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Our new and inventive outline arrangements, conveyed on time, makes most extreme utilization of the accessible space to complete your vision.

It is pretty tough to figure out one standard cost of modular kitchen. But it is possible to divide the discussion into roughly three parts to get the best estimate

You can visit the company site for more info Kerala, Cochin Largest Home Interiors Company since 2004

Picture this: It is a Saturday morning and it has been weeks that you have been contemplating to revamp your home. You have all the ideas, an inspiration from the hundreds of videos you have watched online. Finally you get your hands on all the different elements needed for the interior decoration, some sourced from the nearby craft store, others – hidden gems from your own discarded clutter. You spend several hours artistically cutting out pieces from your mother’s old dupatta, putting together several patches of the rug, bringing to life all your creativity on your favourite wall in your room as you showcase your talent and create unique patterns with different paints and give another wall an ombre effect that you learnt online. Pinning up a collage of your favourite pictures on the wall above your bed and covering it with fairy lights. Just a couple of more textures and your space is well, transformed with a brand new look and feel to it.

Our vision is to the best interior designer in Bangalore known for flexibility, customer-centricity and space management.

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Are you going for basic baskets like cutlery, thali and plain basket or are you adding any other accessories like corner units, pullouts etc. Innumerable options are available in many famous brands like Blum, Ebco, Hettich etc.

Most of us have been through the above scenario, either practically, and for the other wiser ones who have already accepted their shortcomings in interior design and not attempted such a feat leaving it to the genius of Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore. Hail interior designers – experts in the art of interior design consultation. Not all of us have the creative bent of mind to actually recreate the home décor ideas that the internet makes us believe are so easy to do. And some of us are just too lazy to get out of bed on a weekend and go all about on a DIY spree. Bangalore Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen have all the expertise in home designs and can uplift the mood of any space to give it a good vibe. All you need to do is give words to your imagination (read: explain to them what is it that you are looking for) and they will give life to it making your imagination beautifully unfold before you.

I have tried to make a grid with the first two options (type of wood and finish) to give an understanding of prices per sft.

The Oriental Essence For The Believer Of Good Fortune: Attracting positive vibes is at the centre of Chinese home décor and most Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore have an expertise in this style. Heavy accents of Feng Shui dominate the different aspects of interior decoration when you decide to set up your home in this style. There are interior stylists who are experts at Feng Shui and make your abode a harmonious and happy place. You can either choose to incorporate these accents in a few corners of your house or have a uniform theme throughout. The choice is completely yours. Begin by getting rid of all the clutter at your place to get rid of all the old, unhealthy energy, a suggestion given by Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore. Earthy colours like hues of light yellow, sand and beige bring with them harmony and create stability. For calm, peace, and frshness opt for shades of blue These also help in achieving inner balance. Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore say you can use different elements that determine various aspects. Bring in the luck Bamboo plant for good luck and amp up the look of the place. To ensure health and abundance, and at the same time creating a soft and pleasing effect is the water bell fountain. Candles are among the favourite décor items that most of us prefer having. But did you know that these candles are a part of Feng Shui too? Another popular element, stated by Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore, is that you must not miss is the wind chimes. And you will be missing on the oriental essence if you do not have a Buddha sculpture.

Interior Designers in Bangalore Top Interior Designers in Bangalore

As the main inside plan firm, we have the best inside fashioners in Bangalore who help you settle on better decisions.

To get an estimate of a standard L shaped kitchen of size 8’X10′, lets do the calculations assuming that we are putting plywood with laminate finish with waterproof ply in bottom units (Rs.1400 per sft) and commercial ply in top units (Rs.1300 per sft).

To understand the cost of modular kitchen, we first need to understand the unit. Usually, prices of kitchens are given after calculating the square feet (sft). This is calculated by taking the width of the unit in feet and multiplying it with the height in feet. Depth is usually taken as standard 22 inches.

