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Best home decorating ideas 80 top designer decor tricks tips

Interior Designs To Make Your Home Exclusive

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Interior Designs To Make Your Home Exclusive.

This is a lifesaver for people who are always afraid they will forget important dates. It’s a very useful thing!

This space is rich with texture, which creates warmth and dimension. There’s also plenty of character even though it’s sticking to a strict color palette. For a similarly inviting and grounded environment, get inspired by nature. Think seagrass, rattan, jute, wood, brushed concrete, and marble.

So simple, but so magical! A glass jar, some decorations (e.g. flowers, pine cones, or beautiful pebbles), candles, water, vegetable oil and essential oils — these are the things you will need to create an aroma lamp. Click here for instructions.

22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

Adding a nice floral arrangement can beautify a whole room on it’s own. The shapely vase, accompanying artwork, and unique rose gold faucet in this bathroom don’t hurt either.

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This is the perfect solution for a small kitchen. Keep things you use regularly organized and within reach.

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Using free, natural materials and your interior design skills, you will be able to create a cozy clothes hanger for displaying your favorite pieces.

Symmetry, who? Your chairs and couches don’t have to line up—in fact, you don’t even have to have chairs. Put your side table in the corner flanked by two sofas, and if you don’t have enough arm chairs for a classic living room setup, just place floor cushions by the coffee table.

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For an unexpected (and easy) pop of color, trade in your classic bulb for a bright one. It adds the same vibe as a neon sign without taking up any space on the wall. Try it in a hallway or entryway, where décor moments are precious and square footage is limited.

Toys, jars, teapots, shoes — you can use virtually any material to make pretty and unique flower pots. Just turn on your imagination and start creating!

30 Photos That Prove There’s Nothing More Exciting Than Life With a Pet

Plaid? For winter? Not even close to groundbreaking, but we’re still here for it.


22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

Bookchair Bookshelf Chair Sou Fujimoto

For many people, puzzles are fun. What about making something beautiful out of them for your home? A puzzle wall art, for example, is a perfect way to liven up your room.

12 Ordinary Things That Can Get You Arrested in a Foreign Country

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DIY ProjectsHow To Clean Marble And Help It Last LongerAn Adorable Raindrop Wall HangingDIY Cross Stitch Leather Catchall

Innovations are the only thing gives us change from usual day today life. Blend of modern and traditional ideas are real reflections of innovation.  Most of the business men and manufactures try to frequently implement the innovative ideas in their products to make people to stick with their services and products. Innovations can be implemented in all things around you, and even in your home too. Wondering how to innovate your home? It is very easy with The Brooklyn Home Company. Yes, innovation can be implemented in your home through the exotic interior design which will change the look of each and every part of your home.

If you’ve been collecting something for a long time and aren’t sure where to put your knick-knacks, install a floating shelf in your room of choice and then line them up. We love the sense of nostalgia these vintage glass bottles add to the bedroom.

22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

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22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

Do you have old vinyl records laying around and collecting dust? Don’t throw them away! Make an awesome wall decoration out of them instead.

Make a unique paper towel holder using an old globe stand. This would look perfect in any kitchen!


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To create interesting contrast, replace one thing in an otherwise totally traditional room with something super modern, like this geometric coffee table and abstract-painted floor.

Retro style telephones remind us of our childhood. For many people, they are a familiar symbol of an era when phones only made phone calls. Today, rotary phones are nearly extinct, but we can give them a second life by attaching a clock mechanism to them. Bring a touch of retro style to your home.

Find out how by becoming a Patron. Check out the exclusive rewards, here.

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Only experts like The Brooklyn Home Company can help you to implement the suitable interior design based on the space and shape of your home. They work hard to completely alter the theme of your home through the exclusive interior design. The Four Story Townhouse 5th Street is a master piece of their work and evident for standard of The Brooklyn Home Company. It is an excellent blend of ultramodern designs in white color along with traditional wooden work here and there. Change the look of your home through interior designs with the help of experts in The Brooklyn Home Company.( The Brooklyn Home Company )

Black might sound scary, but it looks totally sexy in a bedroom. To keep it from feeling too dark, opt for white bedding and make sure you have enough natural light in the room.

If the walls in a hallway are feeling tired or lackluster, add a gallery wall. Bring in antique frames, or hit up a thrift store or flea market, and arrange a ton of hand mirrors into a gallery wall.

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If there’s anything that can single-handedly polish off a room, it’s a light fixture. Case in point? That brass pendant light. It feels much more refined and sophisticated than a table lamp would and contrasts with the more traditional elements throughout the bedroom.

Furniture leg covers can easily be made with your own hands. They are both fun to look at and good for protecting your hardwood floor from scratching when the furniture is moved.


