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I happened to be passing by your store along Queen Street and would like to share that your store is indeed well-stocked and the variety available in your store is excellent! But stores like these a…

re aplenty in Singapore but what set yours apart from the many others is the excellent customer service we received while we were there. The staff was helpful and attentive especially Ms Khim.Khim greeted us when we arrive and was smiling, joyful and passionate.

When she saw that we were having difficulty with a product she offered her professional assistance. Explaining to us the product. When we wanted to buy a promotional socks that requires 3 pairs but only managed to find 2, she painstakingly searched for a third pair for us!And while Daiso and etc may offer cheaper prices I would definitely come back here because of Khim! She is definitely worthy of a higher role and greater responsibility within Japan Home Singapore! Thank you for making our day and being the sunshine and driving away our morning blues! Thank you! Lihat Selengkapnya

This GSS, some of the best selling household items are at a discount.

Surprisingly the service level is so unacceptable. I was at the Sun Plaza Branch and asked the sales rep for an item and unluckily out of stock, the one who was assisting me was very kind but maybe sh.

..e is new so she didn’t know what to do because I was asking may you help me to check if your other branches might have stocks and she asked her colleagues who was at the cashier, and the cashier lady just throw at me a membership form with a listing of branches and tell me: Sir, you may just call these branches one by one to ask them if they have stocks available of your item!!! So fantastic and it immediately turned me off and I gotta reply: ok, thanks for your kind help.

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I used to have good impression abt japan home on their staff good service and friendly approach. However, yesterday when i visit star vista japan home, after purchasing items infront of the cashier co.

..unter, i was surprising delighted when i saw there is a small notice informing customer that there is a free home delivery if customer made a minimum purchase of $200. When i enquiry about it as i have already paid $192 , i dont mind wait or top up to $200.

The staff told me that it has to be a single purchase receipt? How will the customer know it has to be a single receipt when it clearly wrote minimum purchase? And it was only placed right after at the counter? I only noticed it after i was waiting to get my receipt.

The staff informed me the logistic driver will be unpleased that it is nt for a single purchase if when i bought all the purchase within 5 mins and i had queue up the long queue 3 times. And keep asking me if i can take all the purchase by myself several times.

And somehow after i passed her the top up purchase receipt, 1 of them gt lost while i was writing my address infront of her. This cause me and my husband a total waiting time of over 20min plus, just to inform the staff to assist us to do an arrangement of the home delivery.

Haggling to do the delivery for us, made us frustrated, tired and dehydrated. Although your staff was a professional, and was not rude, but does it has to be so negative when it is suppose to be good will in helping customer to deliver their stuff? I was rejected several times which i told her, if so , please remove this notice if you can’t do the delivery.

Please take away the ” courtesy notice ” of sincere promising customers to home delivery if you cannot fulfill the promise. Or just put only bulky items are allowed. I do not understand why i need to explain so much for a free delivery promised for a purchase of $200, i hope you can look into and improve on your delivery policy.

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Horrible experience, the head office customer service officer never call back as promised.

Your promotion on Cloversoft was misleading. It stated 4 packs for $4.95(usual price $1.50 each). I proceeded to make payment for 4 bundle pack but was told off rudely that one bundle pack cost $4.95 .

..because there are 4 individual packets in one bundle. If you want to sell individual packets, is it so hard for your staff to take out of the bundle pack? If I would like to purchase just only packet for $1.

50 as stated, I would have to tear off the bundle by myself? This promotion is misleading and I had to face rude attitudes from your staff because of it. Utterly terrible experience at Yishun Northpoint branch.

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Staff at Japan Home (North point) Peggy Ng is very rude !she is very impatient and unhelpful!!

Your stuff is great provided we can buy it.Take a look at the compass mall outlet.Its full of boxes everywhere on the floor, halfway to the back? Forget it..how in the world does anyone buy things lik.

..e this.Can’t even get to them. Lihat Selengkapnya

Japan Home Centre is the largest houseware chain in the Philippines, and one of the fastest growing …

Dear Customers, we will be implement new changes of membership rewards program with effective on 1 January 2018. Please refer to image for more details. Thank you for your support and we will continue to improve to serve you better.

Heard the Malaysian accent English over your speaker. Pretty bad English, with wrong pronunciation at sun plaza branch. You guys should pay for a professional one. That voice was ear sore.

Bad attitude of the China sales gal at city square! I opened and checked for the mirror tat I would like to buy and just found out tat it was white colour. I asked for the China sales gal beside me wh.

..ether hv black colour stock. She had rises up the voice and warning me : “stock is there , u don’t open all hor !!! “I can’t open and check the stock which I would like to buy ?!? Hv I open many many many ?? And ” please ” word never mention.

Y I face this kind of service ? I bought the mirror with disappointed of service here. Japan Home SG, Please do take note. Lihat Selengkapnya

Slow service and nonchalant staff at Northpoint. Wrong price stated on item (supposed to be $13.90 stated and wrapped in plastic) and they just look at me and said ‘14.90 can or not’. Japan Home shoul.

..d honor the price stuck to the item. Service is far from Japan standard. Lihat Selengkapnya

RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL STUFF at LOT1 outlet. I am quite piss off about this. On 27th Jan around 9pm. My friend and i went to the japan home to buy a alarm clock. And we choose the one we wanted and a.

..sk a guy if got new stock. He is a skinny guy with spec. He just open up the stock cupboard drawer below the alarm clock area and ask us to dig inside ourself. We are like hur? We are not staff there how we know which box is the alarm clock?? And he pointed to the boxes infront so we go get it but is not the design.