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The Middle Eastern Touch For The Royal At Heart: If your are smitten by everything opulent and classy, the Middle Eastern style of interior decoration will do justice to your taste and many renowned Bangalore Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen are known to have a knack for this style of decor. Every element is an embodiment of the rich cultural heritage of the region and reflect the finesse of art and architecture that it is known for. Perfection in the detailing, the combining of colourful elements and balancing it with the muted tones of the desert, are what rule this style and Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore leave no stone unturned in acquiring the finest of pieces for recreating the magic of this royal style for your abode. This style is all about creating a cozy and comfortable vibe and Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore recommend the use deeper shades of red and orange, hues of turquoise, shades of green and other warmer ones to justify the theme. Balancing deep shades can be tricky and this is where the role of your interior design consultant comes into play. Floor seating is integral to this style and Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore advocate you can achieve this with low-set cushioned seats, artistically designed upholstery for poufs, low dewans, elements that will set your abode apart and add that innate regal vibe. Exquisite thick carpets and kaleen rugs go hand-in-hand with a Middle Eastern setting and this is one element that exoert Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore will not miss when working around this theme. Choose authentically designed Moroccan lights for a warm and colourful effect with assistance from Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore. Pick antique décor pieces of brass, copper, wrought iron, ceramics and ivory for a touch of magnificence that you cannot miss. If you can get your hands on an intricately crafted Hookah as a décor item, be ready to Wallah!

The table above gives a rough but fair idea of the proper rates which should be charged. This is a range since prices can vary based on complexity, customization, design etc.

Reality: A messy wall with random blotches of paint that are more of an eyesore, the fairy lights carelessly suspended from all the corners, an even rug that obstructs movement, and the plant placed awkwardly. A transformed room, disorganized and a bigger mess.

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Having calculated the woodwork it just boils down to how many accessories you need. The woodwork itself usually comes with 3 standard drawers and one shelf in all cabinets. You can accessorize using baskets like cutlery tray, SS baskets like thali basket or plain baskets. You can add one of many different type of corner units or have a bottle pullout. A basket (along with channel) will usually come for around Rs.3000 to Rs.4500. Bottle Pullout will be approximately Rs.5000 to Rs.7500. Corner units can vary from Rs.10,000 to even Rs.1 lakh. All these can be decided based on your budget and convenience you are looking for.

The Bohemian Vibe For The Free-Spirited: Are you a carefree soul? Do you like collecting unique artifacts and rare décor pieces? Are you fascinated by interesting curios from all over the world?If you have answered in positive then Bohemian style, Boho as it is popularly referred to, defines you. The primary rule to this style, as asserted by Bangalore Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen, is that there are no basic rules, unlike other home décor styles. You can go where your free-spirit takes you when brainstorming with your interior stylist. This being said, the predominantly used common elements by Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore in most Bohemian styled spaces show the use of a certain palette of colours. Earthy hues and warm shades like brown and brick red can be used for a laid-back look. The use of neutrals and pastels is common. There is an underlying quirky element synonymous with this style and you can ace this through your choice of furniture with help from Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore. Pick vintage furniture pieces that have a story to tell. It is the essence of these small details that create the inherent feel of this style. Design the space for comfort to be seen and felt everywhere. Throw pillows on the floor, bright colourful rugs, poufs; make room for anybody who visits you. Patterns like mandala, aztec, and paisleys on fabric are generally used by Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore to adorn one wall to add character. Using bedsheets or shawls for this purpose is a great idea. What better way to reflect the dreamy side than by using bed curtains. Make the different curios from your collection a part of your décor, as nothing tells your story better than your collection. Wind chimes, dream catchers, candles or diffusers, Moroccan lanterns are your best friends. Mismatching should be the least of your worries; instead mismatching is at the core of this style.

The direct delivery of furniture’s from the factory without intermediaries help the company to provide products and service at moderate cost. In other words, D’LIFE provides 35% discount from the market value for all products.

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Finish can again be PLPB (Pre Lam Particle Board), Membrane, Laminate (also called sunmica), veneers or polishes like duco, PU or polyester (polycoat or lamination).

How many and what accessories are being used for the kitchen

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With counter tops on two perpendicular walls, it is easier to traverse between the sink, stove and refrigerator, be it for cooking or cleaning, making the design efficient.

There are lot of interior designing companies in Bangalore. Best Interior Designers Company Bangalore but you have to find one of the to modernise your kitchen interiors according to your wish.Here i am suggesting our most recognised and experienced interior designers for your dream kitchen.Best Interior Designers Company | Interior Designing Services Bangalore.

Material can vary from very low quality particle board or it can be MDF / HDF or plywood. If budget permits, kitchens can also be made in complete solid wood.