It’s easy to overlook a room when it’s super tiny, especially because there simply isn’t enough useable space for décor. But it’s definitely possible—and well worth it—to show these nooks some love. Take this powder room, for example. With a light blush pink wall color and a surrounding gallery of eclectic artwork, the small room packs a lot of punch.

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A trick like this lets you quickly and easily change the selection of photos on display.

Cool Interior Design Ideas

DIY Cloud Lamp

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Couple Builds DIY Bookshelf Together and It’s a Pinterest Dream Come True

If any area in your home is feeling austere, sheepskin throws are the easiest solution. They bring in warmth, texture, and comfort while also being super affordable and easy to move throughout your space as your needs and moods shift.

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22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

Textured Wool Rugs Bring the Natural Pastures of Argentinian Landscapes Indoors

cool beds

Put your old T-shirts to good use with this simple DIY T-shirt rug. Here is a detailed tutorial on how to turn worn-out clothes into a beautiful, decorative piece.

Tree cut-offs are ideal for protecting your kitchen furniture or work surface from high temperatures.

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No matter what your decorating style, there’s no reason to be static with your home decor. Shake things up and get creative, and make the most of your space. To get you jumpstarted, here are some cool houses that have implemented amazing ideas to make their homes stand out—from cat walkways to innovative upcycled furniture. Take a look and be inspired to take your own house to the next level.

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22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

Check out these creative interior design ideas to take your home decor to a whole new level.

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Throw pillows are the easiest way to freshen up in the bedroom or living room. Introducing a new color, print, or shape with a throw pillow can make the whole space feel new again.

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This little corner is sleek, stylish, and perfectly handsome as is, thanks to the modern leather lounger and graphic rug. But that floor-to-ceiling lamp is an architectural stunner that really brings in that added wow factor. Look for a floor lamp that doubles as artwork for a similar vibe.

If you want to transform your bedroom into a palace fit for royalty, add a canopy. This white gauze fabric hangs so beautifully and brings an ethereal look to the minimalist bedroom.

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For an unexpected fireplace display, swap logs for stacked books or magazines.

Scientists Learned There Are 8 Character Traits Shared by Survivors of Disasters

Celebrating creativity and promoting a positive culture by spotlighting the best sides of humanity—from the lighthearted and fun to the thought-provoking and enlightening.

Can you imagine how simple this bathroom looked before it had a bright blue floor? The quick change allows the tub to take center stage. We’d want to soak in there all day long.

22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

You don’t have to wallpaper your entire room—just pick a wall and accent with it. It’s fast, easy, and makes a big difference.

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22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

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smart coffee table

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DIY Bookshelf

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When door knobs are broken, they may seem useless. You can, however, repurpose them into gorgeous jewelry holders that are unique and very creative. And even if jewelry is not your ’thing,’ you can use such hooks to hang your bags, umbrellas, or scarves.

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One great way to create an unusual yet practical bedding storage space is to use unwanted old boxes.

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The Way You Hold Your Smartphone Can Say a Lot About Your Personality

Is the Man Depicted in Profile or Frontal View? The Answer Can Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

This exquisite living room is playing with shape and scale in so many ways—each design detail offers a universe of inspiration. For extra impact and proportional intrigue, hang an oversized mirror. Keep it simple and sleek, opt for a cool shape or color, or keep it classic with an antique.

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home design ideas

Using widely available materials and simple techniques, you will be able to create a fine corner cabinet that will perfectly fit in into the interior of your house or summer cottage.

Putting a colorful throw blanket at the end of your bed or flung over the sofa is an easy but transformative design trick. It’s also a great way to experiment with colors and prints before fully committing to them.

Vinyl Record-Inspired Bathroom Sinks Will Have You Dancing While Brushing Your Teeth

Slide a stool next to the bathtub. Not only will the extra surface space help with organization, but it’s also a great way to make the whole space feel more luxe.

For a graphic statement, color-block your wall. Paint half of it a bold color or opt for two neutral tones. Here, black creeps up about a quarter of the way while the rest is a nice shade of steel gray, creating an understated-yet-unique statement.

‘Bookchair’ Doubles as Shelving and Seating with Chair That Blends into Bookcase

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Do you have an old ladder that you no longer use? Why not turn it into a unique and functional coat rack? Just sand the ladder to smooth out any rough spots or edges, paint it, and hang it on the wall. Ta-da! A great coat rack is ready!

This probably isn’t what you want to hear since we don’t think of cleaning up as fun, but adding a few pieces that ease organization can make a huge difference. Consider installing coat hooks or bringing in a stylish coat rack coat by the front door. Then place a small folding chair underneath it to sit on when you take off your shoes. This will prevent those dreaded (and previously inevitable) clothing pileups.

