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Kids And Baby Room Decor And Decorations Pottery Barn Kids

Kids And Baby Room Decor And Decorations Pottery Barn Kids Kids And Baby Room Decor And Decorations Pottery Barn Kids

Although your children will develop their own interests and hobbies as they get older, when you’re putting together a nursery, using your hobbies and interests can help you pick a theme that’s fun for you and your new baby. When it comes to hobbies that can work in a nursery, almost anything goes if you get the style right.

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Colors like dark blue, light blue, sunshine yellow and colorful greens can help you create a space that’s kid-friendly, fun and easy to decorate. In many cases, the color you pick will help you decide on a theme later. For example, if you pick a rich blue, a nautical theme that features blue and white stripes may begin to take shape even without you realizing it.

Nautical themes. Blue and white stripes, faux ship anchors, ocean blue paint and high-seas wall art can help you create this tried-and-true nursery style. Under-the-sea themes. Fish, octopi, lobsters, squids; they’re all fodder for fun, playful wall art, sheet sets, mobiles and more for your child’s nursery.

Use ocean blue paint and beach sand-colored trim to go the extra mile. Jungle, forest or desert themes. Use colors for each from each of these locales like lush greens and bold browns. Animals, birds and trees can be painted right on the walls or utilized in decorative elements like blankets, sheets and framed posters.

Sunshine or moon themes. Easy to create and visually exciting for children, these are classic themes that can be utilized in natural or more exotic color schemes. Add Timeless Elements

Baby mobiles are perhaps the most popular type of hanging decoration for nurseries. There are two main types of mobiles available: ceiling-mounted mobiles, which are suspended from the ceiling and crib-mounted mobiles, which are designed to be attached to the side of the crib. Although both types consist of dangling toys that are intended to entertain and stimulate your baby, crib-mounted varieties tend to have more complex designs than their ceiling-mounted counterparts. Mobiles come in hundreds of designs, so you’re sure to find one that ties in with the theme of your nursery.

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Decorating a nursery is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for the arrival of a new baby. After all, the nursery is likely to be the most whimsical room of your home, so this is where you get to let loose with your most creative design ideas. To help you create a playful environment for your little one, we at Pottery Barn Kids have compiled this list of hanging decorations for nurseries. Ready to get inspired? Here we go.

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This colorful canvas brings colorful and inspiring design …

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Dress their space in playful and vibrant design. A fun saying pairs with a bold, red and white color scheme to keep their room bright with possibilities. Carefully crafted from pure wool, our garland easily mounts to their wall …

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This playful sign adds an element of fun to any wall space. Designed exclusively for Pottery Barn Kids by the Junk Gypsies, sisters Amie and Jolie Sikes, it captures the duo’s rebellious spirit and unique design philosophy. DETAILS THAT …

Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold patterns; this is a child’s room, after all! Some gender neutral patterns to consider are stripes, polka dots, plaid, geometric shapes, animal prints and letters. The trick to mixing-and-matching patterns without making the room feel too “busy” is to keep your main furnishings neutral. This also allows you to easily swap out decorative pieces as your child grows and his or her tastes mature. Another way to easily incorporate patterns in your decorating is to choose bed linens, throw cushions and curtains printed with unisex motifs.

Decorating with paper flowers is an excellent way to add dimension to a wall display. There are many types of paper flowers available, from simple cut-outs to intricate designs embellished with glass beads, pearls and Swarovski crystals. Try hanging a few large paper flowers around your baby’s name sign or creating a bouquet of flowers on the wall, complete with paper leaves. You can also group several brightly-hued paper flowers on a wall to add a pop of color to a neutral room.

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Seeing new lands and going to exotic locales can provide a ton of inspiration for creative pursuits like designing a nursery for your baby. If you’ve picked up unique objects during your travels or took photos, you may be able to incorporate these into your nursery theme.

Use framed photographs and artwork to create a statement wall in your baby’s nursery. The key to creating a visually-interesting arrangement is to mix-and-match different media. You could, for example, place photographs of your family alongside canvas prints and framed illustrations from a favorite children’s book. If you’d like your statement wall to have a more uniform look, you can choose a single theme and create a gallery of photographs or artwork that fits the theme.

