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Joanna Gaines Style Joanna Gaines Style

Joanna Gaines’ style can be described as updated rustic enriched with details and accents of different styles determined by the preferences of home owners. We see her very often combining rustic with industrial or farmhouse with vintage. Of course, modern or even glam accents aren’t missing from her designs too.

Joanna loves to display simple white dishes in front of rough-hewn wood walls or exposed brick. Here, the shelves become a functional focal point.

Large-scale clocks serve as both wall art and as functional pieces that remind kids there’s a way to tell time that doesn’t involve looking at a screen.

If you want to learn how to decorate like Joanna Gaines Daily Dose of Design and HGTV have some handy tips as well!

Oversized mirrors with a vintage look or not, beautiful rugs and quote art, complete Angela’s beautiful designs.

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The use of wooden beams also reminds us of Joanna Gaines who has uses them several times in her remodeling projects.

16 When she wore this sporty blue coat (that Chip later ripped!).

Joanna loves to personalize her homes with objects that speak to the homeowners personality — yes, even guitars! The lesson? Even non-traditional art can become wall decor when a frame is added. (DO try this at home.)

10 When she wore a plaid button-down and made it look feminine.

It’s easy to see why vintage maps are a wall art standby for Joanna: They add instant history to a wall, whether the home was built last century or last year.

They’re so versatile, Joanna uses them all over her houses, even in bedrooms.

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15 When she made you want to wear turtlenecks with everything.

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Kate cannot hide her obvious love for accent walls with texture. From barn wood to brick, from concrete surfaces to subway tiles, everything can be combined to create an emphasis in neutral & monochrome spaces.

Of course we need to mention the way Kate incorporates the industrial styles through lighting fixtures, sharp textures and industrial furniture.

Sure, every Fixer Upper home is packed with style. It’s also packed with function, especially in the entryway, where Joanna is sure to create space for families to store all the clutter that comes with kids.

Got baseball gloves, soccer balls and backpacks? Assign each kid an under-bench cubby to keep the entryway organized and clutter-free.

No Fixer Upper home would be complete without a hearth (real or faux) to gather around.

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A front door doesn’t have to be a bold hue to make a statement. To copy the Fixer Upper look, opt for a dark neutral hue or a natural wood version that hints to the modern-rustic details inside.

Angela loves including plants, flowers, branches and leafs in her designs like Joanna Gaines.

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Corine works to translate her clients’ needs into the physical world. Her go-to style is refined simplicity through spaces that offer a balance of playfulness and sophistication.

No fireplace? That doesn’t stop Joanna from adding a vintage mantel to the wall, which adds instant architectural detail, not to mention a ready-made display shelf.

Her designs always include unique items and personal finds. This way each space feels cozy and familiar.vChristine also appreciates old vintage items that can be repurposed or used as decor into a room, creating a blend of styles and different eras.

20 When she wears her signature shoe—a super cute pair of leather booties.

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A true signature, Joanna loves to incorporate a magnolia wreath into every home — after all, the family company is called Magnolia Homes.

When it comes to Fixer Upper designs, antique doors often make an appearence in the most unlikely places. These dramatic doors lead into this home’s pantry and laundry room.

Chip and Joanna love to remove walls and widen doorways to make one room flow into the next.

18 When she somehow managed to look so chic while doing work around the farm.

23 When she wears the prettiest sundresses and you wonder where she gets them all from.

Chip and Joanna work a big island with tons of workspace into almost every kitchen. This one has room for eating, cooking and more, not to mention lots of texture and history thanks to the reclaimed wood used for the base.

What’s better than one vase of wild alliums? Two, of course! Grouping vases adds more than twice the visual bang for your buck.

Amelia considers a feature accent wall as the one must-have item that she always makes sure to include in her interior designs much like Joanna does.

