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In Palermo, Sicily, the ballroom of the Palazzo Valguarnera-Gangi — a baroque masterpiece that dates to the mid-18th-century — was made famous by the 1963 Luchino Visconti film, Il Gattopardo.

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@achillesalvagni – With a couturier’s approach to design, Salvagni places a unique spin on elegance by infusing the decorative grandeur of the Roman Empire into wholly distinctive, innovative contemporary forms.

Molte abitazioni italiane sono frutto di restauri di antichi palazzi, di case del dopoguerra, di vecchie cascine, e sempre più si ritorna ad apprezzare il vecchio proprio nel suo contrasto con il nuovo, grazie ad accostamenti tra epoche diverse

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The elegant, lively home of fashion designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua features a Saarinen dining table and a 1940s Murano glass chandelier.

Architect and designer Achille Salvagni — whose bespoke furniture pieces are available on 1stdibs — lives in a neoclassical 1898 building in Rome. In regards to eclectic design sensibility, Salvagni says: ““I don’t think things necessarily have to match in terms of style and era. If a piece is beautifully proportioned, it automatically looks good with another object of beauty.”

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Il sogno degli italiani è avere un bel giardino. Tant’è vero che è una creazione italiana il Bosco Verticale, ovvero un nuovo concetto di grattacielo in cui il verde viene integrato all’architettura stessa

Vintage Roland Rainer chairs line the dining table in the 16th-century Sicilian home of designer Alfred von Escher.

An heritage of the late Nineteenth century architecture, which is also very popular in Italian homes today

The love of open, well-lighted, airy spaces, for one. Most Italian interior designers today, whether fans of classic designs or followers of edgy chic, design living spaces with lots of light and air in mind.

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The history of Italian interior design is pretty long and elaborate, interior designing was a hobby of the Italian nobility from the Roman times. Not only did the Romans create architectural marvels, they designed the interiors of their structures for maximum comfort, functionality and aesthetic appeal. With the centuries, the Roman villas with their ornate architectural details gave way to relatively simple structures, built for durability.

Il bagno è un ambiente fondamentale delle case italiane, che dev’essere accogliente e confortevole al pari delle altre stanze. Con spazio alla decorazione e alla fantasia

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Designer Michele Bönan has completed work for the Ferragamo family on more than 10 of their hotel properties; pictured above is the penthouse of the Portrait Firenze in Florence.

Barnaba Fornasetti — the son of legendary 20th-century designer Piero Fornasetti — has filled his 19th-century Milan villa with iconic pieces from the Fornasetti archives.

Secondly, the average Italian home is now a self-contained modular affair, and this calls for creative solutions to spatial and aesthetic issues. Italian interior designers have responded with bold, individualistic, intelligent and often quirky suggestions to make the home an interesting living area.

@arper_official – A furniture design company, the ultra-contemporary office spaces showcased on Arper’s feed are inspiration enough for your own home.

Another image from Salvagni’s Roman apartment, featuring two citrus-colored armchairs by Nino Zoncada. Salvagni’s building was designed by the 19th-century architect Gino Coppedè, who is often referred to as the “Italian Gaudi.”

Un’eredità dall’architettura di fine Ottocento, molto popolare nelle case italiane oggi

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Modern Italian interior design in its stark lines might be somewhat different from the houses of the 18th and 19th centuries, but it has a few things in common with its historical counterpart.

Bathroom is as important as otehr rooms in Italian homes, must be cosy and comfortable as the others. A space to be filled with decoration and imagination

In order to help readers understand Italian interior design in depth and detail, Life in Italy brings together a collection of articles that address many aspects of interior design in Italy.

Many Italian homes are the result of restoration of ancient buildings, of postwar homes, of old farmhouses (see here for some restorations projects), and there’s an increasing appreciation towards the old even more if matched with the new

In this 1920s Milan apartment, a saffron-hued chair by 21st-century designer William Sawaya takes center stage.

Less is more is the motto of contemporary Italian houses , seeking a few essential furniture elements with quality

Color is everywhere. #Duna02 by #LievoreAltherrMolina Ph: @scheltensabbenes, @waxstudios #Arper #ArperTogether #BeTogether

As a consequence of smaller home spaces, contemporary Italian houses are characterized by an open kitchen which is integrated to the sitting room, in a unique space defined living which is the core of the house. A light and airy space, where light and glazed windows play a key role

The strong heritage in the design field has its roots in the Fifties and Sixties, with many design icons still popular at present

The grand entry hall of Granaiolo, the Renaissance-era country estate in Castelfiorentino that the Pucci family has owned and occupied since the 13th-century.

