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A look at the set design of christian greys penthouse apartment
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estudio atemporal brings baja to mexico city in campobaja interior#architecture

the electricity concept of the proti proudu bistro was from the famous electrical innovator frantisek krizik who was born in prague.

michael malapert creates trendy interior for l’appartement bar in paris#architecture

swing’s main objective was how well the studio could create a great deal of space that was prolific yet blended with daily sceneries within an area less than 100 m2.

glossy teal tiling and display cabinets provide a characteristic backdrop to the skincare brand’s second boutique in milan.

the makeover encompasses a functional design concept with enlivened guest rooms, a renovated restaurant, and other features intended to convey a stronger sense of community.

sitting on lake austin in central texas, USA, the 557 meter square home went from idea to completion in almost exactly 12 months.

using tranquility and spaciousness as its key concepts, dellekamp arquitectos designs an artist’s studio in the middle of a forest nearby the town of cruz blanca in cuajimalpa, mexico city.

located in the heart of the italian dolomites, the illustrious ‘rosa alpina’ hotel and spa has added a new luxury offering to its repertoire.

architecture in the US (561 articles)cai guo qiang (23 articles)

movement stimulates lighting within prague coffee shop by mimosa architekti#architecture

the genesis gangnam store is designed to be attentive to visitors’ needs, while providing them with an authentic, analogue experience.

architecture in spain (158 articles)michael anastassiades (9 articles)

titled ‘heavenly bodies’, the show features a dialogue between religious, and religion-influenced clothing, and masterworks of medieval art from the museum’s collection.

kumar la noce designs an elegant cabin complex high above this forest in india#architecture

this industrial headquarters by oppenheim architecture sits on the banks of the miami river#architecture

asakusa residence transformed into contemporary art gallery in tokyo#architecture

a central elliptical ‘chamber’ with walls of twisted metal ribbons form the focal point of this workspace in chelsea.

architecture in china (622 articles)infinity nide (5 articles)

the design team completely reorganized the space, with a wall delineating the interior and separating the building’s circulation routes from the main display area.

at first glance, it seems more like a greenhouse than an urban building, with vegetation drooping from the nine floors.

markings found in the walls’ irregularities have been preserved, while colors were left rough and enriched by partial decorative inserts.

pastel hues and miami vice vibes create a heavenly setting in amsterdam’s newest fashion store

raw materials combine with a large ceiling flower mural, providing a hip backdrop accented by black wood, warm lighting, and rugged brickwork.

architecture in portugal (120 articles)diogo aguiar studio (4 articles)

the gradient forms what the design team refers to as an ‘architectural promenade’, and allows the adjacent space to be observed from different perspectives.

BTR workshop refreshes hotel jen tanglin singapore with bold interiors#architecture

IK LAB, a new contemporary art gallery in mexico, promises to transcend the traditional confines of the art experience.

could the jagged edges of a 3D printed wall be the new exposed brick in trendy interior design?

dominique perrault adds to the timeless elegance of paris’ longchamp racecourse#architecture

architecture in portugal (120 articles)joao morgado (20 articles)

architecture in portugal (120 articles)concrete architecture and design (102 articles)

architecture in the netherlands (113 articles)where people work (341 articles)

architecture in miami (92 articles)architecture in the US (561 articles)

francesc macià 10: inside the luxury residential building by studio MK27 + squircle capital#architecture

architecture in italy (139 articles)hotel architecture and design (201 articles)

the design preserves the original features and neoclassical façade to honor the architectural value of its surroundings

vivid colors, patterns, textures and materials form a playful renovation of two sections within the popular department store.

OMA modifies and expands cai guo-qiang’s new york headquarters#architecture

this beautiful structure not only revitalizes this famous track but also the classic french traditions that go along with it.

unusual volume: studiospass creates a colorful sculptural garden for CIC rotterdam offices#design

from the exterior, the black cylinder appears looming and industrial, but on the inside waits a pleasant surprise.

bringing an authentic japanese tea house to boston, by suzumori architecture#architecture

felt, terrazzo, calico aluminum plates, bare concretes, artistic cement paint, corrugated aluminum plates and marble appear alternately in space, jointly fostering a delicate ‘grey’ space.

peggy guggenheim’s great-grandson creates tulum’s treehouse version of a museum#architecture

this vietnamese townhouse is an urban brick cave that simulates nature#architecture

studio gaia’s latest interior design transforms the industrial look of shipping containers, which can be found easily along the panama canal, with an original graffiti twist by artist oscar melgar.