Picking a fun, exciting theme for a nursery can be very rewarding for a parent to be. Keep it simple; by adding some timeless elements to your baby’s nursery, you’ll create a space that’s enchanting without being over the top.

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Hanging decorations in your baby’s nursery is the easiest way to energize the space and create a nurturing environment for your new arrival. The above ideas will help you design a space that’s all baby’s own.

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Utilize these tips from Pottery Barn Kids to find the ideal option for your home nursery.

String lights aren’t just for the holidays. Also known as fairy lights or twinkle lights, these simple decorations create a dreamy, ethereal glow wherever they’re placed. Hang them from the ceiling to transform your baby’s room into a magical space, or drape them across a corner of the room to brighten up a reading nook. Tiny fairy lights can be used to illuminate a name sign or a crib canopy.

These colors also lend themselves well to a variety of themes, so you don’t have to be limited if you decide to mix it up down the road.

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To give the room a cohesive feel, choose a focal piece to decorate around. For example, if you like a certain piece of artwork, choose complementary colors for bedding, rugs, throw pillows and other accents. If you can’t decide on an object to use as a focal point, match the decorative accents to the furniture. Painting a mural is another way to create a focal point in a room. Choose curtains, sheets and other decorations that fit the theme of the mural.

Using items you picked up during your travels as souvenirs can also give your nursery a worldly feel when added as decorative elements.

Coming up with a unique theme for your nursery based on your hobbies and travels can be a lot of fun, alternatively, there are a variety of classic nursery themes that have become classics for a reason.

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One of the easiest ways to decorate a gender neutral nursery is to decorate it in the same style as the rest of the home. Doing so will give the space a more sophisticated, “adult” feel. Decorating the nursery to match the rest of your interior design is also a good idea if you plan to convert the space into a guest room or home office once your baby has grown.

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Designing a nursery from an empty room can feel like a big job, but when you break down what needs to be done, you realize that it’s just a bunch of little tasks that are quite easy to handle. One of the best ways to begin is to start with a color to guide you through the process.

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Gender neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Wallpaper, murals, wall decals and stenciled lettering are just a few ways to add a touch of personality to the room. Another great way to make use of wall space is to create a gallery wall consisting of both functional and decorative elements, like artwork, floating shelves and shadow boxes. When hanging items on the wall, it’s important to place heavy or breakable items out of your child’s reach. If hanging a wall display over a changing table or a dresser, leave at least eight inches of space between the bottom of the display and the top of the furniture.

With a touch of vintage inspiration, this bold light box is sure to dazzle. A playful phrase and bright LED lights shower their nursery or bedroom in a positive glow that children will love. Whimsically imagined by fashion designers …

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Not only does a crib canopy add a touch of softness to a nursery, but it can also serve as the focal point of the room. There are three main types of crib canopies: attached canopies, ceiling-mounted canopies and wall-mounted canopies. Attached canopies are mounted directly onto the crib, while ceiling-mounted canopies are suspended from the ceiling over the crib. Wall-mounted canopies are similar to ceiling-mounted canopies, but they are hung from a wall as opposed to a ceiling. Canopies are available in a wide selection of colors, prints and patterns to suit either a girl’s or a boy’s nursery. If you don’t yet know the sex of your baby, consider purchasing a canopy in a gender-neutral color like yellow, grey or beige.

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One excellent example would be printing and framing photos from a trip to a special place. Photos from family vacations and expeditions can make wonderful decorative objects for a nursery as well.

Use this guide from Pottery Barn Kids to choose a theme for your nursery that you’ll love spending time in.

These detailed, delicate works of art engage a child’s imagination. Originally created as collages, these beautifully printed versions are a simple and easy way to update a room. DETAILS THAT MATTER Artwork is printed on artist-quality 300 gms uncoated …

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Transform empty wall space into a gallery for your favorite family memories. This collection of frames comes with everything you need to create a beautiful display. DETAILS THAT MATTER Museum-quality frames are crafted of hardwood. Die-cut mat. Glass window. …

Creating a beautiful, functional nursery is one of the most exciting parts of preparing your home for a child. Picking a theme early can help guide your design and aid in decision making so you can finish your nursery in time. In fact, your theme should be decided before you put a drop of paint on the walls or buy a stick of furniture.

