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Kitchen Island Cabinets

Kitchen Island Cabinets Kitchen Island Cabinets

2. Since upper cabinets do not automatically come with a toe-kick, one will have to be built. This project calls for an L-shaped toe kick using 2x4s. The toe-kick should be built so it sits 3 inches in on all sides of the cabinets and measures 4 inches high. Place spacers throughout the toe kick over the points where the cabinets meet. Once built, screw the toe-kick spacers to the cabinet.

Learn how you can build kitchen cabinets from scratch and find out whether building your own cabinets is right for you.

6. Use a laminate stripper to cut laminate for the sides of the countertop. Again, cut an inch larger than actual measurements.

Even little details like drawer pulls (think icebox latches) or hidden compartments (locking knife drawers and pull-out counters) take multitasking to the extreme.

4. Place the MDF countertop on top of the peninsula cabinets. The countertop should hang 2 inches over the door side and 8 inches over the backside. The overhang on the backside will create added seating space. Attach the countertop by screwing up through the cabinets.

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3. Flip the peninsula right-side-up and place it into position. Screw the new peninsula cabinets into the pre-existing ones.

Use these easy steps to update a kitchen by painting the cabinets.

Extra storage room and diner-style seating are just two of the reasons to check out kitchen island furniture for your space.

Follow these instructions for constructing a laundry-room space-saver.

Does the color of the kitchen island cabinets need to match the other cabinetry in the kitchen? Not necessarily. Introducing a new color, in fact, whether it’s through the finish on the cabinets or the pattern of the countertop, allows the island to make a dramatic visual statement, adding interest to the overall space.

Increase countertop and storage space with stationary kitchen islands.

Carter Oosterhouse shows how to add counter space in the kitchen.

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Add interest—and extra storage to your kitchen island with convenient kitchen island cabinets.

three 12-inch upper cabinets one corner cabinet 2x4s for toe kicks cabinet screws MDF countertop laminate contact cement spacers clamps measuring tape drill circular saw laminate slitter router and laminate bit J-roller contact cement rollers safety glasses

Make a design statement—and add efficiency to the kitchen—with a freestanding island.

Whether your kitchen island is a freestanding piece of furniture or a custom-designed built in, it’s fun to get creative with storage (and aesthetic) options when choosing cabinets with the right look and feel for your space.

9. When all the excess laminate is removed, it is time to begin working on the countertop. Again, add two coats of contact cement to the countertop and one coat to the underside of the laminate.

Everyone wants more room in their kitchen, and one way to create that space is to add a peninsula. This simple project is easy to build and will expand counter, storage and eating space. The base of the peninsula is constructed from three upper cabinets and one corner cabinet to create an L-shaped addition. Upper cabinets are 12-inches deep and typically found above countertops, but rather than using the typical 24-inch deep lower cabinets, these will take up less room while still creating additional storage.

Keep little ones busy while you finish up dinner prep with hideaway kitchen storage for art supplies. Roll-out shelves make the most of the storage space at the end of this colorful island and make it easy for kids to access crayons and paper then neatly put everything away again. Photo courtesy of Mullet Cabinets, Inc.

When space is not an issue, then a large kitchen island might be ideal for additional storage and food preparation space.

10. Once the contact cement has dried, place spacers down on the countertop, no more than a foot apart from each other. Flip the laminate onto the spacers, making sure the laminate is positioned correctly. Remember, once in place, you will not be able to adjust it. Remove the spacers one at a time, and smooth out the laminate with the J-roller.

7. Now get ready to place the laminate. Clear the surface and make sure there is no dust or debris. Apply two coats of contact cement to the countertop sides and one coat to the underside of the laminate strips. Allow the contact cement to dry and then carefully put the strips in place. Be aware that once the laminate is in place, it cannot be moved. Roll out any air pockets by using a J-roller.

Flat-panel cabinet doors are covered with wallpaper and distressed-wood molding for a French country look.

Many pre-built models are designed with cabinets that keep prep essentials within reach, housing fixed shelves or drawers convenient for appliances, cookware or bakeware that are most often used.

8. Once it’s completely dry, use the router and laminate bit to remove the excess laminate. Place the base of the router on the side of the countertop and move in a left to right motion.

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1. Assemble the cabinets upside-down and then measure. Clamp the cabinets together and attach using screws.

Mobility is just one factor that makes a kitchen island cart a flexible option for your space.

If you are running out of room for storage or food preparation, then a stationary kitchen island might be the ideal solution for you.

12. For a finishing touch, add an appealing backing to the peninsula. Painted beadboard was used in this example.

Follow these steps from HGTV Magazine to create this fun DIY painting project.

5. Measure the length and width of the countertop and apply to the laminate. You want to add an inch to the measurements, allowing yourself room for error when attaching the laminate to the countertop. Cut the laminate out using a circular saw.

A counter extension adds storage space to this remodeled kitchen.

Learn how to safely remove your old cabinetry to get ready for your new kitchen remodel.

Get your kitchen rolling efficiently with a portable kitchen island.

Spruce up your laundry room by building stylish storage and work space.

Add a wood-fire pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen. Learn how to create the base and install it with our step-by-step DIY guide.

Every kitchen can use some more counter space. Adding an island can help solve that problem.

Easy to incorporate into any style of kitchen, the possibilities for island design are endless.

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11. After everything has completely dried, place the base of the router on the countertop and move left-to-right to remove the excess laminate.

Vintage kitchen islands come in a range of decorative options, including inventive do-it-yourself designs.

Installing kitchen cabinets is a great way to save money on a kitchen renovation.

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Add the finishing touches to your storage space with these tips for choosing kitchen island cabinets.

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