ASWA designs a metal mesh-covered studio for ta.tha.ta bag brand in bangkok#architecture

architecture in chile (39 articles)concrete architecture and design (102 articles)

monadnock completes tented office interior for the netherlands’ oldest company#architecture

materials including salvaged wood and reclaimed chairs are left to speak for themselves, creating an authentic aura that transports guests to a new locale.

SOM designs hat factory for optimo inside former chicago fire station#architecture

naoto fukasawa-designed issey miyake store in kyoto pays homage to history#architecture

thick concrete walls become like a exterior shell, from which the living space unfolds.

dellekamp arquitectos’ waffle ceiling bounces light around this artist’s studio in mexico#architecture

architecture in india (102 articles)kumar la noce (2 articles)

architecture in vietnam (139 articles)H&P architects (14 articles)

swing designs shared house project with an open feeling within the densely osaka city#architecture

blue bottle coffee kyoto is housed in a minimalist machiya renovation by schemata#architecture

serrano + baquero transforms seville warehouse to include comic book store#architecture

architecture in mexico (188 articles)dellekamp arquitectos (6 articles)

alfredo vanotti of EV+A lab atelier realizes casa VI in bricks of concrete#architecture

OPA’s meroma restaurant is set in an 80’s modernist building in mexico city#architecture

the project includes a library/reception area, living & dining rooms, kitchen, photography studio, two beds and baths, powder room, and ample storage space.

designed by architect marc thorpe, the scheme captures the excitement and sophistication of these classic automobiles thorough its interior, which combines styles from italian futurism and american speakeasy culture.

skechers showroom by zemberek design includes a dynamic display system#architecture

atelier archmixing designs a two-in-one bookstore with diverse ambiances in shanghai#architecture

rediscovering a 1960s masterpiece, eladio dieste’s church of cristo obrero#architecture

architecture in japan (422 articles)sugawaradaisuke (7 articles)

designed by architect marc thorpe, the scheme captures the excitement and sophistication of these classic automobiles thorough its interior, which combines styles from italian »

integrated field seamlessly blends home with office in bangkok apartment#architecture

architecture in italy (139 articles)milan design week 2018 (131 articles)

architecture in singapore (86 articles)BTR workshop (2 articles)

dutch architecture studio bloot’s renovation of the traditional townhouse includes original exposed beams, a sunken kitchen and an open-plan bathroom.

standard and momentous built forms become activated interiors and exteriors that excite the imagination. 

architecture in italy (139 articles)where people work (341 articles)

architecture in vietnam (139 articles)NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS (6 articles)

architecture in chicago (26 articles)architecture in the US (561 articles)

classic car club gets a new home on the west side of new york#architecture

vudafieri-saverino partners’ penthouse suite is an oasis of tranquility in the italian dolomites#architecture

the dynamic, waving rope interface covers the original beam-column system, adding a more energetic atmosphere to the working space.

architecture in the US (561 articles)clive wilkinson architects (4 articles)

different readers enter the corresponding reading space from the butterfly-like entrance door and meet at the end of the two bookstores.

architecture in the czech republic (25 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

felt, terrazzo, calico aluminum plates, bare concretes, artistic cement paint, corrugated aluminum plates and marble appear alternately in space, jointly fostering a delicate »

architecture in germany (89 articles)francis kere (20 articles)

architecture in thailand (63 articles)party / space / design (5 articles)

nendo uses hats to create wall of umbrellas inside tokyo’s seibu shibuya store#architecture

architecture in the netherlands (113 articles)monadnock (3 articles)

architecture in japan (422 articles)kosaku matsumoto (3 articles)

joão vieira de campos sculpts sleek concrete home in porto#architecture

architecture in germany (89 articles)graft architects (20 articles)

with a 4-meter width, the building’s high gable roof tends to deflect the sun’s heat and provides extra relaxed space for the interior.

