Photos of modern living room interior design ideas
Photos of modern living room interior design ideas
Key Elements Of Contemporary Interior Design The House Designers

Key Elements Of Contemporary Interior Design The House Designers Key Elements Of Contemporary Interior Design The House Designers

These contemporary design ideas can really enhance your home and create a relaxed and cozy feeling. While it might be a minimal take on design you can still inject your personal style into every aspect of your home. Take a look at our collection of contemporary house plans to begin the search for your new dream home.

A Designer Guide to Decorating in Contemporary Style Choose New, Up to Date, Contemporary

Floors in a contemporary style home should be bare and smooth in wood, tile, or vinyl. If you must use carpet for sound control or warmth, choose commercial grades. Add color and texture with plain or geometric-patterned area rugs.

There is no doubt that modern design is slowly creeping into everything we see and touch. Cars, appliances, computers; all are getting sleeker and more stylized, and so is today’s home. The world of architecture and home interiors is starting to slant towards transitional and contemporary designs. Here are a few tips to give your home the open and airy vibe that contemporary style is known for.

Neutrals, black, and white are the main colors in contemporary style interiors. The palette is often punched up and accented with bright and bold color. Black is often used to ground and define a contemporary style room. With walls painted in a basic neutral, you have a wonderful backdrop for bold colored accessories. If the walls and windows are painted in pastels, the trims should be neutral. If a wall is a bright, bold color, neutrals should be used everywhere else.

Clean lines and smooth surfaces without intricate details characterize contemporary design. However, that doesn’t mean your home will look stark or cold, because the days of boxy furniture and eccentric decorating are long gone. Today’s updated contemporary design is a blend of comfortable, livable elements that create a sophisticated, fresh look and feel. To create a contemporary look in your home you’ll want to incorporate these key elements: color, metal accents, texture, wood tone and lighting. Color is Key Contemporary design is typically offset by neutral colors. When painting your walls you’ll want to choose shades of brown, taupe, cream or pure white. You can easily spice up your room by painting one wall with an accent color, adding a bold colored sofa and choosing small, yet vivid decorative accessories, like pillows, area rugs, lighting fixtures and artwork. A word of caution when accessorizing is not to clutter your space because the key to contemporary design is simplicity. Accent with Metal Metals like stainless steel, nickel and chrome are very popular in contemporary design, because they provide a sleek finish and clean look. You can easily accent your home by choosing stainless steel appliances for your kitchen. When it comes to your kitchen and bathroom faucets, there are a multitude of great metal finishes to choose from. For home accents consider using metal for furniture pieces, lamps, shelves and artwork to help keep the style consistent from room to room. All About Texture If you want to add texture and create a more natural and inviting setting use fabrics such as silk, crushed velvet, linen or wool. Accents like fabric window treatments, furniture upholstery, over-stuffed pillows, area rugs and linen wallpaper are a great way to offset the clean, smooth lines of the metal accents. When choosing your fabrics, stay away from elaborate patterns because they will distort the clean, contemporary look you are trying to achieve. Wood Tones When it comes to choosing wood surfaces, contemporary designs usually feature very light or very dark tones. With a wide range of woods, finishes, designs and stains to choose from, you can easily create a unique flooring design. Your only limitation is your imagination and budget. Other ways to incorporate wood into your interior design is to use large wooden flowerpots, shelves, picture frames, end tables and floor lighting. The key to an effective contemporary design is to be consistent with your accents and not to clutter your living space. Lighting Up Your Design Lighting is very important in contemporary design, because it is key to illuminating the room’s design. There are many lighting choices available to provide interesting, clean lines to accent your contemporary design. Popular fixtures include track lighting, pendants and floor lamps.

Track lighting and recessed lighting help to wash a wall in light. In-home renovations or new construction, consider installing cove lighting or indirect light. Add color and metallic elements on the light fixtures.

Plants and flowers should be large and dramatic in simple containers placed in contemporary rooms. Large blooms with interesting leaves work better than small arrangements. If space allows, place upward focusing lights around a large plant on the floor. Keep the arrangements neat with rocks or bark chips arranged over the dirt.

Keeping a neutral color palette is essential when it comes to creating a contemporary feel for your home. That doesn’t mean that you have to forego color entirely though. Add a dash of color with area rugs, lighting, textiles and upholstery. Combining these elements with polished metal fixtures gives you an eye-catching design that you can easily change at a later date.

Furniture pieces should make a bold statement but at the same time be simple and uncluttered, without curves or decoration. Smooth, clean, geometric shapes are essential. Upholstered furniture often wears black, white, or other neutral tones in textured natural fibers found in wool, cotton, linen, silk, jute to add textural appeal. Pillows add a shot of color and texture in clean geometric shapes.