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A few examples of nursery-friendly hobbies might include bird watching, hiking, sports, music or the visual arts. You can also mix-and-match other elements in your nursery to create a space that your kids will love, like including wall art featuring lions, tigers and bears for a bird watching or nature theme.

The perfect place to practice their handwriting and draw, this framed chalkboard brings classic design and playful activity together. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Expertly crafted of poplar wood and MDF. D-rings for hanging; mounting hardware not included. Can be hung …

If you can’t decide on a theme or color palette for your nursery, consider decorating in neutral colors like grey, light grey or beige and use decorative accents to add splashes of color to the space. You could, for example, paint the walls taupe and decorate with aqua rugs, artwork and curtains.

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Tapestry wall hangings add warmth, texture and color to a nursery. Traditionally woven from cotton and created on a jacquard loom, these timeless wall decorations are available in a wide variety of playful patterns to match any nursery theme. A tapestry wall hanging can be used as a decorative accent or as the focal point of a statement wall. Personalized tapestries are also available and make great alternatives to wooden and metal name signs.

Sort Products Best Match Price, low to high Price, high to low

Making a decorative garland for the nursery is a great way to get older children involved in preparing for the new baby. Garlands can be made with anything from cardboard cut-outs to pom poms, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Best of all, garlands are super-easy to make — all you need is decorations, some string and a needle. If making a garland is not for you, there are many premade options to choose from that will match any theme. Hang your garlands along the wall, or use them to decorate your baby’s crib.

Inspire your little one’s space with art like this unique piece, entitled Banana Seat Bike by Karidy Walker. We’ve partnered with Minted to bring independent design to you. Minted crowdsources artwork from a global community of artists, the public …

Creating a gender neutral nursery isn’t as difficult as it may seem. With a little planning and creativity, you can design a chic, unisex room for your baby. Follow the tips above to design a space that the whole family will enjoy spending time in.

You don’t need to stick to pink and blue when decorating your baby’s room. Whether you’re unsure of your baby’s gender or simply wish to avoid stereotypes, there are simple ways to create a unisex space. Keep reading for Pottery Barn Kids’ top tips for creating a gender neutral nursery.

These pretty ceramic stars add timeless style and flair to their space. DETAILS THAT MATTER KEY PRODUCT POINTS Made of iron and finished in enamel. Mounting hardware is included. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Spot clean. Imported. SET INFORMATION Sold as …

Choose a classic color-block or neutral rug for your nursery. Rugs help soften your space and tie furniture and fun design elements together. Neutral, durable carpet is also an excellent option. Go for timeless, baby-safe window treatments in your nursery.

You can decorate around window treatments so they’ll never go out of style or clash with your theme as your child gets older. Mix in less saturated colors for wall paint and trim. You can still get the effect of a beach, jungle or forest theme even if you pick a color a few shades lighter than real-life jungle foliage.

This colorful canvas brings colorful and inspiring design to your little one’s walls.   DETAILS THAT MATTER Expertly crafted of Canvas and backed with MDF stretcher bar. Digitally printed on canvas. Artist is Cathy Walters. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Sawtooth …

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Brighten up their space with wall art from our exclusive Minted® collection.

$49 Special $39 Marigold Oversized Crepe Paper Flowers, Set of 2

Use light, neutral colors like beige, dove grey and tan to create a calming, gender-neutral environment for your baby. Pale greens, purples and yellows also make great alternatives to the stereotypical pink and blue nursery colors. Try a monochromatic scheme, using different hues of the same color, to give the room a contemporary feel. If you can’t decide on a single color (or even two), use a color wheel to select a combination of complementary or contrasting tones. How many colors you use is up to you, but keep in mind that the more colors you use, the less gender-specific the room will be. A few interesting color combinations to consider are grey and yellow, teal and coral and aqua and brown.

Getting your nursery ready for a newborn is an exciting prospect and a time when you can let your creative juices shine. With the right theme, you can craft the perfect space for you and your child to enjoy your first few years together.

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