just like a painting of picasso or van gogh, this sophisticated contemporary masterpiece is up for auction.

combining animal and floral prints throughout, the cafe has been recently renovated to instill a vibrant atmosphere.

spc technocons renovates 30-year-old townhouse in bangkok into green flowing residence#architecture

the scheme embodies a great reverence for japanese history, adopting ‘sumi’ paint colors and local architectural details to aide this effect.

the dwelling is composed of a succession of longitudinal and transverse beams that together generate a single structure that hovers gracefully above the ground.

while the echoing silver covers all the activities — the lively dynamism of cooking –, the blackness is the zen and calm place for everything that remains quiet.

desai chia architecture floods urban live/work space with natural light#architecture

a diverse digital database that acts as a valuable guide in gaining insight and information about a product directly from the manufacturer, and serves as a rich reference point in developing a project or scheme.

usual studio’s chinese working space is decorated with naturally resourced materials#architecture

vincent callebaut’s ‘arboricole’ is an urban hanging garden#architecture

the repeating wooden panel walls and the intricate horoscope like sunroof shine down, creating calculated yet mysterious patterns of light.

architecture in japan (422 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

abstracted sugar molecules define shugaa dessert bar by party / space / design#design

bringing japan to milan: kanpai restaurant by vudafieri saverino partners#architecture

ALTS has renovated a 53-year-old japanese house while maintaining its original character#architecture

architecture in france (227 articles)architecture in paris (43 articles)

intuit’s human-centered workplace anticipates a more sustainable development pattern, while providing its community with a place of connection in the here and now.

architecture in new york (236 articles)architecture in the US (561 articles)

‘casa 26’ will make you wonder if it’s a home or a curated art piece#architecture

NISHIZAWAARCHITECTS’ pizzeria captures the rich, local color of saigon#architecture

aamodt / plumb designs & builds modern texas prefab in a single year#architecture

WRNS + clive wilkinson team up to design an innovative workspace in silicon valley#architecture

the studio was in charge of the radical intervention to the old house guided by the needs and concept lines that the chefs had in mind for their upcoming restaurant.

architecture in the US (561 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

alberto campo baeza (8 articles)architecture in mexico (188 articles)

diogo aguiar + joão jesus create a temporary exhibition venue inside a lisbon mall#architecture

framework studio creates an elegant interior for amsterdam clothing store#interiors

architecture in uruguay (6 articles)church architecture and design (123 articles)

part renovation, part conceptual artwork, kosaku matsumo & koichiro osaka engaged in day-to-day discussions that were immediately translated into the space.

four mini units constitute house at mols hills by lenschow & pihlmann#architecture

florian busch disguises eight storey nightlife venue in kyoto with louvered timber façade#architecture

located in beverly, illinois, the interior project is expressed as a contemporary workshop with an industrial aesthetic.

ALTS design office (16 articles)architecture in japan (422 articles)

the 412 square meter renovation was completed for a local company on a budget of just €70,000.

dellekamp designs a green and flexible workstation for nissan renault finance mexico#architecture

the building’s envelope is made from two different materials: translucent polycarbonate in the upper half and a white metal plate below.

australian beach house creates farmland sanctuary from wild ocean surroundings#architecture

the conventional floor layout dormitory of silp architects’ ‘the bright’ apartment is designed under the branding keywords of ‘creative thinking, energetic living’.

the plan is based around a central courtyard with a reflective pool, where a tree peacefully grows.

architecture in china (622 articles)where people work (341 articles)

the architects have decided to take down the wall on the side of the house, consequently, re-doing an iron net-like boundary wall for vine to grow and cover the house in green.