Non nasce precisamente in Italia (ma ha origini ben più antiche), la tradizione della terracotta ha radici storiche in terra Toscana ed è tipicamente italiana (basti pensare al nome stesso).  E anche se il bianco e l’abbinamento bianco/nero restano i preferiti nelle case italiane, lo stile italiano non teme l’utilizzo del colore, anche nelle tonalità calde della terracotta

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Thirdly, modern kitchens have evolved into living spaces, where people entertain guests or spend their spare time, and this has also affected interior design. Kitchens are now more open, and the ventilation from the living room and other areas has improved.

But as is apparent in the distinguished Tuscan villas and the luminous Mediterranean beach houses standing till this day and inspiring a million other homes, Italians did not sacrifice the beauty of a building for its long life.

@italianbark – Modern and coastal in nature, architect and interior designer Elisa Betta curates the latest fresh feed.

Became very popular at present, terrazzo flooring was the typical marble flooring  of Venetian houses of the ‘500

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Diventato molto popolare ai giorni nostri, il terrazzo è una pavimentazione in graniglia di marmo tipica delle case veneziane del ‘500

(read my article about Italian design icons of the Sixties here)

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@stailuan – Changing the colorful Italian scenery into a single Pantone color strip is more exciting than you’d think.

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A 1959 image of Ettore Sottsass‘ Milan apartment. The home’s bright colors and emphasis on geometry reflect the aesthetic that Sottsass would popularize in the 1980s under the moniker of Memphis Design.

Interior designer Paola Navone used both modern and rustic elements in her restoration of a former Armani exec’s centuries-old Tuscan villa.

Conseguenza di spazi più ridotti, le case italiane contemporanee sono caratterizzate da una cucina aperta che si integra al soggiorno, in uno spazio unico definito living. Uno spazio aperto e luminoso, in cui la luce e le vetrate verso l’esterno hanno un ruolo fondamentale

@dimorestudio – One of Milan’s most famed design studios, Dimore Studio provides ample interior inspiration through its colorful feed.

Cosa affascina quindi così tanto all’estero delle nostre case italiane? Ci sono delle caratteristiche che contraddistinguono gli interni in stile italiano?

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I’m back home now and even if I prefer much more the weather here {I don’t know if I would have tolerate another day with minus zero temperature!!}, I’m suffering of Stockholm nostalgia ❤ So please forgive me if I’m posting #tb pictures from Stockholm in the next days 🙏😂 . This is another booth I loved at @sthlmfurnfair , the @tarkett_sverige designed by @notedesignstudio 👌Love the clean geometrical shapes softened by pink, curtains and terrazzo pattern 💓 {say hello to the man hidden on the left, I was not able to delete him with #snapseed 🙊How frustrating is when you are trying to shot your pic and there is always someone coming out to ruin your perfect desert scene 😂😂} . PS: #notedesignstudio, I’m one of the two Italians who knocked at your showroom window in #södermalm last Monday morning while freezing outside, thanks for welcoming us while setting up ❣😂 . . . #stockholmfurniturefair #italianbark . . . . . . #interior4all #stockholm_insta #visitstockholm #this_is_stockholm #scandinavianhome #scandinaviandecor #shapes #minimalism #livingroomdecor #simpleandstill #pursuepretty #designblogger #interiorblogger #interiorwarrior #interiortrends #styling #simpleandstill #millennialpink #terrazzo #postitfortheaesthetic #nordicdesign #stockholmdesignweek

Acclaimed design firm Studio Peregalli placed an eclectic mix of items — including sable-color Chesterfield sofas and an antique Persian rug — within the trompe l’oeil stucco walls of this Brescia palazzo.

The painter Cy Twombly completed much of his later work within the frescoed walls of his companion Nicola Del Roscio’s Gaeta villa. Parts of the southern Italy property date back to 1000 A.D.

@easyrelooking – This Milan-based interior designer designs fresh and spacious areas with the sporadic pop of color.

Last, but not the least, designers also have to keep in mind that most Italians now prefer the clean, uncluttered look. This has brought a lot of concealed storage solutions into the realm of Italian interior design. Another feature is the use of furniture for dual purposes: a sofa by day often converts into a bed by night.

A pair of claret-colored Marco Zanuso Senior armchairs take center stage in this Milanese residence, designed by Vincenzo De Cotiis.