26 Perfectly Timed Glitches That Make Us Question Our Own Reality

A bold patterned/colored tablecloth can instantly make a traditional space a little more eclectic. This one picks up the blues in the wallpaper.

Make a simple wall a little more exciting with oversized artwork. Choose large-scale photography or something abstract and vibrant to really make a statement.

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22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

No formal reading nook? No problem. Add a bench with a pillow in front of your bookcase and call it a day.

We here at Bright Side have compiled a list of 22 fun and clever ideas to make your house even more cozy, functional, and organized.

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Home is a place we all love to return to. It is a place where you want to feel most comfortable, a place where you want to feel most like yourself.

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Multifunctional Bed Designed as the Ultimate Adult Playground You’ll Never Want to Leave

A Model Compared How Men and Women Over 50 Look on Magazine Covers, and We Can’t Keep Silent About It

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23 Warm Photos That Can Make You Want to Hug All the Cats in the World

If you have lots of buttons and don’t know what to do with them, reuse them for decorative purposes. A bouquet like this won’t wither away.

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Paint a mousetrap the color of your choice and attach it to the wall. That’s it, an unusual coat hanger is ready! It looks extravagant yet creative.

If you don’t have a grand foyer—or you do but it needs some love–introduce a small console table. For a formal yet modern aesthetic, opt for a traditional table and then hang modern abstract art above it. Then lean some portraits against the wall for a laidback take on the gallery wall.

Pare your stuff way down and your room will look totally different. This doubles as a makeover and spring cleaning all in one.

Parents Share Pics of Babies Born With Full Heads of Hair, and the Internet Is Going Crazy Over Them

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If your home is due for a design update but you have a limited budget and even less time, you’re in the right place. We thought of 50 home décor ideas to help you start. With something as simple as an accent wall, colorful light bulb, or new throw pillow (or 47 other home décor ideas if those aren’t calling your name), your entire space can feel fresh, on-trend, and refined. You can tackle each of these decorating ideas in one day, even though the results will look like it took way longer to pull off.

If you want to add some greenery to your interior space but your apartment’s square footage limits you from doing this, try to grow a vertical garden. Of course you can buy this, but why not try making a stunning floral display with your own hands?

Smart Coffee Table Can Charge Your Phone and Doubles as a Chic Mini Fridge

Looking to shake up your home decor? Or love fantasizing about how you would decorate your dream home? If you’re looking for some innovative home interior ideas—whether it’s a creative children’s bedroom or the best pool in the neighborhood—we’ve got you covered. Over the years, we’ve seen some incredible design ideas implemented, either by professional designers or DIY enthusiasts. Some make a big impact with just a few elements, while others really go all out.

Bathroom Sinks Vinyl Collection by Olympia Ceramica

Old furniture can be revived too. Use nice, cozy pillows and blankets.

22 clever interior design tricks that will make your home unique

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You don’t need a footboard. A bench will get the same job done. It’ll help anchor your bed, act as a spot to sit and put shoes on, and serve as storage for extra pillows and blankets.

Reupholstering your furniture will automatically freshen up an entire space. And if you love eclectic decorating, take notes from this impeccable living room. All the juxtaposition in this room is working so well—the angular mirror, vivid orange photography, marble fireplace, rustic stool, and geometric pottery are all unexpectedly complemented by the softness of the blush pink chairs.

We are sure, the unique decoration of an old bird cage won’t be left unnoticed.

Wicker baskets. Straw-plaited baskets are an affordable and elegant method to put storage to any space . Baskets can be applied to store and show books, architectural and decoration magazines, toys, towels plus blankets to name some sort of few. Place a few tiny wicker baskets within the counter-tops in your kitchen to be able to beautifully display and shop your fruit and fresh vegetables.

Work with area rugs to ease hardwood floors. Throw mats give warmth and could add great texture, coloring and personality to your current living space. Hardwood flooring are beautiful and quick to keep but they be lacking the comfort that carpeted floors offer, particularly inside the cooler months. Location rugs can also include fun and functionality in order to your liveable space . Use various of varying patterns and even fabrics together to display your character. Or include several rugs of the particular identical pattern and textile , or different textures nevertheless the same color. Typically the possibilities are endless. A person can change your region rugs to reflect the particular seasons using warmer shades and fabrics for chillier months and lighter kinds for the warmer periods of the year. Presently there are many lovely natural cotton , washable area rugs which in turn are suitable for those residences with children. There genuinely is no reason exactly why a property with young kids cannot become a trendy one.