Is it you all allow customer to dig into the stocks ourself like we are working there? In the end he say the alarm clock we wanted is at the other cupboard and some boxes block the cupboard but he don’t even bother to shift those boxes away and he was lazy.

He still just say you all better choose and change the design you wanted. Again is like hur??? Got such customer service ?? Still ask people to choose other design when he lazy to open the cupboard to get it.

We just walk off really pissed off. Super rude and i will never even want to get things there again. People out there should open their eyes to see how bad service japan home are and stop supporting such shops.

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I was at City sq mall Japan home today. I saw an item with 2 different price tag and a sales assistant happen to be beside me displaying the items. I asked her why these 2 items have different price b.

..ut same item code. Her reply shocked me. “Use the higher price one.” Then I asked her again, the codes are the same. She answered, bring it to the counter then you will know the price. Lihat Selengkapnya

Your staff are well trained at Joo Koon WareHouse Club? My gal just took hand roller without even a plastic wrap and your staff just accused her and say my gal took out and play! Please open eyes chec.

..k before putting blame on to others… Your staff was busy playing the laptop at the cashier !!! Lihat Selengkapnya

Bought a rechargeable fan but the fan has missing a charging port. Disappointed with the quality of goods here. Not as if my money has missing parts also…

Japan Home Pte Ltd started its 1st outlet as a household retail chain store in 1999 opening 3 retail…

My mum went to the Japan home at city square mall today around 11am – 2pm. She had a few items on the cashier table and also a member of your Japan Home. The cashier was very rude. Firstly, she rudel..

.y told my mum “give me your ID, now we must scan IC to recognize member” and when she missed a box of biscuit on the cashier counter and my mother highlighted to her, her face turned black. She also told another customer “can’t you see I’m busy now.

Wait!” when the customer asked her on an items availability. Is this the kind of service you can provide? Perhaps you should educate them that it’s your customers that keeps your business going. She seems like the whole world have owed her something.

Please review on your staff’s attitude and customer service attitude. Is it true now we need to produce NRIC for members? Lihat Selengkapnya

Your product is good but the staff is so disappointed. Rivervale Mall that old lady is not fit to be in working service very rude. Every customer of course they want to see and open the product whethe.

..r is it good or not. Don’t tell me that pot on the box cannot see. You keep looking at me and I can tell from your action that you looking down on people and when people don’t take the thing they touch your face is black and angry to re arrangement the thing.

It’s your job to do your work and as a customer we see the thing before we buy. What you say after I open the pot on box make sure you buy you want them open,, it’s rude.. if the thing cannot open you should say sorry a this thing cannot open.

.. but I see other people open it and I’m interested to see too so open. Anyway you are far from staff in home Hougang Mall. Thank you #worststaff Lihat Selengkapnya

I brought an item back to the Japan Home KO! Shop at United Square for exchange. It was within the 7 days allowed for exchange. The product was a glass container with a plastic lid, and I didn’t open .

..it to check during buying as I bought a total of 4 containers. When I got home, I realised the lid had a tear on one side where it clicks it into a locked position. I called the shop the very same night to ask if I can exchange.

Today, on the 7th day, I went down and the staff with surname Liew who served me was very rude, reluctant and acted like she was doing me a big favour for exchanging for me. When I told her I discovered the tear when I unwrapped the newspaper packing and opened it, she said: “It’s not possible.

” She said I must have used too much force, basically blaming me and making me feel bad for the defective lid.Is this what your customer service is like in Singapore in 2017? Lihat Selengkapnya

It can be annoying to have your textbook close when you’re using it. You can lose track of what you’re reading, or get behind in a class discussion. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to stop it from closing. Use the lid of a pen and attach it to your book to keep it open. (via ViralNova) https://bit.ly/1MnVeoL

1 day ‘til Valentine’s day! We have Jappy’s older brother and resident love guru Sensei Joppai ready to answer your questions. Just comment your love concerns below with the hashtag, #DearSensei, and Sensei Joppai will tell you everything you need to know! #JapanHomeCentre

Very bad service from Pasir Ris white sand staff (Phang Mee Ying)she said $2块多钱你也看不开!!very rude and Impolite,talk to the customer like that !!!���

Used to feel that Japan Home was the place to go for retail therapy but not anymore! Everytime there is a promotion it is super misleading! For example today, they had a big poster say 18th year anniv.

..ersary spend $18 get $8 voucher. So i went ahead to make a purchase of $21, thinking that i was get a $8 voucher. However this $8 is spilt into $3 & $5 voucher for the next 2 purchase. Where $3 off is for spending above $15, $5 is for spending above $20.

To make things worst, these vouchers can only be used in that particular outlet that the vouchers were issued!Such inflexible policy and ways of cheating consumers. Management team should change the way things are done if they want to carry on having business.

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Most of the time, these things happen when you least expect it. Have a Tissue Holder by your side so you’re always ready for surprise sneezes. Available for only P88 at #JapanHomeCentre! #ForABetterHome

Your Cloversoft wipes promotion 4 @ $3.20 is a scam. I purchased 4 packets paid for it but when i came back I noticed only 3 packets. Called your Toa Payoh branch immediately to ask if they have omitt.

..ed to put in the other packet in the plastic bag but the China lady kept insisting that they put 4 packets in, even without checking with each other if that’s the case. If so, what happened to the 4th packet? Magic disappearing act? Nevet going to bring from you again.

So dishonest! Lihat Selengkapnya


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