Mi capita spesso di ricevere richieste di consulenze d’interni online dall’estero da appassionati dello stile italiano. Che forse a quanto pare è più apprezzato da loro che da noi Italiani stessi, visto che noi qui invece stiamo sempre a cercare ispirazioni al di là dei nostri confini (a iniziare dalla terra scandinava).

But along with the challenges, Italian interior designers have a great asset. They can draw upon a sizeable pool of traditional artisans who can help customize a house to the specific beauty and functionality requirements of a homeowner.

[ Foiarola ] The amazing colors of nature in Carso during autumn. 💛❤🍁🍂 You can watch also the video on my FB dan page: click on the URL of my bio. #STAILtone #GoProIT #foliage

In contrast to French interior design — where urban domiciles in large part conform to a highly codified archetype — a collective, agreed-upon notion of Italian interior design is up for grabs. Is it reflective of the sleek, clean-lined Milan appartamenti? Or the rustic, terra cotta-colored villas of the Tuscan countryside? Or perhaps an elegant, historical Florentine home? The best answer, of course, is all of the above. Italian design — like the country’s history — is marked by a regionalism that breeds eclecticism, diversity and an artistic sentiment that favors experimentation. This week, as we celebrate makers of Italian design, we paused to take an off-the-moment survey of some of the country’s most beautiful rooms. Scroll down to get some Italian inspiration, region by region.

Io ho provato a stilare un elenco di dieci caratteristiche che secondo me identificano questo stile. Non è stato semplice perché non si tratta affatto di uno stile univoco, non escludo che andrò ad integrare questo post in corsa!  

It is no secret that most Italians have an inherent eye for good design, and Italian love for home is second to none. Take these two and combine them, and what you get is the essence of Italian interior design. If you are looking for a way to meet all that you require from your home and make it the cynosure of all eyes at the same time, look no further than interior design from Italy.

Italian dream of a beautiful garden outside home. So much so that it is an Italian creation the famous Bosco Verticale, an innovative concept of high-rise where green is fully integrated in the architecture (read my article on Peroni website here)

Not exactly invented in Italy (but with far more ancient origins), the terracotta tradition has historical roots in Tuscany and is typically an Italian one (just think of the name, of course).  Although neutrals and white/black remain the favorite colour matches in contemporary Italian homes, the Italian decor style is not afraid of using color, even in warm terracotta tones

This neutral, understated Florentine apartment comes courtesy of Italian interior designer Filippo Carandini.

What is so fascinating in our Italian style interiors? Are there any common features in Italian houses that can distinguish Italian style in interior design?

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At Villa Lena — an artist’s retreat tucked into the Tuscan countryside — Ettore Sottsass’ Tahiti lamp playfully contrasts with the property’s 18th-century buildings, and hints at the importance of cultural and artistic evolution.

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And the second rule they adhere to to try and bring as much of the exterior into the interior of the house as possible. This could be in the form of big glass windows that open into the garden, or floating ceilings.

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With the biggest Italian Interior Design Show right at the door, Salone Del Mobile Milano 2018, we will bring you something a little different related to this design show, because everyone needs a little Italian flair on their feeds. Today we’ll be taking a tour through some of the best Italian Interior Designers’s Instagram feeds, so expect some of the very best, most stunning interior designs there are to be seen!

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In Milan, design duo Dimore Studio used an unexpected palette — goldenrod plus turquoise — to exquisite, moody effect.

I tried to make a list of 10 top features that may identify Italian interior style. It was not easy, no question of a unique style, and probably I’m going to add more on this post in the future!

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Opulent finishings in the living room of the late furniture designer Carlo Mollino’s home in Turin contrast with a more casual, distressed approach to objets and upholsteries.

Less is more: è il motto delle case italiane in stile contemporaneo, che sempre più ricercano uno stile fatto di pochi elementi essenziali e di qualità

The first is the interior designer’s preoccupation with clever and aesthetic space utilization. Some urban homes in Italy tend to be small, and interior designers try their best to allocate space, doors, and windows to give as much a semblance of open space as possible. The tricks designers use to enhance space include the strategic placement of furniture and lighting. Italian designers tend to excel in both of these areas.

I’m often asked for online interior design advice from foreign readers, which are Italian style interiors lovers. It almost seems that our interior style is more appreciated by them that by us, since we’re always seeking inspirations outside our borders (starting with the Scandinavian ones).

@matteothun – Contemporary-modern inspiration on this Milan-based architectural-interiors based firm’s feed.

The Milan living room of designer Gabrielle Crespi — which prominently features the designer’s 1976 bronze Elisse table – reflects the dualism of her work, and ability to combine both humble and precious materials.

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