Living green . Add plants in order to your living area . Add all of them to every room, tiny or large, few or perhaps many. Plants invariably is an affordable means to accessorizing your current space and adding shade and texture. Not simply are plants beautiful yet many can clean house air and balance dampness . They can absorb toxins and remove harmful fumes from the air. Not any home should be without having these wonderful greens!

Color or wallpaper your bookcases. This instant pop associated with color will brighten and even re-energize any room! It can amazing how something thus simple as a layer of colorful paint can easily instantly energize and convert your space. This integrated bookcase would be very simple and ordinary with no vivid blue interior. Probably the most basic and most inexpensive approach to transform a boring area is usually to apply a coating of paint somewhere unpredicted . Bookcases are an excellent place to start since you don`t need to color a large area. Additional fun places to include the pop of color consist of painting fireplace mantels, the particular insides of closets, hallways and ceilings.

Add a dangling pot holder to your current kitchen. Kitchens are designed to be warm plus inviting. We spend very much of our time throughout them whether it get for preparing meals, providing meals or entertaining. Some sort of hanging pot rack pays to elegance. Kitchens are supposed to feel as even though they are in regular use and a dangling pot rack certainly tends to make one feel this method . In addition to searching so wonderful, (there are numerous sizes and styles available) additional cupboard space under is actually freed up to be able to store other items. Almost never has anyone complained associated with having too much storage area.

Fluctuate your workout. Mix way up patterns and textures. Blend up old and brand-new , expensive and cheap. There`s nothing wrong with putting family heirlooms alongside the modern couch. Great insides decorators will tell a person that one of typically the most important aspect to be able to decorating your house is that this reflects who you happen to be , your personality and the style. The vintage Chippendale table that was your grandfather`s tells a story. This tells the story regarding your past. The modern day couch you became adoringly obsessed with and merely had to purchase in addition tells a story, your current story, and there is usually no good reason that the current and past can`t co-exist beautifully together. A similar could be said for fine art. You might not need to place an artwork by Salvador Dali on a single wall next to the Monet, but there`s not any reason why that they can`t end up being in the same space together. With fabrics no matter if it be furniture, carpets or pillows, varied colours and patterns brings heat and texture with your lifestyle space.

Employ what you already possess to decorate. Most of us possess items in our ownership , probably packed up inside boxes somewhere and have not given them a 2nd glance. Your property needs many accessories. Rather than running to be able to the store, take a new good look at whatever you already have. Trays, solid wood , acrylic, metal or sterling silver can be on best of luggage racks, teas carts, trunks, bedside furniture and coffee tables regarding extra texture and dimensions . Arrange candles on all of them , frames or pile publications on top of these people . Plates can be installed to create wonderful wall structure art. Art from little one`s books can be frame and hung in nurseries, children`s rooms or their very own bathrooms. You will get amazed at your ability with what you currently have!

Paint smaller areas in softer, lighter shades which will make the room think larger. The living area above is an excellent sort of how in order to maximize a small liveable space . A room of this kind of size gets the tendency to be able to seem cramped, nevertheless the significant windows, light colored surfaces and ample utilization of mirror not only reflect typically the natural light pouring throughout in the doors and the particular windows however the use regarding mirrors also shows the optic illusion of space, generating the room seem greater than it actually is usually . Conversely, darker colors can make a room think smaller. Even with the particular abundance of natural light source and the strategic holding of the mirrors, this particular room in a more dark shade may have an even more boxed-in feel into it.

Regardless of whether you`ve just moved and looking for a speedy , little home pick-me-up, or even perhaps something better, generally there are some well-known interior design tricks that designers utilize that you just too can quickly do with minimal hard work and cost. Sometimes the particular smallest things associated with best impact. It could get digging in a looking glass , a painting, a lamp fixture or even a flower. You want to make softer your walls, brighten some sort of room, or exercise . heat to your living place. Look into these clever design and style as well as observe how they can motivate you!

Slip into anything a bit more comfortable!. Slip addresses frequently get an awful rap but they are usually truly wonderful things. That they can function as a methods of changing your furniture`s look to reflect the particular seasons. These easily taken away coverings improve a complex look without constantly stressing about people dirtying or even spilling on your furnishings . Slip covers are best for rooms used usually by children. Over a new white slip-covered couches provides air of an everyday , comfortable, easy yet complex elegance.

Employ decorative mirrors to include fast light to your livable space . As seen above, mirror may also be used to make a new small space feel bigger . For larger rooms, or perhaps any room with some sort of more limited amount involving natural light, mirrors positioned directly across in the house windows , will add instant light-weight . Decorative mirrors may also be used throughout lieu of art to be able to fill empty wall room . Large or small, wall mirrors add light and dimensions to your livable space.

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