Photo By: Sarah Wilson/ Getty Images © 2013, HGTV/ Scripps Networks, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Eleven years ago today I partnered up with this cowboy. What a wonderful ride its been! #whodathunkit

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How many of you loved the footage from Chip and Joanna’s surprise 12th anniversary party in episode 1? We thought every last detail was perfect- way to go @chippergaines! The party was featured on a popular blog, Style Me Pretty, and Joanna even wrote a little something about the celebration herself. To read and to see more photos, head to the link in our profile. While you’re there, check out the “Must Watch” video on the sidebar for more info about next week’s Christmas special! Photos by: @rachel_whyte #stylemepretty #besthusbandaward #happyanniversary

That big island wouldn’t be complete without vintage-style stools, perfect for homework, dinner parties and quick breakfasts.

Rachel likes to work with different wall decorations that sometimes are used to highlight textured walls. Maps, quote art, oversized paintings and clocks never miss from her designs a feature ever present in Joanna Gaines’ style.

A space that tells a story is made possible by a simple ensemble of a dialogue of histories. Decorilla designer, Peti, does just that with her eclectic mix of aged textiles, antiqued woods, and heirloom accents.

Chk out the blog today on some of my favorite accessories for the fall! {link in profile} #farmanimalsandfashion

White slipcovers might seem like an odd choice for a home filled with children, but Joanna and lots of cottage design lovers know a secret: White covers can be throw in the washer with a little bleach, making them even easier to care for than dark colors.

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Joanna loves to add life to a home with lots of plants. No green thumb? No worries! Here, the crew added rustic windowboxes filled with easy-to-care-for spider plants.

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Rachel’s passion to transform a room with light and textures is evident in the spaces she designs, making every room classical and functional.

If you’re a fan of the show, you know that Chip and Joanna are shiplap-crazy. Here, they used the unpainted version of the material to create a modern-rustic look.

I had so much fun with this @darling photoshoot! Chk out the article in their brand new issue- I love what they stand for and their inspiring message to women!! #darlingissue15 #redefiningbeauty 📷: @thetonyliproject @darling styled by: @shannonschroeder

Angela  loves spaces that are casual, comfortable, and inviting with a neutral color scheme and tons of natural materials. She enjoys creating a look through layers of texture while keeping a simple and clean balance.

Joanna’s been working on bringing a little spring into the market! Stop by today and check it out!

Especially in kids’ spaces, like this playroom and guest room, Joanna is fond of reminding young minds what’s really important.

Wildflowers are beautiful, easy to find and, oh yeah, free, if you know where to look. Here, Joanna displayed them in vintage-style blue glass demijohn bottles.

The Decorilla Design team is lucky enough to work with top rustic style interior designers from around the country, but we also love to discover the ones to watch! Interior designer sensation, Joanna Gaines is certainly a favorite. Her ability to achieve a timeless feel to all spaces by highlighting their beautiful details and adding unique vintage pieces she finds is truly amazing. Her use of texture, wood, plants and rugs consistently appeals.

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Tune in tonight at 9/8 CT to say a final farewell to our #littleshoponbosque! We can’t believe the season passed us by so fast. It was a great 18 episodes – thank y’all for following along! #seasonfouriscoming #FixerUpper #MagnoliaMarket #MagnoliaSilos

When is a door not a door? When it’s a piece of salvaged wall art. Joanna repurposes moldings, doors, windows and more as history-filled wall decor.

She uses bold and rich colors to create stunning accent walls that will highlight dimensional art pieces and vintage /antiqued items. Corine also includes in her designs the industrial details that Joanna Gaines loves to use, like the floating shelves and the vintage-like stools in this white kitchen. Finally, she never forgets to create layers of colors, materials and textures and add a comfy but yet stylish feel into the rooms that she designs.

Sharing dreams and ideas, they took advantage of  Chip’s skills around development and investments and her great eye for design, creating a powerful duo. As soon as the photos of their very first house renovation were published, HGTV expressed their interest and offered them a TV show. They didn’t miss the opportunity and today, Joanna and Chip have renovated over 100 houses.

Sliding barn doors are a staple on the show. Here, they conceal his and hers closets while adding an architectural element to the master bedroom.

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Joanna Gaines  is host of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. Along with her husband and co-host Chip Gaines, they make complete makeovers of old houses in Joanna’s home town Waco,  Texas.  After meeting Chip, they added a business partnership to their marriage and started working on renovation projects.