Take advantage of structural elements. Air ducts may hang from a ceiling, broken bricks provide texture and stability, and exposed plumbing pipes are perfectly acceptable in a contemporary style interior. To draw the eye, paint these structural details in bold contrasting colors, or to diminish their importance, blend them with the walls.

This Contemporary & Dynamic kitchen from KraftMaid® features square recessed panels and aluminum integrated angled pulls.

Use a basic background and shout out with your favorite color on a piece that will stand out. Less is more! Sofas, chairs, and ottomans often have exposed legs. Beds and chairs usually have no skirt, trim, fringe, or tassels.Don’t use ruffles, excessive carved details, fringe, or floral prints. Abolish cute and small. Go basic, bare, bold, and structural.

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This living room from LAMPS PLUS® features streamlined lighting over delicate art and shelving. The orange leather pieces enhance the room with a pop of color.

Frames in high-gloss or matte black, natural wood, or metal finishes are great for artwork. If you must put several pieces together, hang them close together so they give the feeling of one large piece instead of many small pieces.

Bare floors are also a fixture here. To help create the lighter, airy appeal, select a simple flooring with a gorgeous finish. You can look to flooring materials like hardwoods, ceramic and porcelain tiles or even concrete. Keeping your flooring simple gives you opportunities to use area rugs to warm up a space and add a splash of color and texture.

Fundamentally, simplicity, subtle sophistication, texture and clean lines help to define contemporary style decorating. Interiors showcase space rather than things. By focusing on color, space, and shape, contemporary interiors are sleek and fresh. To achieve the look of a contemporary home, it’s important to stick to some basic rules.

Don’t clutter the contemporary style rooms with collections or too many pieces. Open space is just as, if not more, important as the pieces you put in the space.

The exteriors of contemporary house plans are free of heavy ornamentation or historical influences. However, they often have distinct rooflines and expansive windows. The materials of the exterior will often borrow harmoniously from the natural surroundings of the home.

Keep dinnerware contemporary, too. There are a number of geometric shapes, bold colors, and interesting styles available. Bring in texture with silverware, napkins, placemats, and centerpieces.

You might like a contemporary style of decorating if you like to keep current with styles, enjoy things that are modern, of today, right now. While it’s been thought that modern interiors are cold and minimalist, today’s contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming without being cluttered and dark. It’s a style that is equally appropriate for offices and stores, lofts and homes.

Generous use of metal, stone, and opaque or clear glass works well in a room decorated in a contemporary style. To soften and warm up space, add heavily textured fabrics in plain colors for window treatments, pillows, or rugs.

Remember the days of the wall safe hidden behind the painting? Lots of smart technology is available now that exists as hidden details in your home’s design. Wireless and remote access controls for electronics, heating and cooling systems, lighting and security can all operate in the background behind a beautifully designed home.

This Bellawood® Natural Maple flooring from Lumber Liquidators® is the perfect match for a contemporary design.

Use spotlights or can lighting directed at a painting, poster, or print. These will help to draw the eye to the pieces you want to focus on. Contemporary style sculptures or art on a stand can be placed at eye level by using a structural column or pedestal.

One key design element that should always be on your mind when you are creating a contemporary space is that less is more. Much of what you’ll find today in furniture stores reflects this. Heavily ornamented design elements are being replaced by clean and simple lines that make contemporary homes feel lighter and more casual, while maintaining an elegant motif.

Savant Systems uses Apple® products in order to automate everything from your lighting and energy management, to security and media integration.

Don’t reserve your use of natural materials to just wood furniture. A contemporary home can use organic and natural materials in outside decking, leather furniture for interiors, and simple decorative elements that you display throughout your home. Look for design elements made from materials like rock, slate, teak and other raw woods. Cotton, wool, linen and other gorgeous textiles work well in modern furnishings.

Colorful, fussy prints should be avoided since they confuse a plain space that is key to a contemporary style home. Two-tone prints work well. Think about a zebra print pillow on a black leather chair, a large leopard-print pillow thrown on a plain floor, or bold, heavily textured striped rug to anchor solid colored, sleek furniture.

The most obvious and distinctive element of a contemporary style interior design is line. It’s found in architectural details, use of bold color blocks, high ceilings, bare windows, and geometric shapes in wall art and sculpture. The bare space, on walls, between pieces of furniture, and above in upper areas, becomes as important as the areas filled with objects. In contemporary interiors, less is more. Each piece stands out as individual and unique.

At the top of the list of modern design is light. We don’t mean lamps or chandeliers—though they can make great accents, we mean daylight. Contemporary homes have airy rooms with lots of light. If this is the kind of feel you want, choosing an open floor plan will go a long way toward that goal. The lack of walls and obstructions means that there will be fewer light blocking barriers resulting in a well-lit space.

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