island can turn a one-wall kitchen into a galley style, and an L-shaped layout into a horseshoe.

“We have gone from the traditional kitchen, where one person prepared meals to a multi-purpose room and a multiple-cook room, and this evolution has changed us from looking at one work triangle to multiple triangles, or ‘zones,'” says Mary Jo Peterson, principal, Mary Jo Peterson Inc. “With that in mind, we have to increase clearances and look at adding comfortable spaces in the kitchen.”

Draw it, build it and get a full 3D view of your new kitchen! Getting a detailed overview of your new kitchen in 3D is a great way to get a feel for what your kitchen will look like when it’s actually in place at home.

And it’s easy – the IKEA Home Planner Tool has a user-friendly interface, designed for non-experienced “kitchen planners”.

The home’s kitchen layout includes a spacious center island with sink that helps to define the open kitchen from the rest of the home’s great room.

Kitchen islands are incredibly functional, but the No. 1 misperception about islands is that everyone ought to have one. The reality is, many kitchens simply don’t have enough clearance to include this feature. Download a sample floorplan.

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The traditional work triangle that separates the sink, range and refrigerator has evolved into a more practical “work zone” concept.

Still, these tried-and-true kitchen layouts still apply to today’s lifestyles—with modifications.

This is what the kitchen planner offers Fast and easy 3D view Free of charge No downloads No registration Get a nonbinding offer

Inspiring solutions,tips, and ideas to use when planning your new kitchen

Learn about different types and use our checklist to see if this independent structure will work for you

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Complete product list included As you build and design your new kitchen, the planner tool adds a detailed list of all products you choose to include. Name, product description, main material and price – all basic information you need when you meet one of our IKEA kitchen specialists.

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