Natural fiber rugs, like jute or sisal, warm up hardwood floors while hiding dirt, spills and pet hair. Do I need to say more?

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Y’all have heard me say it before that I’ve created a monster with this woman— I love watching Jo’s dreams come to reality and we are so excited to share this next project with you all! Hint: it’s not a baby.

Once you have that big, roomy front porch, it’s pretty much mandatory to enjoy it via rocking chair…

Amelia describes herself as “loving and living for art,” and believes that art and design is the only way to truly express individuality to the world.

With so many wonderful interior designers decorating and renovating in Joanna Gaines style, it is no wonder that this comfy and inviting look is hitting its stride. Still wondering if getting professional interior design help is right for you? Schedule a FREE consultation with Decorilla to see which options are right for you and to ensure you get the best results possible.

Peti L. shares a style like Joanna Gaines in her choice of rugs. She never forgets to highlight the walls with stunning art pieces gallery walls and extra large wall art and maps.

Joanna opts for durable furniture with a sense of history, like leather or linen Chesterfield sofas that look even better after a little wear-and-tear.

On November 9th, Chip and I will be hosting an Evening with Restoration Gateway – an organization very close to our hearts. For more info, and to buy your tickets, head over to our blog. Link in my profile.

Snatch these up when you see them at the thrift store; they look as at-home in a Fixer Upper-inspired master bedroom as they do in an entrway.

She never forgets including plants and flowers in her designs and obviously she cannot resist beautiful fabrics and layers of textures and materials.

Think of it like a set of earrings for your house: Flank that new front door and embrace traditional symmetry with two oversized planters.

So much fun this morning on the @todayshow ! Thks for watching!

Get ready to watch an all new episode tonight!! Such a fun episode full of surprises! @hgtv @kathrynkrueger #fixerupper 8pm CST

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Industrial pendants are a go-to for Chip and Joanna, since they combine modern style and a bright, functional light source.

Joanna’s signature design elements include large dimensional art pieces, vintage maps, mirrors, cozy fireplaces, and comfortable furniture.

Apron-front and farmhouse-style sinks lend even the newest kitchen an air of history, so it’s no wonder that Joanna loves to use them in her renovations.

Joanna uses vintag books as the base for colorful plant life, clocks and other accessories. Here, she paired volumes by color to create a cohesive look.

Galvanized pipe shelving is super-popular with homeowners who love the modern rustic look, for the same reason Chip and Jo love the shelving style: It’s easy to build, inexpensive to create and adds industrial style to virtually any space, from a living room to a kitchen to a bathroom.

@southernlivingmag has a new article covering the “30 Bloggers You Should Be Following in 2015” and we bet you can guess who is the first one! @joannagaines! Check out the article as well as Joanna’s Blog while gearing up for Episode 5 of Season Two to air tonight at 9/8c. The Southern Living article is linked in our profile. #fixerupper

An entryway bench can double as a staging area for trips or the daily grind. That’s why an old church pew is perfect: It’s sturdy and spacious, plus scuffs from daily activity will just add character.

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Shiplap is practically Joanna’s middle name. If Chip and the crew don’t find it under the drywall, they add the rough-hewn wood paneling to add texture on the walls.

Whether white or gray, subway tile lends both traditional, classic style and modern simplicity to a kitchen, and also pairs well with the rough-hewn accents of which Chip and Jo are so fond.

7 When she Instagrammed this throwback photo of her and Chip wearing matching outfits.

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A full-blown obsession across the country, Joanna Gaines modern farmhouse style is quickly becoming one of the most popular looks that dwellers and interior designers aspire to.

Textured walls and accents walls are a big feature in Joanna’s projects. Along with durable and elegant rugs, she often includes industrial details like pipe shelving and vintage plumping.

6 When she went to the Kentucky Derby with Chip and sported this flawless floppy hat.

Joanna’s design mantra? When in doubt, paint it white. Here, white bedding and a salvaged white headboard sit against white shiplap walls. Master this monochromatic look and you’re on your way to Fixer Upper-level style.