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Urban Living furnishes you with the best inside plan answers for raise your space to the following level

The company manufactures its products from hardwood MDF, which ensures the products long durability. And also, the company offers 5 year warranty of all their products. D’LIFE has own factories and facility to design manufacture and install furniture’s.

With straight lines and warm colors, the design at the Flushing Meadows project is aimed at creating a comfortable home. Through wooden palettes for the room furnishings and light colors for the kitchen cabinets, the interior feels spacious and light. The modern kitchen design is ergonomic and has hidden strip lighting to illuminate it. The parallel design ensures space is saved. Though it is Urban Living but Flushing Meadows stays true to its name.

The Victorian Style For The Romantic Dreamer: If you like all things dreamy, picture-perfect, ornate, and larger-than-life, then the Victorian style of décor will have you gushing. Select colours that are appealing for that gorgeous look. To achieve the classic Victorian look, take help from Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore and use darker shades like shades of red, ruby, dark blue, deep green and brown. If you wish to go for the contemporary Victorian vibe, play around with soothing neutrals like white, cream, gray, baby pink and lighter shades of coral. A twist here lies in the use of wallpapers, which, Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore believe that make this style distinct from others. The choice of furniture is very crucial in this style as it can make or break the entire look. Think classic Victorian and think large, heavy looking and antique. Intricately detailed wood furniture that creates a majestic look has all the elements of classic Victorian home décor. Go for pieces like ornate chairs and sofa sets with details. To add that touch of royalty, Bangalore Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen will always advocate to pick upholstery in silk, velvet and brocade and you will have a masterpiece. Opulent chandeliers, crystal pieces on coffee tables or side tables, delicate and dainty mirrors accentuate the grandeur of the abode.

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An existence in a city is swarmed. Swarmed by decisions, by due dates and surely by space requirements. Urban Living comprehends this and addresses every one of them. As the main inside plan firm, we have the best inside creators in Bangalore who help you settle on better decisions. Our new and creative plan arrangements, conveyed on time, makes most extreme utilization of the accessible space to realize your vision

A wooden theme with light and dark colors, the modular kitchen is designed in the versatile and popular L-shape.

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An existence in a city is swarmed. Swarmed by decisions, by due dates and surely by space requirements. Urban Living comprehends this and addresses every one of them.

SLS square has custom designs for housing the electronics. The plumbing for equipment requiring water was re-designed so that you never see an exposed pipeline.

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Here am sharing quite information about Modular Kitchen cost, materials, sample images, finishes and many more as i shown as below. Please have a look over it

Home is where the heart is. And we an Urban Living solutions ensures that your heart is at your home for the right reasons..becos you connect to it emotionally for the brilliant interiors that we design and built upon. Since we take up all your worries, as part of our Turnkey solutions, You are free to spend time with your loved ones & of course plan for the housewarming. Our team of Interior designers in Bangalore seamlessly transforms your ideas into visible fit-outs, storage spaces, furnitures and develop the desired ambiance.

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In 10 weeks, learn to design, build & deploy professional sites.

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Some pics are shown below to give you an idea of what finish is what.

With more than a hundred activities, Urban Living Solutions has scaled from quite recently planning home insides to being the most looked for after home inside originator in Bangalore to outlining office spaces and conveying turnkey ventures. We render dreams and specialty objectives.

As an example, in the image above, to calculate the bottom unit sft, multiply 7’8″ width with 2’6″ height which equals 19.17 sft. Similarly the top unit will be 2’X2’=4 sft.

I would personally suggest D’LIFE Home Interiors as the first choice. They are the largest interior design company in Kerala and offers, 100% customized products in premium quality at relatively moderate cost. Be it a Modular Kitchen or complete home interior furnishing the company offers custom made designs and products for each customer.

At bookmydesign you can browse designs online or walk into our experience center to have a better understanding on the types, finish, materials and color options available. While we have a team of experts who have a wide experience in home interior decor, . If you have been looking for customized furniture and home interior design company then you can stop your search here at bookmydesign. We have a broad range of traditional, modern, contemporary interior designs and more, to suit your needs!

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Urban Living are the best kitchen interior designers in Bangalore.