DS+R sets the stage for the costume institute’s ‘heavenly bodies’ exhibition at the MET#design

described as a ‘concoction of design theories’, the scheme responds to the complex and contradictory architecture that populates the city of kanpur.

to differentiate the residence from its neighbors, graft designed villa m with a sculptural, abstracted form that resembles a boulder in a glacial landscape.

located at a height of 1,000 meters in the italian alps, the dwelling serves as an example of sustainable architecture, employing resources obtained from its surroundings.

OMA / AMO deliver prototype showroom in korea for hyundai’s genesis car brand#architecture

folded brass ribbons envelope bureau de change’s london office design#architecture

architecture in london (84 articles)architecture in the UK (164 articles)

BAT redesigns a 300-year-old farmhouse into a modern home with a two-level window#architecture

architecture in france (227 articles)vincent callebaut architectures (20 articles)

david chipperfield renovates royal academy of arts for its 250th anniversary#architecture

3GATTI suspends fiberglass sheets to form undulating retail installation#architecture

michaelis boyd (4 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

architecture in italy (139 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

the project integrates both japanese and american cultures in a charming cafe space for a blend that is powerful – like the coffee. 

architecture in australia (206 articles)austin maynard architects (11 articles)

architecture in texas (19 articles)architecture in the US (561 articles)

architecture in thailand (63 articles)integrated field (4 articles)

level up! updating a japanese lake house for fun on every floor#architecture

each space serves a different function: an entrance area with water closet and showers, guest quarters, living/dining/kitchen, and the master bedroom.

architecture in spain (158 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

this revolutionary church design remains equally fascinating and beautiful to this day. let’s take a look.

named the ‘austin bouldering project’, the indoor facility offers 23,000 square feet of climbing surface, with 250 different configurations set and rotated every seven weeks.

the restaurant is styled after the classic osteria–rustic fare in the italian tradition of freshness and regionality.

a glittering silver box for a gastronomic space in madrid by hector fernandez elorza#architecture

architecture in mexico (188 articles)restaurant interiors (275 articles)

the world’s largest bouldering gym opens in austin, texas#architecture

the design attempts to maximize the apartment’s minimal real estate, while also creating a cohesive atmosphere for the owner.

this apartment, built into the framework of a crane, allows for a unique perspective of amsterdam’s port.

the studio creates a perfect link between light, materials and shadows, provoking a positive and amusing atmosphere withing the workspace.

apartment complex by brenac & gonzalez is a fragmentation of built mass#architecture

francis kéré devises three gallery spaces for an exhibition on racism#architecture

built from styrofoam blocks, the structure sits on a blue carpet inside the city’s colombo centre.

this restaurant in india combines pink interiors with bold zebra stripes#architecture

studio gaia designs first W hotel in central america with colorful indigenous patterns#architecture

originally completed by swiss architect marc-joseph saugey in the 1960s, the former office building is located in one of barcelona’s main business districts.

architecture in china (622 articles)retail interiors (240 articles)

strange luxury, inside a hotel suite that’s actually a dockyard crane#architecture

a living room with carpet on the walls for cambridge innovation center.

LDA_iMdA designs metal-covered workstation in italy aiming to reactivate industrial areas#architecture

architecture in the netherlands (113 articles)hotel architecture and design (201 articles)

architecture in mexico (188 articles)treehouse architecture and design (52 articles)

the interior features eye-catching neon details influenced by the rich history of hong kong’s distinctive street signage.

architecture in thailand (63 articles)where people work (341 articles)

architecture in japan (422 articles)issey miyake (18 articles)

inside the SND fashion store in china, the focus is on the ceiling landscape created by 10,000 panels which simultaneously support the clothing rails.

the multi-level building forgoes the use of an elevator, instead stretching a continuous volume across eight storeys.

studio MK27’s versatile pavilion can serve as a store, a gallery, or even a temporary residence#architecture

ste. marie juxtaposes modernist + traditional italian elements in vancouver’s osteria#architecture

dim interior of infinity nide’s café in china contrasts with bustling urban scene#architecture

in completing the project for ceramics specialists royal tichelaar, the design team referenced the ‘tent room’, a fabric lined volume often found in old country houses.

casa H by felipe assadi is a testament to the beauty of reinforced concrete#architecture