How much fun was season 3 of Fixer Upper? Thank you all for watching with us this season and we can’t wait for you to see SEASON 4! Head over to Joanna’s blog to read about some of her favorite spaces of season 3! Link in profile. #FixerUpper #Seasonfouriscoming

Joanna Gaines is known for her style instincts when it comes to home decor, but let’s not overlook her flair for fashion that extends far beyond the kitchen walls. Whether she’s rocking some casually fabulous farm garb or dressing up to attend a Magnolia event, the HGTV star always knows how to put together a great outfit. Here are just a few of our favorite examples:

Kate creates special atmospheres where people will feel comfort and coziness. It is important for her to take into account the character, hobbies and  lifestyles of her clients. She love designing; the opportunity to embody her client’s dreams into reality.

Drawing from her global travel, Christine creates designs that fuse different styles of decor with warmth, comfort, and beauty in mind. She loves mixing textiles, patterns and textures in a space; these offer depth and interest.

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Layering neutrals and combining different textures and materials with comfortable furniture is clearly one of her strong design skills.

Wanting  your home to look like Joanna’s renovated houses? Here’s our list of the top 7 interior designers with style like Joanna Gaines to inspire you and help you decorate your dream modern farmhouse.

Chip and Jo love to accent their homes with unpainted wood accents, which adds a modern touch to more traditional exteriors.

Vintage decorative items have a place in Joanna’s spaces. And, she has a thing for doors; antique, barn, or decorative doors are a lovely way to introduce design interest in a functional piece.

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11 When she wore this green coat and you instantly wanted to know where she got it.

This was moments before I completely busted it. In my apron. #😂 #thathurt

17 When she wore this elegant green dress on a date night with Chip.

Wanting to transform your house to one of those Fixer Upper homes? It’s easy when working with professional interior designers with style like Joanna Gaines.

Chip and Joanna Gaines News Entertainment Country Life Tour Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Farmhouse Fun Facts About Chip and Joanna Was Fixer Upper Cancelled? Is Fixer Upper Fake or Real? Joanna Gaines’s Favorite Paint Colors for Every Room The Names and Ages of Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Kids Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper

Leaky, inefficient plumbing from the 1890s? No thanks. Brand new plumbing inspired by the original? Yes, a million times yes.

Joanna is a huge fan of the ambiance-boosting power of a few candlesticks (or more than a few, as seen here).

21 When she wore this cute coat on an episode of Fixer Upper (which is so many times we’ve lost count).

OVERALL… I’m pretty excited about tonight’s episode! Tune in at 9/8c #yesiboughtthese #farmlifefashion #ootd #fixerupper

When Chip and Jo roll back that house-sized poster, you’d better believe the yard will be stocked with style to spare. Hallmarks of their front yard game: Curvy stone front walks and mature landscaping, like in this tree-filled lawn.

Take a cue from Joanna and add something inspirational just inside the door. A glance when you walk in or out could totally change your daily outlook.

With an architectural background, she always pays attention to the details of a space while she doesn’t miss any opportunity to highlight the structural elements of a room.

Chip and I were featured in the March issue of @countrylivingmag! This was such a fun project to be a part of, be sure to check it out – available on newsstands today!

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So honored to be a part of Upfronts in Atlanta w @hgtv . Excited to be part of the team! #SNIUpfront

…unless, of course, you’d prefer to cozy up on a porch swing.

Another Joanna-approved trick? Display books spine-side-in for a monochromatic display that lets florals shine. 

Peti expresses her worldly inspirations with eclectic colors, patterns and textures to create romance and moods in all of her spaces. She loves and lives for design because it’s not only about looking good. It’s about how spaces subconsciously creep in and something may function in a way that was planned and you many not even realize it.

1 When she made you realize that ruffles can be a good choice.

4 When she broke one of the cardinal rules of fashion and wore denim on denim—and it looked great.

She thinks that creating a space to entertain is made possible by dining accommodations. As a hallmark of southern comfort, kitchen islands are a great way to connect guests with homeowners.

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