Interior Design’s Next Six Biggest Trends From Metallics To Marble

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Interior Design’s Next Six Biggest Trends From Metallics To Marble

“I think that in the current socio-political climate we may see a move away from ostentation,” leading interior designer Charles Rutherfoord told The Independent. “It would be wonderful if a reaction against this led to understated elegance and purity of line.”

What’s more, natural hand-baked tiles with geometric patterns and shapes are going to be on-trend.

Just Slate hand beaten copper condiment set, £26.00 (Trouva)

How can you make sure your interiors are on trend though? God forbid you Instagram anything as basic as a light-box or a gold pineapple. Unless you love light-boxes and gold pineapples. In which case you do you.

It’s one of the oldest parts of a home, but the fireplace is seeing a resurgence – even in the British summer.

Bronze in particular is set to be a big trend, according to high-end London interior designer Jo Hamilton.

“Copper’s versatility has really allowed our design team to experiment with a lot of new looks and in the past few seasons we’ve been moving designs on from just ‘pure’ copper to mixing it with vivid block colour and contrasting materials such as wood and smoked glass to create a variety of feels from mid-century cool to Scandinavian luxury. Copper is still a very desirable material and I don’t see any sign of its appeal fading over the next few years.”

Shiny hammered copper trays – a set of three costs £42.00 (Amara )

Over the next months and years, interior style is set to go back to nature, according to Hamilton, with soft, warm, calm tones. She thinks a colour scheme of natural terracotta, greys, woody tones, muted blues and greens will be hot for 2018.

Gold, brass, silver, bronze and rose gold have been popular for a while, and they’re not going anywhere soon.

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The metal features in Habitat’s spring/summer season, and it is also carried into the latter end of the year too. Choose a large table lamp for a spacious room, such as the Hallie lamp, or for something a little subtler the Nottingham floor lamp adds a hint of the tone.

Lucy Ward, managing director of luxury homewares Trouva, says copper homewares have been a popular range with its customers since its launch. “This year we’ve seen a move into textured copper products, with a handcrafted finish, bringing warmth and radiance to any room.

In the bathroom, use copper sparingly, as accessories including taps, towel rails or exposed plumbing, or go the whole hog with brass bathroom taps and bath tubs. Brushed finished baths, such as William Holland’s bath range, add a high and elegant sheen of bright colour to a darker bathroom, while a rustic and weathered look bath – achieved after oxidising – set in the middle of the room, gives a more industrial or farmhouse look.

“It has gone from mature marble surrounds to modern shapes but today people want something unique with inlays metals and interesting shapes off the shelf,” top interior designer Kelly Hoppen says.

Top interior designer Anouska Hempel agrees, saying she thinks 2018 will bring “more overlay and layers.”

But nothing says industrial chic like reclaimed traditional materials used on everyday items such as kitchen taps, where copper pipes can be made into taps and set against a marble kitchen surface. Or if you’d prefer a larger piece, industrial style bar stools sitting around the kitchen island make a big statement.

Copper industrial style stool by The Living Lounge, £120 (Not On The Highstreet)

“Further metallic tones such as brass and rose-gold across tableware and lighting categories are now coming into play. We predict this trend to go from strength-to-strength and copper products to be our biggest sellers in December.”

After a period of eclecticism, Rutherfoord believes it’s time for clarity and innovative design.

The three main strands of the trend are brushed, often seen on cutlery and lamps, beaten metal, which works for crockery, and lastly wire, which is used on picture frames, mirrors and occasion furniture. It is also used with a highly polished finish, which has a more golden look, as opposed to its natural deep orange tone. Think beaten metal tumblers with a copper outside finish and silver steel on the inside, kitchen trays and wire storage baskets and tables.

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Although marble has been trendy for a while, Hamilton believes it will remain popular into 2018. But, she says, there’ll be a broader colour scheme, with browns, greens and blacks all featuring.

And she adds that embossed surfaces, three-dimensional finishes and glass and metal detailing will add layers to finishes.

“The copper trend arrived when designer Tom Dixon brought his pendants to the public consciousness as the must-have metal in your home,” says Kate Butler, design manager for Habitat.

The textures and colours are best used in kitchens and bathrooms, covering large surfaces as statement pieces, but smaller items can perk up coffee tables, studies and bedrooms. Pair the metals with natural materials such as wood and marble for an elegant effect.

Everyone’s favourite Instagram flat-lay background doesn’t seem to be going anywhere yet.

A design Renaissance: the small Italian brands making it big in the UK

Brass looks best against a black backdrop and softens it. Standing floor lamps provide soft lightening. Hood says copper and gold paired with dark green and navy shades work well for a vibrant look. “When it’s used on the walls, it allows metallic accessories to pop. Concrete is also a great material to style with copper. The hardness compliments the lux shade, which adds a contemporary element to your décor,” says Hood.

We’ve done away with plain, harsh metals and have welcomed back warm, soft, reflective metallics – copper, brass and rose gold – to furnish interiors.

There’s no place like home, and whether yours is a rented shoebox with damp stains and a mouse infestation, a 10 bedroom country house complete with tennis court and garden flamingos, or a penthouse suite with floor-to-ceiling windows and a rooftop pool, it’s important to make your home somewhere you feel comfortable.

Not everyone has the budget to make their pied-à-terre look worthy of a six-page spread in a glossy magazine, but we can all add Instagram-worthy features to our homes.

Stanford copper baskets, £45 for a set of two, and Nottingham copper floor lamp, £195.00 (Habitat)

Tom Dixon’s collection of copper lighting starts from £255 (Tom Dixon)

To ensure you’re ahead of the style curve, we spoke to some of the world’s top interior designers to find out what the next big home trends are set to be.

Sam Hood, founder and creative director of Amara, the luxury homewares store, said: “Metallics have, over the past few years, become really popular in statement pieces. Interior trends tend to mimic the catwalk and the copper and metallic trend has leapt from the clothes rails straight into people’s home décor inspiration. The warm copper and brass shades are easier to incorporate in the home, and people tend to link them to the warmth it brings.”

Pooley says texture is going to be big news both with fabrics and finishes: “I think we’ll see a lot more highly textural fabrics with contemporary woven metallic threads in the weave,” she told The Independent. “Fabrics like these create a timeless and chic look in any room.”

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Award winning British interior designer Katharine Pooley, however, foresees a fresher palate when it comes to metallics, with “a focus on polished nickel and silver/industrial finishes.”

As the the king of bronze lighting, British designer Tom Dixon’s collection of metallics are used in design restaurants worldwide. The pendant lights create a reflective and warming glow and are created by exploding a thin layer of pure metal on to the internal surface.

As a relative newbie to the high street homeware scene, H&M’s range, which is aptly called Copper Glam, features plenty of small accessories, from baskets to wall mirrors. Standing or hanging plant pots, vases and door knobs are also a good way to bring a touch of copper into the home.

“Whereas chrome could seem cold and clinical and gold signalled ‘a bit of bling’, copper provided a warming, sophisticated glow that could be easily incorporated into interior schemes to add an element of understated, cool lux. The copper ‘moment’ shows no sign of slowing down – its affordability has led to a huge resurgence on the high street and at Habitat we’re seeing a real demand for copper products and more understated, warming metals such as brass and rose gold across accessories, furniture and, most notably, lighting where the materials warming glow really comes into its own.

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