Total cost of woodwork hence comes to Rs.91,320. Basic baskets can be added to add another Rs.12,000 to take the cost to Rs.1,03,320 for a plywood and laminate 8X10 L shaped kitchen.

Expectation: A cozy room with a dash of colours and texture for vibrancy and the fairy lights adding a dreamy touch, replete with the little details like the pictures on the wall, a small plant in one corner and the colourful rug thrown in another corner adding layers of tasteful décor, nostalgia and giving the space a green upgrade, all at once. Simply perfect.

Interior Designers Bangalore | Home Office interior Designers Bangalore

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Simply interior are the best interior designers company in Bangalore. and as well as Hyderabad , chennai. i would like share few things about simply interiors regarding kitchen interior designers in bangalore.

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They offer Modular Kitchen in different shapes and styles.You can choose the ones that is most suitable to your requirements and the space availability.

Contemporary Décor Ideas for the Sophisticated Soul: If simplicity and sophistication is your idea of style, contemporary is the way to go for you. This style of interior decoration is in synchronization with the current trends that are the talk of the town and something Bangalore Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen specialize in. Clean lines, texture, and neutral elements lie at the crux of this style. The colour palette let’s you play with white, cream, taupe, brown and neutrals. You can break the monotony by adding a dash of a bright colour either on one wall or in the form of a bright accessories against a neutral backdrop. The basic principle of balancing applies here as stated by expert Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore. If you wish to adorn the walls in brighter shades, go for neutrals for all the other elements. Your choice of furniture should spell bold. No-fuss furniture is what you should be looking for. Opt for pieces that have clean lines and are devoid of any intricate detailing, carving, fringes, floral prints and the likes. Wear your furniture in shades of black, white or other neutral hues of upholstery. Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore suggest to concentrate on opting for geometric shapes with no excessive detailing. Just go plain, simple and bold. Go artistic with your lighting by incorporating floor and table lamps with sleek lines. Use recessed lighting or spotlights to draw attention to pieces of art that are mounted on walls. Cove lighting adds that characteristic charm that defines you and your style statement. You can add a few pieces of artwork or paintings, or create a small and clean vignette but never go overboard with these is an advice that Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore give. Bold frames, especially in black natural wood finish or metal finish, work best. The principal to contemporary home design, as recommended by Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen Bangalore, is open space. By gathering too many components together, the contemporary design may look cluttered. Keeping open spaces or creating an illusion of the same is key.

Urban Living the best Kitchen Interior designers in Bangalore.

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Bangalore Building Construction in Bangalore Interior Designers in Bangalore Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen 2426+ Listings

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Best Kitchen interior designer in Bangalore Thestudiobangalore is the best kitchen interior designing company in Bangalore

What is the type of “finish” for the facia of the modular kitchen

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Assuming that the granite runs across L shape for 10′ and 8′ in the kitchen, we can take the total width of bottom units as 10+8 but we need to reduce 2′ that is common (in the corner). So total width is 10+8-2=16′. Height usually is 2.8′. Hence sft for bottom part is 16X2.8=44.8 sft. @Rs.1400 per sft, cost for bottom units comes to Rs.62720.

Now that we have played our part by listing the best interior design ideas that are trending and helped you identify which style you relate to the most, it is time for you to spring in action. Get in touch with an interior stylist, reveal your ideas and benefit from the professional’s expertise. Together as a team, set the ball rolling. You are only a few step away from creating a masterpiece.

Once you have measured the total square feet of the work and then checked out the rates, you can have a fair idea of the cost of modular kitchen woodwork.

Scouting for interior design ideas and looking for an inspiration to revamp your home and give it a new lease of life? Falling short of concepts for setting up a new space altogether? Well, you are at the right place. We have curated a list of the trending home décor ideas, that you can never go wrong with as these are the favourites among Interior Designers For Modular Kitchen in Bangalore, that can come to your rescue. Read on for décor inspiration, or as we would like to call it, Decorpiration!

Usually a 2′ chimney is kept above a kitchen stove for which space is left out. Similarly, 3′ above the sink is left to keep things like RO units etc. Lets assume that top units run all along except these 5′ of space. Total width is then 5′ less than bottom units = 16-5=11′. Height of top units is usually 2′. Hence total sft of top part is 11X2=22 sft @Rs.1300 per sft, cost of top unit is Rs.28600.

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