‘long an house’ in vietnam is a creative brick residence by tropical space#architecture

pablo muñoz payá arquitectos completes apartment renovation in petrer#architecture

the building draws inspiration from its adjacent context, a context that looks like the set of a miami vice stake out.

enlarged to massive proportions, the interior represents the various molecules and crystals that compose the desserts’ primary ingredient.

massimiliano locatelli has designed a 3D printed house for milan design week#architecture

the masterplan opens up more of the institution to the public, including, for the first time, a connection between its two campuses.

architecture in brazil (142 articles)fernando guerra (24 articles)

retail interiors (240 articles)serrano + baquero arquitectos (3 articles)

a colosseum of books by alberto campo baeza illuminates the pleasure of reading#architecture

silp architects’ ‘the bright’ project in thailand breaks down rigidness of student dorms#architecture

architecture in vietnam (139 articles)tropical space (4 articles)

by developing a new living concept in such a traditional japanese house, which will continue to the next generation, ALTS design office hopes to harmonize the existing favorable »

located in a rural area of the basque country, the 300-year-old ‘baserri’, is a typical farmhouse for the local architecture. 

architecture in turkey (51 articles)retail interiors (240 articles)

architecture in the UK (164 articles)bureau de change architects (7 articles)

with this cave-like townhouse, H&P architects takes more inspiration from the natural world than from the man-made environment.

architecture in france (227 articles)michael malapert (3 articles)

refurbished townhouse in the hague by bloot features sunken kitchen#architecture

the design team set out to upgrade the typical japanese lake house into something truly refreshing.

the business model of take-away only and no tables and chairs settled within satisfies the fast-paced coffee experience of modern people and facilitate the open social behavior.

aesop store by dimorestudio references italian bottegas in milan#architecture

by developing a new living concept in such a traditional japanese house, which will continue to the next generation, ALTS design office hopes to harmonize the existing favorable details with new elements.

kleydesign tells a story within blue cup coffee shop in kiev#architecture

a internal courtyard sits at the heart of this thai home, which has been programmed to serve simultaneously as a private dwelling and a studio space.

like the tea itself, the interior was carefully crafted by suzumori architects, a firm with japanese roots.

architecture in brazil (142 articles)studio MK27 / marcio kogan (30 articles)

located inside a former new york schoolhouse, the refurbishment sees a new spatial layout with an expanded courtyard, a tea room, and ample gallery space.

hovering above the ground on stilts in a sea of green, it’s almost like staying in a luxurious tree house.

paper moon giardino by AB concept is a calming sanctuary within milan’s bustling streets#architecture

michaelis boyd employs neon detailing inside hong kong’s fat pig restaurant#architecture

architecture in korea (179 articles)genesis motors (4 articles)

the layout of the house can be described as meandering, with plenty of twisty paths and unexpected turns along the way.

hecker guthrie creates a loft-like office for evolution 7 in melbourne#architecture

using tranquility and spaciousness as its key concepts, dellekamp arquitectos designs an artist’s studio in the middle of a forest nearby the town of cruz blanca in cuajimalpa, »

the colorful city outside merges with the interior to bring its rich vividness into the pizzeria.

the poetic repetition of this embassy in lisbon alludes to its ancient egyptian roots#architecture

graft digitally resynthesizes classical villa design rules in berlin#architecture

studio MK27 connects ramp house in são paulo with 25 meter incline#architecture

focusing on clean lines and a minimal aesthetic, the spacious studio is based within a former warehouse.

‘king bill’ is a family’s dream house with a few, fun bohemian twists#architecture

circle studio shanghai’s grey fashion gallery delivers a gentle environment in guiyang#architecture

atelier andy carson has created a robust family home that actively explores the relationship between building and landscape.

the display investigates the implications of the term ‘race’ in a contemporary, democratic society.

3D printing (387 articles)architecture in italy (139 articles)

studio gaia’s latest interior design transforms the industrial look of shipping containers, which can be found easily along the panama canal, with an original graffiti twist by »

to ensure an efficient building, dellekamp proposes a balance between cost, structure, facilities, flexibility and operation.

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